The Houston Dash returned from a preseason trip in Portland, OR, with eyes set on the season opener at BBVA Compass Stadium against the Chicago Red Stars.

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Im pissed tbh! Carter is a liar and does nothing but use Karmy shippers for viewers and we get nothing in return. All preseason and into the season hes been teasing us with a Karmy kiss and liking tweets about Karma realizing her feelings and being the one to kiss Amy. All while knowing he just threw us another dream scene. Katie talked up the kiss to but she never gave us false up. Carter on the other hand has been silent since the midseason trailer cuz he knows the kiss is a fake!!!

Oh I completely understand your frustrations. Carter outright said in an interview after 2A that he threw that dream kiss in because he knew we were “thirsty” for one.

The sad part is that he is completely aware of what the majority of people watch the show for. Yet he still does the opposite of what people want.

I’m sure I read somewhere that he wrote last night’s episode. What was that full of? Kiam..Famy(?)..Karma acting like her season 1 Liam-obsessed development of romantic Karma at all. So I’m more than upset with him.

Karmy fans have been what’s kept this show alive this long. If he doesn’t at least deliver with a realization out of Karma this season he’s asking for this show to get cancelled. That’s not much to ask after 3 seasons of this story being completely one-sided and showing barely anything on Karma’s part. You can only bait fans so much before delivering something.

This “we eventually want to explore Karma’s feelings” charade needs to stop. Her feelings should’ve been explored after 2A. It’s been dragged out way too long.

Chelsea confirmed preseason schedule (so far):

July 16:  Rapid Wien vs. Chelsea (Vienna, Austria)
July 20:  RZ Pellets WAC vs. Chelsea (Klagenfurt, Austria)
July 28:  Chelsea vs. Liverpool (Pasadena, CA, USA)
July 30:  Chelsea vs. Real Madrid (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)
August 4:  Chelsea vs. AC Milan (Minneapolis, MN, USA)

Week of April 11 Summary

Good training week last week. The highlight included a tempo run on Thursday that felt incredible. Low points included yet another week of my normal pool being closed (that makes 4 total- they FINALLY reopened this morning) and a reality check on the long run as the weather suddenly turned hot.

Mini taper games going on now as I have races each of the next 3 weekends. Carmel Sprint Tri this weekend. It will be my first time back in a few years- this was my very first triathlon! Following weekend is a Splash and Dash my swim team is putting on. And then we have the Indy Mini Marathon - still the nations largest half I think - though they haven’t sold out the last couple years like they had done for many years.


Welcome to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Stars. 

Dallas wins Game 1 vs. Minnesota Wild (04.14.16) 4-0 and face them again in game 2 today at 7:00pm CT on NBCSN. 

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kazer; first game after getting married?

  • They get married in the offseason, so their first game is a preseason. The practices beforehand are extra competitive, but afterwards they’re smiley and flirty. The crowd cheers extra hard when “J. Kane-Toews” and “P. Kane-Toews” skate onto the ice, Jonny first because my name could have easily been first, Patrick. 
  • Q wants to try out a bunch of lines, and he starts with the Panarin-Anisimov-Kane line just to kickstart the game, but after they’re up a goal he puts Kaner and Jonny on together. The crowd goes wild. 
  • They don’t kiss to celebrate their win until everyone else has left the dressing room, but when they do it’s relaxed and slow and with Jonny’s hand in Kaner’s freshly-washed hair. 
  • “Great game, Mr. Kane-Toews,” they say to one another. 

so so so so so so so so proud of artemi panarin. from that one play in preseason vs Dallas when he dangled around like four Stars players to tonight, he’s given everything he has to this team and I couldn’t be more impressed with his season. I have a lot of feelings about panarin so I’ll probably make this shorter than I want to but the hardest part about this offseason will be not being able to see him play and either point and scream at the guy who gave him a pass, or do that one celly that also makes me slightly concerned that he’s gonna wipe out after he scores, and see him get so excited for everything. man, I’m just so happy he chose Chicago; out of all the teams that were offering him more money, he chose this place. he deserves the recognition he has received and there will be more for this kid. proud of you my lil rookie. enjoy your summer vodka and being the cutest and best rookie in the NHL.

So… Thoughts?

I’m honestly just

Frustrated I guess. These changes, esp to jg, are too much?? Its like a preseason change in the middle of the damn season. Yeah a lot of these Mages NEEDED changes but the timers???? jungle buff changes??? QSS basically being nerfed for adcs?? (zed is gonna reign again rip) but theres no ap equivalent of it
and it really bugs me that QSS and cleanse don’t get rid of the same stuff and trying to figure out what it removes is really hard?? (i.e use to drop zed ult but not malz ult. dropped ww ult but i think it still did damage to you?) so its really tricky trying to remember what counts as what