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A prompt for you! Stiles/Jackson, secret admirer trope with Jackson as the admirer

Stiles Stilinski/Jackson Whittemore
Rating: T, Word Count:
Fluff, Secret Admirer, Pining Jackson, No Werewolves, Jackson POV

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It started by accident. Or rather, an accident. Stiles managed to destroy his sunglasses and because Stiles was, well, Stiles, he kept forgetting to buy new ones. After almost a week of listening to Stiles complain to Scott about the sun blinding him on his way home and surely getting into an accident, Jackson had shoved a pair of his own sunglasses in Stiles’ backpack when Stiles wasn’t looking. Stiles had found the glasses shortly and immediately freaked out because he thought he’d accidentally stolen someone’s ridiculously expensive and preppy—Stiles’ words, Jackson’s— sunglasses.

Jackson had quickly scribbled a note and sneaked it into Stiles’ locker. He’d waited around the corner for Stiles to find the note. The note read: Stop freaking out, the sunglasses are for you. I heard you broke yours and I prefer you to stay in one piece am sick of hearing you complain.

Stiles’ mouth had ticked up into a small, private smile, then he carefully folded up the note and put it in his wallet. Jackson’s heart had stumbled at the sight. He knew he liked Stiles, he’s not an oblivious idiot, but he’d never realized how much he wanted to make Stiles smile.

After that, Jackson just kept being nice to Stiles, luring that smile, and sometimes even a laugh out of him. At first, he’d bought things he knew Stiles wanted: video games, movies, a new set of headphones—he would’ve bought Stiles a new car if Stiles wasn’t so ridiculously attached to that crappy blue Jeep—but he soon found that the expensive gifts made Stiles uncomfortable, grateful, but uncomfortable. So he switched over to more traditional things like flowers and notes, and a handful of pens dumped in Stiles’ locker whenever he’d forgets to bring one from home or chews through the one he does bring.

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From the mountain ask: sour cherry and socks.

Sour cherry - an obscure tradition from my family… whenever me or my sister are sad, we will send each other a ridiculous picture of me in a hideous jumper my mum bought me for christmas one time. It’s like saying I love you and itll be okay and at least you arent wearing this without words

Socks - describe my taste in clothing… I may have used the words punky preppy nerd with @i-blame-this-on-sherlock earlier. It works.