• Present Mic.: Eraser's wearing pink. Eraser's wearing pink!
  • All Might: Are we sure they're not white sweatpants that have just been bloodied in a fight?
  • Thirteen: Maybe it wasn't him. Does he have a twin brother?
  • Midnight: If Aizawa had a twin, he would've eaten him in the womb.
Cat Sitting

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(So I have this headcannon where Aizawa has a cat, but it’s actually just someone who can’t control their quirk-which is transforming into a cat.)

“Your cat’s a monster.” Hizashi said, glaring at the (h/c) haired cat before him.

It sat innocently in the corner licking its paws as if the last four hours of cat-sitting disaster never happened. Upon hearing its name, it looked up at him eyes sparkling in ‘adoration.’ The pro-hero balked knowing full well it was challenging him to say something. Quickly he ducked behind its owner-his best friend: Shouta Aizawa, the only person or being the damn thing seemed to like.

 Said man shot him an unimpressed look, clearly not believing a word he said. Hizashi was sure the cat could set the house on fire right before his eyes and Aizawa would not believe it. “What did my cat do this time?”

  Hizashi’s eyes widened and he pounced on the question. “What didn’t they do?! First we got into a fight over what to watch on television-like each time I changed the channel they’d press the back button. Then when I took the remote away they spilled salt into my coffee-“

       “Hizashi, (Y/N) likes playing with the buttons on the remote, they do it all the time. As for the salt, cats knock things over all the time.” Aizawa sighed. Maybe he should find someone else to watch you during his patrol shifts? Hizashi always seemed convinced his cat was out to get him after every sitting. Perhaps Nemuri would be a better fit? She seemed to get along well the last time she came over.

 “No! You are not going to get me with those excuses this time Shota! The cat escaped a locked room, then burned a hole in my pants. That’s not normal cat behavior.” Hizashi accused pointing a finger at you.

It blinked yet again acting naïve. Stretching its limbs, it gave a small yawn before sauntering over to Aizawa. Hizashi watched in horror as the cat rubbed against its owner’s legs purring. The tired look in the man’s eyes softened at it. He knew then and there it was game over. “You’re probably just tired from all your talk shows, Hizashi.”

  Hizashi sighed, “I guess you’re right. I’m going to head home now.”

  Aizawa nodded, his attention now on the cooing little ball of evil. Sighing Hizashi rubbed his head. Perhaps Shota was right, after all Hizashi was a pro-hero and what hero couldn’t take on a cat? He glanced back at the two as if to confirm it. The cat stared at him practically grinning. Slowly it raised its paw up and waved.

  Hizashi balked. Nope that cat was evil…

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Erasermic-- Mic is the only teacher who experiences Eraser's soft side, but everyone sees it. They all know he's a softy for kids and Mic, but no one can call him out on it except for Mic himself, for fear of experiencing insta death from the highly skilled but dead insidean

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Life and Death

“Aizawa, ya need to chill out every once in a while, ya know? Not everything is a matter of life or death!” Yamada said, kicking back further into the well-loved couch of the teacher’s lounge. 

Aizawa didn’t have to turn around to know Yamada had his feet on the table again. Where their fellow colleagues ate their lunches. His eye twitched, but he continued to put a cup of sugar and half of the same amount of cream into Yamada’s coffee. 

“I am simply preparing them for whatever the world will throw their way,” Aizawa grumbled. He proceeded to pour himself a large cup of black coffee. 

Somehow, Aizawa knew Yamada was shaking his head toward his back. “I still think you should give them a bit of a break,” he said. He paused for a beat. “They’re only first years.”

Another pause, this one held by Aizawa. 

“No,” he eventually hissed out. “They’re not.”

Yamada sighed. “Sho–”

Aizawa whipped around with two mugs of coffee, the steam curling from their tops. 

“Don’t ‘Shouta’ me,” Aizawa grumbled. “Here.” He handed Yamada his coffee. 

For half a second, Yamada thought Aizawa would leave the lounge, or go sit on the floor as he usually did when alone. 

Then, Aizawa sat next to him, close enough for their shoulders and arms to brush. Although Aizawa didn’t quite lean into him as he did at home, his cutting eyes still slid across Yamada.

Yamada shivered. Aizawa took a sip of his coffee. 

Silence reigned for several minutes, the two teachers conjoined by the gentle press of their arms and the alternating sips of coffee they took. 

Then, Yamada smiled into his coffee. “You know I’m right. That’s why you don’t wanna hear it.” 

Aizawa grunted. “Sure. Whatever.” 

“No it’s not whatever! You know I’m right!” Yamada chuckled to himself. “You agree with me.” He leaned further on Aizawa, smirking at him. 

“Now you’re just putting words into my mouth.” Aizawa gulped a long mouthful of coffee down. 

Yamada shook his head. “Perhaps. But you like your class this year. You haven’t even expelled anyone.”

Aizawa puffed his cheeks out which were red from the heat of the coffee.“I haven’t expelled anyone because this class has been through more than any of my previous classes and because–” Aizawa cut himself off. Gritting his jaw, he whipped his head around to pin Yamada with a glare. 


Yamada chuckled. “Yes, Shouta?” 

Aizawa kept his glare burning for several more moments before turning away. He took another sip of coffee. 

“Yesss, Shouta?” Yamada pressed. He leaned further against Aizawa, practically crawling on top of the man. 

“Shut up.”

With a chuckle, Yamada complied, and sipped his coffee again. 

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Memes that you think suits your fav bnha characters

I used vines mostly

Denki - “got diagnosed with cool guy syndrome, so now i take.. Adderal”

Bakugo - “AAAAAAAAAAA” *throws tree*

Todoroki - “Hey, how you doing? well i’m doing just fine, I lied, I’m dying inside”

Aizawa - “I just tried to put myself into a coma

Present Mic - “SHUT UP” “yes”

Mina - “I don’t need no degree to be a clothing hanger”

Tsuyu - *is late* *climbs school* 

Shinsou - *dances with cat*

Jiro - “what’s your favorite dinner food?”


Dabi - “I don’t give a fuck about anything, I do what I want when I want to”

Toga - “my favorite color is blood” 

I went to find vines to reference and spent HOURS watching vine comps lmao

This was submitted by @brokenscarlettangel who Tumblr won’t let me tag for some reason :(

I love this so much, thank you for submitting it! It’s so fun to see everyone’s different interpretations of his character. I am so happy!

Here were their comments:

So I doodled a merzashi recently while eagerly anticipating chapter 3 of Riptide and I would like to share it! Thank you for writing such an outstanding work @fucking-zawa-sensei ! I’m looking forward to see where the story goes!

Au where Aizawa Shōta and Yamada Hizashi are roommates

  • Together they make one complete adult. Aizawa cleans, he can do a little handy work, and he always remembers to pay bills. Mic can cook and shop for groceries, and he can make phone calls without putting his foot in his mouth
  • Their shower drain is permanently clogged. Too much hair
  • And speaking of hair, Aizawa sheds a lot. His hair is thick and long, and if he’s not careful it collects into little balls that scare the hell out of Mic if he’s not wearing his glasses/contacts
  • Sometimes Mic will wake up and hear Aizawa playing sex jams playing in the middle of the night
  • “Do you have somebody in the living room? Is it safe to come out??” “You’re fine. I just made some oatmeal and I’m feeling it.”
  • Mic is literally always talking but it doesn’t even phase Aizawa. He’s used to it. He can even sleep through it, as long as Mic doesn’t start yelling
  • Aizawa has also gotten good at distracting Mic with weird tasks when he gets too restless. Every once in a while Mic realizes he’s just trying to keep him busy, but he still does it because he likes to be busy
  • Mic rearranges the furniture whenever the mood strikes him, which is just about every other week… and always in the middle of the night. Luckily they don’t have much heavy furniture, or the neighbors would hate them
  • Sometimes Aizawa catches him and he just starts helping. He’s too tired to explain why “the energy feeling weird” isn’t a good reason to redecorate at two in the morning
  • The neighbors think Mic is a little talkative, but otherwise nice to be around. They think Aizawa might be a goblin, and they’re getting concerned

(Idk why the colors came out like this but oh well…)

“HEY HEY LISTENERS! I’m not sure if you knew this but, this blog doubles as an ask blog! You can call in and send me questions and I’ll answer! (Maybe you might even get a drawn response. :> )  

Feel free to send me questions!”

Professional (Canon x Canon) (Erasermic)

Hhhh Im a big fan of the hat-stealing, traitor!Mic AU @ask-hizashi-and-shouta has and although it’s been done before, I wanted to write a thing on it

Dw dw, I’ll head back to answering requests after this. I just got the creative juices flowing in my head right now.

Years ago in a land foreign to Japan, a man on death row was sat down for an interview. His words didn’t gain much in the way of fame infamy, but it was interesting to see life from the viewpoint of a man who already knows when he’ll die. From the date to the schedule for that day and even the hour and minute until he’s sat down and injected, this mysterious man was pressed for time to gather his thoughts in what would be a final statement to the public.

One thing that was of note, however, was the remorse the villain had felt for leaving his daughter parentless and being unable to break the news to her- the news beating him to the punch.

It was almost ironic that this little article was the first thing that came to mind in Hizashi’s head space as the school’s alarms rang, sending the children scrambling towards the safety of their dorms.

But Hizashi wasn’t on death row. 

Not if he could help it.

Years of working at UA certainly helped him dig for information and fulfill the role of saboteur perfectly. Being as overly bright and happy as he was, many found equal parts enjoyment and annoyance when basked by his presence.

Hound Dog played into that hand quite well, allowing Hizashi to poke around the security cameras as the two joked about the students that could be seen walking about, unaware that the voice hero was making note of any blind spots and the locations of each security measure in the school.

And when the school was attacked? All it took was a concerned expression and a gentle pat on the shoulder for Mic to reassure Hound Dog that none of it was his fault- stealing a peek at the new additions to security in doing so.

Ducking down a hallway, the former pro hero would need to move quickly, toying with the thumb drive that was tucked away in his pocket.


Where did he put that gun?

Glancing upward at the ceiling, Mic found the place where he had hidden away his weaponry, being barely tall enough to shift the panel to the side and lift himself up to snag a small box and open it, a shiny single-action pistol just waiting for him.

With a click, the magazine felt and looked filled, untouched ever since the day Hizashi decided to stow away his “plan B”.

There was no need to hide his firearm at this point, the staff probably all out for blood at this point.

But now wasn’t the time to dwell on false friends and old coworkers.

He needed to focus.

He needed to get out of here.

And he needed to avoid Shouta.

It wasn’t like he didn’t want to kill his former best friend. He would in a heartbeat if the grizzly underground hero were to be right around the corner as Mic reared down another hall, moving in the opposite direction of stampeding feet and the cries of little kids. 

But that didn’t necessarily mean that he wanted to kill Shouta either. The two had history.

Real history.

It was a little funny to Mic, to finally start distinguishing lie from reality when he was just so damn good at lying to himself.

But the best lies stem from truth, right?

And truth be told. He loved Shouta.

Their relationship during high school, the words shared behind locked doors and in the all-consuming cover of darkness.

All of it was real. The genuine article.

But of course, none of it mattered now, as Aizawa was probably fully aware of what his partner had been doing for the past three? Five? Eight years? It honestly felt like an eternity for Mic at this point.

Testing the door, Mic was disappointed, but unsurprised to find it locked tight. 

So much for sneaking out.

A loud thud could be heard on the third floor of the school, the students that were too slow to have made it to the dorms on time, cowered in bathrooms and classes, nerves trembling with any outside movement Hizashi made as he flew down the hall, the clamor of his boots letting anyone on the second floor know his approximate location.

He could face some trouble if he didn’t hurry.

Although, Mic wasn’t really worried. He was a professional. Even as a pro hero, he held himself to some level of professionalism, eying All Might whenever his annoying ringtones would echo in the teacher’s lounge during work hours. Even actively correcting everyone but Shouta who tried to call him anything but Present Mic when on duty.

Rule One of Being a professional: Act. Like. It.

Sure, Mic was known to joke around, play things off and keep it light. But he got the job done when it needed to be and that was the bottom line.

But all that was in the past now.

Once he made it to the first floor, Hizashi knew he was almost scot-free. The borders of the school were undoubtedly all locked, but nothing a little bit of his quirk won’t fix.

Slowing down, Hizashi felt the air stand still, as if the world was in anxious anticipation for an unfortunate encounter.

Someone was nearby.

He’d have to play the waiting game, it seemed. To try and find whoever was lurking around before they found him.

With each step, Hizashi cursed his hero costume. The sounds of leather against leather and the boots that squeaked ever so slightly under the polished floors irking the hell out of him.

But this little game of cat-and-mouse would close very soon, Mic smiling when he heard a small squeak down the hall.

Aizawa would never leave such noises when he walked, so he was thankful for that at the very least.

Vlad was an absolute oaf, far too large and heavy to be this quiet.

And Principal Nezu was smart enough to realize that his quirk wouldn’t be very effective against someone as sharp as Mic.

And if it was Nemuri, Mic would bet good money that the halls would be filled with glittery pink gas at this point.

So it really only left a handful of people.

But what kind of pro would be stupid enough to enter alone like this?

And with a small peak around the corner, Mic got his answer.

A rescue hero.

13 moved slowly, poking their head from classroom to classroom in hopes of rounding the stragglers to safety before Mic did something drastic. And with each classroom 13 inspected, they left the door ajar to signal where they have and haven’t searched.

Consumed with the safety of their students and the wellbeing of their friends, as rescue heroes often are, 13 barely heard the shifting behind them.

Just seeing the doors ajar made Mic smile, fully understanding why 13 was here as he pulled back the hammer on his gun with an audible-


13 didn’t even have enough time to whirl around and use their quirk, Hizashi’s finger moving faster than their body itself could move.

Rule Two of Being a Professional: Don’t leave a trace.


BONUS (Because why not):

Mic whistled a cheery tune as he moved around the apartment, the news that played reporting of one of the UA teachers being in critical condition after suffering multiple gunshot wounds, a few fracturing their helmet as well.

Hmmm, Mic wondered who in the world could have done such a thing.

The world may never know.

Two cats mewled at Hizashi’s feet, practically tugging at his heartstrings. It prompted Mic to pick the two up and place them in a spare cardboard box, humming to himself as he moved through the house, a small bit of amusement in his eyes.

A few items joined the cats, mostly spare clothing and food, both cat and human. 

What else was he missing?

Mic then remembered something, moving over to the top of Aizawa’s closet to pull down a small box, black velvet on the outside with a simple ring hidden within.

Unused, sentimental, and valuable, Mic lightly tossed it into the box, the cats sniffing the mysterious little gift with idle curiosity.

Mic opened a few drawers, digging through to find spare change- opting to pocket it before he tossed a few thick wads of cash into the box.

Hoisting the box up, Mic was just about to leave before he noticed a picture that hung on the wall.

It was something he himself had insisted on hanging, much to Aizawa’s displeasure. The underground hero was deep in sleep, lightly snoring as Hizashi threw an arm around the unsuspecting man and planting a light kiss on his cheek, winking at the camera.

Cheeky. He liked it.

So in it went, finding room next to the wads of cash.

Slipping out into the hall, Hizashi placed the box down outside in the hall and pulled out a matchbox from his pocket, lighting it to burn down the entryway and seal off the apartment from the rest of the already burning rooms.

And just as he was about to slip away, he felt an all so familiar tingle down his spine.

“Heya, Shou~!” He grinned, turning a 180 to meet the furious red eyes of his former lover and closest friend.

And as casually as ever, as if nothing had transpired at UA, Mic leaned against the wall, propping himself up by the elbow, “Tsk tsk, ditching work? You aren’t a very responsible teacher you know?”

“One could say the same for you,” Aizawa muttered, binding cloth unwinding as his hair rose even further skyward. “Are you going to make this more difficult than it needs to be?”

Mic seemed amused, the stoic and cold face of his former friend now glossed over with rage and unbridled emotion. It was almost cute in a way.

“I know you better than most, Shouta, you aren’t going to arrest me-”

Aizawa tightened his hand on his weapon as if daring the former pro hero to say another damn word.

But his stares never deterred Mic from speaking when he was a friend, so why start now? “You’re soft, Aizawa. You love me just as much as I loved you.”

In the silence, Hizashi could practically hear the clenching of Eraser’s teeth, but just by listening to his words, Hizashi had proven his point.

“Look~ I even saved your favorite stuff for you, think of it as one last gift from ‘Present Mic”.” Hizashi grinned, talking a few steps towards Aizawa, fingers shoved into his pocket and a finger toying with the trigger on his gun. “Even found the little gift you had for me a few months back, figured you want it.” 

Shouta blinked, partially because Mic had surged forward to whisper it near his ear and partially because of his instinct to flinch when reminded that he almost was going to cement things with this villain.

With who he believed at the time his best friend.

“It’s sweet,” Mic smiled, the barrel of his pistol now under Aizawa’s chin and a coy smile on his face. “ I know you aren’t the type of guy to get married or even get a ring. It looked expensive too~! Maybe I ought to thank you, huh?”

Aizawa reactivated his quirk, an icy look on his face as stared into those green eyes- their gaze foreign to him.

Then he deactivated his quirk.

But the gun was still kept in place, a safety precaution.

“Because of what we had…I’ll give you a head start.” His words seeming to please Mic, knowing full well that Aizawa still felt something for him regardless of everything he did the entire time the two had their little standoff. “But the next time I see you again-”

“Yeah, yeah,” Mic grinned, shoving his hands back into his pocket as he took a step backward, not fully ready to turn his back to the pro just yet. Not without a good distance between them. “I’ll get my ass beat, right? Maybe you’ll be the one placing a few bullets in me then-”

His words were cut off as Aizawa lurched forward with impeccable speed, socking the traitor in the jaw and sending Mic stumbling back.

“That. Was for 13.” Aizawa hissed, eyes on the verge of glowing red once more, “You always did talk too much. Just get going. I’m giving you thirty seconds.”

Hizashi rubbed his jaw a little, a grin on his face, but once, he wordlessly turned without another word and made his way down the hall, the faint voice of Aizawa echoing behind him, “Why did you do it?”

It wasn’t a question to Mic, not really. It was more to himself than anything- to begin to try and wrap his head around everything he thought was the truth about his best friend. About what could have motivated Mic to turn on everyone who cared about him.

“Dunno,” Mic nonchalantly, shrugged, opting to take the stairs once more as the fire began to catch the attention of neighbors and the other residents in their building. 

“Why don’t you try to find out?”

made it in meme form

[ID: a 3 panel comic, the first panel has a person wearing a shirt that says “no fear” with someone walking up to them, the second panel is a close up of the second persons shirt that says, “present mic being the traitor,” and the third panel is of the first person again except now their shirt says, “one fear.”]