preppy teens


Under the cut you’ll find roughly 93 gifs of the beautiful Pepi Sonuga from Filthy Preppy Teens Season 1 Episode 4 and 7. Sonuga  is famous for her roles as Lacey Emery in Ash vs Evil Dead and as Sally Benton in The Fosters. Ethnically, Sonuga is of African and Irish descent, so please cast her accordingly. The gifs are all small/medium, textless, and mostly hq (look this was definitely not the best clip so it’s not the best gifs). Any repeats were completely unintentional. I made all of these gifs and honestly you can use them in anyway but if you add them to a crackship or gif hunt or anything of the sort please give me credit. Please like or reblog if you plan on using. Thank you! 1/?

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You know what sucks? Me, when my husband’s here. But as for what sucks in a metaphorical sense? Teenagers. And guess who gets to give a speech to an auditorium of preppy LA teens tomorrow? Why I didn’t just take the week off is beyond me. Oh wait, that’s right, because the husband I mentioned before is busy touring, and I’m stuck here like a fucking spinster while you all talk about your perfect relationships and babies. Drop it, it’s been a day and it’s already getting old.