If you wouldn't mind...

Please give my friend, Picky, a few thanks for putting these events together as well as making up the rewards…as well as working out some kinks to make this all work out! She deserves a lot of gratitude after the other person*coughABakaMEcough* decided to try some events. 

Despite not being so smooth I think it went well enough! Also, thanks for participating! Hope you at least enjoyed it!

PS: You can just reblog or reply to this, she can see it! Or send an ask if you want to too! I don’t think she wants her main blog known to be honest XD;

PM: I’ve been messaging people via my main since idk how to ask under the fyeahelsword name so my main blog isn’t exactly an entire mystery lol. AB calls me Picky because of my Elsword IGN, which has the initials PM. Thanks everyone! Your support means a lot to us, :’D


We destroyed that dungeon. (That covered name is MageOfSpace.)

I also got a Spriggan’s Feather Skull out of these runs!

I thought the second picture was pretty cool, so I’m including it.

EDIT: My Time and Space Benders bent time and space to partially escape the picture!

PrePreCBS Event Winners!

Sorry for the wait, but here they are~

Elsword IGN MiraMisaki wins the $10 Karma Koin card! I’ve PM’d you in game!

the-queen-of-kabukichou wins a Eve yukata hair (white) for her CBS! Weren’t you glad you decided to participate? 8D

Shabuyaki-hime wins the magic necklace! I’m happy for you!

Those who participated in the Electra Pride event, borderoflifeanddeath (at least for the valiant effort) and petting-sinon, will split the dark el shards we amassed from the lottery. If you guys don’t need dark shards, just sell them for a nice wad of cash!

Also, all of you who filled out the leveling event survey will get some magic stones.

Getting all the prizes to you all might take a while, so please bear with us! Congratulations to all of you, and thank you everyone for participating! We hope you had fun and are super hyped for CBS!