Through The Woods / Fred Rogers Company & PIP Animation

Selection of final plants for the pre-school series Through The Woods - which premiered Monday on the Curious World app.

All design and final artwork was completed within two months.

The style evolved from the initial idea of super clean Charles Harpes inspired flat illustrations to a more three-dimensional and angled final product.

More Preschool Headcanons

-An Alpha child trying to befriend an Omega but the Omega is just, “My big sister says Alphas are gross” and then feeling terrible when the Alpha starts getting teary so they rush to make it better like, “No no that doesn’t mean YOU are gross! She probably meant other Alphas! Lets go build blocks okay?” and the Alpha sniffles but agrees

-An Omega child arguing with their Beta friend over which dynamic is smarter and eventually they both declare that they aren’t friends anymore…for about five minutes till they are both sobbing and apologizing because they still want to be friends

-An Alpha refusing to eat their fruit at snack time so their little Omega friend scolds them until they finally eat and then the Omega hugs them and gives them little praises like, “Good job!” and “You’re such a good listener!” because that’s the praise their parents always gives them and it always makes them happy so they thought it would help their friend. The Alpha just stays quiet even as their face gets redder and redder

-A new Beta student that doesn’t really fit in well until a lively Omega child declares them to be best friends and introduces them to their grumpy Alpha friend, the little Alpha being annoyed by the Beta at first but quickly becoming attached and protective like they are with the Omega

-Two little Alphas having a crush on the same Omega so they end up arguing and the Omega interrupts like, “Aww don’t fight, I love you both a lot!” before grabbing the Alpha’s hands and dragging them off to play with a grin and a giggle, the little Alphas reluctantly getting along to make the Omega happy

-Omega children staying in and finger painting during recess one day because its too cold for them to go out with the other children, an Alpha returning to class and freaking out because they think the red paint on their friend’s hands is blood and that they’ve been hurt somehow

-Alphas and Betas pretending to be super heroes during recess and the Omegas being upset because they are told that they have to play the person that needs saving because Omegas are too small to save people

-Cold days when the weather makes all the little Omegas sleepy and lethargic and it causes all the Beta and Alpha children to be calmer around them. Teachers adore cold days

-An Omega child being very attached to an Alpha classmate but the Alpha is always telling them to go away because they are annoying. One day the Omega takes them seriously and starts playing with some other children, the Alpha sees and is instantly feeling possessive so they walk right over and sit down and pull the little Omega onto their lap, small arms wrapped tightly around the Omega’s waist as the Alpha pouts and scowls at people. The teachers trying to make the Alpha let go but the Alpha doesn’t want to and the Omega is just content to keep playing while being held

-Alpha children starting a ‘club’ and getting in trouble with teachers for telling Omegas that they can’t join because only Alphas are allowed in

If Shakespearean characters were preschool students:
  • Lady Macbeth is smart. Too smart. Suspiciously smart. 
  • Beatrice has to sit out a lot. Also smart, but really just enjoys calling the boys stinky and gross. 
  • Hamlet cries every morning after he is dropped off because he misses his daddy. 
  • Rosalind and Viola ALWAYS dress up in the boy costumes WHO NEEDS GENDER ROLES ANYWAY
  • No one wants to go on a playdate with Kate. EVERYONE wants to go on a playdate with Bianca. The fact that they are sisters complicates the matter.
  • Romeo and Juliet’s parents NEVER talk at pick up time. Things are complicated when their kids “get married” on the playground. 
  • Othello is on every school brochure because clearly the school is super diverse look.
Preschool Headcanons

-Exchanging valentines with the class and all the Alpha children competing to give out the best cards to impress the Omegas

-Little Omegas shyly offering to share their snacks with their crushes because they’ve seen how pleased their Alpha parent is when their Omega parent gives them food

-Playing dress up and an Alpha makes fun of an Omega dressed as a fire fighter because “that’s not an Omega job”

-Teachers having to scold the Alpha children for trying to grab the back of the Omegas necks the way they’ve seen their parents do

-Little Beta children being clingy with the teachers to ensure they receive as much attention as the other dynamics

-Alphas and Betas seeing that an Omega friend is cold and quickly offering their sweatshirts because even they know how easy it is for Omegas to get sick

-Alphas helping push the little Omegas on the swings and excitedly praising them when they learn how to do it on their own

-Going on field trips and the Alphas constantly wanting to hold the Omegas hands because they are so worried about them getting lost or falling down

-Alphas and Omegas having to nap on opposite ends of the classroom because the Alphas kept latching onto them in their sleep if they were too close together, Betas get to sleep on whichever side they want

-An Alpha knocking down an Omega’s block tower on accident and feeling so horrible for making an Omega cry that they also end up crying because they feel so guilty