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so like, Morrigan in Origins was the undebated, unchallenged goth of the group. there’s no denying that. so imagine you’re Morrigan and you’ve held this firm goth-status over your friend-group that you haven’t been around in years, and a decade later you see some of those friends again, and the perky, preppy little religious kid of the group is now hanging out with ravens, wearing hoods all the time, and has a wardrobe that consists entirely of dark colors. This kid who used to sing nonstop is quiet and emo 24/7 now. Imagine Morrigan learning that Leliana is the new goth

Vineyard Vines or Boyfriend Finds?

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2008 olympics babes

Based off of @indiansummersunset and @iverindes preppy trust fund college kid Viktor.   Yuuri is going to be a lot more skilled than when we first saw him in the series so basically. Super good skater + Trust fund Kid Viktor

(I sincerely apologize) 


Yuuri stared down at the campus map on his phone, despite his glasses he still squinted to try to make sense of the many paths that overlapped each other. He looked up from his phone to see if there were any actual street signs then ruffled his hair and pushed his glasses further up his nose. “What’s the rink called anyways?” His muttered question was answered by a small group of girls all focused on someone out in the field. “It’s Nikiforov Rink.” They answered without even looking in Yuuri’s direction.

He stared down at the phone in his hands again, trying to find Nikiforov Rink, only to let out a frustrated sigh and adjust his glasses. “Nikiforov Rink? Where’s that? I’m going to be late to practice!” None of the girls answered his question but the figure they were focused on turned to look at him. Yuuri swore he could see literal sparkles surrounding the VIneyard Vines clothed man. Everything about him screamed preppy as he jogged across the large field, a frisbee in one hand and a smirk on his face. “Hey you!”

Yuuri looked both ways to see who the guy was shouting at then pointed to himself. “Who, me?”

“Yeah you!” The man jogged over with a bright smile while Yuuri could only think ‘Oh shit’ in his head. “Hey I heard you were lost, Nikiforov Rink right? I can find it on the campus app for you.” He smiled brightly as he held his hand out.

Yuuri looked down at his phone with an uncertain expression then smiled back and handed it to him. “Alright, thank you!”

After the silver-haired man typed for a few seconds he handed the phone back. “Here you go, good luck!” He winked at Yuuri then jogged back over to his friend to resume playing ultimate frisbee.

Yuuri smiled slightly and followed the map to the rink, he did however get sidetracked by a new message on his phone with a new contact.

From: Vik Nikiforov:

Hi Yuuri

My parents build Nikiforov rink

But they built me better

The texts were followed with an obscene number of emojis. Yuuri blushed a bright red then slid his phone into his pocket.

Once Yuuri had made it to the rink he stashed his phone away in his bag and pulled his skates out. He laced them up then pulled his sweatshirt off and walked to the rink side. “Um, Mr. Cialdini?” A tall dark-haired man with a pony tail turned then flashed a bright smile. “Ah Yuuri!”

Yuuri smiled nervously then nodded and bowed. “Thank you for coaching me Mr. Cialdini!”

Celestino smiled as he waved his hands. “No need for that, you can call me Celestino or Ciao Ciao.” Yuuri smiled at that then nodded and gestured to the ice. “Ah, um. May I?”

Ciao Ciao nodded then gestured to the ice excitedly. Yuuri smiled as he took his skate guards off and set them on the barrier next to his glasses. After pushing his hair back he glided out and looked at the other skaters who were there. Since it wasn’t a “Scheduled” practice everyone was free to use the rink however they wanted. As he watched the groups fumble on the ice he practically winced at the way they were digging into the ice and creating holes.

Yuuri took a deep breath then put his wireless headphones in his ears, his phone already playing music that connected to them. Once he found out that the groups basically stayed at the edges of the rink to grip onto the barrier he glided to the center and closed his eyes. He took a deep breath then began to do warm-ups, a few simple laps around the rink and then basic jumps.

After he had warmed up he began to skate, testing out the choreography he had in his head. He sighed as he tried to figure out how to fit everything together into his new program. He spent almost an hour trying to work on choreography before huffing and pushing his hair away from his face.

Ciao Ciao spent the first hour observing and giving comments from the boards before having to leave to go to a meeting on the other side of the campus. Yuuri watched him leave with a sigh then went back to skating, the music changed to his most recent skate that he performed, making him smile and begin to skate as if he was at a competition again.

Yuuri didn’t get the chance to notice that the ice was completely empty, most of the students in the stands watching him. Thanks to another student who began to live record it to the rest of the campus, most of the students who weren’t in classes began to file in.

He had his eyes closed as he glided across the ice with a bright smile going from his step sequence into a quad flip, triple toe loop combination. By the time he finished that combination jump Viktor Nikiforov and his entourage had entered to see the newest skating scholarship winner.

It had almost become a show at the point with how many people came to see him skate, when he transitioned into his biellmann spin more than half of the students gasped as Yuuri did it then began dizzying spins.

Yuuri finished in a few minutes then slid his earbuds out for the first time in about two hours, he almost fell over when he heard cheers coming from the stands. Once he noticed that he was the only one on the ice he had never been so happy for his near blindness after he had his glasses off.

He was a blushing mess as he quickly skated off the ice and put his skate guards on, only to then shove everything in his duffel and quickly rush out of the building.

Chris hummed at Viktor’s side once the newest scholarship kid rushed out of the rink, he turned to talk to Viktor when he noticed that he was still staring at the ice. “Hey Viktor, what do you think of our newest student?”

“Kruto! Did you see how he moved on the ice Chris, we need to bring him on the yacht. Yuri make sure he get’s invited to the next yacht party!” Viktor was interrupted by Yuri Plisetsky yanking his shirt and glaring. “I’m not your secretary old man.”

Viktor simply smiled as he took his sweater off then swung it over his shoulder, keeping it in place with his pointer finger acting as a hook. “So everyone, should we make him part of the group?”

Yuri muttered a dark ‘no’, Chris smirked and said ‘yes’, Georgie was still crying from ‘the beauty of the way he glided across the ice’, and Mila grinned with a ‘yes’. “Okay so we have two for yes one for no and I think a yes from Georgie but I’m not sure. Let’s invite him to frisbee tomorrow too, Yuri, make sure he gets invited to frisbee!”

“I told you I’m not your secretary old man!” Yuri was fuming as he stomped off to his dorm, leaving the four to walk back to their own dorms together.

“So you like Yuuri huh?” Chris saddled up to Viktor side then smirked. “Oh mon ami you should see the way he dances too~!”

Viktor nearly pounced on Chris as he grinned, “He dances too?! Chris he’s so perfect we have to go to his next performance or his next skate. Maybe Mama will let me hold an emergency skating event! We can have some roses there for him and then we can give him other flowers too not just roses right? He might not like roses though so we can give him maybe some lilies? Oh! Wait maybe he’d want a more expensive thing for that! Let’s get him a faberge then right? Any questions? No? Okay we’re going shopping soon then!”

Mila put her finger to her lips as she thought then looked around the campus ground. “Why don’t you just ask him Viktor?”

“But how can I ask him Mila?” Viktor whined while leaning on the redhead then pouted. “Viktor…Viktor he’s right there getting his dorm keys okay?” Viktor perked up at that, his eyes scanning the quad before they landed on the Japanese man walking out of the administrative building.

Viktor rushed over to the Japanese man then flipped his bangs and grinned. “Hey there Yuuri, wanna go on a trip on my daddy’s yacht?” He finished with a hand on his hip and a wink.

Yuuri stammered a few words in Japanese, too flustered to changed to English before shaking his head, his cheeks varying colors of red that spread from his ears.  Viktor’s grin faded slightly as he observed Yuuri before a loud bark could be heard, followed by Yuri’s angry yelling. “Oi! Old man get your dog! Why was he in my room anyways!?”

Viktor turned just in time for his dog, Makkachin, to fly past him and knock Yuuri down. Yuuri let out a loud ‘oof’ then began to giggle as Makkachin licked his face. “V-Vicchan what are you doing- Wait. You’re not Vicchan?” Makkachin let out a bark then went back to licking Yuuri.

“Makka get off of him!” Viktor quickly grabbed Makkachin and dragged him off of Yuuri before holding his hand out. “Sorry about Makkachin, she doesn’t normally do that.”

Yuuri laughed as he sat up then scratched Makkachin behind her ears. “It’s okay, she’s cute.” He played with the poodles large ears before standing up fully and looked down at the packet in his hands. “Well, uh. I going to go find my dorm? Did I say that right?” Yuuri mumbled to himself before shaking his head and quickly rushing off. Shouting a ‘Bye Viktor’ over his shoulder.

“Chris?” Viktor asked his friend without looking at him, his eyes glued on Yuuri as he made his way through the quad.

“Yes, Viktor?” Chris saddled up to his side then smiled.

“I’m gonna date that boy.”

When Yuuri made his way into his dorm he was immediately blinded by balloons flying at his face and then a flash disorienting his vision. “Welcome new roomie!” Yuuri blinked before his vision cleared to see a thai man with hamsters on his shoulders and a phone in his hand.  

“A-Ah, I’m Yuuri!” Yuuri smiled then held his hand out. Phichit grinned as he finished typing then pulled Yuuri into a hug. “I know,I’m Phichit. You know you really should update your insta more often. I need to see pics of my new roomie’s adventures!”

Yuuri laughed slightly then ruffled his hair and maneuvered around the balloons to set his duffel down. “Um, I have all of my stuff in the car if you can help me?”

Phichit grinned as he nodded then practically skipped down the hallway with Yuuri in tow. “We’re going to have so much fun this year Yuuri, sorry I could be at the rink to welcome you but I had a class then.”

“Oh it’s okay I got here late so I left all of my things sitting in the car and just ran down to the rink.” Yuuri laughed slightly then skidded to a stop next to the car with Phicht. “You get to meet Vicchan!”

As soon as the door opened Vicchan bounded out and into Yuuri’s arms, Phichit took a picture of that with a grin then slid his phone into his pocket and went to pet Vicchan before the two turned when they heard a squeal.

“Yuuri that was so cute!” Yuuri turned to see Viktor with a frisbee in his hand and a bright smile on his face. “I didn’t know you had a poodle!”

“I-Uh, yeah?” Yuuri blushed to the tips of his ears as he slightly hid his face behind Vicchan. Viktor jogged over then grinned at Phichit before turning his attention to Yuuri. “He’s cute, what’s his name?”

“Oh. Uh Vicchan!” Yuuri continued to blush in different colors before setting the small poodle on the ground.

Viktor smiled and went to say something before Chris shouted from the field. “Hey Vik throw the frisbee!” He pouted slightly before winking at Yuuri and jogging back across the field. “You’re no fun Chris!”

“Yuuri?” Phichit continued to stare at Viktor as he ran, his pink Vineyard Vines shirt drawing attention to himself.

“Yeah?” Yuuri turned his head to look at Phichit while petting Vicchan who had his head tilted to the side.

“Why did Viktor Nikiforov come talk to you? Why didn’t you tell me?!” Phichit let out a series of incoherent screeching noises while Yuuri blushed and attempted to get his new roommate to stop.

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Can y’all imagine how FLUSTERED these two were for their first date. 

Like, make it 10 times worse that they got ready for it like 5 feet apart. 

Victor headed to Japan to get a boyfriend anyway so his closet is like 90% date clothes 10% training+normal clothes. (That’s why he only wears the robe and nice clothes. The man has nothing else….) But that doesn’t explain WHY HE CAN’T FIND ANYTHING. Nothing looks right, this shirt doesn’t go with these pants like they did in his love struck haze of packing in Saint Petersburg. Oh no, he’s 90% sure Makkachin ate the scarf that brings out his eyes. This date is ruined. 

Yuuri on the other hand is skyping Phichit as quietly as humanly possible switching between every style of clothing known to man. 

“You look like a preppy college kid. No.”
“Now you look like hipster.”  
“I thought we burned that sweater.”
“Put on those pants we depressed bought after finals your Junior year. The one with the rhinestone pocket. They make your ass look great.” 

By the end of it Yuuri looks…pretty damn good and Victor (With a curler still in his bangs, and his face still baking for the love of god.) catches him in the hallway and promptly calls Chris asking 1) How Yuuri Katsuki can get his fucking ass in those jeans?? and 2) How do you make boys like you? (”He kissed you like 90 times while in China. He likes you Victor.” “But how do I knowwwww??”)

Yuuri is in his own room asking Phichit how the hell Victor Nikiforov can look like a golden god with excess powder on his face, and a curler bumping his forehead. 

BTS: type of fashion they’d like

Jin - ‘Hella casual but also with ur life together’
He seems like the type to like long coats that come to the knee at the very least. But also, the type to pair them with shirts that have different characters from different cartoon characters (i.e mario ;) or on the rare occasions, luigi) ALso seems like he prefers trousers over skirts and dresses tbh

Yoongi - ‘super duper casual’
This guy seems like he’d go for the normal hooded top and jeans look. Like honestly, he could probably even get attracted to anyone wearing sweatpants. buT LIKE styled in a cool way obviously 

Hoseok - ‘the high quality top from a low quality store’
ya boy here seems to be the crop top kinda guy. but the fun crop tops. ones that you’d get off like aliexpress and stuff for £5. he doesn’t seem like he’d care for high brands and stuff like honestly, if u can successfully pull off a look from primark, then u’ve got his look down. 

Namjoon - ‘Richish preppysih coolish?’
Hello thigh high boots. Also hello preppy college kid look. He’d honestly seem like he’d be very attracted to the type of clothes that Spencer Hastings wears in PLL, im not even lying

Jimin - ‘that slightly hipstery look that everyone loves’ 
bby boy chim here seems like he’d love a lacy lignerie i mean, he’d love those boyfriend jeans that have a white shirt tucked into it and black sunglasses maybe oh and shoulder length hair wow i just imagined up a whole person for him 

Taehyung - ‘clear knee trend guy’
tae has a very eccentric style, therefore, it only makes sense that his SO has a slightly less eccentric style. By that i dont mean office look but i mean ‘still goes with the clear knee trend jeans and those ugly clear boots but successfully pulls the off’ 

Jungkook - ‘Edgy’
I think he’d like a slightly edgy kick to the wardrobe. Like wearing a white shirt and jeans but has this really edgy flannel on top or tied around the waist with either timbs or black boots (even one with spikes)

im so sorry for adding saf and spencer into this i love them so much - Admin Kay

About A Girl (Tate Langdon x Reader)

Request: “If it’s not too much trouble, could you write a post-death Tate oneshot/headcanon (whichever) about a “preppy” girl that moves into the murder house and Tate doesn’t really like her at first because she reminds him of the popular kids at his school but then one night he hears her blasting nirvana and starts to fall in love? Sorry if this is really long! 😳 thanks!”

Warnings: Plaid (it deserves its own warning, okay? I think I meant checkered though originally), small cliffhanger, poking fun at preppy kids, I went a little off-request

Word Count: 1,018

A/N: I actually really love this request, thank you. I’m a lil’ nirvana stan have no idea why, though. And when I wrote this, I typed a whole, like, 300 words but they’re missing? RIP? It was about 1.2k but I totally forgot what the hell I used to fill it in, so like I said, RIP.

BY THE WAY: I’ll make a more informative post on this later, but one of my kitties is heavily pregnant. If I go missing for a while, it’s because she’s had her babies. Don’t worry. I will probably take a hiatus and/or close requests when they arrive, since kittens are a lot of work, but I can assure you that I’ll be back.

Tate had always liked girls that were more on the “grunge” side of the spectrum. Girls that reminded him of the 90′s, when he was alive. He had never gone for preppy girls (which is what he classified Y/N as), in fact, he often made fun of them. Never out loud though, he was only that much of an ass to his mother. At least she gave him those morals. Though, that might just be his common sense.

“I’ll finish that box later.” You say, scooting the box containing your clothing out of the bedroom doorway. Tate watched from the opposite door, silently laughing at your plaid skirt. Who wore plaid these days?  He knew a few girls that wore, like, plaid dresses in his days, but it wasn’t quite in-trend in the 2010′s, in his opinion, at least.

And you seemed a little… Off. Kind of like the vibe he got from Kyle Greenwell. He was a football player who came from a rich family, everything he could’ve asked for served to him on a silver platter. Tate knew he probably wasn’t as bad as he had made it out to be in his head, but Kyle was still bad. You came off as a little… Well, preppy. And as we said earlier, Tate never liked preppy. 

Your mom mumbles an agreement, hunched over the stairs. Her attention was focused on some kind of legal papers that you didn’t understand. Taxes, maybe? Or was it something to do with buying the house? Either way, it was holding her attention and looked heavily confusing.

Deciding to avoid whatever those paper were, you walk back to you room. Tate quietly follows you. As you push the bedroom door shut, Tate sneaks through. Perks of being a ghost, right? You start to un-zip your skirt, letting it pool at the floor. He watches you as you undress. He knew it was weird and pervy, but he was Tate Langdon for God’s sake.

Once you’re changed into some comfortable clothes, you hear a knock at your door. Sighing, you open it to reveal the blonde haired boy. He walks in, looking at your bedroom.

“It’s not unpacked yet, sorry.” You stand awkwardly at the door as he picks up several of your possessions, examining them. “Who are you?”

“Tate.” He simply says. “I live next door.”

“Oh! Are you, uh…” You trail off, almost expecting him to read your mind. “That blonde woman’s son?”

“Constance?” He snorts. “Yeah.” 

Tate fiddles with the small radio perched on your nightstand, and soon enough, some band starts playing at full volume. He doesn’t bother to turn it down, instead making funny faces as he listened to the lyrics. He obviously didn’t care for modern music.

You rush over to the device, twisting the volume knob down before your parents could hear. “Look. You seem nice, but I think you need to go.” Shrugging, he flips through the preset stations, twisting the knob back up. You shoo him away from the bed, and soon out of the bedroom. “I trust you can find your way back out?” He nods, and when you look away, he’s vanished.

That was the first night Tate visited you. Well, that you were aware of. He had mainly stayed away when you were home, not liking you very much, but when you were gone, he snooped in your belongings. He didn’t find many things that seemed important or deemed you worthy of his liking (unlike his previous flings, of which he found these things quickly. That’s where a lifetime of sneaking around came in handy). That was until he found your stash of mixtapes and whatnot. 

He wasn’t able to play them very long before you came home and forced him out again, but from what he heard, nothing changed. He still disliked you, if not a little bit more. 

A few days later, you hear a knock on your bedroom door. “Come in.” You groan, expecting a member of your family. “Oh my God, not you again…”

“I came to apologize.” Tate sighs, walking in. “It was rude of me to come in that last time and go through your stuff.”

Damn right it was wrong. Didn’t he know about personal space? Or personal belongings? Surely Constance taught him better than that…

“Just that last time?” You ask. He shrugs, half-nodding. “Fine, come on.” Putting down your book, you watch him like a hawk watches prey. He sits down in the rug in front of your bed, looking around. You somehow know exactly what he’s thinking. “Go for it.”

His face lights up, and he crawls quickly to the radio. For some reason, that was always the reason why he had snuck and your room. 

“You can tell a lot about a person by their music.” He says, flipping through the preset stations again. He knew all (well, most) of them, but still liked to see what was on. You nod, picking the book back up. Opening the cover, you notice something. The library slip had several names written in it, the most recent being from November of 1994. Tate Langdon, the neat, yet messy, cursive read.

“Tate Langdon?” You question, staring at him. He shakes his head, seemingly ignoring your wait for an answer. As he presses the CD button, the first track of Nirvana’s Nevermind album blares at what seemed like the loudest setting. 

“Huh.” He smirks. “Mixtape or album?”

You turn the volume down once more, frustrated that he always turned it up. Nothing seemed to get into this boy’s head. “Album.” To confirm, he turns it to the next song, In Bloom. Tate flips it once more so it’s on Come As You Are. 

“This one was always a favorite.” The boy smiles, leaned over the nightstand. You nod. 

Somehow, the two of you ended up spending the night talking about Nirvana, music, the 90′s, and school. You never asked him 1994 was stamped next to his name. In fact, you forgot about it for the most part. You forgot about it until it happened. 

Here in America
In every single state,
They have a set of standards for every subject
A collection of lessons that the teacher’s required to teach by the end of the term.
But the greatest lessons you will ever teach us will not come from your syllabus
The greatest lessons you will ever teach us
You will not even remember.
You never told us what we weren’t allowed to say
We just learned how to hold our tongues

Now somewhere in America
There is a child holding a copy of Catcher in the Rye
And there is a child holding a gun
But only one of these things have been banned by their State Government
And it’s not the one that can rip through flesh
It’s the one that says ‘fuck you’ on more pages than one
Because we must control what the people say -
How they think
And if they wanna become the overseer of their ownselves
Then we’ll show them a real one.

And somewhere in America
There is a child sitting at his mother’s computer
Reading the homepage of the KKK’s website
That’s open to the pulic
But that child will have never read to kill a mockingbird
Because his school has banned it for its use of the N word.

Maya Angelou is prohibited
Because we’re not allowed to talk about rape in school
We were taught that just because something happens
Doesn’t mean you are to talk about it

They build us brand new shopping malls
So that we’ll forget where we’re really standing:
On the bones of the hispanics
On the bones of the slaves
On the bones of the native americans
On the bones of those who fought just to speak

Transcontintental Railroad to Japanese internment camps;
There are things missing from our history books.
But we were taught that it is better to be silent
than to make them uncomfortable

Somewhere in America
Private schoolgirls search for hours through boutiques
Trying to find the prom dress of their dreams
While kids on the South Side spend hours searching through the lost and found
Cos winters coming soon and that’s the only jacket they have

Kids are late to class for working the midnight shift,
They give awards for best attendance
But not for keeping your family off the streets.

These kids will call your music ghetto
They will tell you you don’t talk right
Then they’ll get in the backseat of a car
With all their friends
Singing about how they’re “bout that life’ and ‘we can’t stop’

Somewhere in America
Schools are promoting self confidence
While they whip out their scales
And shout out your body fat percentage in class
Where the heftier girls are hiding away
And the slim fit beauties can’t help but giggle with pride

The preppy kids go thrift shopping cos they think it sounds real fun
But we go cos that’s all we got money for
Cos mama works for the city
Mama only gets paid once a month

Somewhere in America
A girl’s getting felt up by a grown man on the subway,
She’s still in her school uniform
And that’s part of the appeal,
It’s hard to run in knee socks and Mary Janes
And all her male teachers know it too

Coaches cover up star players
Raping freshmen after the dance,
Women are killed for rejecting dates.
But god forbid I bring my girlfriend to prom?
A girl is blackout drunk at the after party
Take a picture before her wounds wake her
How many pixels is your sanity worth?
What’s a 4.0 to a cold jury?

What’d you learn in class today?
Don’t walk fast
Don’t speak loud
Keep your hands to yourself
Keep your head down
Keep your eyes on your own paper
If you don’t know the answer
Fill in C

Always wear earbuds when you ride the bus alone
If you feel like someones following you
Pretend you’re on the phone
A teacher never fails
Only you do
In every state in America
The greatest lessons
Are the ones you don’t rememeber learning

—  Somewhere in America - Brave New Voices (x)

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Percabeth, #10

Percabeth + high school popular kid/nerd au (this was a difficult one for realsies bc who is nerd who is popular kid whooo)

Just to be clear Percy Jackson was not a nerd, nothing against nerds, but he frequently hung out with nerds. They were great company and someone had to stick up for them. There were rumours going around that he was the nerds’ muscle and that was why he hung out with them a lot but he had the grades to prove them wrong. Not that he’s proud of the last part. He really liked his nerd friends they were really great people so if he gets in trouble for sticking up for them then so be it.

He was spending yet another afternoon in detention bored out of his mind. He was very much surprised to see Annabeth Chase, one of the smartest and most popular kids in school, come barrelling down the classroom with Mr Chiron at her heels. She plopped down on the seat next to him and crossed her arms.

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Missing Scenes, Chapter 2


You free, preppy? It’s Joaquin.

Kevin was pretty convinced his heart had skipped a beat. It had been a week since their epic make out session at the Drive-In. What with just hook ups in his sexual history and a lack of boyfriend material in this town, he wasn’t sure what the proper wait time was. A week felt like forever, though, and he was just starting to worry it had been a one-sided interest.

I can be. Meet me at my house in an hour?

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I imagine in Gotham there would be lots of kids called Robin/Robyn/ however else you spell it and Damian would be really annoyed when he goes to school to find out that half the kids are called it

Damian tried not to slouch in his seat in the back of his 8th grade homeroom. They were seated alphabetically, Damian was very happy he’d enrolled under “Wayne” not “al Ghul”. Since there were no Xs or Ys and only one Z (Aaron Zabotinsky) Damian was in the back row of seats. In his homeroom so far on the first day of school there were four Robins. Three girl “Robyns” and one boy “Robin” 

He marked each one of them, drawing flying knives in his note book every time one of their names were called. He hated them, he was never going to speak to any one of them, never even acknowledge, and he would do anything to avoid getting trapped in a dreaded group project with any Robin or Robyn. Damian looked at them, skinny preppy rich kids in their Gotham Academy blazers, not a one of them would last 10 minutes in a Batcave training.

It was bad enough that his brothers insisted on reminding him he wasn’t the only Robin. At least they however wouldn’t totally embarrass themselves in a fight, these children however. It had been Jason who’d pointed out the phenomenon to Damian about a year into him being Robin. Of course it had been Todd, he always liked to annoy Damian. Robin and Robyn had been in the top ten most popular boys and girls names for nearly 15 years.

By lunch time Damian had been two 3 classes not counting homeroom, there’d been Robins and Robyns in each one. He found and empty table and flopped down pulling out his lunch, he’d insisted to Pennyworth he would just eat the school food. That idea had been violently vetoed by the butler with vocal support from father and each of his brothers. Looking around at the plastic trays with sad looking mashed potatoes, strange gray meat that might have been steak or roast beef, and green peas he was rather glad for his brown paper bag. 

Damian carefully unpacked his vegetarian lunch, a watercress sandwich on whole grain bread, a green fruit drink, chips, and a few of Pennyworth’s homemade cookies. “Hey do you mind if I sit here?” Damian did mind. Looking up he nearly spat the question before really seeing the boy who’d asked. “Why?”

The boy shuffled nervously, he was maybe a little taller than Damian, most of the boys were. He had very green eyes, pale skin and freckles, he had long messy red hair falling into his face. His uniform didn’t seem to fit quite right, or he wasn’t comfortable in a jacket and tie. A scholarship kid Damian thought, which was followed by the unwelcome thought that the boy was cute. “Um well you’re new too right?” Damian barely nodded “and uh I thought us new kids should stick together” 

against his better judgement Damian found himself nodding. “alright sit down” The boy looked unbelievably grateful as he sat down and plopped his disgusting looking school lunch onto them table. “So how are your classes?” The boy asked clearly still nervous. Damian never needed friends but he understood that other people weren’t that way, being alone in a strange place must be scary for him. “unbelievably dull and subpar. It’s incredible the price they charge our parents to have a bunch of barely awake adults, and I use that term loosely, to either drone at us or treat us like children, it’s embarrassing” The boy looked at him blankly and flutter of worry hit Damian’s chest. Some times, a lot of the time if he was honest, he got social situations like this wrong, talked too much or too little said the wrong thing, or used the wrong tone. He hoped he hadn’t ruined things so quickly

His new friend broke out laughing. “wow dude you don’t hold back do you?”

“why would I?” the boy smiled and that weirdly made Damian feel good. He had to make sure Drake never found out about that he thought trying not to smile back at the red headed boy. They talked through the rest of lunch, they had a shared art class last period and agreed to sit together there, if it was allowed. Damian was right he was a scholarship kid, felt awkward about it. Damian found he was nearly relaxed around this boy, strange since he rarely felt at ease.

The bell rang and they got up as the boy hustled to bus his tray Damian realized something. “Hey! I never told you my name” The boy turned and gave him a big smile. “I know who you are, Damian Wayne, you’re the most famous kid in this town” Damian mentally kicked himself, his friend was right, he was famous. “Oh well then what’s your name?” 

still smiling his friend said “Robin Jackson, see you in art!” and he was off leaving Damian rooted to the spot. 

Missing Scenes Series

TV Show: Riverdale

Couple: Joaquin/Kevin

Rating: T

Summary: A new series focusing on filling in some of the missing scenes in Joaquin/Kevin’s relationship. Behind the cut, you’ll find Episode 4.

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                                              Chapter 1: Episode 4

   The movie was slightly better than Kevin expected. Not by much, though. He’d still rather be doing something more fun, but Veronica insisted and he was a sucker for a pretty face. Something he’d admit to, gladly. At least James Dean was a total hottie; that helped keep his attention.

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