present from my bday

goodnight, good night

the night would be better
if I could tuck my head
underneath your arm
fit my cheekbone
in the indent between your ribs
fix my eyes on yours
and hear about your day
until there was night no more
but it is still a good night
because I can still imagine
you saying it
even if only in my head


Sad boy Robbie ♥

I’m so proud of this, because i spend about 15 hours drawing it. I’ve just started to learn how to draw properly so please feel free to comment my mistakes ( anatomy, perspective, colouring etc), it really helps!

Moreover, soon i’m going to do more lazytown fanart, so follow me if you want to see more :)

by the way, inspired by this, lol

Behind The Story

Summary: The reader is a cast member of the show and she’s injured making her unavailable going to a convention. Her co-stars and the fans misses her so Jensen thought of the idea of show her love via a video and posting it on twitter.

Author: deanwinchester-af

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairing: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 2k+

Warnings: PURE FLUFF.

Behind The Story Masterlist


A/N: For the ones who had read my preview to my upcoming series Unusual, y’all are going to be reading some future sneak peeks on this one shot, I’ll probably combine the fics… What do you guys think of that? I’ve always wanted to write something like this and I am very happy on how it turned out. Hope you guys like it too and please, let me know what y’all think? Special thanks to my friend @sis-tafics who beta it ♥ 

By the way, this is like a bday present from me to you guys (my birthday is tomorrow) yikes! Tags are on the end of this post and the gif is not mine but the twitter manip is. Also, I won’t put the read more because my blog is having problems and if I put it then the ones on the computer won’t be able to read it completely. Sorry, I know how it pains but tumblr is being an asshole with my blog. 


Reader POV:

A bucket of extra butter popcorn, your dog Jules cuddled up next to you, a show about two vampires in love with one girl playing on TV and a huge cast that started on your mid thigh and worked its way to your toes. “Miss you guys wish I could be there to hug y’all.” you tweeted for the 1.M followers you had on twitter thanks to you character on the hit show Supernatural. Same show where you accidentally miss landed while having a fight stunt and broke your leg in the process. You sighed and smiled while reading all the quick response by the fans.

“We miss you too, Y/N.”

“J2 misses you.”

You smiled at the tweets as you read more tweets.

“Jared is teasing Jensen on how was his fault you’re injured.”

You laughed at that tweet, because it was totally true but it was truly an accident.

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 18 . 06 . 2017 
My study space !!! 
It doesn’t really have a proper aesthetic (sorry people), mostly because it’s made of stuff I’ve collected during the years haha 

My fav things are:
- the little boxes in the right corner which were a Christmas present from a friend (from ikea)
- the weekly calendar which /again/ was a bday present from my dad (from tiger)
- the pugs’ pencil case which I got a few years back (from h&m) 
- and of course all the agendas/notebooks that I’ve piled up in years haha (from too many place tbh) 

“People in our clan are locked up in narrow world, so they refuse to see the world outside. The reason why fate isn’t opened itself is because they keep saying that’s all village’s fault and expand the grudge. Because they keep saying that’s all village’s fault, Hokage-sama’s fault, Senju clan’s fault, they refuse to see their own foot. But, you’re different. You’re always open your fate with your own power. Graduated from academy within a year, passing through chuunin exam alone, and now, you tried to join Anbu. You never thought that your fate is all the clan’s fault and give up. I’m sure you can be the Hokage.. As Uchiha’s first Hokage, I believe that you will be the one who break off the village’s and clan’s fate from the very root.”
ー Uchiha Shisui (Itachi Shinden Koumyou Hen, pg 203-204)

The Septic Case: Transcript #3

Starting transcript. I feel like it’s an okay time to record because although Striker and Fire invited me out to go clubbing, I’m not really that kind of person. Plus I had a splitting headache earlier and the Advil’s just started working. Now back to where Transcript #2 left off.

April 20th, 2015. Three days after my night of research. I’d given everything I’d found to Fire after he’d finally woken up. And now, finally, we were going out on the mission. Fire had briefed us on the final plan. We’d head in, and split into groups. Pewds, Iplier, and Peebles were group one, or as we affectionately called them “The Brawn.” Fire and Kicker were group two, or “The Brains.” And Striker and I were, sadly, “The Hot Stuff.” I relate more to the Stuff part than the Hot part. We were supposed to scout out for people and explain what was going on. Well, what was our idea of what was going on. We were, “shooting an action movie” and Striker and I were the lead parts. We were basically the guards in this mission. I sighed. I wanted to voice my complaints, but I knew that Kicker had a point. We really didn’t want the public knowing what was going on.

We arrived at Marvin Labs, a huge white building, with a logo that I’d seen on their website, a cat’s face with red whiskers and green ears, and on its forehead, a red heart over a red diamond, and a black spade and club. The logo unsettled me for some reason, perhaps, because the eyes of the cat were completely blackened in, with no pupils. Kicker turned to me before heading in with Fire and told me how the place creeped him out. Guess I wasn’t the only one. The five of them headed inside, while me and Striker stood outside, talking about everything from Fire to this mission. I told him how much I wished I could go in there, how I felt like I wasn’t doing anything out here. He told me that he was used to feeling like he was just a pretty face, and how he hated it sometimes. We discussed not feeling like a real part of the team. Our walkie-talkies went off every so often, the first two teams talking about how the place had just been left behind, like everyone who’d worked there had just quit, leaving behind their things. It was dark out, probably nine pm, when I radioed back to “The Brains” and asked if we could come in and look around. Fire took a minute to think, but finally said that since this place was so big, and had so many branches, that it would be okay. Besides, the place was on a big hill on the outskirts of town, and who would just drive up and check it out, especially after dark.

Striker and I exchanged excited grins that we were going in and doing what we called “Secret Agent Stuff.” We grabbed two flashlights from our van since Fire had told us that the power in the building had been cut. We were almost giddy as we headed inside, and were instructed to go down the left hallway, because the other two groups were down the middle and right halls, and they didn’t need anyone. We were told that no one was in the building, and it was completely safe, that all we were looking for was incriminating paperwork and stuff like that. The secret lab from the transcript was probably just some teenager making up stuff for whatever reason teens do that. Maybe he was high or something, because according to both groups, the only rooms, locked or open, were just offices and normal labs, with microscopes instead of cages.

The first few rooms we passed through after the hallway ended were just unlocked offices. We looked through the paperwork left behind, and none of it seemed useful. The computers in the rooms wouldn’t turn on, and we figured they were dead. We were smiling, even though it was a bit creepy, we were doing important spy stuff! We got to a room that had a numbered passcode, and we radioed over, before Kicker told us that all of the rooms had the same passcode: 1980. That was a pretty obvious passcode. We tried it, and the door swung open to reveal… a completely normal lab. All that was here was a few microscopes and some computers that wouldn’t turn on. We went through a few more labs and offices that seemed identical, only finding data that was for various experiments, the closest thing we found to a mysterious experiment on a captive human was a few neurological experiments on lab rats.

We radioed in with the groups and shared our findings or lack thereof, and they agreed that this place seemed like it was just a normal place. But then why would they have known, and killed Triple 7, the spy from another team that the higher ups sent in a month ago, now? Why would they have abandoned everything if there was nothing to hide? We traveled through identical offices and labs, before ending up at a dead end, a lab that was larger than the rest but still only held more microscopes, and notebooks full of science stuff, logs on something that looked like lab rat growth.

Striker and I collectively sighed, and we leaned against the wall, to radio in that we’d reached a dead end until we heard gears creaking in the wall. We jumped back from it, and upon closer inspection, there was a small piece of the wall that Striker had been leaning on that was now moving back to reveal a panel with a number pad. Above the pad, on the wall, was a small, hard to see, white button that we would’ve missed if Striker hadn’t been leaning on it. I gasped, “Striker, you’re a genius!” He looked back at me with a confused smile, and said, “I had no idea that it would do that.” We quickly radioed in, telling the other groups about our find. We input the passcode we’d been given, 1980, but it just beeped at us, telling us that we had two more passcode attempts before the alarm was set off.

There had to be a hint around here somewhere. We poured through the notebooks, as Kicker talked to us through the walkie-talkies giving us advice, and Fire spluttered that the group that wasn’t supposed to go in, had accidentally found a secret room. We wondered aloud what it would go to, figuring that whatever was behind the door was what scared everyone off. After what seemed like forever, we found that in one of the notebooks, someone had written, “The code for the door is the date that the experiment started.” THE experiment? There was one large experiment? We looked through other notebooks, until we found the earliest entry, on the earliest one. It dated February 7th, 2000. So the code was either 0207, 0702, or 2000. We tried to logic it through with the team. Kicker said that it would probably be 2000 because the other code was 1980. Fire disagreed, and said that since it was a date, it would probably be 0207 or 0702. And since we were in America, California specifically, it would most likely be 0702. We tried Kicker’s idea first. BLEEP. One try remaining. We really hoped that Fire would be right. 0 7 0 2. Suddenly, we heard a hiss, and a piece of the wall, from floor to ceiling, near the panel, slid open to reveal a metal door.

The groups wished they were there with us, and Peebles even suggested we wait to open the door until groups one and two had joined us, but she was shot down by Pewds, saying, “Let them have some fun. It’s not like there’s going to be anyone they need to fight in there anyway.” As we neared the door, our walkie-talkies started fizzing. “An electromagnetic pulse! It’s a brilliant way to prevent anyone from sneaking in and taking pictures with any kind of device and reporting them. Something big must be beyond this door, but it looks like you two are going to have to leave us here for it.”

Striker and I looked at each other with apprehension. If it had been Peebles, Iplier, and Pewds who’d found the door, they’d already be inside. If it had been Fire and Kicker who’d found it, they would’ve weighed all of the pros and cons to waiting for the rest of the team to come back, but ultimately go in. With us? We needed to do this together. I nodded at Striker. “Let’s get ourselves in there.” He smiled, and together we pushed the door open.

We were standing on a platform, with a few stairs down to the rest of the room. We scanned the room, and I spotted a control panel, and then, in the farthest corner of the room… no. It couldn’t be. “Wh-what is that?” Striker obviously hadn’t gotten the same briefings that I had. “It was all true. That’s the cage from the briefing. Where they kept the subject.” He looked at me with slight fear in his eyes. “C'mon. Let’s investigate.” I said, although part of me just wanted to turn tail and run out of the room. We shined our flashlights on the ground as we walked towards the shadowy structure, as to not trip on any of the cables snaking across the floor, from the control panel to a vent in the wall. I barely realized Striker had stopped moving and we were only a few inches away from the bars. I lifted my head from the ground, and my eyes were immediately fixed to where Striker had shined his flashlight.

Because inside the cage, was a body. It had to be dead. No one could survive… how long had it been since Fire had gotten the case? It must have been at least five days. Striker looked on, horrified. And then, “He’s breathing.” I turned to face the agent, whose face was pale, but resolute. “It’s faint, but he’s breathing. God, Wiishu, we need to get him out of here.” I turned back to the body, no, person, in the cage. He looked a few years older than me, at twenty. Maybe twenty-four or twenty-five? I turned to Striker. We needed to focus on getting him out. I reached out and touched the bar. It was metal, Iron maybe? It sizzled slightly giving me a shock like I’d been walking across the carpet and touched a light switch. It must have been electrified when the power was on. But even if we had a weapon, it would be hard to saw through the bars. There had to have been a way to deliver food and water, or maybe drugs to the boy. Maybe I could wake him up. I turned to Striker and asked him if was a good idea, and he said it was as good as any. He walked over to the control panel, to see if he could get anything there to work.

I took a deep breath. “Hello?” I asked, my voice barely above a whisper. Nothing. I repeated it slightly louder. The boy, even though he was older than me, it seemed strange to call him a man, stirred slightly. “Are you awake?” He was now. He nearly jumped, sitting up quickly. His eyes were pure blue, and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed it before, but his hair was light green. It suited him somehow. He looked terrified. “Hello there. It’s nice to see you’re awake.” He didn’t respond, just backed away from me so that his back was against the wall. “It’s alright. I understand you’re scared, but I’m not going to hurt you, I promise. I’m actually trying to get you out of here.” He scooted a little closer now, his curiosity peaked. Striker walked over to me, sitting next to me, scaring the boy and causing him to back away again. I looked to Striker. “Guess you can finally say that you’ve actually intimidated someone,” I said to lighten the mood. He glared at me, but I could tell he was amused.

“Nothing in the control panel is working. It all shut off when this place was abandoned. I see you’ve woken him up.” He then turned to the boy in the cage. “Hello, my name is Striker. What is yours?” The boy shook his head. “It’s okay, he won’t hurt you either.” He shook his head again. “It’s not that? Can you talk?” The boy looked down at his lap at my words and shrugged his shoulders. “Will you please try? We’d really like to help you get out of here, but we need you to help us find out how.” He raised his head and opened his mouth. “I-I don’t have a na-na-name.” He replied to Striker, his voice hoarse and shaky. “They call me Septic. But I don’t like that name. It reminds me of him.” His voice was stronger now that he’d started talking again. “What do you mean, him? Are you talking about one of the people who worked here?” The boy shook his head. “No. It reminds me of the person inside of me, well, at least one of them. They keep me here because there’s more than one person inside of me. I’m usually the one in control, but they can make him be in control. I don’t like him. When they make him come out, they say he changes me. I don’t have control of my own body, and I don’t like that. They call him Anti. It feels like he’s a demon that wants to hurt me, but they say that he’s just my imagination. I hate him. If he was a part of me, then I should be able to get rid of him, but I can’t. But the others aren’t so bad!”

He stopped after that. Striker was watching him in fascination, and so was I. “I want to tell you everything, but weren’t you guys supposed to get me out of here? I know how they do it, but I’ve never been able to do it myself because I’m on this side of the bars.” He tapped a bar near us. “There’s a button on your side of the bar. You need to press it seven times, then pause, then twice. After that, some of the bars will open, and I can come out!” He smiled, and my heart fluttered a little. He had a really nice smile. Okay, that was an understatement. He had the prettiest smile I’d ever seen. While I was lost in space for a minute, Striker pressed the button and the bars started to lift. We stood up as the boy walked towards us. “Since you don’t have a real name, what can I call you?” I asked, a smile playing on my face. “I don’t know. Maybe you can give me a name?” The boy looked around the room, he must have been so happy to finally be out. I studied him for a minute, thinking. Then it hit me, the perfect name for a person like him. He fit it perfectly. “I’m going to call you Jack.” He smiled again, and I felt like I was melting. “Okay, let’s get out of here and get back to the others. I feel like we have a lot of explaining to do.” Striker said with a smile, and we lead the weak, from not eating since who knows when, boy up the stairs and out of the room he’d been imprisoned in since he was a kid, to show him the real world.

I feel like that’s a good place to stop this transcript. I feel like I’ve been recording for hours, and I should probably eat something. So until the next transcript, Wiishu’s signing off. Over and out.