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Endgame part 2 - Jughead x Reader


Warnings: Drinking, fighting, kisses and angst 

Word count: 1491

“That’s my girl” Kevin and Veronica said at the same time, “Okay well, let’s get going then, shall we?” Archie asked.

“Lets” you replied.

You walked up to Cheryls house, the party was loud meaning there would be no time for thinking about what happened in your room.

“Y/N” Ronnie said, gesturing for Kevin and Archie to go into the party, “We’ll be in in a minute” you said with a smile. “Yes Ronnie?” your attention now on the raven haired girl, “I’m really sorry about Jughead and Betty..” she began, you cut her off, “V, I know you like Betty, I’m sorry you had to see that too. We’ll be better off without them” you said as you pulled Veronica in for a hug.

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ID #73981

Name: Kelly
Age: 19
Country: USA

Hey! Just reaching out to try to meet new people, make close friendships. I love learning about other people and their lives, philosophies, and cultures.
A little more about me: I’m female, I live in Florida. I’m in school studying to be a speech pathologist. I work at a preschool, I’m in a college marching band (piccolo), and that’s pretty much my life right there.
Honestly, not sure how this is gonna work, haha. I hope someone is interested in talking to me!

Preferences: 16+
Be a decent human being
Can’t message on tumblr, the validation email never goes through for some reason :’)

Molotov Nightmares - Stiles Stilinski

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Scott McCall, Isaac Lahey, Reader.


Originally posted by imlostinsantacarla

“You’re leaving us in charge? The only humans in this god forsaken town?” Your jaw hits the ground and Stiles exhales comically.

“Personally, I think we’ll make a great team.” He points at you and winks.

“We can’t even lift twenty pounds collectively!” You start to panic.

“Hey, it’ll be fine.” Scott comforts you and you look at Stiles, the excited look on his face almost frightening.

“I just..can we not? Is this like an obligation or can we just skip out on it?” You suck in air between your teeth and Scott chuckles.

“You’ll be fine. I promise. We’ll keep an eye on you.”

“Stiles come help me make the weapons.” Lydia smiles at him.

“Weapons!? No one told me there’d be weapons! Oh my god..” You put your face in your hands as Stiles runs after Lydia.

Everyone’s prepping your backpacks as you get ready to go.

“Now remember, light and throw. Don’t hesitate, okay?” Lydia confirms that you know what you’re doing.

“Yeah, we know.” You nod and step outside.

“Don’t compromise the camera.” Scott adds.

“You guys sound like frickin’ cops.” Stiles raises an eyebrow as he follows you. “You sound like my dad.”

You arrive at the location, ready to fight off the new mysterious men. You’d never seen their faces, they always wore masks. Lydia came to the conclusion that fire was the only way to kill them. The only problem with that was that the building they hid out in had mountain ash surrounding it. You two were the only ones who could get in.

You follow Stiles closely, just about peeing your pants when a man walked up to you.

Stiles stopped walking and you bumped into the back of him. “Jesus…” You whisper, trying to compose yourself.

“Nope. Just me.” The man smirks at you as Stiles bites his lip.

“Where are the rest of you?” Stiles asks.

The man looks at him. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

Stiles rubs his hands together. “I would, actually. Yeah. I’d love to know.”

“You’re a witty one, aren’t you?” The man steps closer.

“Actually, he’s more of a pain in the ass. You get used to it though.” You speak up, trying to protect Stiles.

You sense people watching you and you nudge Stiles. “You’re quite the beauty.” He smiles as he approaches you, tilting your chin up with his hand.

“Do you want to know my skincare routine?” You hear Stiles chuckle at your remark and the man slides his hand down to your neck, drumming his fingers against it.

He squeezes you lightly. “Hey, look. You’re probably gorgeous under that mask there, my dude. I just thought I’d put it out there that, as kinky as it might be, I’m not totally into choking.” You manage to breathe out, your air flow starting to decrease.

You gesture for Stiles as other men step into the room. He throws the Molotov cocktail that he helped Lydia make after lighting it. The explosion blasts the men back, distracting the one with his hands on you long enough for you to escape. You toss another one in his direction.

You walk out the front doors, feeling like a total badass. “Hey. Quick question.”

“What?” Stiles asks as he get in the Jeep, tossing his bag into the backseat.

You sit your bag in your lap. “Was the glitter really necessary?“

He looked like he was thinking as he pulled out of the lot.

Not really, but it added a nice flare to the explosions, don’t you think?

“Yeah…I guess you’re right. It made the experience a whole lot more interesting. Does Lydia know that you added glitter?”

“Does Lydia need to know that I added glitter?”

You laugh. “Well okay. That answers my question.”

You arrive back at the house and Scott high fives you. “That was awesome!”

“But honestly, I’d love to know your skincare routine.” Lydia laughs.

“How’d you two learn to work so well together?” Isaac raises an eyebrow.

“We’ve been best friends since preschool. It’s natural.” You shrug and Stiles smiles at you.

“Well, how did you two become best friends?

You exchange a look with Stiles. “He stole my markers…I punched him in the face and he gave me a high-five.

Scott laughs. “That sounds about right.”

Let Her Go (part three)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Requested: Yes by anon.

Tagging: @thiscuriouslymiss

A/N: Part One / Part Two

This is short, apologizes but I’ve decided part four will be the last part<3

Originally posted by itsagirlthingbae

It was two weeks later; two whole weeks have passed and the smile seemed permanent on (Y/N)’s face. She’s been dating Stiles for fourteen days, her whole body awoke to the strange feelings he made her experience. She felt… healthy again.

It was Monday, the day that God made to strangle us all together. The day every single person hated, you were either back to work or back to school. That didn’t bother (Y/N) though, she knew that she would see Stiles waiting by her locker this morning, ready to walk her to class.

She skipped through the corridors, smiling at her old preschool friends and walking up to her locker where Stiles stood. “Hello, beautiful.” He murmured, leaning down and giving her a peck on the lips. (Y/N) blushed slightly and kissed him back. “How was last night?”

They couldn’t hang out last night, he said that him and his friends had a game night in Scott’s. He did offer for her to go over and hang out but she knew deep down that she would be imposing; Stiles’ friends haven’t been the nicest people towards their newly found relationship. She’d see Lydia and Kira in the hallways but they’d always turn their heads, almost like they were ashamed.

Stiles smiled apologetically at (Y/N) before noticing how her hair looked different. “Did you cut your hair?” His hands went through her thin hair and she coughed awkwardly, “New shampoo.” Stiles looked at her, weary of her answer but shrugged it off. “Ready?”

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Your Future with Lip Pt. 1 (Lip Gallagher) *Requested by Anonymous*

Request:  I’d like to request one with lip. Something like your future life, where you have multiple kids and how he deals with them and their shit ?. Love your blog btw !!

“Lip! Can you please get down here! The kids need to leave for school in fifteen minutes and I leave for work in ten!” You yelled up the stairs before turning back to your four children who were rushing around the first floor frantically getting to school.
You and Lip had a tough relationship. He was always at work inventing some laser, robotic invention, while you worked three days a week as a nurse at the University of Chicago Medicine. You and Lip had been married for 10 years now and although things were hectic with the kids and work, your love for each other was as strong as ever and honestly without it you would have probably filed for a divorce years ago.
As Lip descended down the stairs, still fixing his tie, you had to smile a bit because goddammit you still loved him so much. 
He kissed the side of your head as he looked at your four kids and took a deep breath. “We spoil them way too much.” he said as he looked at them and you had to laugh as you looked at them. 
You knew Lip had done his best to provide the most he could for the kids, but you both had grown up with so little that you had to be jealous of how much you were able to provide for them. You both made a good living and to say you were living comfortably was an understatement. 
“They don’t have drug addict parents and we work hard.” you reminded Lip “We deserve to give them a good life.” you said and kissed him softly. 
12 years ago when you were dirt poor and had just started dating lip you found out you were pregnant with your oldest kid, Jack. You two were terrified and you considered terminating it, but you ended up becoming a registered nurse and Lip was hired as a paid intern. It was a rough couple years, but 2 years later you got married and then 2 years after you had the twins, Janie and Charlie, and then finally 3 years after that you had your youngest, Maggie. 
“Okay kiddos! Time for school!” Lip yelled and the kids grabbed their lunches before rushing over to their Dad. 
You sighed seeing Maggie had pulled out ponytail and her curly, chestnut hair was all over the place. You kissed the top of her head before hugging the rest of the kids and grabbing your own things. 
“See you all tonight.” you said before heading out the door.
When you got home that night you were happy to see Lip home with the kids making dinner.
Lip was having a very deep discussion with your son about his football games and you decided not to interrupt so you slipped upstairs to change out of scrubs.
Once you came down you kiss Lip’s cheek before looking at you children.
“Lip where’s Maggie.” You asked once you only counted three kids.
Lip looked up and then went “Oh fuck!” Before running to get his keys.
You took a deep breath and looked at the other three kids. “Did none of you notice your sister was missing?” You asked as Lip ran out of the house going “Shit, shit, fuck, shit…” and so on.
You shut your eyes for a minute and rubbed your temples before continuing the dinner Lip was making.
Maggie was fine and her friend’s mom had taken her in and had been apparently trying to call Lip all night, but Lip’s phone was off.
That night as you two were going to bed Lip turned to you.
“I’m a horrible dad.” He said
“Lip you aren’t. Plenty of parents forget their kids at things. My parents left me in Canada for a week once!”
Lip sighed and shook his head “That’s the thing. Frank and Monica left us everywhere when I was younger… I promised I would never forget one of them and I fucking did.” He explained.
You sighed and curled up against him, resting your head on his chest “Lip you aren’t Frank or Monica. You left her at a freaking private preschool where her friends stay at home mom picked her up and took her to their five million dollar house where she played on their playground in their backyard all afternoon.” You explained and then lifted your head to look Lip in the eyes “You are an amazing father. You worked so hard to give them the world and we’re doing that.” You reminded.
Lip laughed and nodded “I guess your right. Sometimes I think they’re too spoiled.” He said and laughed and you nodded.
“Oh they definitely are! But it’s better than what we had. But think about it we’re going to teach them so many street skills, they’ll be the most ghetto kids out of all the rich kids.” You said and laughed.
Lip laughed and nodded “I guess so.” He said.
“Do you think they’ll end up a bit fucked up though?” Lip asked after a minute of silence.
“Oh definitely. They are Gallaghers.” You reminded.

Partners In Crime // Na Jaemin

Pt 1 Pt 2

the prompt: part 3 of the best friend!Jaemin au

words: 2212

category: fluffy fluff

author note: i know there are rumors of Jaemin attending the sm event or whatever and i hope that’s true bc i am drinking from a dried up well as a jaemin stan. anyway enjoy the last installment to this light-hearted trilogy~

- destinee

Originally posted by nakamotens


Taeyong sprayed antibacterial spray throughout his bedroom. His eyebrows furrowed from above the dark mask over his mouth.

Jaemin coughed from the place on Taeyong’s desk chair, swattimg away the scented spray, “What are you doing? You’re already sick.”

Taeyong pulled his mask down and sighed, “Well my spray smells like lavender and it’ll help me sleep.”

Jaemin frowned, “It smells like my grandma. Like my actual Grandma Na.”

Taeyong scoffed. “It smells nothing like your grandma. It smells like the soothing odor of the prettiest purple flowers. Also, your little partner in crime is coming over to help take care of me, since this is all you guys’ fault.”

“It was not our fault,” Jaemin clarified. “You shouldn’t have been around us while we were sick anyway.”

The front door could be heard from Taeyong’s open doorway, opening and closing with a loud creak. Jaemin turned towards the noise and there you walked in, a disgusted look on your face. “Why does it smell like Jaemin’s grandma in here?”

“I told you!” Jaemin mocked.

Taeyong threw an empty tissue box at him. “Respect your elder, honestly. You guys should make me soup.”

“I have homework,” you whined. “Why can’t you take care of yourself?”

“Consider this payback,” Taeyong said, sneezing into his elbow three times in a row. “I can’t even fall asleep so you guys have to entertain me. Also, you have to go to the store because I’m out of ingredients.”

“Fine,” you rolled your eyes and grabbed Jaemin’s elbow, pulling him up. “Let’s go get His Highness some soup.”

Jaemin followed you out of the room hurriedly. “Fine. Can we get some banana milk too?”

“It’s Taeyong’s money,” you answered quietly, “we can get whatever we want.”

The grocery store was only a few blocks away from Taeyong’s house, and so it didn’t take the two of you very long to walk. While Jaemin grabbed a basket, you texted your mom that you probably wouldn’t be home for dinner. Jaemin handed you his phone as well, “Text my mom, too. Tell her I’m staying over at Taeyong’s tonight.”

“Oh, it’s the weekend, isn’t it? I wanna stay over,” you answered as you texted Jaemin’s mom.

“Then stay and help me take care of Taeyong.” Jaemin shrugged.

“I have homework, though.”

Jaemin looked at you with a playful smirk on his face. “Like you’re going to do it.”

You pointed at him with a knowing smile, “You’re right.”


The two of you went through the store, grabbing different ingredients that Taeyong had written down for the two of you. Jaemin threw a package of cookies into the basket, along with a box of popcorn.

“Won’t Taeyong get mad if we spend too much?”

Jaemin shook his head and he grabbed your hand as the two of you walked down the frozen aisle. “Taeyong loves us, so he doesn’t care. As long as we’re happy and fed, Taeyong won’t mind.”

“You guys abuse Taeyong’s niceness,” you said.

Jaemin didn’t disagree. “Well he shouldn’t offer two seventeen-year-olds his debit card.”

You leaned into Jaemin’s side as the two of you walked, “Then… can we get ice cream?”

Jaemin laughed, “Taeyong’s going to kill us.”


When the two of you returned to Taeyong’s house, you agreed to go check on him while Jaemin put the groceries away.

“How are you doing?” You asked him as you checked his forehead temperature.

He looked at you with his handsome eyes. “Did you get the soup ingredients?”

“We did,” you said. “Now rest while we make it, okay? I’ll bring you your medicine then too.”

Taeyong pulled his mask down below his chin, “Thanks. By the way, if you guys bought anything extra I will cough on you two.”

“Us? Never?” You assured him with a soft pat on his shoulder before exciting the room.


“Bad news,” you whispered to Jaemin, who stood with his back to you as he boiled some broth for the soup. “We have to eat all the snacks we bought tonight because Taeyong said if we bought anything without his permission he would get us sick again.”

Jaemin’s lips tugged into a smile, “So you’re saying there’s no excuse and we have to have an all-nighter so we can eat everything before morning?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying,” you grinned back.


Taking care of Taeyong really wasn’t as bad as you two made it out to be. As soon as he took his medicine and ate his dinner, he had fallen into a deep sleep, with no evidence that he was alive save the soft snores emitting from his mouth.

Jaemin peeked into the doorway of his older friend’s room with you close behind him. “He’s asleep. Plan eat-everything-in-the-house is a go.”

You giggled mischievously as he carefully closed the bedroom door. “Let’s make ice cream sundaes first.”

“Then popcorn and a movie.”

“Then cookies for dessert,” you concluded.

Just the thought of all that junk food had the two of you lit up like Christmas trees. Most teenagers worried about their figures, or their image, especially when it came to what they ate and how much they ate. However, you and Jaemin had been friends since preschool. The two of you were friends during the awkward preteen years. You were no longer worried about what you looked like in front of him, and vice versa. You were friends with Jaemin when he joined his dance team, filled with an entire league of boys were like family. The two of you were only fourteen then, and you were afraid Jaemin would leave you. Who would stay friends with a girl when he had a bunch of cool brothers to look after and care for him?

He never left you. The thought never even crossed his mind, to be honest. The two of you were partners in crime, taking the world by storm in your own unique way. There hadn’t been a day when Jaemin hadn’t liked you. It started as a crush when he was twelve, and only escalated into full-blown adoration for you. How could he tell you? He had been hinting for the past few weeks, yet you never seemed to notice. He was too nervous to admit it to you because although the two of you could tell each other everything, what if you didn’t like him back?

Whenever he was alone with you, thoughts like this normally plagued his mind. Especially when the two of you were such a touchy pair, always holding hands or linking arms. He was very much enthralled with you in every way. Especially in the way you never cared about what others thought. It made being friends so much easier, since he had the same mindset.

You grabbed the pints of chocolate and vanilla ice cream that the two of you had bought, along with chocolate chip cookie dough, cookies, and popcorn. Jaemin grabbed two large bowls and serving spoons, ignoring his always imposing thoughts.

“Should we watch a movie?” you asked.

Jaemin set the bowls down on the carpet. “Let’s make a fort first. Then we can watch a bunch of cat videos.”

You agreed, “We have to be quiet though.”

The two of you galavanted throughout Taeyong’s house, hushed giggles filling in the shadows as you found stray blankets and pillows to decorate your plush castle with. Arms filled with quilts and throw pillows, the two of you hustled into the living room to set up your empire.

“I’ll be the king and you’ll be the queen,” Jaemin announced, grabbing the couch cushions and positioning them above you two. Once the two of you completed your giant fort, you settled onto the makeshift bed inside.

“We don’t even have crowns,” you argued, opening the vanilla ice cream and dumping it into one of the large bowls.

Metaphorically,“ Jaemin huffed, leaning his forehead against your shoulder in annoyance. “Just hand me the chocolate ice cream.”

You obliged, handing the carton of thawing ice cream to him. “We should’ve gotten cookies ‘n cream.”

Jaemin was busy crushing cookies in his hands and sprinkling it over his giant bowl of chocolate ice cream. “We need some hot fudge, too.”

“And whipped cream,” you said.

Jaemin scooped a spoonful of ice cream with his serving spoon and shoved it into his mouth.

You laughed quietly as his cheeks filled up with the cold substance.

He suddenly winced and spoke through the ice cream in his mouth, “Brain freeze!”

“Sucks to be you,” you teased as he grasped for some kind of comfort. Finally, he spat the ice cream back into his bowl.

“Ew!” you turned away. “Why didn’t you just swallow it?”

Jaemin chuckled and wiped his mouth, “I was laughing too hard.”

“I didn’t see you laughing.”

“It was kind of hard to smile with a bunch of ice cream in my mouth,” Jaemin concluded with sass. “I can’t believe you didn’t help me.”

You grinned. “Oops.”


The two of you ate and ate, filling your guts until you could barely breathe. Even when there was still half of all the food left, the two of you were laying in the fort with stomachaches.

“Let’s just throw everything away. Taeyong will never know,” Jaemin said.

You groaned, “You couldn’t have thought of that before we had a cookie dough eating contest?”

Jaemin giggled, then stopped abruptly. “I’m gonna throw up if I keep laughing.”

“Don’t,” you begged. “Don’t talk about it.”

Jaemin turned on his side and placed his head on your collarbone. “I can’t move, Y/n.”

“Oh yeah? I can barely breathe.”

“But we have to throw the food away before Taeyong sees it,” Jaemin sighed.

“Rock, paper, scissors? Loser throws away the food.”

Jaemin took your suggestion by lifting his fist limply. After two scissors in a row, Jaemin finally chose paper. He groaned in annoyance, his breath tickling your skin. “I don’t want to,” he whined.

You rolled your eyes and pushed him off of you. “Let’s go together, then. We have to rinse all of the dishes as well.”

The two of you grudgingly got to work, the only thing keeping you motivated was the threat of what Taeyong would do once he found out. He surely wouldn’t cough on you guys: he was too sanitary for that. However, he would do something worse, like make you clean the dance studio every night or something else just as pointless and annoying.

Jaemin finished washing the dishes while you dried them and put them back in their places. Any food left over had been dumped into a trash bag, which was now tied up to conceal any evidence from peaking over the top.

“We did it,” you sighed, leaning against your best friend for strength.

Jaemin looked at the wall clock. “Yeah, and it’s two in the morning. We should sleep.”

“Okay,” you stifled a yawn into his shoulder.

The two of you crawled back into your fort and got into your previous cuddling position, only this time you were the one resting on Jaemin’s collarbones.

Half-alseep, Jaemin finally brought up what had been bothering him the whole night. “Y/n? Are we friends?”

You propped yourself up on your elbows, confused as you looked at Jaemin’s sleepy face. He was serious. “What do you mean? Of course we’re friends.”

“No, I mean, are we really friends? Mark said friends doing act like we do and I keep thinking about it. Aren’t we a bit more than friends? I mean we’ve always had this close relationship and we’re at the age where we can decide if it’s more than just friendship, but we don’t. We just go around living in this weird limbo between friends and partners and it’s confusing me.”

You smiled, your cheeks warming as he spoke. Suddenly, you leaned forward and kissed the corner of his lips quickly.

Jaemin’s eyes widened, before he broke into a smile. “You missed.”


“You missed my lips,” and suddenly, he was back to his playful self, puckering slightly just to tease you.

“Stop,” you shoved him. “You’re so annoying.”

“You love me, though.”

You kissed his lips softly before burying your face into his chest. “Maybe just a little bit.”

Jaemin chuckled and grabbed your hand, squeezing it lovingly. “Love you too, girlfriend.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“You take the fun out of everything, Y/n, honestly.”


It was around noon when Taeyong woke up to find the two of you snuggled against each other amidst the blankets and pillows that had fallen down in the middle of the night. He kicked your sleeping bodies gently.

“What is it?” Jaemin groaned, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

Taeyong chuckled at the sight of you both, having already guessed that you had confessed to each other. “I’m proud of you, Jaemin.”

“What?” The younger boy blushed as Taeyong gestured to you, still sleeping with your arms wrapped tightly around his torso. “Oh… thanks.”

Taeyong nodded and turned to get up. Then, he crouched back down, “By the way, for future reference, don’t leave the receipt for all the snacks on the table.”

Jaemin averted his eyes in embarrassment, “Right…”

~the end~

ENTJ Gothic
  • You laugh. Everyone else stops laughing. Someone’s hand shakes, and a wine glass shatters.
  • “I’m such a realistic person,” your Te assesses. Your Ni nods affirmatively, and goes back to making weird shit up.
  • You’ve been elected student council president. They won’t let you streamline the class period system or fire any of the teachers. You silently curse Kill la Kill for giving you unrealistic expectations.
  • “You’re so unfriendly and you hate parties. How are you an extrovert? You must be an INTJ,”  your friend says. She’s right; ENTJs are just INTJs on meth.
  • Why do all of your friends think that processing means hugs and validation? You just want advice. Your therapist won’t even give you advice without “listening empathetically” first. Why are your parents paying $80 an hour for this?
  • You’ve been elected student council president again. “Do I have to do this?” you mutter. You don’t remember running this year. “You’re an ENTJ; you want to, right?” the principal says. You don’t want to; you won’t able to make any real changes in policy. You’re just a symbol. The principal tells you it will look good on your college application and offers you a cookie.
  • You decide not to major in poly-sci.
  • You are officially an adult. You have been ready for this moment since preschool. Your friends say they still don’t feel like adults, which sounds terrifying and is probably the reason they are still dependent upon your friendship.
  • “Time management! Attention! Priorities!” you snarl for the fourth time this morning. Your coworkers spend the next hour brainstorming ways to get you fired.
  • “You’re an ENTJ? Can you help me make a five-year plan?” they ask. “Of course,” you reply. You give them control of your crumbing ponzi scheme, and they spend the next five years in jail.
  • Everything is closed on Sunday. Don’t they realize you have things to do before the week starts? You drive and drive and drive, looking for a city that never sleeps. The sky darkens; your car melts into the pavement. You are the city. You never sleep.
  • Someone thinks you’d be a power bottom. At least you aren’t a needy top like all five of your ENFJ friends. You delete three of them from your contacts while you’re thinking of it.
  • Your job involves expensive suits, firing people, creepy motivational posters on the walls of your office, and a formal title that your friends and family don’t understand. They ask what you do at work. “Extroverted thinking,” you tell them, and they nod politely and ask, “But what does your company make?” “Money,” you say. “But how do you earn the money?” “Introverted intuition,” you tell them. They nod again. It’s a very ambiguous function.
  • Your ISTJ coworker pipes in. “We trade stocks.” This is technically insider trading because Ni is psychic, but no one says anything.
  • You care about someone; this is not part of the plan. You race around doing errands in your black Camaro, swearing profusely at people who drive the speed limit.
  • It’s time to make some major life changes. Everything is boring and the days are starting to blur together. You engage your Se.
  • We don’t talk about what happens next.
  • The scientists have discovered a way to see inside your brain. They find out it’s just a game of Tetris. “Perhaps we can program the perfect leader somehow,” one of them says. You slide an I-block into place and exhale, contented. The brain scans turn blue.
  • You move to the coast, work in a little coffee shop and play your saxophone in a pub band by night. You date ISFPs who read you their poetry. No one is afraid of you anymore. You are peaceful and connected. Your therapist said this would make you happy.
  • You still cannot sleep.
Small Town Lovers AU: SVT

AU #19 (Order on list)

 YESSS someone actually requested this! Funny thing is I almost wrote this anyway lol. Anyways enjoy! (ALSO THIS IS LONG sorry not sorry) Pls request members and AU’s from this list!

  • You live in a small town (duh) so you’ve known everyone who lives there your whole life.

  • Your best friend is Wonwoo, who has been your friend since you guys were little

  • When you first met Won in preschool, you both became friends immediately because you both loved stories, and so you would both crowd around the teacher when she was reading

  • In primary/elementary school you both loved reading still, so Wonwoo would learn to read at home so he could tell you stories the next day

  • Once, Wonwoo told you both a story he read about ‘soulmates’

  • You and Wonwoo promising to be soulmates bc you don’t know any better and are just so darn close

  • During middle school, you both still loved reading, and Wonwoo would often try to sing his stories because you loved his singing voice

  • Little Won practicing in his closet so his voice would sound perfect for you (aw)

  • During middle school, exchanging texts every night was a must, no matter what it was about

  • Cue Wonwoo inviting you after school to sing this beautiful song after graduation, and promising to sing again when you both graduated high school

  • But the next year, first year of high school, Wonwoo was given a chance to move to the city

  • You tried to catch him before he left but you were too embarrassed to confess your feelings

  • I guess Wonwoo was too but OH COME ON DUDE

  • So Wonwoo moves away, and you’re left with a hole in your heart bc your lifetime friend just left you

  • Your soulmate just left

  • But determined to grow up, you wrote stories to pass the time, slightly hoping one day Wonwoo could see them and sing for you again

  • You still text Won, but less and less during last few years of high school

  • Wonwoo told you it was because he had become a trainee for this kpop company, so you completely supported him

  • But as he grew more and more famous in his group Seventeen, the text messages halted to a stop

  • Did he forget about you?

  • You eventually gave up trying to contact him bc for all you know, he could be busy with other things

  • All during high school, you kept to yourself so you grew to be an outsider with no friends except for the teachers and another quiet girl

  • You basically became depressed and locked yourself in your room once you got home to write in a giant book

  • Remember that quiet girl you were friends with? She has been to all your schools since primary, so she knew about your friendship with Wonwoo, and you told her all about it anyway

  • So you would text her your stories you wrote in your huge book if they were short enough to fit in one conversation

  • So during prom, you really didn’t want to go, but your friend literally dragged you there in a nice dress

  • You’re just like Why???

  • She asks the DJ to play this song when there’s a playlist of slow songs playing near the end

  • There’s a faint “I won’t be there to sing this for your graduation, but…hey y/n? This is for you”

  • You kind of start crying once you realise who’s voice it is; Wonwoo’s

  • So this beautiful song Wonwoo sings with a guitar in the backround (Joshua probably) and everyone loves it

  • And you’re just crying on your friends shoulder *while hugs* bc she is THE TRUEST FRIEND EVER

  • LIKE turns out she sent your story to Seventeen as fanmail JUST SO HE COULD WRITE A SONG FOR YOU


  • After a year, your (now best) friend is over at your place when the doorbell rings

  • Guess who’s on the other side


  • With like a whole bouquet of roses and a huge smile that could replace the moon, and you just give him a kiss

  • And you invite him in to catch up, and your friend just pulls out your giant book of stories, and Wonwoo’s jaw drops lol

  • Long story short, you basically created all the Seventeen songs and Woozi just made lyrics after reading your book

“I didn’t forget you”

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Ruben/Vito frist time


Vito shifts on the pillow, snuffling a little as his body and mind fought the foggy comfort of sleep. He can’t work out why he’s awake for a moment but then there’s a brush against his hips and his eyes shoot open with a gasp at the sensation.

Ruben is still fast asleep, still facing towards the door with his back against Vito’s front in the position they fell asleep in but he’s shifted back in his sleep and now-

Vito shudders as Ruben makes a little muffled whine around his thumb (a rather adorable habit he mock-teases the other teen about) and presses back again, pert little ecto-ass rolling into his crotch. And Vito has a boner. Of course he does, it would choose to happen when he’s in bed with his best friend who he really really doesn’t want to hate him or think he’s a creep. 

Vito tries to hold himself still and think of something else, think of gross things but he can smell the coconut body lotion Ruben uses as well as that slight musk of his own and feel his smaller body. And it’s distracting, makes him think of how cute his friend is.

They’ve known each other since they were tiny. Ruben still is rather petite, all neat and smooth and adorably shy. Vito can admit he gets flustered when they’re hanging out on the grass in the acres around his house and Ruben is wearing tiny little shorts and lying on his front and kicking his legs and he has to look away from where the fabric clings to his pert little ass.

Then when they’re at Ruben’s house and the other is ruffling through his wardrobe and looking hopelessly frazzled when picking out clothes, all blushes and little huffs of annoyance. Making Vito want to kiss him. A lot. On both orange-flushed cheeks, on his trembling mouth and then down his neck while his friend makes little gasps and-

And these thoughts REALLY aren’t helping, especially with the sounds of Ruben’s thumb sucking. Little whines and wet sounds, a quiet slurp here or there… reminding Vito of something else that mouth could be sucking. He heaves a sigh and shifts back as much as he can, hiding his face in the pillow and willing away the arousal.

Ruben whimpers around his thumb, eyes opening to the pale light of early morning creeping through the curtains. He sits up, rubbing his eyes before stretching with a little moan of satisfaction as his spine makes a satisfying series of clicks. He blinks lazily, before looking down to Vito. His larger friend always takes longer to wake up and today is no different, his mouth open rather goofily as he snores. Ruben giggles at the gross line of drool rolling down his broad chin, Vito’s fingers twitching where his arm is thrown over his head on the pillow.

Ruben chuckled at the vision his friend made, stretching languidly again before his eyes fall downwards and he blinks. Vito’s boxer shorts are bulging out at the front oddly and wet and… glowing? A faint blue through the dark fabric, like some kind of torch? The slim teen moved a bit closer and with a confused frown, prodded the shape. 

Vito snorted awake with a jerk, confused before he registered a firm poking at his dick. He made a strangled sound in his throat, blinking first down at the finger prodding between his legs and then up to his best friend’s puzzled expression. 

Ruben finally seems to notice he’s awake and raises an eyebrow, “what’s that?” He presses a little more firmly with his fingers and Vito lets out another unmanly squeak. “I don’t get it..did you put a baseball in your pants? Why would you do that?” Is.. Ruben actually… serious? His fingertips feel the entirety of his cock through the fabric and Vito swallows thickly, sweat dripping down his flushed face.

“IT’S NOTHING I NEED TO-TO-UHHH!” Vito pushes his friend’s hands away with shaking fingers and scrabbles off the bed with all the grace of a water buffalo stuck in the mud. He ignores Ruben’s confused and slightly anxious call and stumbles into the ensuite bathroom, pressing the door closed behind him. He’s flushed a bright blue, hands covering his face in mortification.

Oh stars, Ruben was… and he’s… so hard it hurts, twitching in his boxers as heat licks through his lower abdomen. And he can’t go out like this… he needs to take care of it. With a groan he tugs down his boxers and palms his cock, letting his head fall back against the wall as he sees Ruben’s face in his mind, an indistinct fantasy of slight hips pressed against his and those little whines he heard in his friend’s sleep.

Ruben sits on the bed in shock for a moment, trying to puzzle out his friend’s odd behaviour. He gets up and thinks about knocking on the door and asking if Vito’s okay… but his friend has a nasty habit of trying to be a tough guy, going so far as to hide injuries in the past. So Ruben pushes open the door a little, to peek in and check Vito’s not hurt.

He’s not expecting to see the other teen pressed against the opposite wall by the sink, head thrown back with thick fingers pressed tight over his mouth to muffle… noises. And Vito’s other hand is… the arm shaking with fast jerky movements and leading down to a fist furiously stroking his- Woah. Ruben feels himself blush and his mouth falls open as he takes in the sight of Vito’s.. thing. He hadn’t known they could get hard like that, and flushed a deeper colour and… Ruben feels a jerk of tingling heat lick all through him. 

His fingers move of their own volition, sliding over his hip and to where his own pajama shorts are feeling tight. The first contact has him reeling and he can’t take his eyes off of Vito, the other’s eyes closed as louder, more desperate, sounds escape through his palm. Ruben gasps and lets his own hand slip into his shorts and wrap around himself. He cries out, knees almost giving way at the burst of overwhelming sensation.

He keeps going, trying to muddle out what to do with his fingers, clumsily tugging and stroking until he’s sort of matching Vito’s movements. Which are becoming more jerky, the large teen gasping and shuddering all over and Ruben lets out a needy whine as Vito suddenly stiffens and groans, thick liquid spurting over his fingers. And he *wants* that, he doesn’t even know what that is but gosh he needs it-

Vito gasps, slumping back against the wall as he shudders and pants in the aftershocks. He opens his eyes and whimpers. Ruben is shaking in the doorway, one hand holding onto the doorframe for dear life and the other inside his pants. Vito makes a strangled noise at the desperate gasping look on his best friend’s face. “Ru…” 

Ruben whines louder, hand jerking a little “Vi-Vito I-uhnn I don’t know what to do…” An orange tongue peeks out to wet the slim teen’s teeth and Vito feels his cock hardening all over again.

He can’t stop himself from stepping forwards and cupping Ruben’s face in his large hands. “H-hey, just breathe okay? Stars Ru… you look…”

Ruben presses against him and a hand tugs his own until it’s at his friend’s waistband. “Please Vito, please I want… “ Ruben flushes darker and buries his head briefly into Vito’s chest, and he’s shaking.

Vito guides his face back and kisses him, and moans when Ruben kisses him right back and then they’re stumbling towards the bed and Ruben ends up in his lap and grinding against him and his fingers, little gasps and whispered pleas and whines presses into his neck and face whenever they stop kissing for a moment. And Vito comes again as Ruben cries out his name, back arching as he suckles on his smaller friend’s neck.


Later, when they’re lying cuddled up in bed, Ruben’s head pressed to his chest and Vito’s hard fingers stroking up and down that slim spine, Ruben turns to smile up at him with a shy grin. “How long?”

Vito blinks, lulled almost asleep by the warmth. “Hm?”

Ruben trails long, petite fingers over his chest and he flushes as the intimacy. “How long have you liked me? I never knew…”

Vito feels himself flush further with embarrassment and rubs the back of his head. “I… since preschool.”

His friend laughs and Ruben rolls over on top of him, eyes sparkling beautifully, “Me too… now kiss me again? It took you long enough!”


Genre: Angst & Fluff

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Synopsis: A dead love life and some spells, what could go horribly wrong?

Witch!Jimin AU

Word Count: 3791

Author’s note: So all of us admins had this idea back in Halloween of 2016 and we actually did start writing it, but then you know, school and other things delayed us from writing this. But it’s up now!!! So if any of you guys want an alternate reality of this scenario or anything like that, just request it!! Also the gif is unrelated but I just thought it was adorable -Admin soph

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Witches; the age old tale of the long nose with warts and green skin. The ones rumored to have the long black dress and go riding around on a rickety broom that looked as if it were ready to snap any given moment. That’s how people pictured it for a long time, even now. You and Jimin knew it was false though. Since the day you could talk, you both knew you two were different from the rest.

You and Jimin had been friends since preschool.

One day, during playtime, Jimin decided it would be the right time to surprise his friends with a little magic. He made the dolls they were playing with have a mind of their own and actually speak. You, being the goody two shoes you are, transformed the dolls back to normal before anyone could notice to save him from punishment. From that day on, you knew you weren’t the only “cursed” one in class.

“How long do you think we can keep this little secret up?” Jimin asked as he conjured an apple from thin air. The two of you were in your bedroom, it was a complete mess with spell books scattered throughout the old wooden floor. Jimin was laying on your bed with his head on your pillow. He was facing you as you sat on the swivel chair at your desk, the chair creaked with life with every move you made. His sharp grey eyes were focusing on the red fruit that he was twirling around. You shrugged and answered with a deep sigh, continuing on with flipping through the pages of the tattered book.

“I dunno. Not forever probably.”

He rolled over and groaned, tossing the apple behind him. You lifted your hand quickly, “freeze” you whispered and the apple froze in midair before it hit the ground. “I’m trying to not make a bigger mess than what there already is.” You stated as you went to pick up the apple and then placed it on your desk.

He replied with a soft “yeah, yeah, yeah,” and then turned his body again to face you, tucking his arm under his silver hair to act as a pillow. “What are you even looking for anyways? These books are ancient. The words inside are almost faded” He claimed.

You shook your head and answered with a brief “You don’t need to know”.

Truth be told, you were looking for a spell to help you with your nonexistent love life. There was this certain spell to speed up the process of your soulmate meeting you, where ever they are in the world. Jimin, of course, never had a problem with the ladies. Every other week he had a new girl on his arm, though you wished with every 11:11, prayed to every god in every religion and casted every spell you could, you were never one of his many girlfriends.

“Is this about your sad love life?” He stifled a chuckle as you sent a death glare his way.

“Says you, you never went a day without a girl by your side.” You said with an eye roll.

“Yeah, well at least I can actually get girls. You haven’t had a single boyfriend!” He exclaimed.

“Not true!” you childishly shouted. “Why am I even wasting my breath on you? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a spell to cast.” With a deep breath, you quickly glanced over the words on the withering pages. You slowly started chanting the spell and the words flew off the page. Lights flying around the room and bouncing off the wall, trying to find an escape. Jimin noticed this and ran to open the nearest window, letting them shoot up into the sky. The small windstorm of letters was strong enough to get the little hairs on your head to fly up.

Jimin watched with his eyes wide, seemingly amazed with what he was witnessing before him. “Woah,” He gasped as he leaned against the windowsill, “I haven’t seen a ritual in ages!” The wind soon calmed down and everything resumed back to normal.

“Hopefully that worked,” You exhaled.

He smiled, “I’m pretty sure it did.” With that, Jimin said his goodbyes shortly and exited the house, leaving you with just your thoughts.

The next day at school, you noticed Jimin was a little strange. He acted more caring towards you, less like the Jimin you used to know and more like a little boy in the candy store. He didn’t completely change though, the fuck-boy part of him was still there. If an attractive girl passed by, he’d stare but then put his focus on you again. Throughout the whole day, you could feel his eyes burning holes into your back when you had class with him. Even during the times you two were separated, you’d find him waiting outside your classroom, ready to bring you to your next class. “Where to next?” He asked once again.

“Science, Jimin. Science.”

He nodded and grabbed you by the wrist, pulling you to the direction of your next course, “Mr. Kang’s class, right? I have Mrs. Lim right now,” A little part in you actually prefered how possessive he was being with you. The other part of you thought it was a still odd for it to be Jimin’s persona for you. Jimin must’ve noticed you slowing down and lightly tugged at your wrist, “Come on slow poke, we don’t want you to be late to class!” He offered with a crooked smile.

Jimin dropped you off at your new room with a little hug and then walked off to his next class. He did this for the rest of the school day. As nice as he had been to walk around with you around the halls, it seemed a little tedious. He wasn’t acting like the carefree Jimin like how he usually is, instead, he was more careful of his actions around you.

As you were leaving the school campus, Jimin ran to catch up to you, asking to hangout after school as per usual. The walk home was silent but comfortable, his hand brushing upon yours; too frequently for you to pin down to being “accidental”.  He’d smile at you every time his hand just so happened to collide with yours.

Once you reached your house, you unlocked the door and entered the drafty abode, heading to your room. You entered the room and sat on your bed and he followed suit. “Can I try something?” Jimin asked and you raised an eyebrow,

“Okay…as long as it’s nothing stupid go for it” you answered, suspicious of his next move. He grinned a shit eating grin and told you to close your eyes; being the naïve person you are, you listened and hastily fluttered your eyes shut. Feelings nothing, you let out a breath of air that you didn’t know you were holding.

“Jimin what are you-” You were about to ask when he swiftly approached you and suddenly placed his lips on yours. Your eyes snapped open in shock as your arms were about to push him off, but his hands grabbed you by the hips and pulled you closer to him which was all it took for your mind to go black and for you to fall into the impulses. Your eyes fluttered shut and your hands laced into his silver hair, lightly tugging at the locks and he smiled into the kiss.

He broke the kiss briefly and crawled on top of you, reconnecting your lips and deepening the kiss by the new found contact. Your legs wrapped around his hips and your arms around his neck to pull him closer to you. His lips moved against yours at the same pace as your own with a newly felt passion and desire. After about five seconds, his tongue swiped against your lower lip, and a fraction of a moment before you allowed him access to your mouth, it clicked that this was your childhood best friend, the boy you had been through forever with, and you didn’t want to throw it all away in a day’s kindness.

So, you quickly unwrapped your arms from his neck and pushed the palms of your hands against his solid chest, sending him tumbling to the floor. His back hit the floor first with a loud thud. “What was that for?!” He groaned as he stood back up. You rolled off the bed and dusted off all of your clothes before blinking rapidly.

“Why did you…? What…? Okay.” You mumbled more to yourself than him, and picked up the usual books that you looked through and sat down furthest away from Jimin as you could without being considered too suspicious.

“Y/n?” Jimin called out to you, sounding weaker than you had ever heard him; even weaker than the time his supposed best friend punched him in the face and laughed at him in third grade.

“Reading, Jimin.” You pointed to the book say on your lap to dismiss him. Really, your eyes weren’t focused on the words on the page. Your brain was running scans on every single detail of what had just happened. How his fingers gripped you. How you fell into it so easily. How it felt natural but wrong. Everything.

“I’ll leave you to it then…” You didn’t look up to see him stand up and leave your room. But as soon as the door slammed shut, you looked at every spell in the book to see what could have possibly gone wrong with your best friend.

You let out a deep huff and slammed yet another spell book closed. You tossed the book over to the other side of the room, not caring if the pages flew out of the binding. Grabbing another novel from the stacks and stacks of spell manuals. Flipping through the pages, it revealed a ritual. The ritual you performed yesterday. Your eyebrows knitted as you read the description of this hex.

Your eyes widened as you almost screamed, “Not Jimin, definitely not Jimin. He’s probably messing with me. He just wants to mess around with me because he knows I’m desperate!” You tried anything to convince yourself that this wasn’t what it was.

Your heart was racing, and your mind was running around in circles. “This is bad” you thought, “Really bad”

The next day at school, Jimin was a little less put together. His normal fluffy hair was now shaggy and plump lips were as dry as the Sahara Desert. He tried to ignore you for the rest of the day, looking the opposite direction every time your eyes locked for a quick second. Jimin would purposely take a different route than you in the hallways to make sure he wouldn’t accidentally bump into you. A day without Jimin was a boring one to say the least. There wasn’t anyone by your side you make you laugh at the little things. Or to make you scoff at their pure stupidity. You’d hate to admit it, but a life without Jimin was a life you didn’t want to exist in.

As you were taking your time to leave the school building, lost in thought- thinking of what to do next since Jimin was always the one to entertain you after school- a light tap was felt on your shoulder. You snapped your head to look behind you, there you saw a very distraught Jimin. His eyes looked distant yet hopeful as they gazed upon yours.

“Y-Y/n,” He stuttered, “can we talk?”

You nodded, “Sure, what’s up?” You said, though this would sound like a regular conversation between friends, it felt more like talking to a relative you’ve never spoken to before on Thanksgiving.

“I just want to talk about yesterday” He mumbled as his eyes shifted from your face to his feet and finally landing on a nearby pebble on the ground.

Your cheeks started to blush and your ears tinted a light red. “Oh- that” You whispered and soon silence began to consume the both of you.

The horrible void where no eye contact was made, uncomfortable shifting of distributing weight from one leg to another and the unfamiliar distance between the two of you. “So,” he started to say, “listen, I’m really sorry about that, it’s just that-”

“Jimin” You cut him off.

“Yeah?” He responded, shoving his hands into his pockets and making eye contact before placing his eyes on his shoes, focusing on them.

“Shut up”


Once again, silence drowned the both of you. You groaned, “Come on Jimin, let’s head back to my house.” Without a word, he nodded and started walking, grabbing your hand and interlacing your fingers as he was about to pass you. He knew the directions to your home; even if he was miles away, he could still probably figure out how to reach your house before he could figure out how to find his own.

You didn’t try to unlace your fingers while you walked, you just accepted the fact that he was walking down the street holding your hand. You kept telling yourself that it was like how you were as children when you held hands, though it was easy to trick your mind, your heart wouldn’t budge.

One you arrived to your house and welcomed him in, you both sat on the cushion filled couch. Jimin sat with a large gap between you; body stiff. You groaned, “Just relax Jimin, it was one little kiss okay? Let’s just think of it like that”

He nodded but nonetheless stayed firm as if a rod was shoved up his back. You felt the thick tension in the air and opened your mouth to speak once more but he cut you off, “Did it mean anything to you?” He abruptly asked. You looked at him shocked,

“E-Excuse me?”

“Did the kiss mean anything to you Y/N” Jimin asked again but his voice was more assertive, it was your turn to act awkward, and you didn’t answer for a long time, you did try to answer but the syllables did not want to form and nothing would flow out of your mouth.

“I-uh-well” Was all you could manage. You turned your head to look at him, his eye bore into you, they looked cold and distant. “Well-uh” You started again.

“Don’t do this to me Y/N, just answer the goddamn question” he said as he started to grow impatient.

“Where is this bad temper coming from? It’s just a silly little kiss Jimin it shouldn’t mean that much to you! You kiss girls all the time! Why am I any different?” Your face hardened and his eyebrows knitted together.

“I just want to know if the kiss meant anything to you and here you are, tongue tied!” He exclaimed.

“Jimin it shouldn’t mean anything! We’re just friends! That’s all we’re ever going to be and you know that! Why the fuck does it matter to you?” You shouted back, growing furious with his outburst. Almost turning defensive.

His face softened and he looked away, “Just friends huh?” He spoke softly, “I see how it is”

Jimin slowly rose to his feet and started to make his way to the exit. You followed after him and reached for him. “No wait, hold on” You called out and he roughly brushed your hand off him.

“Stop it Y/N, I got the answer I was looking for, I just didn’t know it would hurt this much” He stated harshly.

You stood there, looking stunned at his words as he left your house. And no matter how many minutes passed, you still couldn’t believe the words that left his lips.

Weeks had passed after that argument and you’ve never felt more like an outcast than you ever did in your life. You’d see Jimin’s face around the halls and every now and again you’d see different girls locking lips with him in the hallways or holding his small hands. It felt almost as if he were taunting you.

One day when school ended and you were making your way to your locker to put away all the books you were carrying, there was Jimin, making out with a girl on the locker next to you somewhat on top of your own. “Excuse me” You stated, but they didn’t hear you. “Excuse me!” You said but louder this time, still no response. You rolled your eyes and moved closer to them, shoving them away from your cubby.

You must’ve shoved them hard because the girl landed on the floor whining for Jimin to help her up. While using Jimin’s hand as aid, she continuously complained.

“Ugh some people just have no respect for others these days” She whined and got on her feet. She turned to you and crossed her arms, “Ahem!” she huffed. She only received silence from your end. Again she tried with a louder ahem but there was no difference in your answer. She scoffed and rolled her eyes before uncrossing her skinny arms and moving towards you to shove you how you did to her.

The minute she put her hands on your arms, Jimin stepped in between you and lightly pushed her away.

“Don’t touch her” He spat out and her personality did a complete turn around.

She puffed out her cheeks and pouted, “But Jiminie! All I wanted to do was give her a little shove! She pushed me first and I wanted her attention”

Jimin’s face remained unchanged at her attempt to woo him. “I don’t give two shits, don’t touch her” He grumbled.

She stared at him with astonishment, “Do you know who you’re talking to? I’m the most popular girl in school! I could ruin your social life!” She cried and he rolled his eyes for what seemed to be the hundredth time that day. “Do it, I dare you. Let’s see what happens because I can guarantee you no one will listen”

She glared at him, “Are you testing me? You really don’t know what you’re messing with” She muttered and he laughed, “Oh I’m so scared. Do yourself a favor sweetheart and leave or else you won’t like what’s going to happen to you”

“You’ll be sorry Park Jimin!” She shouted as she turned to leave, stomping away. Jimin turned to face you, and his cold hard features softened when his eyes landed upon your face, but he quickly shifted his gaze.

“Thanks for that Jimin” You whispered as you placed your books in the locker and lightly closed it. “What are you saying thank you for?” He quizzically asked and you deeply sighed, “For, you know… ahh you know what forget it. It’s too embarrassing to say out loud”

Jimin smiled, his eyes crinkled at the corners and his cheeks blushed, “Oh, that. It was nothing really… You’re still my best friend so I-uh wanted to defend you” You smiled as well and looked at your shoes, having nothing to say. He broke the silence, “Were still friends right? I mean, I don’t ever want to lose you and I know you don’t really see me as the way I would want you to see me… but I hope we can still be friends!” He giddily said.

As you were about to open your mouth to answer, you stopped mid-action and brought up a question instead of an answer, “What did you say?” You stated, “I don’t see you the way you would want me to see you? Does that mean what I think it means?”

He shook his head and replied, “If you’re thinking of us being anything other than mega best friends you’re wrong”

“Oh” Was all you responded with feeling a tiny part of your heart break.

“I’m kidding! You know what I mean… girlfriend and boyfriend; dating, y’know”

You smacked him lightly on the chest, “Oh my god you’re such an idiot. How could you do that to my heart?”

He squinted his eyes at you and leaned in close, “If you keep acting this cute, I’m afraid that I’m going to have to officially ask you out on a date” He muttered. Your heart leaped and your stomach was twisting and turning, “Well maybe I want you to ask me out” You teased and he grinned.

“Y/N, would you do me the gracious honor and go on a date with my pathetic self who is unworthy of your love?” He inquired.

You nodded and threw your arms around his neck, holding him close like never before. After a while, you let go and so did he. Jimin stared deeply into your eyes and leaned in slowly for a kiss, his eye fluttering closed. You grinned and began leaning in, but instead of kissing him, you smacked him on the cheek with a nice loud sound. He rapidly opened his eyes and put his and on the now red imprint on his face.

“What was that for!?” He exclaimed.

“For being a shitty person to me all week” You shrugged and removed his hand from his face, replacing it with your lips. Once done with the small peck, you stared at him and lifted one eyebrow, “Aren’t you scared about what’s going to happen to your social life? She does have a lot of connections”

Jimin groaned, “Oh her, don’t worry about her. A little magic can help”

“And what do you plan on doing?”

“Just a little spell that’ll shut her up for a long time” He grinned at his devious plan and you shook your head in disapproval. “Alright we’ve been in this building for too long, let’s get out of here and go on that date I promised you, alright?” Jimin said as he placed an arm around you and made his way to exit the building.

As you were leaving the school campus, a spell popped into your mind, “Jimin?” You called out, he responded with a hum. “Do you remember that ritual I performed when you were at my house? You didn’t happen to feel anything did you? Like you’re not taking me on a date out of nowhere right?” You catechized and he chuckled,

“You think I asked you out because of a stupid love spell? Sure the spell helped with the process but I wanted to just play around before we got together because I already knew that the minute we started dating, you would be my last love. I’ve been planning to ask you out anyways” He confessed.

That was enough reassurance for the rest of the eternity and who knew, maybe you and Jimin would last.

i was going through my twitter followers and just realized that my best friend in preschool has been following me since 2012 and these are his only tweets

anonymous asked:

Hello!! Your blog is hella cute omg (🌺><)~<3 was wondering if you did HCs for Vanderwood? One with his son (whose name is Aiken, cuz it seemed pretty fitting with his father's name lol Aiken=oak in old English), and Aiken is like super rational and 24/7 brutally-honest like his dad but he also has the polite and sweet side to him like MC. :3

Ur the cute one anon


  • Aiken was such a responsible kid
  • MC says he’s a adult in a child’s body 
  • Such a germaphobe tho
  • MC lowkey loves it the house is so clean cause of Vanderwood and Aiken 
  • Him and his dad are so alike 
  • MC thinks they have some psychic connection
  • they finish each other’s sentences 
  • He didn’t have many friends in preschool 
  • but b o i in high school he was that cool mysterious kid 
  • legit has a fanclub 
  • probably friends with Seven’s kid
  • Blunt Buddies™

~Admin Petty 

anyways so whiskey’s mom is brazilian and his dad is chilean, here’s several bulletpoints about this important matter
  • his parents both moved to the US for college; his dad for undergrad and his mom for grad school
    • they are……… very academically minded, to say the least
    • telling your preschooler about what it’ll be like when he’s in grad school is not putting too much pressure on him, obviously, don’t be ridiculous
    • “practical, efficient, probably hereditary” GOD, way too close to the bone, dude, oh my god
  • he’s named andrés after his uncle on his dad’s side; sometimes his mom gives him terrible portuguese names for hell of it
    • “Assunção, pass the salt” is a running gag
    • they’re more than a little horrified when he starts going by ‘drew’ because he says it’s easier
      • “no one remembers to write it with the accent, and they can’t say it anyways” “carry a pen around and fix it then”
  • he really is just naturally shy, but some of it is also culture shock?
    • he gets around okay, but it’s just. there’s things he doesn’t get sometimes, you know?
      • he gets cultural references but he’s always a step behind the other kids
      • even when he was little, like in preschool, his best friend would bring in a ninja turtles backpack, and whiskey wouldn’t know the character, and his friend would be trying to play but first he’d have to explain the whole idea of a turtle that’s also a superhero
        • it was fun, eventually, but it’s….. not quite the same, hearing about things from someone else
      • he learns to just listen, a lot. he figures stuff out eventually.
    • it’s not that he has to translate for his parents, but. 
      • they’re not really. a whole lot of help with cultural stuff.
        • like, they can talk academically about the important cultural issues that affect the united states political system for hours, but… ten year old whiskey tries to explain that everyone else has a gameboy, and they just stare at him
          • everyone?” “yeah” “why?” “mamãe,” “andrés, do they not read books? can they read books? can you ask them if they own a book?” “maMÃE”
      • also…. school.
        • oh my god, school.
          • they can talk about history for hours but the stories they tell him are……… very much not the stories he hears in school
            • “Andrés, tell Ms. Jones that her pilgrim friends were colonialists”
  • Andrés is the oldest and is very much The Guinea Pig Baby
    • they can’t figure out what activities US kids usually do so they just sign him up for everything
      • he plays every sport for at least half a year
        • they signed him up for hockey to like ??? see what would happen???
          • if you were in a foreign country and someone offered to let your kindergartner slide around on ice while wearing several pillows as crash pads, you would take that opportunity too. god.
            • they didn’t realize he would just like…….. decide to move into the rink, okay. that part wasn’t really part of the plan. they didn’t mean for him to live there.
      • he took ceramics classes for six years because that…. seemed like A Thing That Children Do. they own no less than thirty-seven bowls in various states of lumpiness. his dad won’t let anyone throw any of them out. “they’re all perfect!” he says, adamant. “oh my god, pá, really. this one literally wobbles when you put it on the table.”
    • whiskey’s youngest sister is the first one in the family to ever actually get grounded
      • by god, there is some yelling about sexism
      • “THE ONLY REASON ANDRÉS NEVER GOT GROUNDED IS BECAUSE HE’S A BOY” “we grounded andrés when he was eight, you don’t remember it; my friend amy at work suggested it. we didn’t know what it meant so he just laid on the ground for an hour and made mad faces at us.” 
        • “i’m gonna find her when she’s printing stuff and ask some more questions” - whiskey’s mom circa ten years ago