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okay fuck me, someone in the field, but what would *you*, a philosophy major, instead propose as an alternative to science in its current state? people like me are still going to be passionate about certain fields and want to get all the knowledge there is, innovate, and this framework is the thing that's allowing us to do it now. if ur going to bash everything we love, id at least think it'd be fair to let us know what u imagine would be a better way to do things, a better epistemological gate.

I was being flippant about an actually serious metaepistemological question (or series of questions) that I ask presciely because of the importance put upon scientific knowledges.

I wanna be the Deleuze to a certain someone’s Guttati, and by most standards that’d be putting a decent amount of science into philosophy.

I just have some deep critiques of the construction of these knowledges and wanted to sum them up as that.