preppy school supplies

What’s in my school bag ?

Everyone is curious about the contents of other people’s bags for some reason.
I think it gives some insight about the person so here is a peek into my school soul. It also shows some of the college essentials!

(From top to bottom then left to right.)

  • BLUE CONTENT BAG: this little pouch is dedicated to girly items— sorry if that’s a cringe factor! It keeps all of those products concealed& organized. It’s a must- have if you want to discreetly go freshen up. Taking your bag is just not an option since that screams, “I’m bleeding” or “I’m leaving”.
  • BOOK: it’s bulky and I bought it at full price hence the gift wrap covering; I have to make it last and keep it in excellent condition if I want to resell and reuse it for the second section. This course actually comes in two parts, one beginning and the other advanced, so the book is used for the next class also so I definitely have to cover it. My professor made it mandatory to have the book each class for references and in- class cases and problems. If you can get away with not carrying a heavy book, I envy you!
  • CALCULATOR: this is a basic, scientific calculator. I have one of those huge graphing ones too, but I’m not taking a math this term (both fortunately and unfortunately). It’s good to be prepared and several other classes require calculations that I don’t want to do by hand so I have my handy- dandy calculator to compute those for me.
  • BACKPACK: it’s hipster- esque according to my boyfriend, but I find that it looks cute and I love the compartments. It’s easy enough for me to access my belongings, but has too many closures for anyone to mess with my stuff without notice. However, this bag’s strap on the bottom is slowly tearing, so I suggest you invest in a strong backpack and expensive does not equate to sturdiness. 
  • 3- SUBJECT NOTEBOOK: 3- subject notebook really means 1- subject notebook in half of the classes I have so beware! I find the cheap ones an honest alternative to the ones that cost a few more dollars. Notes, notes, notes so this is essential. Buy multiple when you see them on sale!
  • PLANNER: this is my favorite school supply and has grown in necessity tremendously. Time management is so vital to me and my planner helps me track all my obligations. Even if you have a calendar, nothing replaces handwriting items down and having them pop out at you.
  • PEN: it’s necessary, period. I prefer writing in pen, it feels smoother and it lasts longer. 
  • PENCILS: tests and a majority of work might be required to be completed in pencil so buy a pack. I only use #2 mechanical pencils for efficiency, convenience, & comfort. 
  • ERASER: this isn’t exactly a required material, but I find it useful and I hate bad erasures so I opt to just buy a quality retractable one.
  • BEAUTY ITEMS: I don’t carry an arsenal of makeup with me at school, but I admit to bringing a couple beauty items. These would be my necessities. I don’t wear makeup every single day— I don’t have time for that when I’m trying to maximize on every minute of sleep/ be lazy. I carry these items mainly for retouching if I need to on the days I do get ready, if I feel like I look like the walking dead, or I need to look more presentable and impress someone. The short list of items is: an eyeliner pencil, rollerball perfume, a folding brush/comb, and a pigmented lip balm.
  • HAIR: below the beauty products is a small group of hair claws (those grabbing clips) and a hair band, just for those days.
  • STAPLER: it isn’t the most used item, but when you have a strict professor, you might need this. I have one of the highest grades in class, but that didn’t prevent my professor from putting me on the spot for not having a paper stapled. There’s not much leniency in college and I’d rather not get grilled over a tiny piece of flimsy metal again.
  • USB: this is a must- buy. There is no way of getting out of buying one of these and I carry mine in my bag just because if I don’t constantly keep it in a specific spot it’ll go missing like the hundred cases of missing lip balms. You’ll use it for an endless number of assignments and other needs.
  • WALLET: as broke as a college student is, I usually bring my wallet with me for ID purposes or in case I need to spend money… Or often, want to spend some. I love my wallet, but I understand it’d be better if I brought a smaller one. 
  • PORTABLE CHARGER: this is the barely recognizable black block below my wallet next to the mints. I use my phone a lot, maybe a little excessively and combined with the quick drain of the iPhone’s battery, I need this if I have a long day ahead of me.
  • MINTS: fresh breath, a way to calm nerves, a method of concentrating, and a mid-class snack. I like having either mints or spray in my bag to be prepared and avoid any possible stanky situations and I personally love the taste.
  • HAND SANITIZER: this is just a simple hygiene and safety protocol to me. You’re constantly in an environment full of people while at school so that means a pool of germs to fight. It’s easy to just have this measure to feel and be cleaner when you feel like you need to be or before a snack, etc.

These are my essentials for most school days!

I hope you enjoyed this post.