preppy hair

The Signs appearance

Look for your rising sign/ascendant here.

Aries : athletic but curvy body, strong and thick hair, prefers comfortable clothes and sneakers, strong eyebrows, look younger than they are when they laugh or smile.

Taurus : harmonious face, sensual lips, very shiny and often long hair, prefer classical and stylish clothing, their eyes appear very warm and friendly.

Gemini : slim body, sparkling and captivating eyes, they prefer a laid back style but also love to change their wardrobe every once in a while.

Cancer : thin and often darker hair, small nose, round chin and outstanding eyes, their style often depends on their mood, are often pretty small.

Leo : strong feature, very wide forehead, large nose, often tall with very long legs, love high quality clothing and jewellery, appear strong and elegant.

Virgo : average to tall height, often very good bodies bc they like to take care of their bodies, almond shaped eyes, long shiny hair, prefer preppy and high quality clothing, very good fashion taste.

Libra : oval face, appear very calm and charming, very picky when it comes to clothing, pleasant features, can adopt whatever style pleases them.

Scorpio : wide and strong shoulders, well built, well defined and sensual lips, magnetic eyes, thick hair, appear very serious and powerful, prefer a calm, serious style.

Sagittarius : thick hair, full lips, tall, they appear charming and energetic, not the most athletic body, wide and beautiful smile, love to change their style every once in a while.

Capricorn : slender built, small to average height, serious eyes, often short hair, appear very serious and mature, ordinary fashion sense.

Aquarius : often dark and thick hair, unusual hairstyle, appear very energetic and original, sparkling, big eyes. have either an eccentric or serious style.

Pisces : average built, large and hypnotic eyes, can take on many appearances, appear very mysterious and misty, almost impossible to tell which style they prefer.