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Christmas Gift Ideas : #1 Present & Correct

Can’t believe I’ve never blogged about Present & Correct before! Set up by 2 graphic designers (it shows) in 2008, they sell an immaculately well curated collection of things; both modern and vintage. Mainly ephemera, stationary, prints and books which they source on travels around Europe 4 times a year. I absolutely love literally everything they sell, the shame is that the excellent variety means I’ve never actually bought anything from them…

But the good news is that they are opening a shop tomorrow 6th December, in Clerkenwell (info here). I’m hoping to go on saturday and have a look, and finally buy something from them (cheeky christmas present to myself perhaps). If you’re not in London then check the original online shop instead -

But they aren’t just a shop, they also have a brilliant blog, and are great across all social media platforms - Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Their blog has been a great source of images for my Mid-Century Modern blog, which they have very kindly tweeted about a few times in the past, so hopefully this post repays the favour!

Weekly Links.

I feel like I come a cross so many great articles and items online that I want to share, but there’s not real way to go about sharing each and everyone without countless posts and I don’t want to clutter anyone’s dashboard. So, my solution is to try and compile a weekly list of wonderful things I’ve discovered throughout the week to share with you, my readers, in hopes that they will also be enjoyable for you!

Letterpress Hello Card Fox, Sycamore Street Press


  • If you’re looking for a unique card for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or even just to say thanks, you may like this shop that I stumbled upon recently: Sycamore Street Press. I’m a huge fan of letterpress, and the little fox card above is one of my favorites!
  • Present & Correct features the cutest school/office supplies chosen and created by designers who want to showcase things they have loved since their first school days. 
  • I ran across Apartment Therapy’s post Trend Watch: Chevron For Days this week. It’s actually from August! Talk about an accurate prediction. 
  • J. Crew has new arrivals, need I say more?
  • I fell in love with the DIY details of this Texas wedding.
  • If you’re a Nutella fan, you may in enjoy this post on pretty & fun, one of my new favorite blogs!

If you’ve stumbled upon any great finds, feel free to share! Or, if any of these links peaked your interest and you liked what you saw, I would love to know that too :) Have a great weekend!