#DisasterPreparedness Tip: Storing our Food/supplies under our beds adds protection. We can easily store 3 months worth of food under our beds

In this image This is well over a years worth of food for one person.

Did you know for every bed in your home we can store at least a YEARS worth if food. 

But we are only suggesting you store at LEAST 2-3 weeks. But 2-3 months is BEST.

If space is tight look under your bed.

Can You IMAGINE storing at least 21 bags(21lbs) of Navy Beans under Every Bed in your home? That would equal at least 3 weeks worth of food for whoever sleeps on that bed and it will only take up less than 1/10th of the actual room you have under the bed leaving room for water and other supplies. Storing food and water does not take up much space. 
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Be Prepared: Defense Against Terror, Hoodlums, & Disasters

If there is one motto inscribed on the marble lintel at the entrance of the temple of conservative thought, it is this: “wishing does not make it so.”

The police usually don’t break down the door in the nick of time and prevent a school teacher from being raped in a home invasion.  Most of the time, the police are there to draw a chalk outline around the body and start to figure out who did it and how to find them.

Being prepared means facing that reality despite our wishful thinking and understanding that the only person responsible for ourselves is ourselves.


L.I Firefly Light:

A new product coming soon. The Firefly builds on our current Radiance lights but more compact. This is part of a new range of essential products to help you stay safe.

More details to come and some new variations very soon. Law Industries Store


Micro ceramic fire-steel scraper .

On test from the folks at Survival depot a micro Zirconium dioxide ceramic striker .

Shown here with a 6mm ferro rod and next to a LMF striker for size reference . Ive not yet had the chance to test this very low profile striker properly but it certainly throws some good sparks .

Full details here http://www.survivaldepot.co.uk/product/ceramic_striker


The Most Powerful Way to Generate FREE Electricity


Why bugging out may get you killed.