I guess the good thing about this is that Marco will have the whole summer to recover and relax and get fit for preseason.

You know, this is the third time in the last two seasons that Marco has picked up a big adductor problem in a game against Bayern. He really plays to his limits for his club and he played to his limits in the Pokalfinale. He didn’t try to save his energy or play it safe for the Euros. As a BVB fan I do appreciate this a lot.

Still, this is terrible luck, or at least I hope it’s luck and not just some more questionable decision-making from Jogi Löw. My heart goes out for Marco. But there will be more chances to lift trophies in the future!

Borussia Dortmund‘s Preseason Schedule

The first training session of season 16/17 will take place on 4 July. Just over a week later, the club will locate over to Kirchberg (July 12 to 17) for their first Training Camp. On July 16, BVB will hold a friendly match against TSV 1860 München.

Shortly after BVB will locate to China and hold the Champions Cup on July 22 in Shanghai with a game against Manchester United. On July 28,  Borussia Dortmund will play in Shenzhen against Manchester City.

The teams’ second training camp will be held in Bad Ragaz (August 3 to 10). By then, Euro Participants (Marco Reus & Julian Weigl) will join the workout. While In Switzerland, two friendly matches will be played, opponents and dates are not fixated just yet.

Then the Supercup match between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich will be played on Sunday, August 14 at the Signal Iduna Park.

A week later competition for the DFB-Cup will begin from August 19 to 22. Seven days later the new Bundesliga season will commence from August 26 to 28.

I absolutely love the month that precedes the season premieres of big brother. All the conspiracy theories about what the season’s theme will be, fake house guest leaks, the over analyzation of these people’s social media accounts, the realization and relief that these people aren’t going to be on the show, real house guest leaks, the depression from the people that they actually cast, the intense url hoarding, pre-season interviews, the preseason picks to win, the ladies of the talk doing a week of big brother on their show, the big brother drafts, ASDGJSLFJLDKH!!! I just really love this show and the community on here and can’t wait for the first “but first of the season”!!!

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After a game of ugly football, my coach always says the same thing: “champions are the ones who find goals when they’re hidden well.” And that’s exactly what Barca did. They weren’t playing their best game, they had a cb cent off on a straight red, and it seemed like the ref wasn’t on our side. But we stuck it through, we all defended, and 96 grueling minutes later, Jordi (who my child is now named after) tucked it in the back of the net. We didnt find one well hidden goal, we found two.
Seville played their hearts out and if the circumstances had gone any different, it would’ve been well deserved.
I’m so proud of this team.
People branded us doomed during preseason when we lost all those games.
We seemed doomed when Messi got injured, and we lost those two games.
We were told we weren’t going to win anything towards the end of the season when we let our lead on tables slip and we were knocked out of the champions league.
But look at us now.
Never underestimate this team, there’s a reason our saying is ‘mes que un club’

Production is looking for mock houseguests for some reason. speculated that this could indicate a newbies vs vets twist and the mock houseguests are practice fodder to get the newbies ready to go up against vets. While most preseason rumors are usually just rumors, this has got to be a big hint to something right?

1988 faceoffs

I knew there was a fic about Jonny teaching Patrick how to take faceoffs, but I didn’t quite realize it happened in real life, too (there was always the assumption it must have happened, but I like having proof):

Drawing card: The experiment to move Patrick Kane from right wing to center continues, but it already has proved successful in one area. Kane, who still has stiffness in his left wrist following offseason surgery, has been very good on faceoffs in two exhibition games.

Kane was 8-for-12 in his preseason debut Wednesday night against the Wings and followed that up with a 6-for-9 effort Friday night against the Penguins. That 66.7 percent success rate is far above Kane’s career average of 43.0. Last season, Kane was 2-for-14 at the dot (14.2 percent).

Some hard work during practice appears to be paying off. During Friday’s morning skate before the game against the Penguins, Kane squared off in a faceoff drill against teammate Jonathan Toews, one of the NHL’s leaders at draws last season when he finished eighth in the league with a 56.7 percent success rate. Eventually, the drill turned into a competition that ended with Toews pumping his fist after winning the final faceoff.

“(Toews) was happy, he’ll take the win — that’s the kind of guy he is,” Kane said. “We’re both pretty competitive. … Hopefully that can make me better going up against him.”

I wonder what part of Kaner’s quote Kuc removed there at the end.