present for my older brother's birthday

Damn baby ~ Jack Maynard

Characters: Reader X Jack Maynard x Anna Maynard X Conor Maynard

Word Count: 1024

Summary: Your Anna’s friend and just turned eighteen. Jack whom you hadn’t seen for two years due to your move to the Caribbean, instantly falls for you. 

Requested: Yes, two requested combined

I’m sorry for not posting, school is a bore and my new job takes up most of the time. I hope you understand :( I had Its Been Years part four done but I have changed my mind on how to write seven times in two weeks, it WILL be up this weekened tho. I know I say i will post but seriously it will be up this weekend.


P.s I aslo found I am 1% of 7 billion people to have differnet coloured eyes, pretty fucking awesome if you asked me.

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“So you travel all the way to London, to and I quote ‘spend time with you’ but your leaving for a girly day with your friend?” Jack questioned his sister who was putting her shoes on. 

“Yes.” Anna huffed looking up at her two older brothers, “I haven’t seen her in two years and it was her birthday six months ago, I haven’t given her presents. She also moved her for uni last month and I haven’t had time to see her.”

“Do we know her?” Conor asked his eyes narrowed as Anna picked up her bag pack. 


“When did you know someone three years older than you?” Jack asked his eyebrows raised.

“She lived across the street from us.”

“Gappy Gabby?” 

“Gappy who? Look, I’m late you I’ll be back in like four hours and I’ll bring her back to the apartment okay? Okay, Bye!” Anna shouted running out of Jack’s apartment.

Conor turns his head towards Jack who was staring dumfounded at the door, “We just got played by our little sister.”

“We taught her well, Jack. We taught her well.”

Jack and Conor were playing Fifa when the door opened and loud laughter filled their ears. “Looks like we are meeting the new friend.” Jack commented waiting for Anna and her friend to walk through the door.

“-babe trust me; the boys are an A plus…” You spoke following her into a room which you guess was the living room. You felt yourself smirk seeing the Maynard brother you had been crushing on since you were kid, have in had an amazing glow up. “…but there was no Jack Maynard on the island.”

Conor and Jack froze in their seats for two different reasons.

For Conor, the girl he counted as his other little had returned back from moving to Caribbean. She had changed a lot and it scared him because if that happened to you in two years, what could happen to his little sister.

For Jack, however, well. The boy thought he had fallen in love. You weren’t chubby, the braces had disappeared, your skin was flawless with a gorgeous brown tan, your body was the perfect hourglass figure and your eyes shined bright.

He wanted you.

He watched as you smirked that gorgeous smirk before speaking, “Well, I was gone for two years and I don’t even get a hug? Shameful.”

Conor was the first to react jumping out his seat laughing, “Y/N it’s been too long!”

“Tell me about it. I missed my Maynard fam.” You pouted hugging the older Maynard, you noticed Jack looking at you in a dazed and mouthed ‘You the most’ with a wink.

Pulling back from your hug with Conor, you opened your arms ready for a hug with Mr. Jack Maynard. He was already stood up so he silently made his way other to you and pulled you into a hug, being the boy he is. He looked down towards your ass and noticed had big it had gotten, groaning he spoke aloud, “Damn baby, you got hot.”

Anna gasped as you pulled away with a confident look, “Thanks papi.”

Anna gasped again in horror and Conor laughed at his brothers face, which looked like he wanted to take you right there. “Can you two stop. I really don’t want my best friend and brother flirting.”

“Sorry babe.” You grinned throwing your arm around her shoulders, “You brother has always been hot as fuck but talk about glow up. Damn papi, you take a hot shot or something?”

Jack looked you up or down smirking, “Me? Baby I think you did. Look at you, you’re fucking gorgeous. ” He moved with his hand to your body.

“I prefer mami but thanks I know I am.” You smirked.

Conor laughed loudly, “I love this new Y/N.”

“I prefer the old one.” Anna grumbled jokingly making the three of you laugh.

Four months later….

“Take me here, right now.” Y/N smirked as she walked in on Jack shirtless doing push ups. Used to Y/N randomly walking into his apartment Jack looked up at her with a smirk before carrying on with his push ups. “Awh, you’re no fun.”

Jack laughed to himself not bothering to look up and pay the girl some attention started doing sit ups but it all stopped when he felt a weight on him stopping him from carrying on. Feeling his skin come in contact with skin leaving him with a burning sensation, he opened his eyes to see the girl that had been teasing him for months on end.

“Now that was rude.” Jack smirked, hands sitting comfortable on your waist. “I was trying to work out.”

“Baby you don’t need to work out, your one sexy motherfucker.” You smiled placing your hands on his chest. 

“I prefer papi but thanks I know I am.” 

You laughed loudly knowing he used the words you had said a couple of months ago, Jack looked up at you lovingly hearing your laugh.

God he loved that laugh.

You quieted down staring back into his eyes, you leaned forward so your nose was touching his. “When are you going to ask me Jack?”

“When am I going to ask you? Well I had this big date planned but since your so impatient.” Jack huffed, rolling his eyes jokingly he smiled. “Will you, Y/F/N, do me the honour of being my girlfriend?”

You laughed softly nodding your head, “Who would say no to a papi like you Maynard?”

Jack laughed before grabbing your face in his hands and crashing his lips into yours. Smiling through the kiss, you couldn’t think about how happy you are moving back to London. Feeling you smile, Jack smiled too knowing he was truly happy with you.

However, your little make out session came crashing down when to voices where heard through the apartment.

“WHOO, that’s my bro.”

“No. No, no. Y/N! Why! Why damn it!”

Laughing you carried on kissing Jack but both of your stuck you middle fingers in the air, to piss them off. It was silent for a while and both you and Jack thought they had left but…

“Okay but really cut it the fuck out, we brought pizza.”

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Have you seen Lottie's latest snap where "someone" bought the twins Kenzo sweaters with tigers on the front? I wish my older brother bought me Kenzo clothing! 😭😭😭

ahhh I love it! i’m honestly so fuckin nosey and I wanna know everything that louis and harry bought doris and ernest for their birthday…YOU KNOW THEY SPOIL THE PEOPLE THEY LOVE SO MUCH AND THEY ALWAYS GIVE THE BEST PRESENTS 😭😭😭

Just Kiss Already

CONGRATS ON 400 FOLLOWERS!!!! Idk if requests are still open I’m usually always late to these so they probably aren’t but here goes nothing haha. Could you do 7, 17, and 83 from list 2 with Dami? Thank youuuuuu!!!!

7.) “Well, that’s tragic.”

17.) “Good thing I didn’t ask for your opinion.”

83.) “Enough with the sass!”

Tags: @nervouswastelandvoid

Pairing: Damian Wayne X Reader (kinda)

TW: None, super fluffy

Word count: 244

Well, that’s tragic,” Damian said as he came upon you sitting in the manor’s living room, a pitiful pile of yarn on your lap as you worked on knitting. It was a task that you had always wanted to learn, and Alfred had volunteered to help you learn.

You scowled at your best friend, “Good thing I didn’t ask for your opinion,” You look down at the pile of yarn in your lap, sewing on your lip. With a sigh you unceremoniously flopped onto the rest of the couch, Alfred smiling at yo from his seat in the arm chair, “I give up! I’m never going to make a present on time for my grandma’s birthday at this rate!”

“Not with that attitude,” Damian smirked over at you and you scowled at him again.

“ Well, if you’re such an expert on knitting, why don’t you help me?”

“That would defeat the purpose of you trying to learn, would it not?”

You opened your mouth to retort, sitting back up as Damian looked down at you from his standing position behind the couch, when the voice of his older brother Jason, cut through the little spat, “Enough with the sass, geez. Just kiss already!”

You went three shades darker than a tomato while Damian chased after his brother screaming in another language, most likely obscenities…

Alfred cleared his throat, “Shall we move onto our next step?”

You simply nodded, still too shocked to speak.


National Treasure 2 AU

Killian Jones is a historian who is known for finding the most difficult of history’s secrets and bending more than one country’s laws to bring them to light. After accidentally unearthing a lost journal from his ancestor, the British explorer Captain James Cook, he learns the treasure he’s been searching for since he was a little boy is right at his finger tips. But then his nemesis and fellow historian Arthur Pendgraon appears and puts Killian’s life long pursuit to a grinding halt with one accusation. With the help of his best friend, David Nolan, and older brother, Liam Jones, he will have to clear his ancestor’s name while racing against the clock to ensure the world’s greatest archeological find doesn’t fall into the hands of a corrupted historian. What Killian doesn’t know is that in diving into Captain Cook’s past, a part of his own will walk back into the present in the form of his ex-girlfriend and the woman he’s still in love with, Emma Swan. Because history is never really forgotten… is it?

A little birthday present to the House to my Wilson, @ive-always-been-a-pirate! I will write this story for you one day but in the mean time, have a little snippet I made for the special occasion of your birth. :) (small scene under the cut)

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Blessing in Disguise (part 1)

Words: 1.6k

Summary: You’re tossed out on to the street by your step-dad on your 18th birthday and a kind stranger offers to help you.

Warnings: Some angst, mentions of death of family members, mentions of emotional and physical abuse (brief)

A/N: This is a series requested by @castiel-savvy18 and I loved the idea; thank you so much for the request! Constructive feedback is always appreciated. Send me an ask or DM if you’d like to be added to my master tag list. This is an RPF AU with Misha where Vicki is off happy somewhere else, happy as a clam.


“Happy birthday to me,” you muttered; shivering as you hugged your knees while sitting on a sidewalk against a park wall.

You had just turned 18 and your birthday present from your step-dad was a bloody nose, a black eye, and getting tossed out on to the street with nothing.

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Nolan Patrick Imagine

Really enjoyed writing this one since it was for my babe Nolan Patrick. He’s such a mush and I hope he get’s better ): Y/L/N is your last name, Y/H/L is your hair length, and Y/H/C is your hair color. Anyways I hope you enjoy this!!

Requested: Yes @summersimpkins-blog

Warnings: Swearing and steamy towards the end

Originally posted by spookylatta

Y/N’s P.O.V

I sat in my room straightening my Y/H/L Y/H/C hair. I was going to a party with Nolan. I was finally meeting his team. 

Since I was little, my family has been obsessed with hockey. Both of my older brothers played and I loved watching them. I am originally from Philadelphia, so finally meeting the Flyers was a huge deal for me. 

I finished straightening my hair and moved onto my make-up. I did foundation, concealer, powder, contour, highlight, and mascara. I looked at the time, it was 6:50. Nolan would be here in 10 minutes to pick me up and I still have no idea what to wear. 

This was a fancy party so I had to look somewhat presentable. Hmm. I know exactly what to wear. 

Last year for my birthday, Nolan bought be this gorgeous tight, short, black dress that fit me everywhere. It was a full sleeve dress. I loved it. It made me feel confident and sexy but it wasn’t slutty either. It was perfect.

I paired the dress with a pair of white heels that added an extra 4 inches to me, but Nolan would still be a good 7 inches taller than me.

As soon as I was finished putting my heels on, I heard a knock on my door. I grabbed my black clutch with chapstick and money in it and my phone. When I opened the door, I saw my amazingly hot boyfriend standing there in a suit. 

“Hey gorgeous.” Nolan said while leaning down to kiss me. I kissed back and then pulled away. “You look great.” I said while wrapping my arms around his waist. “Thanks. You look stunning princess.” He replied while stepping back to take a look at me. 

“Damn. How’d I get so lucky?” He asked himself. His words made my face heat up instantly. We’ve been dating for over a year and he still has this effect of me. “I don’t know if I’m gonna let you out of my sights tonight.” He added. I rolled my eyes at his comment. 

“Alright. Ready to go Y/N?” Nolan smiled at me. I nodded and took his hand in mine. 

We walked over to his car and he opened the door for me. “Thanks Nol.” I said while kissing his cheek and getting in. He winked at me and then made his way to his side. 

He sat in the driver’s seat and started the engine. I turned on the radio and picked a station. Once I found a station we both liked, I made the music soft so it could be used as “background noise”. 

Nolan started driving and I was staring at the window when I felt a hand on my knee. I looked over at him and he smiled at me. “Eyes on the road Patrick.” I giggled. “Alright Y/L/N.” He chuckled. 

“How’s school been?” He asked me. “Eh. Good I guess. I’m not failing any of my classes, which is a plus, but it’s just been, school.” I responded. He started laughing at my response. “How do you like the team?” I asked him back. 

“I really like it. The guys are all super cool and funny. We all get along great. Oh and the traveling is great too. Everything is just great.” Nolan replied excitingly. “Sounds great.” I replied mocking him. He chuckled and took a turn. 

Minutes later we pulled up to a huge house. “Who’s house is this?” I asked gawking at the sight. “Giroux’s. This is where the party’s at. All of the coaches and managers are gonna be here tonight.” He responded. “What’s this for again?” I asked.

“Well it’s kind of like a meeting with the whole team, including players, coaches, managers, and other people who work for the Flyers. Some of the guys are bringing their girlfriends and wives too, so I thought I’d finally bring around the girl that makes me happy, to the guys I’m spending the rest of the year with.” He smiled at me sweetly.

I looked at him and grabbed his hand. “You ready?” I asked him quietly. “Only if you are.” He responded. I nodded my head and we both got out of the car. We walked up the pathway to the gorgeous stone mansion in front of us. “Maybe we can have a house like this together one day.” Nolan said to me while slipping his arm around my waist. I blushed and nodded. 

He knocked on the door and it was immediately opened by Claude Giroux and his fiancé. “Hey Nolan. Come on in.” G said while shaking hands with Nolan. “Hey G. This is my girlfriend Y/N.” “Hi nice to meet you.” I said while shaking hands with Claude. “This is my fiancé Ryanne.” G said to us. “Hi.” Ryanne said while giving me a hug. 

“The other guys are in the other room. We are just waiting on Dave and Ron and a couple of the other management.” G said to Nolan. 

Nolan grabbed my hand and we followed Ryanne and G to the other room. As soon as we got in the other room, Nolan was taken away from me and I was standing there with Ryanne. “Let’s go introduce you to the other girls.” She said to me. I laughed a bit and nodded. 

We walked to another room and there was about 5 girls in there. “Hey girlies. This is Nolan’s girlfriend Y/N!” Ryanne introduced me. “Hi it’s so nice to meet you! I’m Amanda, Brian’s wife.” Amanda said to me while hugging me. 

The same thing happened, I met Nicole, Jake’s girlfriend. Gina, Shayne’s girlfriend. Crystal, Wayne’s girlfriend. Karolina, Michal’s girlfriend and last but not least Erin, Matt’s wife. 

They were all very nice and funny. We were making small talk and since I was the youngest they were all asking me questions about Nolan and I. They were starting to become older sisters to me. 

During our “girl talk” the whole team came in. Nolan quickly found me and whipped me away from the girls. “What are you doing?” I whisper yelled at him while he was leading me over to the guys. “Introducing you to my team.” He whisper yelled back. I had to stifle a laugh since he tried to mock me.

I put on a smile and he got me to the team. “Guys this is my girlfriend Y/N.” Nolan said to his team. They all smiled and a series of “Hi’s” and “What’s up’s” went around the room. 

They all said their names and we started to make small talk. Nolan was talking to Simmonds and Giroux while I was talking to Travis Konecny, Travis Sanheim, Jordan Weal, Taylor Leier, and Robert Hägg. 

It was a small circle and we were talking about me. They were all asking questions and being kind of flirty. I mean, they were all attractive but, I have Nolan. I don’t need anybody else but Nolan. 

“You look beautiful Y/N.” Jordan said to me. “Yeah. You really do.” Konecny agreed. “Nolan would should us pictures of you guys and I could never get over how gorgeous you were in the pictures, but now I see you and you’re stunning.” Robert added. 

“Oh thanks guys.” I replied while blushing. I attempted to change the subject, multiple times,  but it would always come back to me in some way. 

Music started and Sanheim asked me if I wanted to go get a drink with them. I nodded and went off with the 5 flirts. We got our drinks and went back to where everybody else was. “You wanna dance?” Taylor asked me. “Oh I can’t dance.” I responded truthfully. “Nobody can dance. You just gotta move to the beat.” Jordan said. 

I laughed at his comment. “You have a really cute laugh.” Konecny complimented me again. “Thanks.” I replied blushing again. I was starting to look around for Nolan but I couldn’t find him. 

Robert was about to say something to me but G walked over and told them that they had a meeting with the coaches and management. They nodded, said bye to me and left. 

I walked over to the girls and sighed. “What’s wrong?” Amanda asked. “The guys. They are so nice, really, but just really, really flirty.” I responded. Ryanne laughed. “Trust me, they’ll stop sometime.” “Have you talked to Nolan?” Erin asked. “No. I couldn’t find him.” I responded. “You’ll be alright Y/N. Just forget about the flirts and have fun!” Karolina said. Crystal nodded in agreement. 

We talked for a little bit longer before the guys came back in. The group I was with before found me again and we started talking. I got the topic to be on hockey for a while. I could feel Taylor getting closer to me.

Now we were talking about me again. They were asking me about sports I play and other things. I could feel someones hand touching mine. I looked down and saw Taylor trying to move his arm around my waist. 

“That dress looks amazing on you Y/N.” Robert said over the music. “Yeah it really fits you great.” Konecny added. “It really enhances your body.” Sanheim said. I said thank you again and I felt a hand creeping on my hip. 

Within seconds, Nolan was over here with his arm around my waist and he pulled me into him. I looked up at him and smiled. “Hey babe.” I said to him. “Hi gorgeous.” Nolan responded while pecking my lips. His grip around my waist tightened when he saw the guys looking at me. 

“What are you guys talking about?” Nolan asked. “Oh we were just asking Y/N if she plays any sports and stuff.” Taylor said while making eye contact with me. The rest of the guys agreed and Nolan nodded. 

I saw Crystal looking at me and she winked. I smiled back at her. I could tell she said something to Nolan because he was on the other side of the room the last time I saw him. 

Nolan was the jealous type. But jealous Nolan was beyond hot. His hands traveled down to my ass and gave it a squeeze, causing me to jump and bite my tongue in efforts to not squeal. Robert looked at me confusingly for a second. I smiled back at him then the rest of the team came over. 

We were making small talk again, but now it was everybody.

Nolan hasn’t left my side or even let go of me since he came over to secretly “save” me from his flirtatious team.

It was getting late and I started getting tired. 

“Alright guys, it’s getting late. I think we’re gonna head out.” Nolan said to the guys. “Alright man. It was nice meeting you Y/N.” Giroux said while hugging me. Nolan went off but stayed close while saying goodbye to everybody. 

I hugged his team and their girlfriends/wives while Nolan was laughing and shaking their hands. He hugged the wives and girlfriends and we were heading out the door. When I was hugging Sanheim though, his hand traveled down and touched my ass a little bit. I’m pretty sure Nolan saw, but he didn’t say anything to me.

He grabbed my hand and helped me into the car. 

The drive was silent. I knew he was mad and jealous. “Do you wanna come over and hang out?” Were the only words he said to me. I responded with a yes. 

Once he pulled up to his house, I hopped out of the car and started walking up the pathway. He was trailing behind me. 

Nolan unlocked the door and opened it. As soon as we were in and I put my stuff down, he pushed me up against the wall. 

“You think I didn’t see the way my teammates were flirting with you? You think I didn’t see Taylor’s hand on your hip or Travis’ hand on your fucking ass?” He whispered angrily while his eyes turned dark. 

I nodded my head. “Of course you saw Nolan.” I responded quietly.

“You’re mine. Only fucking mine.” Nolan whispered while attacking my neck. 

He growled and his hands went to my hips pressing them into his.

Nolan smashed his lips against mine while hiking up my dress. 

Jealous Nolan means I get a rough Nolan tonight. ;)

Happy Birthday, Rhys!

Rhys: Feyre darling it’s my birthday

Feyre: cool Rhys wanna head up to the cabin?

Rhys: in a bit - hey Cassian it’s my birthday


Rhys: Az?

Azriel: *doing spy stuff*

Rhys: Amren? No happy birthday?

Amren: no happiness

Rhys: ‘Straia? Hello? It’s me, your amazing brother - AAAAAHHHHHH MY EYES STOP STOP STOP *winnows away*

Astraia: *doing questionable actions with Tarquin*

Rhys: Helion?

Helion: je suis napping all day


Entire fandom: *stampedes in* WE LOVE YOU RHYS YOU DESERVE SO MUCH HAPPINESS *makes mountain of presents and wine*

Chapter 191

Quick translation:

*HC = He Cheng (He tian’s older brother) 

(Dude being beaten up in the background)


HC: Bring him out 

HC: It’s me, He Cheng. 

HC: Understood, Mr Jian. I will keep an eye on him. 

- at Zheng xi’s house -

ZX: Wait for my Dad to come back and eat the cake together before leaving.

JY: No need, quickly go and pamper her a bit, if not little sis will be really angry~ I’ll buy a present for her next time.

ZX: Be careful on your way back!

JY: Got it~~

JY (thinking): A family celebrating a birthday together… probably feels very heartwarming… Right now Mum probably isn’t back home yet… if I go back the house will probably be empty again…

Stranger: It’s so late… What are you doing here alone?

JY: Who are you… 

Stranger: I’m a friend of your Dad, come have a chat with me.

JY: Did you get the wrong person…

JY: I… am going back now… 

(JY inhales a suspicious substance and faints)

hello since is both deku’s and mirio’s birthday im talking about their brotherly-like relationship and how much they care about each other and how much everyone loves these boys like i do

  • so, first of all, they talk a lot. sometimes, their friends (or all might) will try to keep up with the topic of their conversations but it changes all the time that is imposible. like, one moment they are talking about a villains quirk and then suddently izuku is ranting about popcorn.
  • they cant walk around the city without adopting a stray cat. it happened so many times. mirio has 4 little kittens living with him. aizawa and shinso took the rest. izukus mom has 2. they cant stop, they wont stop.
  • izuku refused to believe mirio was his older brother till he visited his mom after school one day and oh, mirio is there, talking to inko with empty cups of tea like they know each other for ages. and deku knows, knows, its too late. his mom has adopted mirio as her son. (@desikauwa​ bless u for putting this into words.)
  • and the worst part is that it wasnt just his mom. apparently, mirio also had a good relationship with toshinori. is not like midoriya is surprised, u see, he knows all might would adopt everyone in the school if he had the chance, but he still didnt know what to say the moment he walked into toshinoris office just to find the two of them taking a selfie with a cute snapchat filter. he also didnt know what to say when mirio looked at him funny and say “is for the family album!”
  • of course, they also took a pic of the three of them.
  • and then all might send that one to inko.
  • their classmates arent really surprised to find out they get along really well. most ppl actually think they are related by blood. like, everyone already thinks of deku as all might’s child, and since inko and toshinori are dating and apparently adopted the third year student, is not hard to see mirio as their oldest child who just looks a lot more like all might.
  • the fact that they are not surprised, tho, doesnt mean they can adjust to it. once, both izuku and mirio smiled at the same time and everyone around them cried. tamaki passed away and kirishima wrote a three paper essay about how mainly it is to have a cute smile.
  • mirio also likes to joke around with izuku. like when deku is talking to one of his classmates and suddenly they just stare at the wall behind him really surprised and deku doesn’t even bother to turn around. he’s just like “dont tell me, hes right behind me doing that face again”.
  • both tamaki and nejire like izuku a lot. especially nejire, who probably treats him more like a little brother than mirio himself.
  • todoroki: are u mirio’s illegitimate little brother or something? deku: shouto pls we talked about this
  • and they are actually ?? so happy to have the same birthday ?? midoriya is totally like “wheres my present?” and mirio is like “im older, im the alpha, wheres my present?”

anyways, i love my boys so much ??? @ horikoshi: let them be brothers u cowARD

sO happy birthday to these absolutely amazing and pure children! i hope both of u save a lot of ppl together

Dealings with a Devil (Part 5)

Dealings with a Devil (Part 5)

Reader X Darkiplier

You, Reader, have made a deal with what you believed to be a fantasized version of your favorite YouTuber’s alter ego, Darkiplier after he’d visited you in a dream. You believed Darkiplier to only exist in your dreams and on Markiplier’s YouTube channel, but by some impossible way he’s real and he intends on collecting on your debt to him.

Originally posted by fandomqueen18

You try to stay in the moment with Mark, Ethan, and Tyler, but it’s hard with what happened in your hotel room. You manage to shake most of the incident from your mind, but still, you linger on that kiss. It’d been brief and filled with desperation but there was something more there…something Dark didn’t want to say out loud and something you don’t know if you can believe.

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Dear Taylor, 

I’m not great with words. But I have so many words I need to say to you. I thought I’d give you a story of the first time I heard one of your songs, and how now reputation is coming out as I am nearing graduation from college. THAT. IS. CRAZY.

So I’ll try to tell you everything. Here goes.

I’m Isabelle! This is my mom and I:

I’m 20, a Christmas baby…people say that sucks ‘cause ‘no double presents’ but honestly i love having my birthday on Christmas ‘cause I love giving gifts. (ie..getting weirdly specifically funny gifts for my older brothers…!) I turn 21 this Christmas! (So down to drink with you whenever…)

I’m from Rockville, MD, basically right outside DC (kinda) but I’m currently in Chicago for school at Loyola University Chicago! I have 2 foolish yet incredibly smart brothers, my mom is my best friend in the whole world, and I live with my grandparents as well. I’ve played piano since age 3, I love to sing, I am OBSESSED with musical theatre, I love to make people laugh and, on that note, I love comedy-sketch, improv, stand up…you name it. I love puns a little too much…but CAN someone love puns too much? THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST. But I digress. There’s someone who has had a huge impact on my life who I’ve never met, and that someone is you.

2007. I’m in 5th (pretty sure) grade, and our school’s talent show is coming up. Basically, we had to audition to even perform at the talent show (a concept I did not understand but as I type this I’m realizing that is the premise of most music competition shows on TV? Good job, Isabelle. Nailed it.) I played piano, that was it, but an older student (maybe 7th grade at the time) auditioned with a song I hadn’t heard before…it was a song called Our Song. I quickly became obsessed with the song. We both got into the talent show, and she ended up performing A Place in this World in front of the school. I ended up playing my piano piece. Those two songs, not even sung by you the first times I heard them, started my love of your music.

Now…2009-2010. (TIME TRAVEL, RIGHT??) I am in 8th grade, going into high school (CRAZY) and tickets for a certain tour are on sale…the Fearless tour. You had one date in the summer of 2010 for DC at the Verizon Center, but it conflicted with my 8th grade graduation. THEN, because MIRACLES HAPPEN, there was a second date added for DC, the day before the original tour date! Unfortunately, the day before my actual graduation ceremony we had a “mandatory” pre-graduation dinner thing. Still a little bitter I couldn’t go to the Fearless tour, but I made up for it later with 3 other tours.

2011! Freshman year of high school? Life before I knew who I was gonna be…I’m honestly still not sure, as a senior in college. Anyways, freshman year of high school? Not awesome! I went to an all-girls Catholic high school, and I made a lot of friends, but those friendships didn’t really happen till sophomore year. Sophomore year is when I truly threw myself into my school’s performing arts department. I fell in love. I had actually done shows in the summer at my high school, but they were summer camp-y programs, so it was before I was a student there. The first show was Hairspray, follows by the spring production of You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. In between, I participated in an Improv Show and a dance concert. Ok. So. I cannot dance. I enjoy dancing, and especially now I still say I cannot dance, but I LOVE DANCING. I love dancing and looking 1000% foolish while doing so. I signed up for a class called “Intro to Modern Dance” thinking it meant modern music, like ‘at the moment’ music. WRONG. 

Basically….I, a VERY pale short female with short brown hair and bangs, wore different pastel leotards that had flowy fabric attached to them and pranced across stage before doing what can ONLY be described as ‘birthing motions’.

…True story. Anyways, not the worst thing, but a funny thing.

So, summer 2011: I was an ensemble member in our summer production of Footloose. I also had successfully gotten (thank you Mom…) tickets to night 1 of the Speak Now World Tour in DC for August 2011. I went by myself, but my oldest brother, Jerry, dropped me off and made sure I was safely inside before he went to a Nationals game. He picked me up as well, and he ended up catching the final sounds of that concert from standing in the lobby after the game. I remember everything about that concert. I remember being awestruck when the incredibly touching intro to the album was spoken by you, and then awestruck by the smoke machine….leading to a powerful, young woman rising up from under a stage in a gold glittery dress. That alone blew me away. I took a few pictures at that show, but this one sticks out-partially because it is the least blurry one I took, and partially because I like that you see you on the big screen and onstage. You were so connected to the crowd. It was a truly magical night:

That night and the Speak Now album mean so much to me. It’s special because it was the first time I ever saw you perform live, Taylor, but also because the album has so many songs I hold dear. All your albums do.

Fearless has songs that reassure me, even at age 20, like Fifteen, and it has the song that is my mom’s favorite…The Best Day. It also has anthems that make my heart pound with a sort of fire…Change.

Speak Now, similarly, has songs that resonate with me and will continue to resonate with me forever.  I can’t even talk about Never Grow Up on here or ever because it makes me cry thinking about how much I love my grandparents, brothers, and my marvelous mom. Enchanted is a song that I could quite possibly talk about for days and days and days. It so specifically illustrates all the emotions I feel when I truly “crush” on someone. It also is helpful, because the words you put to that song are lightyears more poignant than how I could describe how I put feelings into words. And you DID. THAT. Enchanted is a song that means so much to all of us, for obvious reasons. I have to say that “the words i held back” as well as the prologue to speak now really parallel all my worries about overthinking and being afraid to speak up. Thank you for those words. 

It is 2012, my high school is doing The Wiz, and I am freaking out over RED.  Red was a turning point for you, and again, it illustrated feelings in ways I couldn’t fathom: “all I feel in my stomach is butterflies, the beautiful kind, making up for lost time, taking flight…”, “everybody loves pretty, everybody loves cool..”–I was a junior in high school at this time, and I had experienced bullying and people talking behind my back constantly as well as some cyberbullying. It was not great. The theatre really helped me. My mom surprised me, in 2013, with tickets to night 1 of the Red tour in DC! I went by myself, but I got a text 15 minutes into being in my section from my mom that said “do you see the big Red sign?” …aka this:

…which was not lit (hehe…LIT) at the time my mom texted me. She ended up hearing from a friend that had extra box seats so she called up 2 other friends from work and they joined her in a completely different section from me in the Verizon Center! I just think it’s so funny!! This ended up being more meaningful than I’d thought because this show was the day before Mothers Day. The “surprise” B stage song was Never Grow Up, a song my mom and I adore. From the entrance to the light up drums to the music box to confetti galore, this was another night i’ll never forget. 

My mom and I circa 1999. I love that photo, and, to me, I hear Never Grow Up AND The Best Day playing when I look at it.

I forgot to say another thing when talking about all your tours: I am obsessed with musical theatre, and something you never fail to include on tours is a theatrical feel. It’s always so beautifully done, with quirky “Stage direction” type things and costumes…thank you for that.

By this time…I’ve graduated high school and decided on a school in the midwest…the windy city itself, CHICAGO. Loyola University Chicago, in fact!

It is summer 2014, and I have had a tumblr for some time, mostly filled with photos of bunnies, you-related things/edits, SNL, Harry Potter, and puns. (The basics, you know…not much has changed!)

There have been videos by this time of elevator buttons and secrets about a LIVESTREAM. So, in the car with my mom on the way to move into my dorm (we stopped at Notre Dame on the way because it’s a LONG drive from where I live and most of my family has attended ND! I also worked at Notre Dame this past summer!) I was using a bunch of data to stream your livestream…and? 1989 is coming! I played Shake it Off a LOT on that car ride once I downloaded it. It was so cool because I tried to brush off the bullying I faced in high school and something you said about 1989 was this: “This is a story about coming into your own, and as a result…coming alive.” The album with that message brought me into my freshman year of college, a year filled with many ups and downs. I thank you for being there for me.

Summer 2015, I had the great honor of going to night 1 (JULY 13, yes 13…!!!) of the 1989 Tour in DC, this time at Nationals Park-outside, which was VERY exciting for me, with my godmother! Lorde was the surprise guest, and I am now happy to say I am seeing Lorde live in concert March 2018! The 1989concert was spectacular, it was clear you were taking charge of doing what YOU want and sticking to your genuine, full heart 24/7. I can’t thank you enough for the memories you’ve given me.

I love everyone on here, on tumblr, even though I do not know any of them–in real life. I hope to meet all of you guys, you’re hilarious on here, and I may not post as often as many of you, but I send you all love always.

Now, I am a senior in college. That is WEIRD AF. I turn 21 this Christmas, (I’m a Christmas baby!) I graduate in May, and after that I don’t have plans. I need to get a job, I know that, but uncertainty is AT AN ALL TIME HIGH right now.

reputation is coming out during my SENIOR year of college, a time with SO much uncertainty…definitely more uncertainty than freshman year. I cannot wait to be empowered and enlightened by this album and I can’t help but thank you for this new album and more encouragement to be myself, my best self.

reputation comes out in less than 1 month, and I cannot wait. From what I know so far, and what I know about your “Take no shit and spread so much love no matter what as a strong independent woman” attitude is that I will love this album FOR. SURE. I love you endlessly. I really, really, really hope to meet you someday, and I hope you know that you mean so much to me. Thank you for being a friend to me, even when all I needed was a high note, a funny post, a cat photo, photos of you with fans that make my heart burst, and the hope that someday I’ll meet you. I can’t wait for that day.

Thank you for your heart.

I love you so much, Tay.




The Perfect Gift

Pairing: Dean x Castiel

Word Count: 1963

Prompts: Antique Store + Mug

Tags: Alternate Universe, First Meeting, Fluff, Humour, Embarassing Idiots

Summary: Dean is searching for a present for Sam’s brithday when he stumbles across an antique store. He makes a great first impression by smashing a mug.

A/N: Written for @huntingandwritingthings SPN Cluedo Challenge 2K17. Congrats on 500 followers Amber! Also, thank you to @mrsgabrieltrickster for betaing x

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Happy 28th birthday, Toni Kroos!

,,Happy birthday!” - Sergio

,,Happy birthday, Antonio!” - Marco

,,🇪🇸🔌🇩🇪 Happy birthday my friend! I gave you a present in 2016 and 2017… are you ready for the 2018 one? @toni.kr8s ⚽😉😂” - Lucas

,,Happy birthday, my friend!” - Borja

,,Happy birthday, my older brother 😘” - Felix, Toni’s brother

First Hunting Trip - Sam And Dean X Sibling!Reader



“Y/N, NOW!” Dean yelled, he had somehow pinned the demon against a wall, and was struggling to keep him there. I grabbed the demon knife, and plunged it into the demon’s chest, it died instantly.

I stepped back, my mouth hanging wide open, a smile finding it’s way into my face. “I just did that, oh yeah. That’s right, I just killed a demon, I’m amazing. ‘Y/N Winchester kills a demon and saves the world’ I can see the headlines now!” I rambled on, while my brother Dean laughed at me.

“Slow down there Y/N. You may have killed a demon, but your not experienced enought to save the world. *Cough cough* like me *cough*” Dean joked. I rolled my eyes, “shut up and let me have my moment,” I said punching him in the arm, making him chuckle.

The reason I was so excited is because I had just gone on my first hunt, Dean had taken me as a birthday present. You see, Dean and Sam are my older brothers, and no matter what, they keep me out of harms way the best they can. Although Dean can be more laid back than Sam, who forbid me to EVER go on a hunt.

“Alright kid, we need to get home before Sam finds out we’re gone,” Dean said grabbing his gun. But before he could walk a step further I ran up and hugged him. “Thanks Dean, this was the best birthday ever, I love you.” I said into his chest. “I Love you too little sis,” he said back.

We walked out to the Impala and I decided to test my luck. “Hey Dean, so you think I could drive?” I asked, giving my best puppy dog face. “Yeah sure, why not,” Oh my god, are you serious?“ I asked shocked, “ha, no!” I rolled my eyes, I should have seen that coming.

I got into the car and Dean drive off, with me talking about how ‘badass’ I was.

We finally arrived at the bunker after a long drive. But before I got out of the car Dean spoke. “Remember-” I stopped him there, “I know, I know, don’t tell Sammy.” I said. Dean nodded and we got out and walked into the bunker.

“Where have you been!” Yelled a voice. Dean and I stopped dead in our tracks, oh shit. Sam stood at the bottom of the stairs. “Do you want to tell me where you two were?” Oh yeah, he was definitely pissed.

“Dean, you uh, you wanna take this one?” I asked. Dean shook his head, “no, not really.” I turned back to Sam, but before I could get a word out Sam said, “Y/N, go to your room,” “Sam, just lis-” I tried to explain, but I got cut off. “NOW!” Sam yelled.

His outburst scared me, and tears began to sting my eyes, Sam had never, not once, yelled at me. I ran away and slammed the door to my room and began crying.

·Sam’s P.O.V·

“What the hell man? What’s wrong with you?” Dean asked. I looked at him, “What wrong with me? What’s wrong with you, what you thinking taking Y/N on a hunt?” I asked, my voice still raised.

“I took her on a hunt because that is what she has ALWAYS wanted. All she wanted to do was go on a hunt, so that’s what I did. You need to stop treating her like she’s five Sammy, she’s a grown woman,” Dean retorted.

“I don’t care Dean, she’s still our little sister, and I, I can’t lose her,” my voice cracked a little as I tried to hold back my tears. I sat down, beginning to regret yelling at Y/N.

“I understand that your worried Sammy, I was too, but at some point, you need to let her grow up. I mean you should’ve seen her out there, the kid’s a natural badass.” Dean said, and as much I hated to admit it, he was right. “I’m gonna go talk to her,” I said.

I walked into Y/N’s room, she was laying on her bed crying. I expected her to yell at me and tell me to leave, but she stayed silent. I sat down on her bed, but she immediately turned to her other side, making me sigh.

“Y/N look, I’m sorry for yelling, I was just upset that you went out with Dean on a hunt, the thought of you dying or getting hurt scared me. You know I love you,” I said to her. The last thing I was expecting was for her to turn around an talk to me, but she did.

“You know Sam, I look up to you and Dean, what you do, how you save people. I just wanted to be like my big brothers, is that a crime?” She said tears running down her face, the sight broke my heart.

“I know but-” I was cut off. “I thought maybe by killing that demon I could prove to you that I can fight, and help, but obviously not. Just leave me alone.” I felt bad, maybe Dean was right, I had to let her grow up, wether I wanted to or not.

“Do you remember when Dean went to Hell, for the first time. I was wrecked, and you wouldn’t come out of your room for anything?” I said, my eyes began to gloss over at the memory.

“I was drinking, going crazy, I even went to a demon for help. And then one day, somehow, you got yourself out of your room, and you went downstairs and you said to me, ‘Sammy, I know it hurts, but you need to stop, you’re hurting yourself’ and I told you to get lost. But you never gave up on me, you don’t need to prove yourself to me, you already have.” I said, crying.

I was about to leave, but then two arms wrapped around my torso, and Y/N laid her head in my chest. “I love you Sammy,” she mumbled into my chest. She was obviously barley awake.

“I love you too little sis,” I said kissing the top of her head. I pulled some blankets over her, and waited for her to completely fall asleep before carefully getting up and leaving, making sure not to wake her. I stood in the doorway and turned the lights off.

I smiled at Y/N, then I realized, I hadn’t lost my baby sister, she had just simply grown up.

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i'm here (miniminter)

warnings: mentions of anxiety and claustrophobia

from: slimon
yo, you busy??

to: slimon
don’t think so..why do you ask??

from: slimon
well it’s this girl’s birthday and i figured, your a girl, you can help me pick her present

from: slimon
so what do you say?

to: slimon
by any chance is this girl your mum??

from: slimon

from: slimon
does that mean you’ll help? you know my mum pretty well you’ll know what to buy her, right??

he had a point i did know his mum pretty well. in fact i’ve know his mum my entire life, considering she was at the hospital only hours after i was born. both our mums had met at our older brothers childcare; way, way before me and simon were in the equation. our two mothers hit it off quite well together, along with the rest of our families.

you can only imagine how joyous it was for them both to experience pregnancy at roughly the same time. which meant that simon and i basically didn’t have a choice but to befriend each other the moment i entered this world a few months after he had.

from: slimon
please? 🙏

to: slimon
what’s in it for me?

from: slimon
the thought of knowing you a) helped pick my mother a delightful present and b) saved my ass - her birthday is in 2 days

to: slimon
idk i might be kinda busy later..

from: slimon
fine i’ll buy you a nando’s, you happy now??

to: slimon
i’ll see you downstairs in 20

well that put my day upside down i thought as i set aside my harry potter marathon for later.

i’m happy to help simon because even though i teased him about being busy, i really didn’t have any plans for the day. but i just wished that boy wouldn’t leave things until the last minute.

i laugh to myself shaking my head at how appreciative carol would be of her youngest child leaving her birthday shopping until only days before.

minutes after making myself look presentable i receive a text.

from: slimon
i’m here

i head down the elevator and spot his red range rover parked across the street, not that it was difficult to find.

“hey si” i say jumping in the passenger side of his car and leaning over to kiss his cheek.

it’s not like we were dating or anything, everything between myself and the boy sat beside me has always been strictly platonic. that’s not to say that i hadn’t had the slightest of crushes on him growing up. or even to say that as confused teenagers we didn’t experiment a little with our first kisses. but we both had dated plenty of people since and agreed that it was weird.

“i owe you one y/n, thank you for helping me out today” he said intertwining our fingers together to express his gratitude while he was currently driving. well this isn’t something simon and i had done before, and i didn’t know whether to be concerned at the fact neither of us were moving our hands back to our sides.

“yes, i believe you do si. in the form of a nandos or so i’m told” i giggle at him as he drives us towards westfields.


“i don’t know simon, this isn’t exactly something your mum would use” i comment on the object he holds in his hands. his shoulders slump in defeat showing he was well and truely over this shopping trip.

we haven’t found a single thing his mum would like and it had been over an hour since we arrived. it was fair to say we both could use a break from the ordeal.

“so what do you say we go for that nando’s now, yeah?” simon asks walking back to place the household item on its shelf.

i follow behind the boy like a lost puppy as we make our way to the food court. being out in the open rather than tucked away in little shops meant that simon received a lot more attention from strangers.

i certainly didn’t mind that he was being constantly stopped by fans as it was his life after all, and it was him who wanted to go shopping. so i just stood aside and let him do his thing.

he was happily taking a number of picture with some people when it was as if all the little fan girls and boys had called their other fan girls and boys to inform them of simon’s current location. as people came flooding in towards the lanky boy i found myself wound up right in the middle of them all.

there was no possible escape, making me feel instantly claustrophobic. claustrophobia was a weakness of mine and when i got claustrophobic it meant i also got extremely anxious.

“y/n?” i heard simon yell out just like he would when playing fifa.

“excuse me everyone i need to find my friend y/n” he urged but barely anyone budged. including the people around me. as i pushed people out of my way i felt tears well up in my eyes, but i refused to let them fall as i nearly had my way out.

no sooner than a couple of seconds, i had removed myself from the growing group of people and on the outside of it all. simon’s eyes caught with mine as he noticed i was safe while relief washed over his worried state.

“y/n” he breathed out, as he miraculously made his way over to me with the pack of people following shortly behind. “i think that’s enough shopping for one day, c'mon let’s get you out of here” he said wrapping a protective arm over my shoulder and leading us to an elevator away from his fan base.

“what about your mum?” i asked with a small voice.

“that’s what amazon prime is for” he chuckled lightly “my main concern at this point is you, are you okay y/n?” placing a soft kiss to my forehead. i nodded not willing to say much in return.

the two of us filed into the car park elevator just at the point when this day couldn’t get worse.

simon reluctantly pulled his arm away from me so that he was able to hit the floor number that would get to his car.

did i speak too soon when i said this day couldn’t get any worse? most definitely.

the elevator came to a sudden holt as the power inside the small lift vanished.

i looked at simon with wide eyes as the realisation of the abrupt stop sinks in with the both of us.

already on edge from the fan experience i feel my claustrophobia and anxiety rise as quick as the tears that pool in my eyes.

feeling slightly light headed i slide down the elevator wall to the ground. i pull my knees into my chest as involuntary begin to sob.

i distantly hear simon talking on the phone assumingly to the number put down in case of an emergency. although i can’t be too certain as the hot tears running down my face cloud my vision while fear and anxiousness cloud my thoughts.

“y/n? it’s okay, you’re okay.” I don’t respond unable to comprehend what’s happening around me during my panicked state.

i feel myself being moved into simon’s lap. i can’t admit that this is the first time simon has witness a panic attack of mine.

“y/n it’s okay. i’m here, it’s me simon. i’m right here”

it’s somewhat upsetting, but also comforting that simon knows exactly how to react in this situation. i feel him gently pull my face into the crook of his neck and he relaxes me by stroking my hair.

“shhh, i’m here for you. it’s okay”

although tears continue to stream out of my eyes, i slowly feel myself calm down a little.

“i’m here” he moves a strand of hair out of my face and tucks it behind my ear “simon’s here and I promise we’re going to be okay. i called the maintenance number and they said they will have us out in no time. they think the elevator just stopped between the floors and it’ll be an easy fix.”

i feel myself begin to relax and i lightly pull my head away from simon’s chest so that i am able to look at him in the eyes. i continue to stay quiet as we both look at one another, a hiccup presenting itself every now and then . “see y/n, it’s all going to be okay” his voice wasn’t condescending instead it was rather soothing.

“i’m sorry simon” i say smally, looking away from him in embarrassment as i attempt to move out of his lap.

his tight grip on me doesn’t budge as he refuses to let me go. “y/n look at me.” hesitantly, i obliged and am met with his sad blue orbs. “please don’t ever apologise for your anxiety, not to me or to anyone else..” he stops briefly to run his hands through his disheveled hair before looking back at me. “i’m just glad it was me with you” he adds sweetly.

neither me nor simon utter a word as we sit in silence for a couple of minutes.

“i really hope i don’t make things worse right now” he randomly comments confusing me.

he gently moves his hands from my sides and brings them up to cup my face as he intently reads my facial expression for any exisiting signs of fear or anxiety. concluding that i am now much more calm then i was even when stepping into the elevator he begins to lean in.

even in the state that i’m in i easily comprehend what simon is about to do as my eyes flutter shut. i feel his warm lips press against mine while his thumb gently caresses my face. the goofy kid who coincidentally was my very first kiss was now very gently kissing me once again.

he was so cautious with his actions as if i was so fragile i could break with any sudden movements. somehow even a kiss so delicate and sweet as this sets a cage of butterflies off inside. making me question whether my actions and relationship towards simon has always been completely platonic from either side.

i feel myself completely at ease as we both pull away.

“do you think that maybe i could stay in your spare room? i don’t think i could handle the elevator on my own back at my apartment block” i ask simon nervously, partly due to what just happened.

“you really think i’m going to leave you on your own after what you’ve been through today?” and as his smile lights his face i feel us begin to move again. and i know with simon by my side, all will be okay.


June: “Nina, you have to help me!”
Nina: “Help you with?”
June: “My brothers are graduating soon.. and they have their birthdays coming up! I have to get them both a present and ugh..”
Nina: “And you think I can help with that? I don’t even have a brother..”
June: “Please, please, please, Nina?”
Nina: “I mean, I guess I can help you look for presents? But you should ask Hazel.. She’ll know what boys like right? She has an older brother.”
June: “Yeah, that’s a good idea.”

“ He had become almost an older brother to me, someone to whom I could say anything. Every now and again he would send a little present - a tree for the garden or an ornament - and he invited Rod and me to his son Dhani’s 18th birthday dinner, saying we had to be there: we were family. “

“I think I’ll miss George for the rest of my life. I would have incredibly vivid dreams that he was alive. Then I would wake up and the reality would wash over me.”  -Pattie

Remembering George 1943-2001

Can you wait until fall?

This is a birthday present for the awesome @missyplatinum​! Her stories always put a smile on my face, so hopefully I can return the favor. I know how much you like fluffy stories, so here goes! Happy birthday!

Summary: Lucy thought she was going to be babysitting Wendy. However, things take an odd turn when she finds out that Wendy’s older brother Natsu made other plans for her.

Rated: T

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy

Genre: Romance

Word count: 7,305

Read on or AO3

Can you wait until fall?


A knock sounded on the door of the Dragneel’ residence. Natsu hopped up from the couch, gladly ready to answer it. Once the door swung open, he greeted the two females outside. “Hello Virgo, Lucy.” He kept his voice casual, not wanting to seem suspicious.

“Good morning, Natsu,” the older woman said. She wore her usual french maid’s uniform, her short pink hair gelled down to give her a serious look. “You need Lucy until six, right?”

‘I need her for longer than that…’

He cast that thought away, knowing it was the most embarrassing answer he could give right now. “Yup, 'til six.”

“Okay. Jude is out of town and I’ll be gone at that time, so when she’s done she’ll just take the bus.”

“I’ll make sure she gets to the bus stop safely.” He assured.

“That’ll be fine. Well, have a good day. Lucy, behave yourself. If she acts up even a little bit please call me.” The pink haired woman gave Lucy a little wink, causing the girl to blush.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Natsu laughed, loving when Lucy got flustered. He preferred when he did it himself, but this was fun too. He watched as the older woman turned to walk away, not aware of the mischief the teenage boy was planning.

“Come in,” Natsu said, scooting to the side for the girl to enter. He wanted to give Virgo some time to leave before making his move.

Lucy was beyond confused. Never had she babysat for Wendy on a Sunday, and never for this long. Eight hours were going to be so boring. She didn’t have any homework, and she had already read all her books, so Lucy had nothing to distract her when Wendy would take her nap.

She didn’t even bother bringing her backpack. All she had on her person was her clothes and her purse which was filled with her wallet, a small notebook, and a few pens in case she got inspired to write something.

The blonde entered the living room and looked around. She didn’t see Natsu’s baby sister anywhere, deepening her confusion.

“Oi, I thought I told Virgo to tell you to wear summer clothes?” Natsu’s voice came over her shoulders. She turned to see him looking over her outfit for the day.

She was wearing a dark pink, button up shirt. The long sleeves were cuffed back to reach her elbows. Her long legs were covered in a pair of dark jeans, and her feet in a simple pair of black shoes. Her long blonde hair was hanging loosely past her shoulders.

Lucy averted his gaze, feeling her heart speed up. “I-I felt more comfortable in this…” She hadn’t spent very much time alone with Mr. and Mrs. Dragneel’s son, Natsu. Usually they only saw each other in passing when she would come over to watch their toddler, Wendy. They’d talked a few times, but not very often. She always felt flustered around the handsome teen.

Natsu just shrugged. “If you say so. You might sweat though. It’s pretty warm in Hargeon today.” He had prepared, wearing a short-sleeved white shirt with a red dragon on the front, paired with some black cargo shorts.

“Hargeon?” The teen questioned, meeting his eyes again.

“Yup!” His green eyes gleamed. “I thought maybe we could hang out today.”

Lucy raised a brow. “Aren’t I supposed to be babysitting Wendy? Which by the way, where is she?”

“Nope. She’s out for the day with my parents.” He said it nonchalantly, throwing her off.

Her brows furrowed. None of this made sense. “Then why am I here?”

“I just said, I wanna hang out with you.” Natsu grinned. “You’re acting so weird.”

She just stared at him as she thought, 'I’m the weird one?’

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Birthday - Grayson + Ethan


(Y/T/C) = Your Twin Choice

(T/O/T) = The Other Twin




Today was the day that my two best friends were a year older. Gosh how time fly’s. I still remember them only being about 12. I was currently stuffing my car with their presents so I could head over to their place and hang out. “Do you need help?” I heard my brother ask from behind me. “No I’m just about to put the last gift in.” I replied as I did put the last one in. I smiled at him and he nodded and walked down the street.

I hoped in my car and turned it on putting Panic At The Disco on and started to make my way to the twins apartment. Once I pulled in I called up for them to let me in and started to make my way to the elevator with all the gifts and hit the floor number. Once on the floor I made my way to their apartment and knock. Y/t/c answered it and smiled. He leaned down ignoring the presents and gave me a kiss.

I blushed at his touch and giggled slightly. “Hey there beautiful.” Y/t/c commented. My blush deepened at his words as he helped me with some of the gifts. “T/o/t! Y/n is here!” Y/t/c yelled to his brother. You giggled at him and slumped onto the couch. T/o/t came into the living space and I got up and hugged him and sat back down. “Happy birthday you guys.” I smiled at them.

“Thanks y/n.” They both commented at the same time sitting down next to me. I then got up and handed them their presents. I was nervous for the one I gave y/t/c because I wasn’t sure if he would like it. I had the same idea for the main gift I would give them last but I was nervous because it took a long time and I would hate for them to hate it.

As t/o/t opened his gift he saw an apple box and smiled at up at. I knew he needed/ wanted a new phone so I got him one. As for y/t/c he smiled at it flipping through the pages of the scrap book. “Do you like it?” I asked to y/t/c. He smiled at me and nodded pulling me towards him and laying another kiss on my lips.

I backed away and gave them the rest of the presents saving the best for last. I handed them the frame that was covered in costume wrapping paper and handed it to them both. They both opened it and gasped. It was a time laps thing till about now. 17 years old 2016.

They both got up and engraved me into a hug. “Now who wants cake!” I beamed clasping my hands together. “Me!” They both said. I giggled at them and went over to the cake and placed it out and we diged in half way through I threw the rest of my slice in y/t/c’s face and took a picture. I laughed at his face as so did t/o/t and he tried getting me to hug him.

After a while of trying not to get cake all over me he pulled me down on the floor and kissed me all over my face. I giggled at him. “Y/t/c stop!” I whined as he started to tickle me. “Never.” He said with a playful glare. I rolled my eyes and continued to laugh as he tickled. My legs kicked and my body turned as water started to fill my eyes.

By the end of the day we were all watching their favorite movie. Y/t/c and I cuddled under a blanket as t/o/t was paying close attention to the  movie and ate the cookies I brought over. I couldn’t ask for anything better than these two gooves. I had my best friends and boyfriend and that’s all I needed.