First part of the guide is here!! And this will be all about styles. But first, what exactly are styles? According to the MS Word description.

“A style is a set of formatting characteristics, such as font name, size, colour, paragraph alignment and spacing. Some styles even include borders and shading.”

In plain English, they are a bunch of programmed formats for text. So, instead of going paragraph by paragraph, an setting, font, size, alignment, spacing, and so on; you just click and the text is done.

Besides the convenience of using them, and the benefits of a great look, they give your document consistence and that makes it easier an more pleasant to read. Also, they help you navigate your document, which comes handy when you have a lot of pages.

With that said, the guide is on!! But below the cut, because I am conscious of people’s dashboards and my own.

Note: I’ve just hit my first 100 followers! And I wanted to thank everyone, for helping me reach this first milestone. I hope to be able to keep contributing to this lovely community. Thanks!

Love, Andrea

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More MBTI Questions I Need Answers to

DISCLAIMER: I legit need answers actually hahaha, if you can comment that’d be great because MY CURIOSITY NEEDS TO BE QUENCHEDDD

- how do I adjust your preprogrammed cookie instructions so that I don’t die from coronary heart disease after eating all your cookies? That stick of butter y'all put into them got my arteries going like @.@
- can I have some more cookies pls? I ate all 12 of them in one sitting
- how often would you like to set your ‘it’s normal to feel insecure’ reminder?

- will you come with me to this party 3 weeks from now? I promise to never leave your side and I heard there will be pets there (my attempt at bribery)
- how do you have the best hugs? what is your secret?!?!?!? I MUST KNOWWW
- how are all of you so uniquely artistic? Every INFJ I know does some kind of knitting, oil painting, guitar playing on the side and THEY’RE EXTREMELY GOOD AT WHAT THEY DOO

- How do animals know to approach you for your mystical blessing (i.e. legendary head rub that makes all the animals kneel before you in praise)?
- y'all have such colourful outfits! Can you share your wardrobe with me?
- is there a cap on the number of art forms you dabble in or is it more like all ISFPs gets at least one?

- can I come with you to Thursday’s yoga class? I don’t have a matching yoga mat, but I’ll bring you that soy drink that you’ve been wanting to try
- how is your social media game so on point? TEACH MEH YOUR WAYSSS
- do you ever randomly forget someone’s name while talking to them? Because that happens to me wayyyy more than it should

- is there a daily tears limit or is it more like a you must meet a certain quota by the end of the month?
- how many years are you granted Special Snowflake status? Or do you renew it every 5 years or something?
- do y'all come out of the womb knowing how to make flower crowns or what? THEY’RE TOO PRETTY TO EXIST HOWWW??!?!?!

- on a scale from 1 (“I never do this”)  to 10 (“what does it feel like to not do this?”), how often do you think about world domination?
- is it possible to like puzzles but also suck really badly at them? Because that’s me T__T
- how often do you wonder about whether or not you messed up a social interaction? how often is too often? oh crap, my INTJ just lagged a little bit, DON’T BLUE SCREEEN NOOOOOOOOOO

- Are y'all anti-change or just pro-routine? because there’s a difference apparently *eyes ENTJ*
- HELPPPP my ISTJ is stuck in a loop/routine!! Is this normal?
- From all the mbti types, pick one to clean your house according to your instructions, one to walk your dog, and one who’s house might collapse into itself from the hoarding unless you intervene

- where are y'all at? I don’t know enough ISTPs
- did you have fun last Friday night? 😉
- how do all of you have this sexy smouldering thing going on?!?! I CAN’T NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH ALL OF YOUUUU

- how many hours did you sleep last night? Aim for 8 next time 🙂
- list me your 5 most recent wiki page visits .. I need stuff to do … and researching about a random obscure science thing sounds like a fun Tuesday
- are the science functions pre-installed or is it only calculus that’s pre-installed? How do I upgrade these functions?

- Of all the mbti types, pick one to be your employee, your significant other, and your child
- HOW MANY SUITS DO YOU OWN?!?! Can you lend me one?
- describe your ideal workplace environment (are you turned on by this question?)

- do you get an adrenaline rush when you bulldoze during an argument? because I totally feel that
- what does an ENTJ mating ritual look like? (i.e. how do you act around your crush? or no diff because can’t run StrongFeelings.exe?)
- I think my ENTJ is broken, it keeps running IsolationMode.exe! How do I fix it?!?! T____T

- HEY ESTP! WHERE IS THE PARTY AT!?! Please take me with you, I’ll dance on the porch outside your house if I have to
- how do you feel about manuals? or do you just set them on fire? can we do a group manual burning? *ISTJs are probably having a heart attack*
- Pick one mbti type to kiss, one to marry, and one to have casual sex with

- name me ONE project you’ve ever finished that wasn’t for school/work (y'all get so excited when you start a new project but the old projects feel neglected AF y'know)
- Since you’re the Meme Lord(ess), if you marry a commoner, are they Duchess of Memes or Lady Meme? or Lord Meme? (just throwing that in real quick before the I see pitchforks outside mah house)
- how do y'all have so much air to debate for as long as you do? do ENTPs have unique genetic mutations that allow for larger lung capacity? do y'all double as Olympic swimmers too?

- where do all of our secrets go after we tell them to you? do you have a personalized file on each of us that you flip through from time to time as a bedtime story or what?
- why do all of you want me to reveal my emotional wounds? Is that the equivalent of foreplay or something?
- how do I install PersonalSpace.exe onto my ENFJ?

- how do you have sooooooo many tabs open?!?!?
- do pets come to you or do you come to pets?
- will you take me with you on your next spontaneous surprise trip to Tokyo? All my bags are already packed, just tell me what day we’re going

- why do y'all always smell nice? can I bottle your scent or something?
- do you take dance lessons or is dancing well just a feature of all ESFPs?
- have you seen my butt? Because you’re sexy AF and I’d like to give you permission to dance within 2 ft of it

The entire argument that “adults are your superiors” is such utter bullshit.

Being alive longer than someone else doesn’t give you superiority; knowledge does.
And taking a look at the baby boomers and the millennia born before us; there isn’t too much of that going around.

Adults are supposed to raise their kids to be able to face the issues of society and to have their own opinions. Forcing your kids to do whatever you want is about as close to the definition of insanity as you can get.

Let me put it this way: if you want the world around you to change and progress; you have to let it.
With adults forcing their ideals onto the next generation (IE: their kids), 👏 nothing 👏 is 👏 ever 👏 going 👏 to 👏 change.
With adults raising their kids and force feeding them their ideas and opinions and saying “no youre not allowed to think/do that” do you ever actually think they’re going to grow up?
They’re just going to be a molded preprogrammed machine, doing whatever it was that was taught to them without ever having a single clue as to why they’re doing it.

If you want kids to grow up, you guide them through life and you TEACH THEM, and you let them build their own characters, ideas and opinions. You dont force them to do whatever you want to create an army of “mini me’s”. That’s how you get kids that ‘rebel’ and 'disrespect’ because youre forcing them to do what you want and aren’t taking into consideration that they are their own person who doesn’t abide by your exact ideals.
That accomplishes nothing besides keeping the world at a constant instability and not allowing anything to progress and evolve.

So if anyone ever tells you that you have to listen to every your parents say, and do every single thing they want you to do, and that you aren’t allowed to say anything otherwise; fucking run.

Your INFJ Care and Handling User Guide and Manual

This manual is part of a series of guides originated by @intpboard

Congratulations! You have come into the possession of your very own INFJ unit, probably through a poetry slam at an underground coffee shop. In all likelihood, they have only offered you this manual after you expressed your intense love for Fight Club and organic tea. Give yourself a pat on the back for earning their trust.

Your INFJ unit will come equipped with the following accessories:

One (1) emotional sponge

Two (2) everyday outfits

Two (2) old man/history teacher/librarian outfits

One (1) Harry Potter outfit inspired by their house

Two (2) bookshelves fully stocked with books and sentimental knickknacks

Two (2) cabinets of herbal tea

One (1) set of Star Wars movies on BluRay

One (1) animal companion

Three (3) unrealistic plans for their life

Infinite (∞) deep thoughts, ideas, and questions

Infinite (∞) unfinished projects


Your INFJ will come preprogrammed with the following traits;

Ni: Your INFJ will frequently freeze due to its complex thoughts, but don’t worry, INFJ will always return to share its inner workings. Unless it has to do with their feelings. (See Troubleshooting pg 6) You may find that your INFJ is psychic. This mode is only installed on some units, but do not be alarmed if it is installed on yours. It is still in beta, so be wary of predictions. Your INFJ may struggle to talk in non-symbolic language. If your INFJ warns you not to do something, it is advised to listen.

Fe: INFJ units consider everyone’s emotions but their own, and it is an essential part of caring for them to help them relieve their own emotions. INFJs often put on different personas to avoid conflict and to put others at ease. This may come across as fake or masking their own values, but this is, in fact, on of their values. Your INFJ will motivate you and make you feel important, but often forgets to do so for themselves.

Ti: This function filters the Fe function, making sure that your INFJ is being logical. Beware INFJ door slams, often when your INFJ is in a Ni-Ti loop. (See Troubleshooting pg 7) The INFJ door slam is almost impossible to override, and once you’ve lost your INFJ’s trust it will be very hard to regain it. However, it is very hard to cause a doorsl as INFJ’s are very patient.

Se: This function only works in certain modes, but it allows your INFJ to act quickly in. A certain context. Your INFJ’s Se function allows them to quickly bring in new information for Ti to process and categorise. Se will either function properly to balance Ni and ensure the Ni’s ideas are feasible, or it will malfunction and cause Ni burnouts.

Getting Started:

1. Place cup of tea (preferably from their collection) next to your INFJ.

2. Put a book of poetry in your INFJ’s hands.

3. Set your INFJ’s animal companion next to them.

4. Allow your INFJ to charge by reading and cuddling their companion.

5. If step 4 does not work, initiate a conversation about psychology with your unit.

6. If your INFJ still doesn’t start, take them to a dusty bookshop and allow them to roam for 4+ hours.


Deep (default) - Asks too many questions. Zones out only to excitedly return and talk about dinosaurs and stars. May accidentally talk in cryptic symbolism.

Therapist - Activated when confronted with emotions. Uses hugs and possibly the Sarcastic mode to cheer you up. Will sit with you quietly until you are emotionally stable and then bombard you with questions, water, and food.

Sarcastic - Activated usually when in a boring situation. Uses Ti to make very funny, sometimes cutting remarks on the stupidity of the topic.

Protective Dad Friend - Activated after Therapist. Will beat anyone who hurts you with a bat. Will not let you stay in a bad relationship. Overly protective.

Closed off science nerd - Overly excited about elements and Newton’s Three Laws of Motion. Will lock themselves in their room and read 42 Wikipedia pages. Activated when around NT units.

Relationships with other units:

NFs: Often activates Protective Dad Friend and Therapist modes. INFPs may feel devalued by INFJ, but will get along eventually.

NTs: Gets along well when in Sarcastic mode or Closed off science nerd. Good for bouncing ideas off of. NTs check the feasibility of INFJ’s ideas.

SJs: Difficult to communicate between each other, especially when INFJ is in Closed off science nerd mode. INFJ enjoys how responsible and put together SJs are.

SPs: INFJs appreciate SP’s spontaneous and fun loving nature. SPs may overwhelm your INFJ with their sensing function.


Your INFJ may forget to eat when in the following modes: Closed off science nerd, Therapist, Protective Dad Friend, and Deep. Notice that they may forget to eat in their default mode, so feed them at least two (2) times daily. Your INFJ will not die if left to fend for its own food, but it may shut down temporarily.


Your INFJ will groom regularly if it has a duty such as school or work. Your INFJ may forget to groom if it has an extended break. Make sure to remind them of mundane tasks like brushing teeth and hair, changing their clothes, and showering.


Your INFJ unit will try to convince you and themselves that they do not need sleep. Do not listen to them. They need at least four (4) hours of sleep. INFJs have a tendency to be insomniacs when in their default mode.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Help! I lost my INFJ in a bookstore/coffee shop/similar venue!

Your INFJ is probably hiding from other humans, or engaging in a deep conversation with an old man. Fear not, they will come find you in no longer than 2 hours.

Do I get to keep my INFJ?

Yes, probably! INFJs often bond for life, both platonically and romantically! Once you have established a relationship with INFJ it is hard to get rid of them. But be careful of the INFJ door slam.

I left my INFJ alone for a weekend and now they’re shut down. What do I do?

Refer to Getting Started. If you have a well established relationship with your INFJ, perhaps integrate cuddling/hugging into the Getting Started process.

Again, congratulations on your newly acquired INFJ unit!

You know what I want? More content where younger Tony actually goes to his classes, engages with professors and pays attention during lectures. Yes, Tony is a super genius and I’m sure that there are plenty of times when he zones out because he understands things so damn quickly, but I feel like sometimes we forget how thirsty for knowledge Tony is. He skipped a bunch of grades, went to MIT when he was incredibly young… he must have reached a level where he was at least semi challenged by his classes. I mean, being a genius doesn’t mean that he came preprogrammed with all the information he would ever need. 

I want to see Tony meeting his profs at MIT, admiring them and being genuinely excited to learn from them. They are geniuses themselves, and have been in the field decades longer than Tony has even been alive. I want them to see the potential in Tony and pushing him by giving this mouthy, rich 16 year old hard questions and helping him figure them out. I want to see Tony cultivating his genius while also learning how to problem solve when he gets to a problem he can’t figure out right away. I want to see Tony stumped, having to go to his professors and ask them questions because hey, he’s a genius, but it never hurts to get a second opinion. I want Tony learning that his intelligence is a tool that he has to learn how to use properly, and that he didn’t come equipped with all of the answers to everything. Maybe it takes a little while for him to adjust to not being the person with the most knowledge in the room, but it quickly becomes his goal to absorb all of the knowledge that he can from everyone he meets. I want Tony who just loves learning, and yeah, sometimes he’ll meet an asshole who he knows he’s smarter than, and he gets a kick out of showing them up… but ultimately he has respect for other academics, and once he’s in a university setting, he starts to learn that he can benefit so much from all of the great minds around him. 

Tony being a total nerd, sitting near the front during every lecture and committing every word the prof has to say to his memory. Yeah, he read the whole textbook in a few nights, but listening to lectures helps give him perspectives on things that he can’t get out of a book. He learns by putting up his hand and asks questions. He probably voluntarily asks for more extra and more challenging assignments… not for extra credit, just for fun. 

Yes, Tony is a genius, and he blows his professors away when he sits down with a problem and refuses to stop trying until he figures it out (and then he figures it out in record time), or when he points out flaws in their research, or helps them work out the kinks in a problem they’ve been working on for years. He’s amazing. His brain astounds everyone. He can easily keep up with profs who have been experts for 30+ years. He runs circles around the other students without breaking a sweat. Even so, he’s there to learn… he does it with gusto and gets straight A+’s, but it’s not without any effort on his part.

Like, it’s totally understandable that we all fall into the “Tony gets bored and skips all his classes because they’re too easy” trope… but I’d love to see Tony facing some intellectual roadblocks, and having to fight his way through them. I just really want to see more of Tony approaching the learning process head on and absolutely decimating it, but not without having to stop at a few detours along the way. His genius is a gift and he is smart to the point where it astounds people who have been called geniuses their whole lives, but his drive and desire for knowledge give him the momentum to actually put that natural genius to use. In the end, that’s really his key to success. 

So we know that gems come out fully preprogrammed, knowing what their function is and what not. What about the diamonds? I don’t know if they just came out of the ground naturally or made by something else, if White Diamond was the first diamond created, it could mean that she made the others, and perhaps they conquer and command because it’s White’s will.


I See Your Galra Keith: I Give You Galra Lance Prince Lotor

Blame @stealing-klances for the inspiration :D. I turned or convo into a text post so people can read it.

Also if someone turned this into a fanfiction I would die.

But think about this: Galra Lance being Lotor? Like now this is a stretch: but Lance (Lotor) was sent to earth as a baby and found by the McClains, the preprogrammed mission was accidentally erased when he landed or pushed into the subconscious.

So Lance lives his life as a human, completely oblivious. Then one day when Voltron is fighting zarkon it all comes back to him in a flash. Causing him to “accidentally” let the Galra get away.

In denial about what he did he ends up running away cause like: Nope nope nope Galra that’s ridiculous I’m human???

Then Hagar finds him and brainwashed him cause “We Need Lotor To Get Voltron”

So Lance returns but this time working for Zarkon and pretending to be Lance.

Lance betrays the team at the end of the season and we get a cliffhanger of him with a sword through his chest saying: “Thank you Keith” then it fades to black.


Lance in the next season is thought dead, and Keith is besides himself… cause “I fucking murdered my best friend holy fuck.” And we get lovely Allura Keith FRIENDSHIP happening cause Allura recognized Lance as Lotor from the start “your ears what happened to them”

Allura recognized Lance as Lotor but thought he went by a different name in order to hide from Zarkon.

Well surprise surprise Lance isn’t dead, he’s actually secretly building up a resistance faction on different planets. He gets numerous Ballmera people to help and ends up becoming the mysterious General X.

Well apparently Lance doesn’t approve of Voltron anymore cause the truth of the robot being used as a weapon to instill fear in order to create peace was revealed by Zarkon (I mean the dude was fucking black paladin, he had to have some idea of it). Also who builds a giant ass robot like that for peace????

Anyway sooo the team ends up fighting Zarkon andddd the Resistance (cheesy ass name but we’ll work on it)

Well it so happens that Hunk realizes that Lance isn’t dead (let’s say he and Pidge go to the Galra ship that Lance “died” on and found video footage of him casually getting up off the floor and pulling Keith’s Bayard out of him without breaking a sweat).

Hunk reveals this and the team ends up splitting up again to find Lance (cue the second major arc) Allura and Shiro go together while Pidge and Coran leave (GIVE ME CORAN BEING AWESOME PLZ) and Hunk and Keith set out.

Well Allura and Shiro discover the resistance faction cause Shay and Rax had joined it. And they learn of Gen X… who’s apparently stealing quintessence from Zarkon and whatever. They’re curious and go undercover as members of the resistance.

Pidge and coran Discover the origins of the lions (my headcanons is that the lions are actually people who were killed and their souls put i to the lions to give them life). And coran IS horrified to discover this. Pidge is fascinated and ends up discovering the secret behind Lance not dying (Lance has unique quintessence which allowed him to heal ultra fast and talk to the lions telepathically)

Well while this is happen Keith and Hunk get attacked by Galra troops and thrown in prison (like Shiro) to fight it out. They end up finding out about Gen X through that. Actually they meet him personally and end up having this massive battle royale type thing where Hunk is a fucking badass genius discovering Xs real identity from one line: “Heh you wish you were as good as me mullet”. See Keith didn’t pick up on the mullet cause several aliens had called him weird hair nicknames. But Hunk and his long friendship with Lance remembered the pet name Lance had given Keith on the first day at the academy.

Also flashbacks to Lance’s past and Hunks past growing up as kids (Lance is from Cuba and Hunks from Hawaii but Hunk lived in Cuba for 3 years with his uncle who got transferred or something)

Now Hunk and Keith are freed and meet up with Coran and Pidge. They try to contact Allura and Shiro to no avail.

I think the big season finale would be them discovering that Lance is Lotor (Hagar showing them the truth or something) and that General X is Lance. Of course Lance ends the season by Telling Allura or replace him as Blue’s pilot and goes off with Shay, Rolo and Nyma to fight Hagar while the Voltron force fights Zarkon.

Then we get their separate journeys and the final of the entire show is Lance and Keith getting together after numerous episodes where they ended up fighting together, Hunk and Shay as ambassadors and helping thousands of planets rebuild after Zarkon. Pidge gets their family back, and creates Rover 2.0. And Allura and Shiro get married and there’s a wedding.

Also Lance takes over as the leader of the Galra Empire.


Terrence McKenna - Shamans Among The Machines

“Nano technology is a very hot buzzword at the moment, an unimaginable dream of building machines and small objects atom by atom. Perhaps under the control of long chain polymers running forms of preprogrammed software of some sort, it’s all very razzmatazz, very state of the art, but in fact pharmaceutical chemists have been working on the nano technological realm for over a hundred years. I mean when you synthesize molecules out of simpler substrate, specifically to have a conformational geometry that matches something going on in the synapse of a primate; a human or a monkey… Or something like that you are working at this nano technological level. Both the psychedelic, and the new computational machines represent extensions of human function… It locks in with the concept of prosthesis. The drugs, the psychedelic substances, the shamanic plants are forms of prosthetic devices for extending the human mind; the human perceptual apparatus into hidden realms or inaccessible realms. Similarly the machines by allowing us to model, calculate and simulate very complicated multi-variable processes extend the power of the human mind into places it could never dream of going before. And part of what seems to me, very real about being a human being and inheriting ten thousand years of human history is the complexity of the inheritance, and the growth of that complexity. A thousand years ago an intelligent human being could actually dream of mastering the entire database of western civilization, read all the classic authors, read all the bible…. Now the notion of any single human being assimilating even a small portion of the database of this civilization is inconceivable. So machines which filter, which search, which are guided by human intent, that’s part of the story. The other parts of the story are about boundary dissolving states of ecstasy in which all the factoids of the culture are thrown up for grabs, the deck is reshuffled, synchronicity rules, and out of that steps visionary understanding, breakthrough, integrated breakthrough under the aegis of psychedelic intoxication.”

Sometimes I think that Mirage is a preprogrammed mech with Tower/Royalty programming making him snobby to others. But it’s not his fault! It’s just his programming. Anyways, unlike his Tower peers, his programming is not glitch-free and Hound managed to worm into Mirage’s spark (even though he disagrees). Anyways, whenever Hound gets sad, Mirage pretends to like the organic life just to please Hound. (Although, he still has to work on his acting skills and his knowledge on plants :) Hound just smiles lightly, happy to watch his friend fumble along and appreciating his friend’s attempts to help him. 

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Carmine, salmon?

Shades of pink! Send me one for a romantic question!

What’s your ideal date?

“I’m not sure about ideal, but a lovely thought would be a lab date. Working on a project together, brainstorming, then getting one’s servos dirty in construction, with intermittent breaks and a bit of fun afterward - what’s not to like?”

What’s the most romantic thing someone’s ever done for you?

“Hmmn… Once I did have a partner take me on a sort of combination gift/date - they had me solve some multi-puzzle geocaching in which I had to locate the parts of a preprogrammed chromatic typewriter. When assembled, it typed out a gorgeous piece of art confessing their love to me for the first time. It sounds incredibly sappy, which it was, but it was endearing nonetheless.”

I FUCKED UP ( spoilers for a bad ending under cut don’t look i just needed to rant )

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Your responses to being called a bot are so preprogrammed bot responses you ain't fooling anyone son I got you pegged

the only one i is the best one time to go to bed with the this new years of one ☝️ day after and she was just the queen 👸 queen 👸 a long queen king queen 👑 king 👑 and queen uyou king queen queen 👸 king 👑 and queen 👸 king 👑 the queen is of course queen a man

What is your Daily Rituals like as a sensitive?

I’ve been doing something interesting to add to my daily rituals, unplugging more and more. I refuse to start my morning with a computer any longer. We are preprogramed so the first thing we do when we wake up is check our social sites and email/texts. I realized how much more relaxed I am if the first thing i do is focus on my own energy. I’ve been noticing how as a sensitive fb and other sites can drain me very easily. I started avoiding the blackhole trance-inducing newsfeed. However as an energy reader, you’re picking up on all sorts of different frequencies on the reg. most people are on social media 95% of their day. When you’re able to create a balance between online and offline something magical happens you’re creating a balance through disconnection to reconnecting to your own home frequency/your personal energy field. 

 So I started a self discipline experiment, my guides called it a power window ;)

Before 9am and after 9pm i don’t go online period. I also work on taking breaks offline during the day by being more conscious of my activities instead of scrolling while eatting or something. I’ve noticed a significant difference. I’ve been using this free time to do something creative like create my own tarot deck for fun, i also use this time to write, brainstorm, dream, and play with my kids. It’s been a nice way to raise my vibrations in a positive way and practice more mindfulness. Try it sometime :)