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Unless homebuying works differently in Chicago or Illinois, they will want you to get prequalified for a loan amount, not the monthly-payment amount. The total amount of the loan will be broken down into monthly payments, but those will be paid to the bank. Then there are the HOA dues, which are separate…I am so glad I am out of my condo and into my home! Still unpacking, though.

It…might. In Illinois, or at least with the bank I’m at, if you’re buying a condo, they roll taxes and HOA into the loan. So here’s the problem with getting preapproved for an amount…that amount has to include all of that stuff, which fluctuates wildly from property to property.

So like. I can offer $180K on a home with $300/mo HOA and $2K/year taxes. I’m approved to offer $180K since that overall will work out to about $1400/month total. But if the home has $500/mo HOA and $4K/year taxes, I can’t offer $180K, because the cost of the monthly home payment plus the taxes and HOA comes out to more than I’m approved for. I can only offer up to $160K on THAT home.

Technically I’m still approved for the same amount overall. I’m just not approved to offer a set amount because of the other fees – so it’s much more informative to give me a monthly amount and have me calculate back from there. (The bank gave me a spreadsheet calculator so I can work out how much I can offer on any given place.)

I’m not ultra-clear on a lot of it, but the bank I’m working with is very reputable and TRP uses them a lot, so I’m trusting them for now and will be reading the fine print carefully later.

i’m all for supporting Michi, Manu and Domen in their decision not to jump, but I feel like I need to remind people that this was a qualifying, those three are prequalified AND they have no shot at winning this tournament anyway so there was no reason for them to jump, especially in these conditions

Team Austria is known for skipping the quali now and again and tbh i don’t think Michi or Manu (or Domen) were trying to “make a statement” by deciding to skip the quali, they just had no reason to jump in these conditions

the whole Schlieri thing is a different story tho, but if it’s true that he didn’t feel his legs anymore i think it was more a “safety” decision rather than anything else

for the 3 PQ jumpers it was nothing else than a normal quali tho so i just think we shouldn’t make it a bigger deal than it is, they simply had no reason to jump, i don’t think we need to read too much into it 


Van Doren Invitational: Mens Pro Skate Qualifiers 

Yesterdays Mens Pro Skate Qualifiers was another scorcher at the Van Doren Invitational at the Vans US Open in Huntington Beach, CA. Only 10 out of the 32 skaters could advanced to the Semi-finals where they will meet the 10 prequalified skaters in todays finale. Watch live today at 3pm PST at

Qualifiers Final Results:

1 - Willy Lara,  87.61

2 - Alex Sorgente,  84.97

3 - Marlon Silva,  82.26

4 - Robin Bolian,  82.18

5 - Daniel Vargas,  81.15

6 - Chris Gregson,  79.74

7 - Riley Stevens,  78.67

8 - Patrick Ryan,  78.33

9 - Charlie Blair,  77.57

10 - Jack Fardell,  76.29

Photos: Michael Burnett & Grant Hatfield