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Oh snap??

Holy crap??? All the papers have been signed?? We’re totally gonna buy the house across from my friccn?? Bestie?? Is this real life??

Holy crap???? I guess I’ll be absent for awhile??? Hgkfldlskshao I’m so excited??

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Nath, age 13. He was always home alone, except for his sister now who had been on medical leave from the Marines. He walked over to his best friend since preschool and hugged her tight. But something was different about him today.
“I lost my last tooth last night Mari,” he said excitedly, “Dani said the tooth fairy gives a big amount of money for a kids last tooth!”

He smiled to show off his lower right canine was missing. But that wasnt all. He had on. Make up.

“How was your night Mari! Dani said you could come over today!”

13 years ago was the first time I ever saw a BJD. My friend since preschool got into them, and would bring them the few times I would see her a year (we used to live close but she moved to another state 17 years ago). The price tag kept me from joining the hobby. About 2 years ago I finally got a doll. I have 4 SDs now I would love to show her. But I haven’t seen her for almost a decade and I fear that, other than dolls, we may not have much in common anymore and I am afraid to contact her…

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a - age: 19
b - birthplace: Alberta, Canada 
c- current time: 8:45 pm
d - drink you last had: Coke Zero 
e - easiest person to talk to: @malec-stylinson , without a doubt. (we’ve been best friends since preschool) 
f - favorite song: Constantly changes, but today I’m really feeling What Do I Know? by Ed Sheeran 
g- grossest memory: I have many, but the first one I thought of is when I was in junior high. We had a group project in math where we had to make a cake for some reason (it wasn’t pi day though) and my group ending up making too much icing… and I decided to eat it all. It was BAD.
h - horror yes or horror no: Horror yes to a tv series if im alone, horror no if im not. And horror yes to a movie if im with friends, horror no if im alone. I’m weird, I know. 
i - in love?: With multipe fictional characters and their actors, sure. In the real world? nope
j - jealous of people?: Not usually. 
k - killed someone?: Do fictional characters of my own making count? if not then no. 
l - love at first sight or should I walk by again: I don’t think its possible to fall in love with someone the first time you see them, but then again I’ve never been in love or had a romantic relationship of any sort so who am I to judge what other people may or may not feel. I just know I won’t be falling in love at first sight. 
m - middle name: sarah joy
n - number of siblings: 3, although I only talk to 2. 
o - one wish: to figure out what makes me happy and roll with it, I guess.
p - person you called last: My dad
q - question you’re always asked: “Is that your natural hair colour?”
r - reason to smile: Emma Watson’s Buzzfeed Kitten Interview. 
s - song you sang last: perfect by Ed Sheeran
t - time you woke up: 8:30 am
u - underwear color: black 
v - vacation destination: I’ve always wanted to go to Australia or somewhere in the UK.
w - worst habit: constantly confused about everything. 
x - x-rays: Two. I broke my arm twice in seventh grade 
y - your favorite food: I’m the pickiest eater on the planet sadly, but cheese pizza, alfeado pasta and any/all seafood win ever time. 
z - zodiac sign: Libra, which is accurate because im indecisive af. 

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sometimes i remember how much of a fucking stereotypical gemini i am like….when I was like 7 i had just moved back to utah with my grandparents while my mom was deployed to iraq or korea or somewhere and i had no friends so i convinced this girl that we had been best friends in preschool (i was in texas in preschool) and we were best friends until i left and moved back to hawaii 

playground love | [ luke hemmings smut ]

summary: based on these blurbs; best-friends-with-benefits luke

words: 3.7k

notes: hey y'all. i know i haven’t written anything in ages, but this had been sitting half-finished on my computer forever and i had some extra time because of the holidays so here it is!

It wasn’t normal.

Or, maybe it was. But it sure as hell didn’t feel normal.

It didn’t feel normal to invite your best friend since preschool over to watch a movie and maybe get lunch, and then end up with your hand stuffed down his pants and his lips on your neck.

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anonymous asked:

Lanzo, who are your best friends?

        for the sake of this question , i’ll exclude love interests from this , since anyone who becomes his s/o is automatically his number one best friend and i’ve rambled a lot abt them , so i’ll just say he’s single for this ask !!

        for lanzo , declaring someone a best friend means he’s one hundred percent comfortable disclosing the gritty , intimate details surrounding how he’d lost his right eye . anyone else , he’d just wave off the question and pass it off as an unfortunate childhood injury , but to these four people , he would tell the truth if they asked . 

        aito matusoka ( @engxneer​ , friends since preschool ) , eileen casey ( @faillte, most recent but the first to know about his eye injury ) , tiffany tran ( @lvmier , queerplatonic ) , hachirou ( @minugahanax , also in group friendship with aito .  )

        in short : it’s ridiculously easy to befriend him , but best friends is a whole new level …

mintysquid replied to your post “my brother was almost named Turner before my mom realized that we live…”

When I was in third grade, the teachers “auctioned” school supplies that previous students had left behind (the class had a paper-money-for-good-behavior system), and the only thing I bid on was a pencil box that had “Timmy Turner” written on it in Sharpie

you were an excellent child.

a strange epilogue to my previous post: when my brother was in preschool, his best friend’s name was actually Turner. clearly these names kind of… cosmically belong near each other


This time, he had been careless. He had considered everything that went wrong with the last test, and what could go wrong this time. For starters, he was not letting these escape. No one would be getting out.
But he really was not expecting anyone to come in. So the front door was locked. The back… not so much.

Porfirio quickly dropped the knife he was holding and turned around to stare at the intruder in surprise. Out of context, it probably looked like he had brutally murdered a preschooler and his friends, but that was definitely not the case. Sure, there was the weapon and the blood and the unusual amount of dead bodies, not to mention he was hunched over holding a dying child by the shirt, but this was totally no cold-blooded murder. More of a favor, actually. If it worked out, they would be thanking him. No one had to die. Except maybe this guy.

He swiftly dropped what he was holding and stood up straight to face him with a strange smile. “…Halo! E-ehem, I promise this is not as bad as it looks.”
Kind of a hard promise to make in a bloody lab coat. Wait, how much had he seen?

“If you could go back in time to ten years ago, is there something you would want to change?”
“I wish I had kept in touch with my childhood friends… Since I moved when I was in elementary school, contact with my preschool and elementary school friends was completely cut off. At that time, we didn’t have cell phones or anything like that, so there was no way to contact each other. It’s a shame, because I feel as if the memories I have from when I used to run and frolic about in my innocence have since disappeared. I can find them on Facebook now, but I can’t contact them. Because I worry about different things like, ‘Will they remember me? If I contact them, what is there to talk about?’ ”

“10년 전으로 돌아간다면 바꾸고 싶은 게 있나요?”
“어릴 때 친구들이랑 계속 연락하고 지냈다면… 초등학교 때 이사를 하면서 유치원, 초등학교 다 같이 다니던 친구들과 연락이 딱 끊겼어요. 그때는 핸드폰 이런 것도 없으니까 연락할 방법도 없었죠. 순수하게 뛰어놀던 그 때의 친구들이 없어진 것 같아서 아쉬움이 남아요. 페이스북 찾아보면 나오긴 하는데 연락은 못하겠더라고요. ‘얘는 나를 기억하고 있을까? 그리고 연락을 한다면 무슨 얘기를 해야 하지?’ 하는 걱정 때문에.”

So I've got this friend...

He’s a great guy, and we’re really close. We’ve been friends since preschool. He’s one of those people who jokes around a lot, but at the end of the day, I know that he will ALWAYS be there if I need him.

He’s even my brother-in-law because he’s married to my wife’s little sister. His kids and my kids are cousins.


He calls colorless mana “waste mana” and nothing I say can get him to change… and, you know…

I mean, you THINK you know a person…