Good Vibrations (Harry Wells x Reader)

Rating: M (smut)

Summary: After an escaped meta accidentally gives Harry incredible speed, you are both sure to put these newly acquired powers to the test. In the best way possible.

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Pure Evil

Anonymous said:

Peter pan fanfic where yn is the most feared villain of all time and he takes an interest on her bc EVIL 😅😂

50shadesofpetals said:

Hey 🌸 Can you do an imagine where Pan is dating you, but he discovers through one of the younger boys that Felix likes you. And Peter confronts Felix about it, and kills him, in front of you? 😊 I hope that’s an okay idea?

Warning/s: dark reader and dark pan


Summary: you’re the most feared villain

Character: Peter Pan

Y/N laughed as the woman in front of her begged for her daughter’s life. “Just spare my daughter’s life, please!” the woman shouted. Y/N pouted mockingly. “Sorry, lady. But I don’t make exceptions.” Y/N waved her hand as the woman and her daughter fell to the ground, lifeless. Y/N chuckled darkly and disappeared into thin air.

Y/N is known as the most evil of them all. She’s more evil than the Evil Queen and the dark one. Everyone is afraid of her because she’s basically the most powerful in all the realms. Her history with the sorcerer and the very first dark one isn’t very appealing. For the sorcerer and the dark one, that is.

Y/N’s appearance isn’t exactly suitable for her personality because when you look at her, all you will see is an innocent teenage girl. You wouldn’t expect her to be the terrifying, evil one.

Being the most evil person can be pretty hard. People begging for their lives, others asking for your help for something stupid. There’s even this one point where the dark one asked you to join forces with him which you happily declined, causing for him to grow an unbearable hatred towards you. But being the most evil one can be also quite entertaining because you wouldn’t expect a demon to take an interest towards you.

Yes, a demon has taken an interest in you. A demon that goes by the name ‘Peter Pan’. No one has ever tried flirting with you, because they were all scared, so when Peter Pan asked you to have dinner with him on his island, you politely agreed.

That dinner happened a long time ago and what you and Peter have now is quite confusing. You didn’t exactly accept him to be your lover and when he asked why, you just answered with “Not just because I ate dinner with you, doesn’t mean I want to be with you”. But you did stay on Neverland. You wanted to give him a try. You wanted to see what he’s capable of.

All you ever did with him was flirt and maybe some teasing which he loved because it ‘shows off your dark side’. Not that your dark side isn’t already showing.

There’s this one day though. The day where Peter finally impressed you. He made it clear that he’s capable to do anything for you.

Felix, Peter’s right hand man, apparently had a ‘crush’ on you. The younger lost boys knew about it and told Peter about it. Peter wasn’t exactly happy to hear that news. He didn’t want any competition when it comes to you so he did what was needed to be done.

He called Felix and confronted him in front of you. You could see the nervousness raging through the poor boy’s body. You enjoyed the scene in front of you though. You smirked as Peter asked Felix if what the younger lost boys said was true. When Felix nodded, Peter shoved his hand in Felix’s chest, gripping his heart tightly causing the boy to fall on his knees.

“Next time, don’t try to go against me.” Peter crushed the heart and smirked.

“Oh.. I guess there wouldn’t be any next time then” he chuckled darkly and turned towards you.

Your smirk turned into a genuine smile.

“Feisty.. I like it” you whispered. Peter’s face lit up as he walked over to you.

“Really?” he asked.

“Yeah..” you smiled, leaning closer to his face.

“Did you somehow change your opinion about me then?” he asked, leaning closer to your face.

“Indeed” you closed the space and kissed him deeply, him smirking against your lips as he used his hands to pull you closer to his body, loving the body heat that was coming from you.

Needless to say, the both of you became the most feared couple in the entire realms, always succeeding in every mission you two has faced. Peter was the best thing that happened to you and you to him.

note: lol @ this .. anyways.. i hope you liked this one! thanks for the request and all.. :3

I feel like I’m slightly beginning to write smut lmao

but i dont :P

Requests are OPEN yo!


Request; Poly!YoonMin Texts

-also you didn’t need to supply a situation lovely it just ends up taking a little longer when there isn’t one. I ended up just making weird little relationship texts cause this is just how i see yoongi and chim being if they were in a relationship :p
requests open ;; masterlist

Everything’s Fine Pt. 2 (Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader)

Warnings/Triggers: Cursing, Angst? IDK

AUs: None

Time Period: Modern

Notes: Nne :P

Requested: An Anon asked for part 2, so here you go!

Tags: None

 Hope you enjoy!

If there’s a warning I need to add, please let me know! I want you to feel safe and comfortable reading my stories! Thanks!

Part 1

It had been a month. One month of seeing them in the halls of the apartment, or at the store. But you had never spoken. Not since the day on the roof.

You had spent the last month trying to get your mind of them. You had jumped from different one night stands at clubs, none of which helped. You were still up at night, thinking about them. How can you make that feeling just vanish?

You sat with your head on Eliza’s lap as she stroked your hair.

“Y/N, you can’t daydream about them forever. You need to talk to them!” She coaxed, finally sitting you up.

“Eliza! Of course I want to but, Alex…” You said, suddenly finding the floor interesting.

Eliza sighed, “I know. How about we get some cupcakes? There’s a bakery down the street and I know Angelica and Peggy would love to come!” She smiled at you, lifting your chin up to meet her eyes.

You smiled, you did love the bakery. They had the best cookies in existence. Maybe just an hour or two. Maybe that’d help get your mind of them.

How wrong you were. As you got out of Angelica’s car, you heard Peggy’s voice from behind you.

“Oh boy, don’t look now Y/N.” She grabbed your shoulder, gesturing to behind her.

You slightly spun your head, hoping to catch a glimpse of whatever was distracting her. Although you couldn’t get a view without turning around, a certain french accent made it clear who was there.

“Y/N? Why are you here mon amour?” He said, being the first to spot you. You tensed up at his nickname for you. His voice hadn’t distracted the rest of the group from talking, however. Alex was still going on about something or other.

“Laf. Hey. We were going to get some cookies or something.” You said, noticing his expression sadden a bit.

“Oh, I see. We were walking to the coffee shop. You should join us if you have time. You may not want to, but we miss you mon chaton.” He smiled a bit, his sleeve getting tugged by John as they walked away. You watched them leave and figured that he must have told the boys. Alex froze for a second, before whipping his head around and staring at you.

You tried to avoid meeting his eyes. You couldn’t talk to him. You were the one that left, you chose this. So why did you regret every second of it?

“Wait! Maybe we should join you!” Peggy said. You loved the girl, but this was one time where you just wanted to go home.

Lafayette whipped around, staring at her with a smile. He waved your group over as you stayed in the back and groaned.

Peggy ran after the boys, followed by a rather energetic Eliza. Angelica stayed with you for a minute.

“If they try anything, I will bitch slap everyone one of them.” Said she, a smirk on her face. This girl always knew what to say.

You and Angelica had trailed behind the group. The occasional glance from John told you to join the others, but you could face Alex. Was that what he really thought?

He kept your eyes on you feet before noticing that Angelica had stopped beside you. You looked up to see the cafe in front of you. Angelica dragged you through the doors, settling at a table in the corner.

After what seemed like an eternity, Eliza dragged her sisters off to get drinks for the group. Half of you thanked her but the other half was furious that they left you alone. 

What are you doing here? This won’t work. Just go home.

“You alright?” John’s voice took you  straight out of your thoughts as he looked at you, Herc beside him. You stared into his eyes for a few seconds, before realizing what you were doing. You looked at all the boys, they all looked at you with the same concerned look. Except Alex. You looked at him for what felt like forever, before finally looking down. 

“Y/N, we’re sorry.”


Tears had gathered up in his eyes already, threatening to spill. The sight almost made you cry too.

“I didn’t mean it. I love you and I-I said some fucking stupid things and I understand if you hate me, but please don’t be mad at everyone else? They tried to stop me, but I was too stubborn, I—” You cut him off with your giggles.

“What? Did I do something wrong Y/N?” He looked at you, the tears finally spilling down his cheeks as he desperately reached for your hand.

“No, I’m not mad. It was my fault too. I’m sorry.” You didn’t notice the tears on your cheek until Laf reached over and wiped them off your face.

John wrapped his arms around you, staining your shirt with his tears. The other people in the cafe probably thought you were insane, but at that point you didn’t care. You all had tears pouring down your faces. A month without each other really does some damage.

“Well, well, well. Look what we have here.” Angelica said, taking her seat at the end of the table. “Back together finally?” She said, nudging your shoulder. You nodded, leaning into John.

You almost jumped out of your seat when you heard a squeal.

Eliza had placed the coffee cups down and hugged Peggy (Who looked rather surprised).

“You know what this means?!” She said, Peggy trying to calm her down. “We can all have a movie night!” She screeched, this time at a slightly lower volume than previously.

You all laughed, Alex looked across the table to you, a sad smile gracing his face. You met his eyes with a cheery smile, instantly comforting you both.

anonymous asked:

Can ask for komaru with miaya, syo, and touko please? Fluffy stuffs??

You can indeed ^^ Here you go :P

Request: Komaru, Miaya, Syo and Toko Fluff

Komaru Naegi:

- She always has things to fangirl about

- “S/O - san! Look!”

- She holds up a magazine showing an interview with a celebrity

- “Aren’t they the best? Also! I have a coupon I can use in the bookstore now!”

- You let out a little laugh as she literally jumps up and down

- “Come with me! Please please pleaseeeee”

- You pat the top of her head before taking hold of her hand

- “Better hurry then, they’re closing soon”

- She gives you a quick kiss on the cheek before pulling you towards the bookstore

- After your little trip is over, the two of you sit on the sofa

- You’re watching TV whilst she’s reading, her head on your lap

- “Hey, S/O - san”

- “What is it?”

- She smiles up at you

- “I love you!”

- A faint blush appears on your cheeks before you start stroking her hair

- “I-I love you too…”

Miaya Gekkogahara:

- You never actually heard her speak but you didn’t mind at all

- She was usually typing away on her laptop but whenever she looked up and your eyes met, she’d lower her scarf and smile at you

- You always loved it when she came over and sat on your lap, it would always end up with a cuddle session

- Your favourite thing to do was to kiss the top of her head and murmur that you love her, she would always blush at that

- She was a hard worker, so you’d often find her snoozing on her desk

- You would always either wrap a blanket around her or carefully carry her to bed

- She would repay you by preparing the meals and often arrange them into cute patterns such as a smiley face 

- How are you so cute :’)

- If the two of you went out for a walk, she’d often tug you towards the nearest bench before proceeding to wrap her scarf around the two of you

Genocider Syo:

- You’re not gonna lie

- Being in a relationship with her was rather… Chaotic

- And she also always had cute nicknames for you e.g. Slowpoke

- You found out that she actually had a counterpart that was the complete opposite to her

- Nonetheless, you were still in love with her

- She would often make jokes (even though you didn’t get some of them) 

- When it came to affection it was rather… Random

- One day she would shower you with kisses whilst on other days she would hold up her scissors at you if you got any closer than arms-length

- One night when the two of you were cuddling she broke away from you and looked at you with a serious expression

- “Why didn’t you run away yet?”

- “Excuse me?”

- “Think about it Slowpoke! I’m a serial killer!”

- “I don’t deny that… You did a lot of bad but… I got to know you, both of you, and for some reason, I simply can’t allow myself to leave you”

- She lets out her famous laugh before pulling you into a hug

- “S/O you’re lucky you’re cute, but awfully stupid bwahahahahha”

Toko Fukawa:

- Unlike her counterpart she usually makes… Assumptions

- “Y-You’re just dating m-me out of pity r-right? I’m right aren’t I?!”

- “Huh?”

- “Don’t a-act dumb!”

- “Fukawa - san, do you really think I’d date you if I didn’t like you? That’s.. Not how it works… You write romance novels you should know that!”

- You compliment her as much as you possibly can and make sure to tell her that you think she’s amazing

- “Y-Yeah right…”

- “It’s true Fukawa - san! Afterall… I have no reason to lie”

- “… Want to… Read a part of my… New work?”

- “I would love to!”

- You pull her onto your laptop and kiss her cheek before beginning to read

- No wonder she has best selling books, this is amazing!

- You make sure to point out all your favourite parts, even  sneaking in some of your suggestions on what could happen in the future

- “I-Idiot… That’s not like the character at all!”

- She puts it in anyway

Dying To Be Alive - Pietro Maximoff Imagine

A/N: hello again, dearies! I am back with another request! a Pietro Maximoff request! :D hope you guys like it! sorry for the wait :P

Anonymous said: Can you do oneshot about Pietro and reader where reader is Tony’s sister (but she isn’t much like him. She is shy and quiet but kind, so everyone on the team likes her, she likes reading and is a lot in libery or lab, she never date someone or have her first kiss, she has got healing powers) when Pietro gets shot by Ultron she heals him but loses lot of energie and blacked out. When she wakes up Tony throws party and Pietro gets jealus when Steve flirts with reader and admit his love to her.

a quick thanks to @gold-moonlight for basically listening to me rambling about this imagine for hours till the morning! you’re awesome!

Disclaimer: I don’t own The Avengers :D

Your name: submit What is this?

Dying To Be Alive

(Y/N) was walking silently through the aisles of the library at the Stark tower. She needed a quiet place to think. She had thought about having a very lovely afternoon in the lab working with her brother Tony and with Bruce. But all that went downhill when a stupid debate was made. ‘Who is smarter?’ The two scientists were on the point to start throwing things at each other so she decided it was best to leave when they put her in the middle. She decided to grab some books and make her way back to her room.

As she walked with about seven books in her hand it was only logical for her to trip on something. When she did, she closed her eyes waiting for the impact on the floor but instead, she felt a light breeze to her right and two strong arms holding her while the books fell on the ground.

“Well, I believe you just fell for me, prinţesă” she heard a voice she knew well; too well. (Y/N) opened her eyes to reveal Pietro Maximoff. She immediately felt her cheeks turning red as he helped her up. “Are you alright?”

“Uh- um, I’m fine- th-thanks” she managed to say with a small smile.

“You’re welcome” Pietro said winking at her. “You shouldn’t be carrying this many books” he said picking some of them as (Y/N) picked the rest and taking them away from her so he was carrying them now.

“Right” she said putting a strand of hair behind her ear. “I just um- couldn’t really pick just one” she told him.

“Well, then I’ll help you” he offered.

“Oh, that’s ok, you don’t have to do that” she said shyly.

“I don’t mind” Pietro said not letting her get the books back.

“Um, well- thanks” she said shyly as they started walking.

“Were you going to the lab?”

“No!” she said a bit too quickly. “Sorry I just… sort of escaped from it for the afternoon” she admitted making Pietro laugh a little.

“Well, I was actually just about to go to the kitchen to get something to drink if you care to join me” he said flashing her that beautiful smile she could never say no to.

“Um, I uh- I um- hah, uh s-sure” she managed to stutter out. Pietro smiled back at her and the two of them walked to the kitchen in comfortable silence.

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Bad News

A/N: I lied I think I’m going to go back to posting once a day. :p

Request: You’re stiles sister and Theo likes to flirt with you around the pack and stiles always gets angry because you flirt back. Then one day stiles catches you guys making out and attacks Theo

I forged through my locker trying to find a pen. Having lent most of mine out, I was down to a broken pencil with no eraser and a hot pink gel pen. Something told me my chemistry teacher wouldn’t appreciate all my work for the day being turned in in pink. Down the hall to my right, I heard a familiar laugh. I glanced up from my search to see my brother, Stiles, and our friends down the hall. My brother and I were the only humans in all supernatural wolf pack, that often saved the town from evil. Currently, we had two enemies. A group of scientists that call themselves the Doctors, and most recently a pack of chimeras(man-made half supernatural half humans). Their leader being a boy called Theo Raeken. He was conniving, deceiving, and strikingly handsome. The deadliest of combinations. Although the others disliked Theo, I couldn’t help but flirt with him when he talked to me. Stiles was always red in the face with anger over it.

 I waved to the pack, and held a finger up telling them I’d be there in just a minute. I went back to looking in my locker, finally finding one of my brother’s half chewed pencils and knew that’d have to do. I tossed it into my bag and shut my locker. I jumped when Theo muscular figure surprised me from behind it. He smiled, dazzling me it took me a little to long to respond. 

“Hey Gorgeous.” He said.

“Theo,” I blushed. “You scared me.” 

He pulled his backpack that was hanging by one strap on his shoulder tighter and chuckled. “I’m sorry, I was trying to surprise you.”

“Well you did!” I slapped his toned chest gently.

He flexed as I hit him and chuckled again. “What are you doing later?”

I furrowed my brow in concentration trying to remember if I had anything planned for the afternoon. 

“Homework, and that’s pretty much it.” I noticed him looking down the hallway a smirk smug on his face. I started to turn my head to see what was more interesting than our conversation, but he grabbed my chin with his thumb and index finger pulling it up to face him. He had another breath taking smile on his face, mesmerizing me.

“You’re so beautiful, you know that?”

I watched as his face closed in on mine and it felt like a million years before he was centimeters away from my lips. I could feel his sweet breath on them, luring me in.

“Y/N!” Stiles’s voiced boomed from behind me shaking me from my trance. I pulled back from Theo slightly closing my eyes.

“Raincheck, Raeken.” I smiled before spinning around and walking towards my friends. I nibbled on the inside of my cheek, trying to hide my bliss from them as I join their conversation.

“Hey guys.” I smiled still drunk off Theo. Stiles glared at me and I rolled my eyes. 

“What, Brother?”

“Why do you encourage him?” he asked annoyed.

“What do you mean?” I said defensively.

“What do you mean?” he mocked.

“Okay!” Lydia sang looping her arm with mine. “I’m starved. Let’s grab lunch.” She pulled me away from my brother before our words could turned deadly.

We all sat together at the lunch table talking about the lacrosse game that evening. Scott, Liam, Kira, and my brother were all on the team together so it was a big deal among our group. 

“Can we actually get pizza time after the game?” Malia whined.

“Yeah!” Liam said mouth full of mashed potatoes.

“Oh my gosh, let’s get pizza and then hang at our house!” I squealed. “My dad wouldn’t mind if we had a few people over.”

“We can’t have a party, Y/N.” Stiles scolded.

“It’s not a party, stupid. It’s small get together amongst friends.” The pack knew me better than that, like my best friend Lydia I jumped at the sight of an opportunity to have a party.

“Come on, Stiles. I’ll personally assure she doesn’t invite anyone else.” Lydia smiled at Stiles and I knew he’d agree to anything she asked. 

“Fine!” Stiles huffed in agreement. Lydia smiled at him again, and I knew he was melting on the inside. She scooted back in her chair from the table and picked up her lunch tray with the remaining scraps of her lunch on it.

“Thanks big brover!” I beamed as I copied Lydia. She walked from the table carrying her tray towards the garbage cans, and I followed her.

“How are am I going to invite more people if you promised I wouldn’t?” I asked her as we reached the trash cans dumping our food out and placing them on the stack of dirty trays.

“I said you wouldn’t invite anyone, I didn’t say anything about me.” I laughed high five-ing the cleverness of my best friend.

“Invite anyone to what?” His warm voice said from behind me. I blushed instantly, and looked over my shoulder at Theo. I pivoted my body to form a sort of circle with him and Lydia. 

“I’m having a party at my house tonight after the game. Wanna come?” I asked coolly. 

“Anything for you.” He grinned just as the bell ending lunch rang.

“I’m going to go. See you in class Y/N.” Lydia winked at me before leaving me alone with Theo.

“So,” I started stepping closer to him to avoid the oncoming flood of students around us. “What are-?”

“Y/N!” Stiles appeared next to me glaring at Theo.

“Hey Stiles.” Theo said innocently, which only seemed to infuriate my brother. He responded with a dirty look before directing his attention to me. 

“You have a class to get to missy.” He said sternly.

“Yeah, but Stiles-”

“But Stiles, nothing. Let’s go.“ he pulled me by the arm into the crowded hallway. I yanked it away from him. 

“What was that for?” I hissed.

“He’s bad news, Y/N! You need to stay away from him!” 

“How do you know what I need?” I complained.

“I’m just trying to protect my little sister.” he insisted.

“No. You’re trying to control me.” I sped up trying to get away from him, but he trailed after me.

“You’re too young to understand what he’s doing!” He said pulling me back by my wrist. I frowned at his insinuation and pushed him.

“Leave me alone, Stiles.” I spat, turning from him and walking away.

The party turned out to be the perfect idea after the game on account of us winning. It seemed like the whole school was sardined into my house, and the probability of us getting in trouble for this was increasing by the second. My big brother found me in the kitchen pouring a drink.

“Small get together amongst friends?” he snarled.

“Oh, Stiles. Lighten up!” Lydia said sweetly coming out of no where. She grabbed his hand and pulled him into the over crowded living room. 

“I’m not happy about this.” He yelled to me but couldn’t resist a smile.

I took a big gulp of my punch, noting that someone had definitely spiked it already. I started on my rounds around the house to make sure everything was in order and everyone was happy. As I headed to the front door, I saw the pizza guy standing outside with about fifteen pizzas and some guy from the party paying for them. I rushed over to the door pulling money out of my pocket.

“Hey! You didn’t have to do that.” The mystery guys face was covered my the mountain of pizza boxes. I grabbed his arm pulling him through the packed bodies and into the less crowded kitchen. He set down the boxes on the counter revealing his face. Of course it was Theo, who else would have done something so nice for me. A smile grew on my face.

“Here.” I offered handing him the money, but he shook his head.

“It’s no biggie, beautiful.” He chuckled.

“Please!” I begged putting it into his hand. He sighed stuffing the bills in his back pocket.

“Can’t a guy do something nice for once.”

I laughed and he walked over so he was standing right next to me.

“So this is what doing homework looks like?” He asked gesturing to the party. I scrunched my face up in confusion.

“At school, you said you were doing homework after school.” He reminded me.

“Oh yeah,” I remembered. “Homework’s boring, and I’m not a boring girl.”

“No, your not.” he agreed making me blush again.

“I don’t know why my brother doesn’t like you.” I smiled placing my hand on his.

“Me neither.” He grinned but something was hidden behind it that I could read. His eyes peered into mine, and the noise of the party and everyone else seemed to disappear. His hand slowly snaked around my waist pulling our bodies closer together. For the second time that day, our lips were so close that if either of us flinched our lips would brush. Theo didn’t take the chance of being interrupted again, he pressed his lips firmly to mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. I felt his tongue at my lips begging for entrance and I opened my mouth slightly to let him in. I savored this moment knowing it may not happen again, but a part of me hoped this wasn’t a one time thing. What happened next, happened fast and without warning. Theo’s lips left mine abruptly, and he was ripped from my arms. Stiles, had seen us kissing and rage got the best of him. He had Theo by the collar of his shirt, and threw him against the wall pinning him against it. I wasn’t aware my brother had so much strength. 

“What the hell do you think your doing?” He yelled in his face, the whole party crowded into the kitchen trying to figure out what was going on.

“Well I was kissing a pretty girl, but you kind of ruined that.” he combated.

“Stiles!” I screamed. “Stop!”

“I told you to stay away from her!” Stiles said through gritted teeth.

“With a body like that how could I?” Theo smirked.

Stiles pulled his fist back and skin met skin. Theo’s face fell due to the blow, and when he lifted it blood trickled from his nose. Theo grabbed Stiles by the upper arm and pushed him backwards slamming him into the island in the middle of our kitchen. 

“Stop!” I yelled as Theo cocked back his fist to hit Stiles. I grabbed Theo’s arm trying to stop him from hitting my brother, but he pushed me off of him too hard. I stumbled backwards falling into the cabinet with glass doors that held our mother’s china. Pain shot through my arm, and I cried out. Stiles pushed Theo away from him and ran to help me. Just then, a boy ran in the room.

“COOOPPS!” He screamed and the once packed house emptied in minutes. I caught a glimpse of Theo before the crowd swept him away andd the deputies stormed the place. He had an evil smile on his face, and I knew that my brother had been right. He was bad news.

anonymous asked:

Heeey could I request a poly relationship between soda teruteru and the reader please? (p weird combinaison but hey :') )

Sure thing Anon, it’s always good to mix things up every now and then so I shall do my best ;p

Request: Kauichi Soda x Reader x Teruteru Hanamura HCS

- Of course Hanamura is the one who cooks

- But you and Soda would often sneak into the kitchen and nibble at some of the ingredients

- But Hanamura always catches you

- “Ah, you’ll have to wait for the main dish for a while… Longer”

- He winks which causes Soda to burst out laughing and you to blush

- You try your best to spend time with both of them but it’s kind of hard considering one of them basically lives in the garage and the other is always cooking on the other side of the house

- This is why you decided that every evening you will all meet at the sofa and cuddle

- Hanamura loves to be in the middle seeing as he’s the smallest and he loves being surrounded by warmth

- And it’s also easy for him to accidentally move his hand to sensitive areas

Okay but, Isle of the Lost from Disney’s Descendants as a world in Kingdom Hearts.

Sora, Goofy, and Donald show up before the plot of the first movie, and since they stand out like  sore thumb in island full of villains, Mal and co find Sora and get him out of the crowd before someone mugs the poor boy.

Sora then tells them about heartless and how their world’s in dangers and after some convincing and seeing an actual heartless they agree to help Sora find the Keyhole to the world (only because if the heartless take over the world THEY can’t).

Mal’s the partner in this world and she either uses a sword like she did in the second movie or some bullshit with Other World-y stuff that allows Mal to use magic temporarily as long as shes around Sora (or they do some prequest stuff to get magic up on the Isle temporarily so Donald and Sora can use their magic as well).

After spending some time with Mal and the others, Sora, Donald and Goofy find out who their parents are (may or may not be the same Maleficent from KH canon, idk the timeline with the Disney World’s in Kingdom Hearts is kinda bullshit lol).

Donald and Goofy say they shouldn’t trust her anymore and should find someone else to help them.

But Sora’s like, “Nah, she’s a good person, I can feel it.” 

Mal’s like, “Pffffff, yea okay.”

Sora then explains how Mal reminds him of someone (Riku) that thought they were only darkness but is actually a good, kind person.

Mal shrugs it off and they proceed to find the Keyhole.

Once they find the Keyhole and Sora and his gang are about to leave, he turns to Mal and the others and states how he believes that he knows they are good people and someone else will eventually see it too.

Before leaving the World the screen pans to a castle across the water with a boy staring out to the Isle.

You’ve been a bad girl ||Shawn Mendes x Reader|| Smut!!

Warning: Smut Obviously :P

Request: Hello! Can I please have an imagine about Y/N riding Shawn’s thigh while he’s sitting in his drumming chair. And then he ‘punishes’ her for being so needy. 

Summary: Well just read the request! AHAHAHAHA I’m a bitch!



The sound of rhythmic banging filled my ears as I opened the door to Shawn and I’s house. It was a normal Friday night and I had just gotten back work which was working at a game store. I had no game system myself but I told Shawn that I would like one someday and he agreed but we didn’t need one now. And just like every Friday Shawn was playing his drums making me smile. Shawn had some kind of weird schedule, it was singing Monday and Tuesday, piano Wednesday, guitar Thursday, drumming Friday, and then he gave himself the weekends off if he wasn’t on tour.

“Shawn I’m home.” I yelled but I assumed he couldn’t hear me because his drumming didn’t cease or slow down. I took off my coat and uncomfortable shoes setting them both neatly by the door. I took my H/C hair out of the ponytail and put the ponytail on my wrist so it didn’t get lost. I followed the sound of his faint drums and it led me to the music we had put it for him months ago so the music didn’t bother the neighbors, but how could it? His voice is literally the best thing in the world. 

The door squeaked as I pushed it open slowly.

That thing needs some oil.’ I jokingly said to myself. Shawn apparently didn’t hear me because he continued his assault on the drums. His muscles were showing through his navy blue t-shirt and sweat was dripping from his back. His back was facing me so that was the only thing I could see but it was still good enough for me. His drumming stopped and he scribbled down something on his little notepad.

“Come in Y/N.” He said picking up his notepad reviewing what he had written down. 

“Oh sorry I just saw you drumming and wanted to watch.” I explained walking in the room standing by him.

“So what did you think?” He asked but I was too distracted by the veins popping out of his hands and to be honest is was one of my favorites things about him. “Y/N?”

“Yeah?” I said breaking away from my trance. 

“I asked you what you thought of my drumming.” He explained grabbing my hips.

“Oh yeah it was good. It looked like you were a little angry.” I said looking down at him and he looked up at me. 

“Just trying to do my best. Letting some frustration go.” He said smiling up at me.

“You know,” I started swinging my leg over his thigh. “You could let your frustration go on something else.” I said grinding my clothes crotch on his leg. 

“Baby girl please don’t do this now.” He moaned tightening his grip on my hips.

“But I need you.” I said grinding my crotch on his thigh repetitively. “I missed you.” I moaned into his ear biting it as I pulled away.

“Alright that’s it. I want you in  the bedroom naked and waiting for me, understand?” He said picking me up, slapping my butt as I walked away. As soon as I got into the room I pulled off my clothes in a frantic manner feeling the wetness roll onto my leg. I anxiously waited for him to enter tapping my leg fastly onto the floor. 

“Ughh.” I groaned after I waited about 5 minutes. My sexual tension was through the roof and I really couldn’t wait for him. I sat on the bed and spread my legs running my hand down my body to brush my clit making me gasp and buck my hips. 

“Couldn’t wait for me?” Shawn asked pulling me out of my trance. 

“I’m sorry sir I couldn’t wait please-”

“Stand up.” He demanded cutting me off. He moved from his position leaning on the door frame to sitting on the bed in less than 5 seconds. “Come here.” He said gesturing me toward him. I stood in front of him and he pulled me to the side and as soon as he did that I knew what was coming next.

“No please I didn’t mean to start without you I just really needed it and you weren’t there.” I said backing away from him.

“You’ve been a bad girl you’ve been needy remember what I said about being needy?” He asked holding my hand gently pulling me closer.

“You said that being needy is naughty and that I shouldn’t do it because it gets you frustrated.” I recited his exact words.

“And I said first times free but this time I have to punish you.” He said bending me over his lap making sure I was comfortable. “And I want you to count.” He added sternly making a shiver go up my spin. His soft hand trailed from my back following the line of my spine to my ass. He rubbed and palmed it until he finally delivered a blow on my left cheek making me gasp.

“1.” I grunted out as he rubbed my ass before landing another swat to my ass. “2.” The stinging pain on my back side soon turned into pleasure as he kept spanking me. 

“Keep counting.” He said hitting it again. 

“6……7……8……..9………..10.” I counted as he relentlessly spanked me. I laid there waiting for another and when he sat me up I was surprised.

“You were such a good girl for daddy I think you should get a reward.” He such rubbing my flushed cheeks with the back side of his hand. I nodded my head vigorously and he chuckled. “Now go lay on the bed and daddy will get your favorite toy.” He said helping me stand up before walking to the closet while I crawled onto the bed to wait for him.

It’s been a long time since he used toys and I couldn’t help but feel wet at the thought. The vibrator is my favorite thing he used on my and it was wireless so that was a plus for me and him. He smiled as he walked over to me with the vibrator in his hands. 

“Now no squirming or I’ll stop.” He said while turning on the vibrator to it’s highest speed. He kneeled on the bed and opened my legs taking in the sight of my wetness. He spread the lips with his fingers dipping his fingers into me for a split second before pulling them back out making me whine. 

“Fuck. Please.” I begged looking at him.

“Don’t be needy now Y/N.” He said ghosting the vibrator over my clit. I opened my mouth and let out a small moan mixed with a breath. He put full pressure on my clit making my move a little and grip the sheets, The fast tremors rocked through my body making me feel pleasure throughout my whole body. The coil in my stomach was tightening by the second and I could feel my orgasm coming on quickly.

“Shawn I’m gonna cum.” I said gripping the sheets tighter.

“Not yet Y/n.” He said rubbing my hip bones with one hand. 

“Fuck please Ugh!” I groaned holding onto my orgasm trying the best I could not to release. “Please please please please Shawn I need to cum.” I begged.

“You need to cum?” He asked teasingly.

“Yes!” I exclaimed.

“Oh really them cum.” He said chuckling.

“UGHH!!” I groaned as I came. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I repeated like a broken record while I came. Shawn didn’t take the vibrator off as I came letting me ride out my orgasm grinding on the vibrator. He didn’t take off the vibrator even though I was sensitive and added two fingers. “Wait Shawn-”

“Shh One more for me.” He said beginning to pump the two fingers into me. My legs began to shake and I felt another orgasm approaching. 

“Shawn Can I cum?” I asked my voice straining. 

“Again? Already?” He asked smirking.

“Yes! Please!” I exclaimed begging.

“No.” He said simply while pounding his fingers into me.

“Fuck fuck fuck! Please!!!!” I asked pleading with him.

“Okay Cum.” He said pushing his fingers in farther if they could even go any farther. The orgasm washed over me more powerful than the last. I was at a loss for words and shawn took both things away from my leaving me to shake and squirm. I calmed down form my orgasm to feel him enter me. 

“Fuck!” I said and my back arched as I adjusted to his size. He started with a few small thrusts just so I could get used to him and then he began to pound mercilessly into me. 

“You like it when I make you beg don’t you.” He grunted into my ear.

“Yes sir.” I moaned gripping onto his clothed back raking my nails down it. “Fuck Shawn I’m going to cum.” I moaned wrapping my legs around his waist.

“You can cum.” He grunted still pounding into me. I came but the pleasure didn’t last long because he kept pounding into me searching for his own release. I clenched around him as he rubbed my clit obviously wanting me to cum again. “I know you can come again. You can do it.” He groaned rubbing my clit while pounding into me. I didn’t have to tell him that I was cumming because he already knew. He pulled out with a groan as he came. 

“Fuck Shawn.” I said taking in deep breaths trying to regain my breath. 

“Are you okay?” He said pulling up his boxer but kicking his pants off before throwing off his shirt. He laid next to me and pulled up the blankets. 

“Am I okay? That was the best shit I have ever done in my life Shawn. The best.” I said emphasising how good it was. 

“Glad you liked it. But don’t be needy in public it really turns me on.” He said throwing his arm around me pulling me close,

Noted.’ I thought myself in my mind. 

“I love you Y/N.” Shawn said against my neck.

“I love you too babe.” I said before shutting my eyes and falling into a good sleep.

Lol I got so lazy at the end but I still hope you liked it. Thank Anon for being my first Shawn request it means a lot that you reached out to me even tho there are better authors out there. Thanks so much for reading and if you have a request don’t be afraid to send them in. I love to hear your ideas :3

Thanks again for reading and I love you bai!