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Get to know ME..ka.

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I’ve probably already done this, but LET’S DO IT AGAIN. 

Nickname: Pommy (although only one person is allowed to call me that), MiMi and Satan.

Zodiac Sign: Virgino

Height: 5′3 or 5′4 not quite sure, I’ve shrunk since I’ve lost weight…

Last Thing I Googled: H&M

Favourite Artist: Letlive. and BTS. 

Song Stuck in My Head: Blood, sweat and tears - BTS.

Last Movie I Watched: Zootropolis. 

What Are You Wearing Right Now: Puma trainers, fishnet socks, black ripped knee skinnies, lacey matching underwear, letlive. t-shirt, preppy cardigan and glasses. Specific enough?

What Do You Post: Smut, glorious smut. And everything in between. 

Why Did You Choose Your URL: I have no idea, it was the first thing that came to mind when I made it. And now, it’s stuck. 

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: Yes, I won’t tell you the url. It’s pretty depressing. 

What Did Your Past Relationship Teach You: That if I get into a relationship - I turn into a bitter, miserable, jealous, needy and horrible person.  

Religious or Spiritual: Neither.

Favourite Colour: Black

Average Hours of Sleep: Between four and six hours. 

Lucky Number: I hate numbers.

Favourite Character: Minato Okouchi. 

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With: One.

Dream Job: Laying on the floor in a pillow fort, watching films and tv shows surrounded by dogs of all shapes and sizes. - Not really a job but it’s how I want to spend my life. 

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