preppy best friends

“I want someone who will take it slow with me, and learn every single detail about myself but still want to learn more. Someone who will call me just to hear my voice at 3 pm. Someone who will take me on dates because he loves me not because there’s an occasion. Someone who never stops showing me off, never stops loving me and will never stop choosing me no matter what.”

A Witch & A Preacher’s Daughter; Best Friends...

They say opposites attract, maybe that’s true. I was raised in a very conservative environment, yet somehow the Craft still called to me. She was brought up in a pretty liberal environment, despite having a preacher for a father and being restricted spiritually. My thirst to express my creativity is her need to heal people. She’s blonde-haired and blue-eyed, the opposite to my dark eyes and hair. In these ways, we are each other’s yin and yang…

I feel the need to wear a pentacle everyday, she’s more relaxed about wearing her cross. 

When she goes to Church, I honor my personal Altar.

She serves one God, I serve a Multitude.

I wear black and lace, she wears a sports jersey and jeans.

Where I’m flashy in my dress and persona, she’s more humble.

Where she’s casual, I’m dressy. Where I’m goth, she’s preppy.

I’d prefer a casual vape sesh, while she likes to go out for drinks.

I’m quiet about my political views except when I feel especially called (although not always by choice), she’s more fiery with hers (she has allowance to have flames).

She’s a hardcore rap and Justin Bieber listener, while my chosen genres are based in Erutan and pop punk.

Her favorite foods are fried chicken and mac and cheese; I’m a pescetarian and allergic to dairy and gluten.

If we, two who clash in every way, can call one another family, why can’t the rest of the world do the same?

It’s crazy to think that 14 years ago, we were graduating elementary school together. I’m so proud of my best friend and all of her accomplishments so far. She made it a priority to be at my college graduation, and I know that she’ll be standing next to me when I graduate with my master’s degree in a couple of years. 💕