present for my hanna

“Life is like music for its own sake. We are living in an eternal now, and when we listen to music we are not listening to the past, we are not listening to the future, we are listening to an expanded present.”
Alan W. Watts

Summary: ‘sitting on the same park bench au’ aka Emma Swan is in dire need of a friend when Killian Jones offers to lend an ear. 

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Happy (belated) birthday present for the lovely Hanna! I hope you had a wonderful day, my love!


A day in hell seemed like a better option that the upcoming 24 hours of Emma Swan’s life. 

She considered the least rewarding moments of her bails bondsperson career - assholes dumping drinks on expensive clothing, unimaginative lies, long stakeout nights with a grumbling stomach - and opted to trade them all in for someone to volunteer to be in her place today. 

Today was the day that Emma would have to make a choice: whether or not to meet her son. The very same son she had sorrowfully given up in exchange for his clean slate. A future away from her walls and far from motherly lifestyle. 

Henry Mills. 10 years old. 

Staring down at the papers, the written name seemed to burn into her vision. How could simple forms weigh like a ton? 

I should have just asked for a closed adoption, Emma thought. She sighed, unable to keep from chewing her lower lip as her mind whirled. Now I’m going to run the kid’s hopes. Whatever he’s expecting….I won’t be it. He’ll take one look and run back to his real mom. 

Emma had received a call a few weeks back asking if she would be open to the idea of meeting with her biological son and his adopted mother, a Mrs. Regina Mills, who lived in a small town in Maine. She’d considered only a handful of times that someone might contact her in regards to the painful decision she’d made many years ago. A decision made through heartbreak, but also hope for the infant’s life. Emma wanted her son to have everything in the world, and she had concluded that he would only have that away from her. 

Strangely enough, giving birth in jail tends to make people question their self-belief. 

But a small part of her must have had hope for herself too, as she’d chosen an open adoption; giving the power to her child’s adopted family and later, the child too, to decide whether or not Emma would be invited into his life. 

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