You know what I hate? How damn right wing most survivalist/prepping/homesteading groups, magazines, events, shows, whatever are.

I’m gay and trans and my fiancé is too (kinda) and I want to be able to look things up without THIS HELPS PREVENT STARVATION WHEN THE LIBERALS RAISE TAXES TO KILL YOU or whatever the fuck. Or supreme heteronormativity saying that ‘oh you’ll settle sith a husband and wife under god with 2.5 kids’ blah blah.

I just want some sustainable gay communes or some shit lol

My Zombie Apocalypse Posts

This is just a compilation of my thoughts, ideas and resources about surviving a zombie apocalypse (though some of them can be applied to any kind of apocalypse) and zombies related stuff.

Note: I will come back to this and keep it updated.


Making Fruit Leather - It’s that time of year folks. The hawthorn berries are perfectly ripe for the picking. Grab as many as you can, give them a wash, crush them up and squeeze out the resulting juice into a flat bottomed dish. Once it’s left to set you can slice it into strips and dry it out further either by a fire, in an oven or a dehydrator. You are then left with fruit leather. A delicious snack that has a massive shelf life. I’ve mixed this one with some blackberrys and crab apples to give it a sweeter and more tart flavour. Nomnomnom!

Though he already lived smack dab in the frozen waste that is greater Canada, Bruce Beach still didn’t feel safely removed from the inevitable nuclear Armageddon that will end life as we know it. So, in 1980, he set out to build an underground shelter in which a lucky several humans could survive, thrive and – eventually – repopulate.

Starting such a project from scratch would be imposing to say the least, so he decided to repurpose some items – specifically, 42 school buses. He stuffed them in a big-ass hole, and buried them sumbitches in concrete.

Concrete dry, ginormous generators installed, and air filtration systems constructed of goddamned garbage bags at the ready, Bruce looked at what he had created and deemed it … a perpetual work in progress. He named it Ark Two, and yes, Bruce looks exactly how you’re picturing him.

5 Places In The World Where You Might Survive The Apocalypse


Grateful, richer, and happier.

As we reflect on the closing of deer season our hearts skip beat when we recall some of the adventures we have gone through to bring food to our table.

Eight years ago we did not have the skill set to procure our own foods by hunting, foraging and farming. We seldom confronted realities that brought food into our realities. When we settled down and introduced our children into this world we began to question the environment they would become apart of. Forming the beliefs that framed conventional methods and standards of living to be unsustainable were not easy to comes to grasp with. We began to educate ourselves, we begin to learn a new skill sets, and most importantly we were brave enough to get uncomfortable and put our new knowledge into practice.

In time, we became a city living family that farms and hunts over 80% of the meat proteins we consume annually. We have done this for ourselves for the past four years now.

We have grown together in our understanding of our place in the world both presently and historically. As our children grow to see us constantly refining our methods we hope to set them free into this world as humans that make less of an impact on nature, aspire to leverage the technology they will wield, and pioneer us into a brighter future.

We hope our latest blog post find you on the course you have set for yourselves in the new year.

Respect fully,