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Hey Autumn, do you think Sangwoo ever raped any of his victims? (sorry if this is a sensitive subject for you, you don't have to answer if you don't want to) I was just curious on your thoughts about this -sangwoo-hoo

No, it’s fine, I think it’s important to talk about and address the things that make us uncomfortable. In the manhwa, Sangwoo is a real serial killer and real life serial killers do perform these types of abuse on their victims before, after, or when they kill them. Who’s to say Sangwoo doesn’t sexually abuse the women that he takes as victims, as he’s going in for the real kill or while they’re hostage? We see that he’s not afraid to hurt and torture them, there’s wrenches, bats, pliers, and all sorts of other tools all in the basement he uses to do that, obviously Sangwoo likes and enjoys torturing and dehumanizing his victims, it makes him feel better. It makes him feel in power and in control of the situation.

He also likes to emotionally and mentally abuse them. He just recently talks down to Ji Eun in the to make her feel humiliated about offering to have sex with Bum in order to escape, after he offers it. I think it’s actually very possible he might’ve raped someone, hurting his victims doesn’t hold him back, he doesn’t have strong empathy for anyone (even with Bum it’s rare.) Forced sex is an extremely hurtful and dehumanizing thing to experience, it makes you feel as if you’ve been tainted and dirtied. It makes you feel like you’ve been exploited and hurt in a extremely deep level, it’s a strong way to make someone be in emotional and mental pain.

I think raping his victims, if he has, would’ve brought on that same feeling of empowerment torturing them had, maybe even to a higher degree because rape is physical, emotional, and mental abuse all in one. He chooses young preppy college women as his victims, probably because they all are physically weaker than him. I think the weaker his victims are, the more power he has over them, the more powerful he feels, the bigger kick he gets out of their pain.

We also know from the past that Sangwoo’s murders are always closely tied in with sex.  The girl in the fist chapter, probably lured to his house with sex. He has sex with a girl before finds the old guy, then he uses sex to lure him back home. Ji Eun right now, he lured her back to the house with sex. When he was remembering strangling his mom he got an erection. Again, murder for Sangwoo is ALWAYS sexualized.


1. He doesn’t have a problem with emotionally, physically, and mentally abusing his victims. He gets a kick out of the more power he has over them, in fact.

2. Murder is sexualized to him, he’s shown us multiple multiple times that this is so.

With these two facts in mind I wouldn’t be surprised if sometime in the past, that we haven’t see in full, he put these two together and sexually abused some of his victims.