anonymous asked:

For a fluid person you are nothing but feminine. There is nothing masculine ABOUT you.

do you honestly think genderfluidity, and my gender, changes because of my presenetation or based upon what I am wearing? And you are almost attacking me in this ask? for what???

Congratulations, you are wrong. I could wear lolita dresses everday for the rest of my life and still be genderfluid, and it wouldn’t change the fact that on most days I’m nonbinary

because gender, has nothing to do with outside presentation. Yes, many people do dress so that they present as the gender they are, but for me, I’m gunna fucking wear pink lolita clothes and long wigs, because I feel cute as hell in them. I’m gunna do that, and it doesn’t change my gender. 

being genderfluid does not mean my appearance is as such. It means my gender, ON THE INSIDE IS 

because someone can be genderfluid, but not have a presentation that is one. Who. Fucking. Knew? 

and i’m feminine not necessarily because I want to be. So congratulations for making me feel like shit. WHy don’t you #educate yourself, and realize that genderfluidity, and my gender changing, has nothing to do with what I look like on the outside. It changes regardless of wether I did my fucking eyeliner that morning YOU NOODLE

and you worded this ask so rudely? Almost like you were attacking me? I can’t believe I’m publishing this I should just block you.