present him with this ribbon

genre: angst, smut // word count: 6.3k // oneshot

summary: “You belong to me every Thursday. I wait for you. I’ll be beautiful for you. Every Thursday. I exist only on Thursday.” You have it all, and you’re Jimin’s lonely star

a/n: sugardaddy!jimin and the third part to the series of oneshots, onsra. this isn’t too angsty & is based off the song lonely star by the weeknd. also, I can’t write short fics rip. -tia

» onsra: 1. wicked games // 2. shameless // 3. lonely star

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Happy Birthday Subaru Sakamaki!

    Bathtime Presents

  You’re well aware of the unfortunate darkness inside Subaru’s well guarded heart. It took many months to finally worm your way into the cavern in his chest, touching a faint, pulsating shimmer of hope in the blackened heart of self hatred and anger, willing the small light to expand as you continued to stay with the youngest vampire. 

         That said, it was his birthday today. You had expected such a reaction; locking himself in his room and snarling for you to leave whenever you got close enough he could smell you outside his door. Sighing softly, you pressed your head against the cold window of your bedroom, gazing into the outside, where the recognizable garden lay just in your field of vision. Beautiful flowers of white surrounded by thorns of green made you remember of the vampire that didn’t seem to let you in. Not today.

         You had to find someway to get him to at least let you in his room and pamper him. Bribery? You weren’t sure, but that was a possibility. Huffing with annoyance, you went into your bathroom, opening the cabinet and grabbing the hidden red ribboned present you had gotten for him on one of your shopping days Reiji sent you out on. However, you didn’t close it immediately. Your (Eye Color) hues caught sight of the bubbles and bath salts you hadn’t used in what felt like forever. Smiling widely, you took them, along with a towel, and headed back over to Subaru’s dark room, knocking once more, despite the growl from the other side. 

      “Come on, Subaru! I just want to help you relax..’ You grumbled, furiously knocking on his door, to the point where it both annoyed you and your wrist began to hurt, though you continued in hopes he would open his door. 

       Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for that to happen. Subaru yanked the door open, catching you by the wrist as you stumbled forward, holding you threateningly. “Why the hell can’t you listen?! I just want to be alone!”

          You flinched at his tone, a shy smile on your lips as you held up the bubbles and salts, leaving the present hidden in the towel. “I wanted to take a bath with you. It’ll help you relieve some stress!”

          “What are you, five?” Subaru asked with a scoff, letting go of your wrist and eyeing the two bottles in your hands. “I haven’t take a shower yet..” He mumbled under his breath, though you caught it and grinned widely, tugging at his sleeve towards the restroom, shoving him in. “(Name)?!” He yelled, dragging you in just before you shut the door. 

         Squealing, you squeezed your eyes shut when Subaru grabbed you, and let out a sigh of relief when he let you go. “You could have just asked me to stay!” You whined, placing the towel discreetly onto the counter. “I’m going to strip now.” You breathed out, pulling the shirt over your head and tossing it in the hamper next to the door, littered with his clothes. getting the other parts of your clothes wasn’t a huge deal either, as you were comfortable with Subaru seeing your body.

          “You’re awfully brave today. Heh, are you trying to offer me your body?” Subaru began, attempting to be playful, but was shut down immediately by you tugging at his clothes, trying to get him to strip as well. Subaru huffed, finding no way out unless he did as you insinuated and strip. 

          Now both nude, you sat on the side of the tub, filling the bath with warm water, humming as it grew past your ankles, inching closer to where you would stop it. Looking behind you, your (Eye Color) eyes caught Subaru’s and you flushed, seeing he was staring intensly at the marks on your back he had made a few nights ago. “Pass me the bubbles and stop looking!” You hissed embarassedly, face entirely red.

        You were too cute, Subaru was at a loss once again. He grabbed the bottled and handed them to you, though lingered for a moment too long. Subaru then took a seat next to you, hand set on your thigh while deeply thinking sbout why you had ever chosen him, a monster born on this fateful day. “Hurry up.” He grumbled, masking the self confliction in his stone heart. 

        You knew exactly what was up, however, though didn’t say a word for fear Subaru would be angry and do something he would later come to regret (it happened more than once). You put the salt in first, letting it dissolve and create small fizzes in the water before adding an unessesary amount of bubbles, nearly overloading the bath itself. You looked expectanly at Subaru, bidding him to go first. With no reason to deny, he did.

        Unlike when you both normally took a bath together, you sat behind Subaru, legs barely making it to his knees and you even used the ledge to gain an advantage of some kind. “It feel nice, right, Subaru?” You asked softly, placing your chin on his shoulder. You felt his crimsion gaze upon you and smiled. “I’ll take care of you tonight, so don’t worry about anything. I’ll show you being pampered on such a special day doesn’t hurt anyone~” You hummed, taking shampoo in your hands and rubbing them together, creating little suds of bubbles that caught on Subaru’s pure white hair.

         Subaru didn’t utter a single word of complaint as you smothered him with gentle affection, taking your time to wash his body then give him a genlte massage to help ease tension, before getting a bit more risque, kissing as much as you could of his body, as if worshipping it. He wasn’t sure how to feel about your actions, especially today, though he felt too tired to make any move of dominace and decided to accept it instead.

          After a while of being in the tub, you had suddenly jumped out, racing towards the towel, grabbing the present under the covers. Subaru was calm and would surely love it! You grinned widely, hopping back in, causing a little splash that made the vampire roll his eyes. “Happy birthday, Subaru!” You exclaimed, handing it to him. 

          Genuinely surprised by the act, Subaru took the present. The more reasonable side of him wanted to uphold his personal philosohy, but the part he felt love with couldn’t bring himself to do that. Slowly and cautiously, he opened it, revealing a simple locket of a lock. He opened it to see a picture of himself smiling and on the other side, an inspiting message you wrote to help him during harsh times, 

        Subaru’s lips were slightly parted, and for the first time that day, he smiled. “Thank you.”

~ Extended Ending ~

       Subaru moved close to you, trapping your body much like a snake, or another predatory creature. His lips brushed against yours, taking his time as he slowly breathed out the words that filled his lungs.

        “You’ve done so much for me… I know I can be an asshole…. So I want you to let me be able to repay you for tonight. You can’t refuse though, since I’m the birthday boy~”

~ Kylie and Tessa ~

25 Headcanons of Christmas

1.  The annual Vongola Christmas Gala is taken over by Tsuna after his 18th birthday.  He’s pretty sure that the real reason Timeteo is retiring is because of this one event.  It’s the one gala held per year that all the people in the Vongola alliance are invited to.  It’s also one of the greatest headaches Tsuna’s ever had the misfortune of being anywhere near.  

2.  Gokudera spends months planning his Christmas presents.  Each one has to be perfect, this is down to the little bows that are placed on each one.  He goes through a lot of paper, tape, and ribbons.  Wrapping presents for him is an almost week long event.  

3.  Yamamoto and his father do Christmas together every year, so either he’s going to Japan or his father comes to Italy (after he moves there permanently).  The younger kids always look forward to Tsuyoshi’s coming, since he has the best candies and presents of all time. 

4.  Ryohei dresses up as Santa and Kyoko as his elf and they go to children’s hospitals together during the Holiday season.  (The Vongola make sure that every child in every ward will get a gift from them)

5.  Lambo and I-Pin try to build a bigger snowman than the year before.  They keep records of how big it is and the other guardians always get in on it.  

6.  Everyone thinks that it’s Kusakabe who buys Hibari’s presents for the others.  And they’d be right to a certain extent.  Hibari tells Kusakabe what to buy.  

7.  Mukuro is the shit who makes sure that mistletoe is hung everywhere in the mansion but still manages to never get caught under it unawares, he somehow always manages to be under mistletoe with whoever he wants it to be.  

8. Xanxus does not do the holiday season at all, reminds him too much of his family and the like, however, those times he’s somehow convinced to go to a holiday gathering, people might be able to notice that he doesn’t try to bait Timeteo as much as he usually does, and that some of the bite in his tone is missing.  

9.  Squalo is the one they use to cut down the Christmas tree when they find it, because “why bother dragging a saw/axe out here when you already have one attached?”

10.  Levi wears ugly Christmas sweaters unironically.  

11. Lus is all about the Christmas season (the one Varia member who really is, much to his display), and will have Christmas music playing starting the day after Thanksgiving and spends as much time as he can baking cookies and pies for the rest of his family. 

12. Most of Bel’s Christmas memories are from horrid balls with his royal family.  And seeing his brother always get the better gifts.  He enjoys his Christmas’ most when he’s out on an assignment.  

13.  You can often find Fran just sitting and watching the snow fall.  He actually finds it incredibly peaceful (something that’s hard to come by when you’re surrounded by the Varia).  

14.  Byakuran loves Christmas, the sweets, the shopping, the festive mood.  He’s at every Christmas party, and loves giving out gifts.  He changes his ringtone to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” for the entire month of December.  

15. Kikyo is the only one in allowed to do the Gesso Family Official Christmas Tree.  It’s always elegant and sophisticated.  However, there’s a private one just for the guardians that he’ll let everyone go crazy on.

16. Zakuro can make the absolute best hot chocolate.  He gets a special brand of chocolate always makes it in milk and adds some special spices, no one’s been able to figure it out to this day, but it’s widely agreed that is the best.  

17. Bluebell spends hours agonizing over her Christmas day dress.  An annual family picture is always taken and she wants to make sure that she’s dressed to impress. 

18. Daisy’s bunny was his one Christmas present that he can remember from before his time in the mental institute.  No other present he ever gets will compare to it.  (Despite Byakuran’s best efforts)

19. Fon is the person for home-made gifts all the way.  

20.  Colonnello has spent the last three Christmas’ working up the courage to propose to Lal.  It hasn’t happened yet, but he’s sure he’ll get there eventually.  (Spoiler: this year on Christmas, Lal proposes to him.  He cries.  )

21.  Reborn likes to tease Lambo by giving him a box of coal before the actual present. (Lambo kept falling for it a whole lot longer than he’d like to admit)

22.  Verde actually likes eating fruit cake.  Speculation is, he doesn’t actually really taste anything he eats since he’s too focused on science.  

23.  Skull does charity shows all of December.  

24. Viper is the very definition of Scrooge.  Don’t tell anyone but Mukuro, Chrome and Fran have come up with a plan to do the “ghost of Christmas’ past, present and future” on him.  (When asked, the other two will say that it was all Mukuro’s idea).

25.  Dino goes crazy during Christmas.  Gifts have to bought for everyone, and he insists on personally picking out each person’s.  All of the guardians and their full families will get gifts, along with all the Vongola guardians, Reborn and Squalo.  (He tried doing it for the entire Varia, but Xanxus threatened to shoot him so he stopped that…)

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While TA was jailed, a blue present with black ribbon appeared in front of him after being kicked away by a certain grumpy rabbit. Wonder what's in it? ((Pie in the face gag))

TA opened the present and got a pie to the face. “ T O O N S ! ! ! “

Midnight Gift

A/N: Hello everyone! I am back with a new fic. A little Gajevy Christmas one-shot. I know it’s late (it’s New Year’s for goodness sake), but at least it’s here, right? So Happy Christmas to all my followers :D

“Oh hey Levy! You’re here early. Well, not that that’s new or anything,” said Mirajane from behind the bar where she was rearranging some Christmas garlands.

“Hey Mira. Yeah, I can’t wait at home. I just get too jittery thinking about it,” Levy replied as she sat on one of the bar stools. “So, who else is here?”

“Oh, the Master and Laxus. Juvia, Elfman and Lissanna, of course. Gildarts sent a letter a few days ago sying he would try to make it here on time to celebrate with Cana. Although, I doubt he’s actually going to be able to accomplish that.”

“No kidding,” laughed Levy.

“Merry Christmas everyone! Who’s ready for a good holiday brawl?” shouted a voice from the entrance of the guild.

“Natsu! Get your butt in there or I will personally kick your ass into the guild,” yelled another voice.

“Natsu, Lucy! So glad you guys could make it,” said Mira. Lucy smiled and came over to sit next to Levy.

“Yeah I know. I was worried that we wouldn’t make it in time, but Happy and I were able to convince Natsu to take the train back and save a few hours of travel. What kind of fool wants to walk back from a mission?”

Levy giggled as her friend recounted the mission to the devil mage. She loved Christmas, especially since the Master made a rule about everyone being home for the holiday.  The guild slowly continued to fill up as the rest of the members came over. All of them had their arms filled with gifts.

Finally, when evening came Makarov called for everyone’s attention. “Hello you brats!” Everyone raised their glasses. Makarov chuckled and continued. “We’ve had a lucky year this year. Lots to be thankful for. So let’s make sure we celebrate it correctly and enjoy the company of our guild members. To show just how much we love each other, let’s start the gift exchange!”

And just like that, the guild was lively once again. Everyone was bustling around, giving each other gifts. Hugs and kisses were exchanged. Laughter was in the air. Levy, although a huge Christmas enthusiast, enjoyed peacefully giving her friends gifts, most unlike Juvia who jumped onto her dear Gray-sama once she had the chance. However, Levy couldn’t seem to find the one person whose gift had been most difficult to find. Before she knew it, the party was over and people were either heading home or crashing on the floor of the guild.

“Oh Levy, you’re still here,” said a flying Exceed.

“Lily,” Levy looked at him sadly.

“If you were looking for Gajeel, he went home already. Actually, he left a few minutes after the gift exchange. Said something about taking advantage of the commotion to escape before one of the females begged him to show his presents.”

“Oh. Alright then. Goodnight Lily. And Merry Christmas,” she said as she kissed him on the cheek.

With a soft smile, Lily answered. “Merry Christmas to you too Levy.”

Even though Erza’s door was closed, Levy made sure to wait a few minutes before coming out of her own room. Having made sure the coast was clear, Levy tiptoed out of her room fully dressed with her snow boots and gift in hand. Once downstairs, she slipped on her shoes and prepared herself for the trek in the snow outside. I’m really crazy aren’t I? she thought. I should just wait for tomorrow. But she shook her head, convincing herself that if she didn’t do it now, she would never have the courage to give it to him. With a new confidence, Levy opened the door.

To her surprise, he was there. She could recognize him anywhere… well that and the fact that his hair was beginning to freeze out in the cold and he was pacing around enough to clear a passage in front of the dorm.

“Gajeel?” she called. He turned to face her in an instant. His face was red, although whether that was due to the below-freezing temperature or to the heavy object that was hiding in her coat pocket, Levy couldn’t know.

“Hey Shrimp. Watcha doing out here in the cold?” he smirked.

“I was going out to give someone a gift,” she answered smoothly.

“Oh,” he said, smile falling off his face. “Um, you shouldn’t be out here at this time. With this weather. By yourself.”

“Oh, and why is that?” she crossed her arms.

“Just because,” he was doing his best to avoid looking at her. “Anyways, I’m sure your gift can wait for tomorrow.”

“Actually it can’t.”

“Fine. Whatever. Go give yer stupid gift to your special midnight friend or whatever. I’m outta here.” The slayer turned around with a grunt and started towards the main road. Until he felt something hit the back of his head. He quickly changed directions to see who his aggressor was, only to find a red-faced watery-eyed Levy panting. Looking at the ground, Gajeel found the projectile: a small gift bag with a ribbon so huge you could barely tell it was a bag. “What do you think yer doing throwing your gift at me, Shrimp?”

“It’s for you, you stupid Gajeel!” she shouted. He blushed and picked it up, looking at it as though it were some sort of alien booby trap. “I wanted to give it to you at the party, but I couldn’t seem to reach you. So I was going to head over to your place and give it to you.” At this, Gajeel raised an eyebrow and let out a small chuckle. Frustrated, Levy stomped up to him. “Fine, you don’t want it? Just fine! Give it back to me then. You don’t need this anyways”

Gajeel pulled away. “Hey, no, you can’t do that. You gave it to me, so now I gotta open it. No takebacks Shorty.” Now Levy was the one to blush. She looked at him as he opened the present. He was careful to not tear the ribbon. Once the bag was free, he pulled out the gift: a guitar pick. And it wasn’t any old guitar pick; it was black and had Lily’s face on it.

“I thought I would mix the two things you love the most: music and Lily. So I asked the music shop on Plum Street to make an original pick,” the girl mumbled.

“Hm. Are there any with your face on it?” Gajeel asked while shuffling through the other picks in the bag.

“Whaaat?!” Levy yelled.

Gajeel burst out laughing. “Those aren’t the only things I love, Levy.” He looked at her tenderly. “Thank you for this. I really like it.”

“You’re welcome,” Levy replied shyly.

“Ugh, I guess this means I have to give you my present too, huh?” Gajeel said lightly. The girl looked up at him. Even though she was seemed calm, the slayer knew the little bookworm loved receiving gifts. He reached inside his coat and pulled out a wrapped present. “Here.”

She quickly grabbed the gift, and unlike the large man next to her, she ripped the paper to shreds. Underneath was an old leather-bound tome. “What is this?” she asked as she examined the book. “I don’t recognize the writings”

“That’s because it’s in dragon tongue, Shrimp. There aren’t many books written in it.”

At this, Levy looked up at the dark-haired man and through herself onto him for a hug. “Thank you! Thank you so much Gajeel. I love it.”

“Is that the only thing you love?” He whispered into her ear. Levy pulled her head back and looked into his eyes. A small moment passed before their lips pressed together. The kiss was gentle, but neither hid their feelings for each other.

“Nah. It’s not the only thing I love,” Levy said. “Merry Christmas Gajeel.”

“Merry Christmas Levy.”

RFA hosting a birthday party for MC.

just thought of this out of the blue. I’m not sure if someone already made something like this. What happens if the member of the RFA will host a birthday party for MC. 


Yoosung ★

- Probably more excited on your birthday than you are. 

- Will make sure your Birthday party will have lots of balloons, party hats and party whistle. Let’s not forget, the confetti. 

- Will probably order the most adorable cake.

- Will have dark circles on the day of the birthday party because he spent the night planning it to be perfect. 

- Might write “Happy birthday Rika” on the cake. 

- For sure will give you something adorable as a birthday present. probably a stuff toy. 

- Will invite everyone except for V. 


- Will file a leave on the date of your Birthday but might still work overtime the day before the Party. 

- Might not really attend the birthday party because Jumin is a jerk. 

- Will call and send video greeting on your birthday even though she’s working. 

- Might cook something specially for you on the night of your Birthday but you’re probably sleeping by the time she gets home. 

- Might take out a cake on the nearest restaurant. 

- She probably might give you some of her collection of Zen’s movie and poster as a birthday gift.


- Will cancel all appointments on the day of your Birthday and it will be everyone’s day off. 

- Might take you to Jeju Island for your birthday, because he’s rich af. 

- Will hire the best chef on your birthday. 

- On the day of your birthday, it’s only you and him plus of course the elegant Elizabeth the 3rd.

- You’ll insist on inviting everyone for the party and he can’t say no, so he did invite everyone in the RFA except for Seven because he’s a cat abuser and Zen will not come because of the cat… and Jumin.

- Birthday present? Probably himself. Imagine him covered with red ribbons. AND RED RIBBONS ONLY. NO MORE. NO LESS. 


- Remembers your birthday even though his schedule is busy. 

- cringefest because he’s too cheesy. Will probably set the party in his apartment, with candlelight and everything. 

- During his interview, he will shamelessly greet you a happy birthday so the whole world will now how much he loves you. 

- Will give you bouquet of red roses and will prepare a special dinner for the two of you.  

- Will sing you a special song + happy birthday song, because, well, he’s a musical actor. 

- Will surely turn into a wolf on the night of your birthday. BE. PREPARED. 


- Will pretend he did not remember your birthday but in reality he was busy planning it. 

- You’ll probably feel depress because he doesn’t remember but you’ll pester him and give him hints it’s your special day. 

- Thinking of a way on how to make a cake out of Honey Buddha Chips. 

- Will fail with the Honey Buddha Chips cake thingy and will secretly go out to buy a cake for you. 

- Will keep himself busy creating a special gift for you… probably a robocat. 

- Will not let you in his room, he’ll lock it, probably because he’s preparing the surprise. 

- You’re waiting for him outside his room. You’ll try to call him and you’re surprised when he sang the “Happy Birthday” song over the phone. 

- He opened the door and was holding a cake while still singing. 

- Will probably smack the cake on your face but will lick some of it off. He’ll then greet you again “Happy birthday” and will tell you how much he’s thankful for having you by his side. 




Summary: It’s Christmas day in the Howell-Lester household, and Dan gets a Christmas present he wasn’t expecting to receive, but he loves (that sounds so wrong omg im so sorry).

Words: 513 words wow i swear i never write this short on wattpad

Warnings: extreme fluff (not vry extreme but)

Relationship Status: together

A/N: idrk know if landlords let people have pets but lets just forget everything about that didnt exist for now

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It seems like centuries since we’ve last made a post and I know this is extraordinary late but better late than never I suppose. I’ll start by saying Merry Late Christmas and Happy New Year! Our apologies for the absence. These last few months have been pretty hectic for us, hectic in the best way, but we’ll get to that later in this post.

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How did you do that wtf

when i found out that he was cheating on me i didn’t tell him that i knew right away because i was hurt and embarrassed but also because i knew i wanted to fuck him over really badly.

when i was with him i’d leave him little gifts, not that expensive and not so often that i was clingy as fuck, just every few months i’d order someone small for him to be delivered to his house and he’d do the same for me.

i go camping every summer, i have literally gone every summer since i was born, so when i was in the woods camping i grabbed some plastic gloves and collected some rabbit and deer poop and froze it. i then used the fondue kit i got for christmas that i never actually used (and threw out afterwards) to cover the shit in melted chocolate, and refroze them and wrapped them. i wrapped it up a little bag with a ribbon on top and presented him it as one of those little gifts i used to get him all the time (“chocolate covered raisins” which is his favorite candy) and watched as he shoved about 10, maybe 12 pieces into his mouth and then immediately start gagging and vomiting.

so basically that’s the story of how i made my ex boyfriend eat shit for cheating on me. i don’t take to being fucked over well.

Read this fic in its entirety on AO3!

Morning comes on slowly. The sunrise creeps over the steel and stone horizon of London, crawling across the carpets and up the spines of the books on the shelves, stretching over the papers on the desk and the faded fabrics of John’s chair. Sherlock stands, leaning against the doorframe between the kitchen and sitting room, and watches the dawn drive out the dark, lighting up 221B with the hushed brilliance of Christmas.

He’s going to ask John to marry him today.

Sherlock only managed a few hours of sleep the night before, and he’d woken up just before five with a jittery stomach and jangling skeleton. He had watched John for a while, studying the smoothness of his face in sleep, the smudge of his eyelashes, the soft curl of his fingers relaxed on the sheets. Sherlock had felt too full, watching him, too close to bursting, so he’d gotten up quietly, careful not to wake him.

Sherlock has turned on all the fairy lights and started a small fire, just big enough for an extra splash of heat and comforting crackle and pop of the logs, and turned on a quiet playlist of instrumental Christmas carols. He’s lined up all the makings of Christmas breakfast—French toast and rashers, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, big bowls of sliced pears and peeled oranges, hot cocoa with whipped cream, or coffee or tea, and there’s a bottle of champagne in the fridge as well, just in case. Sherlock has John’s actual Christmas gift, the permit for his firearm and the pass for a private afternoon at a shooting range, settled into a box which he painstakingly wrapped with a second, difficult-to-find roll of the same dark blue paper with silver stars he and John had ruined several days ago.

It’s going to be a fantastic Christmas, Sherlock thinks, no matter what happens. It’s going to be the best Christmas they’ve ever had, because they’re together.

Down the hall, Sherlock can hear the sounds of John waking up. He calls it up in his mind’s eye, watching for himself what he knows is happening in the bedroom: John reaching first for the other side of the bed and being put out that Sherlock isn’t there, then snuffling sleepily into his pillow for a moment, brow furrowed adorably as he decides to get up. Sherlock is almost disappointed that he’s missing it, but if he were to go back now and crawl back in next to John, John would just yelp at his cold toes and complain about his chilly fingers, so he might as well wait.

Eventually—after using the bathroom, brushing his teeth, possibly spending a few minutes in the mirror examining some imagined flaw—John comes out to the sitting room, still in his pyjamas and dressing gown. He slumps over to Sherlock, who turns to receive him, and drapes himself into Sherlock’s arms, warm and sleep-mussed and smiling.

“Merry Christmas,” Sherlock says, giving John a bit of a kiss.

“Mm. Merry Christmas,” John returns, mumbling a bit. “Got you something.”

Sherlock glances over at his own starry blue gift, alone on the mantelpiece. He’d known, of course, that John was getting him something, but now that he thought of it, he’d seen neither hide nor hair of a potential Christmas present. John giggles as he watches Sherlock realise that John has slipped something by him. “It’s upstairs,” John explains, yawning, aiming a kiss for Sherlock’s mouth and hitting half his cheek instead. “I’ll be right back.”

John goes up to his old bedroom and comes back down with a large-ish rectangular white box, about the size of a sheet of paper but about two inches deep, with a gigantic red and green velvet trimmed ribbon. He hands it to Sherlock with a grin, looking much more awake than he had been just moments ago, and a bit anxious, too.

Sherlock hadn’t thought to be nervous about receiving a gift this year, but the shy look on John’s face sets his nerves to jumping. He hadn’t really given a whole lot of thought to what John might be getting him, in part because he didn’t want to accidentally deduce it, but also in part because he had been so wrapped up in his own plans. John should count himself fortunate, Sherlock thinks wryly as he undoes the ribbon, because it might be the last year he manages to keep his present a secret. Sherlock tosses the ribbon in John’s direction, giving him a reassuring smile, and lifts off the top of the box.

Inside is a neat stack of paper, fastened along one edge with professional spiral binding. It’s a book, of sorts—a manuscript, Sherlock realises. In the center of the page, it reads in tidy block print:

A Study in Pink

John H. Watson, MD

“Can’t tell you how hard it’s been to do this with you around all the time,” John says nervously, trying to fill the silence. “I’ve been using Mrs Hudson’s laptop even, when you’re out, because you steal mine all the time. I put in all your deductions, this time, as well as I could remember, all the stuff about how you solved in, the stuff you always say is missing from the blog.”

Sherlock blinks down at the manuscript and carefully, gingerly, he lifts it out of the box. It’s thick and heavy and Sherlock imagines John, tapping away at Mrs Hudson’s laptop in secret stolen moments to write all this down, to flesh out their first case, their first story, and Sherlock can’t think past the endless loop of John John John, oh, how I love you, John.

Next to him, John fidgets. “It’s, um. It’s for you, but it’s also for me,” he says, starting to explain. “It’s for us both.”

Finally, Sherlock manages to get his mouth to do something productive. “John, it’s—this is—this is our first case.”

“Um, yeah,” John says hesitantly. “It is. But it’s also, you know, a bit of a biography.”

Sherlock tears his eyes away from the manuscript and looks over at John, who is looking back at him with a cautious grin. “A biography?”

John runs his fingers through his unruly hair as he searches for the right words. “It’s not just about our first case together,” John says, “because meeting you, Sherlock, and the—the importance of it, the weight of it, of meeting you, of you coming into my life—it was never just about the cases.”

And he reaches over and turns the first page, revealing a dedications page. For Sherlock, it reads, who I have loved since page 57.

Trembling, Sherlock turns to page 57.

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If you know me at all you know that Alex Gaskarth means the world to me. This man has been my idol for the past 3 years. He has helped and taught my so much over the past few years I honestly can’t thank him enough. Anyway, I walk up to him, give him a big hug, and give him his presents. My friends mom wrapped it special for him with purple wrapping paper, ribbons, and other cute things. He was super happy when he got it and kept on “awwww” ing. Then I gave him the folder filled with letters from fans who couldn’t make it to the show and my letter. When I told him this he thanked me and hugged me again. I had him sign my CD and write out the lyrics “love yourself so no one has to” for my tattoo. Those lyrics mean a lot to me and I can’t wait to get it tattooed on me in a year or two. After taking a picture I turned to him and told him something a little personal. I won’t say everything because I want to keep the conversation between Alex and I but it was something along the lines of “thank you for making music it’s helping me through high school”. He then gave me a big hug and held my head(in the second picture). He said to me “You’ll be fine, you got this. Work through it” and those words will be with me forever. This man makes me unbelievably happy and I wish I could hug him forever. I am so happy I got to meet him again and hug him. Alex is my sunshine I love him so much. 

Valentine's Day
  • A/N: HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE. It's actually close to the end of the day for us, but I know that many of you have just started the day. So I hope that you all have a terrific valentine's day. Feel free to share with us in our askbox what you are planning for the day or what you did!
  • Liam: The boys were currently on tour, and for Valentine's Day they happened to be just a few cities away. However, you pretended that there was too many things happening and you were busy so you couldn't visit him. Being the understanding boyfriend that he is, he encouraged you to stay at home and deal with the things. You had told the rest of the boys about your plan and they helped with the execution of the plan. So there you are, sitting near the front of the stage, but not so close that he can spot you whilst performing. The boys had spent the first half of the concert annoying Liam, such as pulling up his shirt during his solo, just to entertain you (and the screaming fans too). "Daddy Direction's been a bit lonely lately." Louis pipes up during their twitter session, nudging Liam a few times. "Especially tonight since it's valentine's day" he continues, as Liam nods facing the crowd and pouts. "But we can help him out, can't we?" Harry jests, as he and Zayn make their way off stage and towards you. "You see, we can make dreams come true." Niall chuckles, wiggling his eyebrows at a confused Liam. As Harry and Zayn bring guide you towards the stage, Liam laughs in surprise. "(Y/N)! You lied to me" he chuckles as he runs to hug you. "Oh! Get a room!" Louis exclaims in mock disgust, causing the crowd to respond with 'awwww's and laughs.
  • Zayn: "What's this?" you ask in bewilderment as he hands you a Tiffany & Co. box. "Oh Zayn! We promised on no presents" you smile at him, before slowly untying the ribbon and opening the box. You gasp as you see the gold necklace with a bow pendent. "I know you've had your eyes on something like that for ages." he explains, with a lopsided-grin painted on his face. "Happy Valentine's Day, babe!" he exclaims as you jump into his arms and wrap your arms around him. "You really really shouldn't have." you muse. "Turn around so I can put it on you" he tells you. After he fastens the necklace he leans down and places a kiss on your neck, mumbling an "I love you" into the nap of your neck. You turn around and kiss him, your hands running through his hair. "I love you too" you beam back at him. You both share a moment, staring into each other's eyes, until Zayn blurts "We should really get ready soon. We have a booking at that fancy French restaurant in the city for 7pm and it's-" "Dinner?" you interrupt, surprised at the plans he's made for the day. "Yeah" he smirks, "so go get dressed".
  • Niall: Niall had surprised you with tickets to London for Valentine's Day. The boys were there for a couple of weeks for promotion for their upcoming album. "Should I dress fancy?" you call out to your boyfriend from the bathroom. "No. Just something comfy and casual, love" he replies. "That will definitely do" he smirks, leaning on the bathroom door frame, watching you wrapped in your towel. "Actually, why don't we just cancel the plans and have a night in" he suggests, placing his hands on your hips and trailing soft kissed up your neck. "Not now" You giggle, trying to push him away so you can get dressed. Having decided on what to wear, you catch a cab to South Bank, where the London Eye is. Upon arriving, you are redirected straight to the capsule, as Niall had a reservation. "This is beautiful, Niall" you sigh, looking out at all the lights and buildings. He has booked a private capsule just for the two of you, and you had insisted on bringing take away pizza to eat during the rotation. "It's not the most beautiful thing here though" he smoothly replies, as you blush under his gaze. "Thank you so much for all this" you tell him, "honestly, this is amazing!" You lean in to kiss him, placing one hand on the side of his face, the other hand's fingers laced with his. Your lips yield to the softness of his lips, and your hands run feverishly through his hair. His hands linger at the small of your back. You both relish in the passion, until you let out a gasp for breath. "I love you so so much" he whispers, "happy valentine's day". "I love you too, Niall" you smile, before he closes the gap between your lips with one swift movement.
  • Harry: "GOOD MORNING, LOVE!" Harry exclaims cheerfully, sliding the curtains open to let the morning sunshine in, much to your chagrin. "Just 10 more minutes" you mumble from under the duvet, placing the pillow on top of your head. "It's Valentine's Day and I made you breakfast" he responds enthusiastically, jumping on to the bed and under the duvet. He lifts the pillow from your head and kisses you on the cheek, accentuating the 'mwah' sound. "Urgh" you groan, "you are way too chirpy in the morning". "You love it." He smirks, as his arms snake around your waist, bringing you closer to him. You turn around to face him, rubbing the sleep from your eyes. He places kisses on your neck and cheek, as you giggle, noticing that his hands had slipped under your top. "Harry, stop!" you laugh as his slight stubble tickles you. "Not until you wake up." he tells you, his hands tickling the side of your stomach. "OKAY, OKAY! I'M UP!" you exclaim, jumping out of bed and making your way towards the kitchen. You turn around, looking at your boyfriend still resting on the bed with a smug look on his face. "I thought you wanted me to wake up" you grumble, annoyed that you could have stayed in bed. "I did. But I also like the view" he smirks, pointing at your hot pants, which you wore to bed, "On second thought, why don't we just have breakfast in bed" he continues, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively at you. You roll your eyes, too hungry to even take him seriously. "Come on, Harold! You said you made breakfast. I'm hoping you made pancakes" you reply, walking towards the kitchen.
  • Louis: As you walk into your living room, you notice a yellow envelope on your coffee table with your name scribbled on the front of it. You open it to find a note written to you, clearly from Louis judging by the handwriting. "Dear (Y/N), hopefully by the time you read this you have had some coffee and a nice lunch so you don't become annoyed at me. Today is a very special day, so I have set out some clues for my very special person (that's you, in case you're wondering). So let's continue with the first one: Roses are red, this one is blue. Sometimes I like to ride with you ;) You chuckle at his childish antics, pondering on what it could be. You walk around your house, attempting to scope out the item, until you pass a picture of you and Louis on your third date, and you were holding- "THE BLUE BICYCLE. Of course" you mutter to yourself, jogging towards the garage, and lo and behold, attached to your bicycle is another envelope. "Congratulations! As you can remember, this is the bicycle you had with you when I first met you. Anyways, I know scavenger hunts are supposed to have more clues but I couldn't wait. So, make your way to the place we met that night, and maybe we'll have some afternoon delight ;)" You quickly take your handbag and lock the house, snapping your helmet in place and wheeling your bicycle outside. You make your way to the local park, where you had first met Louis. Upon arriving, you spot him sitting on a picnic blanket under a tree, near the duck pond, with a picnic set up. "Happy Valentine's!" he beams at you as you drop your bicycle on the grass, running towards him with a giant grin on your face. You jump on him causing him to fall backwards out of surprise. You both laugh hysterically, with you lying on top of him. "I love you so much" he tells you, carefully brushing back loose strands of your hair. "I love you too, Louis' you reply with a sincere smile, resting your head against his chest.

anonymous asked:

(dagurthedragonhunter) 'To A Special Someone' (modern AU please :3)

Send ‘To A Special Someone’ for my muse to react to lingerie given to them by your muse.

Jack squealed and jumped for joy that Dagur got him a present. The white package was flat and long with a red ribbon wrapped nicely. He smiled and untied the ribbon, throwing it away and opened the box. Uncertainty rose on his face when he held out the lace and liquid lame chemise, underwire cups with lace insets, front lace-up, removable garters and mesh thong. He furrowed his eyebrows and stared at Dagur. He chuckled, holding it out, “I think this is for you.” He blushed, holding out the blue lingerie to Dagur.


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This is the best gift I could ever possibly imagine!!!!! You are a Bellarke angel sent from above and we are SO lucky to have you. My prompt is: AU Clarke gets sick right before Christmas and can't make it home to be with her mom. She doesn't tell her friends she's stuck on campus bc she doesn't want to ruin anyones holiday. But our bb Bellamy goes to her dorm to drop off a surprise gift and finds a helpless pathetic Clarke lump inside. Bickering and caretaking and celebrating shenanigans ensue

Bellamy knows it’s sad to drop off a present for Clarke when she can’t get it. But, well, he’s an RA, so he’s probably not supposed to give a present to just one person in the dorm. It’s favoritism or something. Which, to be fair, it kind of is, but it’s not his fault they were already friends when she ended up in his hall.

Also he has a massive crush on her, but that’s kind of a separate issue.

His plan is to use his master key, drop off the gift, and leave, and by the time she gets back, he won’t feel weird about it. 

He knows he hasn’t really thought the plan through, but it doesn’t sink in exactly how much he hadn’t thought it through until he opens the door and finds the light on and a lump in Clarke’s bed.

“If you’re going to kill me, do it before I sneeze again,” she rasps.

“Jesus, Clarke, you sound like fucking death.”

She startles and rolls over, squinting at him. Her hair is a disaster and she looks awful. “Bellamy?”

“Who else has a key?”

“Is that a present?”

“What are you doing? I thought you left yesterday.”

“So you broke into my room?”

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