present for vince
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“Happy Birthday @AvecPardon !”

Birthday present from my dear friend and skele-child!

Say! If anyone’s interested in seeing her art about Pilot and all the cool robots and characters she’s come up with since moving to Twitter, go follow Bones and check out all the art! She’s really grown a lot! :D


Unpleasant past-event stuff.

* For a brief time, Vince didn’t have a name, only a designation: “Mjolnir Recon 54″.

This is the first time I’ve drawn the MIDA Multi-Tool (which Destiny 2 reveals is from the Marathon branch of the multiverse). For obvious reasons, it’s one of the few guns that present-day Vince would never touch.

* Melancholy isn’t limited to AIs. One reason Vince and Durandal have bonded so strongly is that they both had unimaginably horrible things happen to them in the past (even further back than they initially thought, too).

My Fake Fiance (2009)

Loved this movie ! I think i’ve watched it at least 5 times. Joey and Melissa and two or my favorite actors and i’m relaly happy they worked together.

The movie is about a young woman that moves to a new apartment, but when she lets the truck unsupervised some guys steal everything inside, her surniture, books, kitchen supplies, everything. She meets a man at her best friend’s wedding and they begin talking about how much money it costs to trow a wedding and how much money they spent on wedding presents all these years. Vince is a ladies man and a gambler, he owes alot of money to a debt collector named “The Monkey”. That’s all i’m gonna say for you i’m gonna let you guys find out more.

The movie is really entertaining and fun to watch, i really think you should watch it ! I’m expecting your opinions :)