present for my older brother's birthday

“ He had become almost an older brother to me, someone to whom I could say anything. Every now and again he would send a little present - a tree for the garden or an ornament - and he invited Rod and me to his son Dhani’s 18th birthday dinner, saying we had to be there: we were family. “

“I think I’ll miss George for the rest of my life. I would have incredibly vivid dreams that he was alive. Then I would wake up and the reality would wash over me.”  -Pattie

Remembering George 1943-2001


Reader x Kyungsoo

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Summary: It’s easy to calm yourself after your nightmares if your best friend is there to hold you. Unfortunately, she’s gone for the night and the only other person home is her older brother. 

Genre: fluff/angst

Warnings: nightmares/panic, extremely brief mentions of abuse 

Word Count: 2k

A/N: Just a warning: I’m really bad at fluff. Probably worse at fluff than smut. And this is my first time writing in present tense, so I hope this turned out okay hahaha. But I actually enjoyed writing this, so hopefully you enjoy reading it. Also, shout-out to @soobadnoonecanstopher: happy birthday!!! 

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Storms are always the worst.

Usually the nightmares are fine – first comes the panic and the fear, you jolt awake, and then you’re able to calm your heart and go back to sleep. That definitely isn’t the case during a storm.

These dreams start with a darkness so palpable you can feel it clinging to your skin, pulling at your hair, and clouding your senses. You inhale, but no oxygen reaches your lungs, and the panic sets in as you begin to get lightheaded. Agony rips through your heart like a knife, and you feel like you’re crumbling under the weight of the pain.

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