present of london


8.3.17 hello everyone! I’m feeling really weird today like I’m not really connecting to my surroundings as much as I usually do? I had a little bit of a wobble with eating early this week and found myself watching some videos that were not helping at all and doing my thing where on the outside and when I sit down I’m really really sad, but when someone talks to me I’m unusually cheerful just so noone notices. But I laugh while I say “I’m in a really bad mindset! How funny right!?” So I went and did some work at the student union.
I’m going back to London next weekend to see my family and friends for a couple days because I don’t have any assignments for a little while. How I miss the skyscrapers! xxx emily


A stylish apartment in Marylebone, London

Renovated by DRDH Architects who have preserved aspects of the original building, this apartment within a Georgian house lives now a new modernity.  A more open plan makes it brighter and gives it more interconnection among the spaces.


Blade Runner (1982)

Directed by Ridley Scott

Cinematography by Jordan Cronenweth

Coming soon…
#FutureTrends Exhibition Launch at the Africa Centre, London
6pm Tuesday 3rd October
Union, ARCH 29 Yard, Union Street, London SE1 0BL
#FutureTrends is a look into a utopian future where fashion and architecture from East Africa combine to create new desires. The exhibition showcases work from emerging urban cultures using fashion and styling to express new identities. Playing with gender, sexuality and new forms of social exchange, a future image of society is presented.