prescription frames

Okay so what if optometrists were like the wand makers in Harry Potter?

Like, when you went to buy a pair of glasses not only would you get the perfect prescription, but also the frames would perfectly match your face and personality? So you would always have the perfect frames for you, and you would never need to question your style.

How much easier would that be than spending hours trying on random frames and then finding out that everybody hates them??

“The frames choose the wearer”

Hey guys. I’m really in need of some money right now. I have barely anything left in my savings and what I do have left is for food. I had to get exams done for new glasses and contacts and it turns out my insurance only covers the exam for my glasses (they don’t cover contact exams and don’t even pay for the glasses or contacts). So just when I thought I was getting back on my feet and saving up from my paychecks to go back into my savings, I’m back at the bottom again for having to pay for this stuff. Glasses were $215 (frames and prescription) and contacts were $319 (exam and year supply of lenses), a total of $534 and I’m going to need more for my savings and food. 

If you guys are able, please commission or donate or both. I need the help. If anything, please reblog and spread the word. Here’s my commission info (I need to update it and add gemsonas but everything else is there already).

Thank you everyone who helped me with paying off hospital bills, it meant a lot.

its rly gr8 having a boyf who works in optics cause i’m nearsighted (of course) & he can put custom prescription lenses in any frame, even $5 knockoff ones like thisヾ(⌐■_■)