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So for this I’ll be writing based on this little happy AU where the people of Hylia won the war and defeated the Demon KIng without having to raise the land into the sky and nO ONE IS DEAD AND EVERYTHING IS HAPPY JUST LET THEM BE HAPPY SOBS

Who made the first move:

Well… Neither, actually. They tend to keep their relationship ‘professional’, especially in front of the Hylian troops. Outside of that, their time together consist only of small work-related talks and very little casual talk. So yes, neither even HAD the time to show each other’s interest. …Until the war ended, that is.

Who said ‘I love you’ first:

Surprisingly, Hylia. Well, see, in an AU where Hylia’s troops actually won without having to raise the land into the sky, I picture Link to STILL have been severely injured. 
After defeating the demon king, Link was knocking on death’s door by the time Hylia arrived. He was practically dying as she cradled him in her arms, and that was when she told him her true feelings, when he was half-conscious and barely breathing. She wasn’t even sure if he could hear her by then, but that was probably her last chance anyway.
Seeing his courage and resolve to save the land tho, maybe he survives through some Farore-ex-machina or something. SSHHH SSHHHH JUST LET THEM BE HAPPY JUST LET THESE SAD BABIES BE HAPPY IN AN AU OKAY

(A resolution to this is in the ‘how they’re engageed’ part btw!)

How often they fight:

Nnnnot much, I think. Hylia is naturally very forgiving and compassionate, while Link… never really minds, really. They ARE both very stubborn, though. So that may lead to some bickering every once in a while. When they DO get into a big fight, though, it can last for DAYS. Link might even resort to alcohol when that happens, and Hylia would go off to God knows where due to how stubborn they are about apologizing first. In the end, they’d ended up apologizing at the same time, and forgiving each other with tears and kisses.

Whose big spoon/little spoon:

Link’s big spoon, Hylia’s little spoon. She enjoys being in his embrace– for one, she can hear his heartbeat, reminding her that he was still alive and well. Which is strangely comforting.

What their nicknames are for each other:

In public, they’d usually just call each other with ‘love’ or something. In private, Link likes to tease her with the nickname, “Your Grace”, which she then respond with either “O Chosen One” or “Sir Hero”.

Whose the better cook:

Link. I mean, I can’t imagine a Goddess knowing much about human culinary :’D Link might actually be skilled at cooking, since I can see him coming from a farm in a small village, where he’d cook for his little brothers and sisters almost everyday. So he’s quite used to it. Hylia might sometimes take cooking lessons from him, though. One day, he came home with dinner cooked for him – which, for once, wasn’t burnt, albeit still a bit bland – and he literally spun her in the air and kissed her with tears of joy, feeling like a proud father for some reason.

Their song:

*slams table* ANGEL WITH A SHOTGUN.
Maybe it’s one of the few english songs I actually listen to, but goddamn does its lyrics fit them. Seriously, give it a listen, it’s great x’D

Who remembers their anniversaries:

Link would! Hylia’s not yet familiar with the Hylians’ dating system. (She once described the annual system in the Gods’ realm, and she’s lost him from the second sentence), so Link had to constantly remind her about the system and what day it was. (“Isn’t it still the 400th day of the year?” “Your Grace, one year consist only of 365 days…”)

Their favorite thing to do together (besides sex):

Surprisingly, the cooking lessons! After many months of being in the middle of a war, Link and Hylia both enjoys mundane, slow-paced things and don’t just take them for granted anymore. And after Hylia convinced Link she can’t cook (by blowing up the oven, no less), he started teaching her how to. Sometimes, after a long, tiring day, simply watching him cut the vegetables, or feel her watching him as he boiled the soup felt very tranquil, and they enjoyed those small moments in silence.

Who ‘wears the pants’ in the relationship:

Link, obviously. Hylia knows little of the hylians’ culture, so Link is usually the one who decide. And he may or may not make it his responsibility to teach her about the culture, taking her out to festivals and the likes as much as possible.

How they would get engaged:

They actually got engaged shortly after the war ended. And i mean SHORTLY.
It was the night a few days after the demon king’s defeat, when they hold one victory party after another now that their Hero-Commander’s wounds had healed. Not being comfortable with crowds, Link had slipped out of the tavern when no one noticed, and went to the small hill overlooking the fields.
He met with Hylia there, and talked with her about what she would do, now that Hyrule’s emerged victorious. But instead she asked him what he’d do, which he answered with, after a long pause:

(“I’ll quit being a knight. Maybe I’ll wander. Become an adventurer and travel the land without any clear destination. After that, I’ll settle somewhere quiet, maybe become a mercenary of sorts while I spend the rest of my life with my family.”)

She teases him if he had someone to make a family with in mind already, silently regretting only telling him her feelings when he was half-conscious, but instead, he told her that, yes, indeed, he had someone in mind. Someone who had confessed to him when he was knocking at death’s door. He’s looking right at her.

After a moment of shock, she had initially refused, saying that she was a goddess, and she was bound to return to her own realm. She would only be able to return to the realm of mortals when it was in danger– which could take years, centuries, even, until they could meet again.

(“Then I’ll wait.”

“Even if it takes ten, or fifty, or a hundred or a thousand years… I’ll wait. Until the end of time, I’ll always wait for you.

That’s why, Guardian Goddess, Protector of the Land, Hylia… Will you stay by my side, no matter how long it takes for us to be together again?”)

And she eventually replied, through tears as she accepted his ring:

(“…How is one supposed to say no to that?”)

What their wedding would be like:

They HAVE considered not holding any at all, but Link’s past companions – his fellow knights during the war and whatnot – persuaded him to, and they eventually held a small one in a nearby chapel. Link’s siblings, who he had once thought he’d never meet again, with dropped jaws once they had learned who the girl Link was marrying is. She was accepted into the family easily though, and they ended the day by visiting Link’s parents’ graves.

Their honeymoon consist of camps, ruins, horses, exploring and speeding around Hyrule’s vast continent until they’d known the fields like the back of their hands.

How many kids they’ll have:

Though I can imagine them having none at all, I like to think they had two sons who both took after their father and are twins, named Daphnes and Chatwyn, and a daughter who was born six years afterwards, named Zelda.

And sometimes I just want him to be happy ;;;;;;A;;