prescription drug overdose

The criminalization of substance abuse kills far more people than it helps.

The solution to addiction will never be to lock up addicts and hope they stay sober when released, the solution will always be to provide them access to the resources needed to keep them alive until they are ready to seek the resources that will help them quit.


On the 2nd December 2011, 20 year old Morgan Ingram was found dead in her home from an apparent prescription drug overdose following an argument with her parents.  However, Ingram’s mother and father contend that she was murdered by a mysterious stalker who had been terrorising Morgan in her home for months leading up to her death.  

In an effort to identify who was stalking their daughter, the Ingrams set up motion detecting lights, alarms, a wildlife camera, and 24/7 video surveillance around their house, footage from which has since been posted online by Morgan’s mother, Toni. Fearing for her safety, Morgan’s parents would even meet her in their driveway with pepper spray if she was coming home after dark, and would not let Morgan be alone in their house unless one of them was there.  As well as loitering outside their home, Toni has also indicated that Morgan’s stalker climbed onto their roof, threw rocks and tapped on Morgan’s bedroom window.  Multiple reports were also made by Toni to the police, who came and searched the property numerous times but found nothing.

Toni Ingram has made several appearances on radio and TV shows, and continues to post on her blog regarding the circumstances of her daughters death, even naming several people who she believes to be involved.  The case currently remains closed.


Goodbye, Norma Jeane…

Elton John’s iconic song ’Candle in the Wind’ is a tribute to the Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe (whose birth name was Norma Jeane Mortenson), who died from a prescription drug overdose in 1962, at the age of 36. The song was written by John and Bernie Taupin, recorded in May 1973 and included on John’s album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973). It was released as a single in the U.K. a year later, where it reached No. 11 in the charts. It has since been included on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of ‘The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time’, at position #347, and is recognized as one of John’s most famous hits.

And it seems to me you lived your life 

Like a candle in the wind 

Never knowing who to cling to 

When the rain set in 

And I would have liked to have known you 

But I was just a kid 

Your candle burned out long before

Your legend ever did

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What actually happens when the media suggests your child isn't real: www(.)9news(.)com(.)au/national/2016/05/06/07/14/jackie-o-apologises-for-claims-kieran-foran-is-not-the-father-of-one-of-his-children



Radio star Jackie O ‘teared up’ this morning making on-air apology to NRL player Kieran Foran over a “stupid” suggestion he was not the father of one of his children.

The apology comes after Foran last night threatened to launch legal action against Sydney radio station KIIS FM over comments Jackie O Henderson made last Friday.

Foran, who has been stood down indefinitely while he deals with personal issues, flew out of Australia late last week to check into rehab.

Henderson kicked off the Kyle and Jackie O show by immediately apologising to Foran for her “really stupid” suggestion.

“We were talking about Kieran Foran from the Parramatta Eels… and I gave voice to a really ugly rumour and I just wanted to apologise for that,” she said.

“It was stupid to say what I said and it was really insensitive… I feel really terrible I really do.

“Despite what some people might think it’s not what I’m about in radio. I am very sorry for any harm that I’ve caused.”

Kyle Sandilands, who is usually the centre of controversy at the show, trivialised his co-host’s apology stating: “I refuse to ever do anything, I never say sorry about anything ever.”

Last night Foran’s lawyers drafted a letter to the Kyle and Jackie O show demanding a retraction and an apology to Foran and his ex-partner Rebecca Pope.

However, a KISS FM spokesperson told ninemsn the station had of this morning still not received the letter.

Nine News has obtained the letter drafted by Foran’s legal team.

“Statements were made by Jackie O suggesting our client’s child was not his,” the letter reads.

“This statement gave imputations that the former partner of our client committed adultery during their relationship.

"That imputation is defamatory, completely false, untrue and lacking any merit.”

“We are instructed to request that you submit a clear apology and retraction to Mr Kieran Foran and Ms Rebecca Pope.”

Foran is on indefinite leave from the Eels after a prescription drug overdose last week.