prepped out

The Bitch is here, you can all stop obsessing over my old content and start fantasizing about the new right quick. I just got back from a hot date with a woman that makes Mila Kunis look like Morgan Freeman; who’s gonna pony up the dough to comp our meals and pre-date prep? We went out together for a spa day, bikini waxes included. Give your life purpose, those of you losers out there with your fingers itching towards your paypal buttons or grabbing your credit cards know that the only way you can please a superior woman like me is with muchos dinero. I don’t even laugh at the broke.

To my fellow bloggers, don’t be afraid to come at me if you aren’t stunned into slack-jawed silence by my presence. I only play with the prettiest, but I might still give you the time of day, even if you’re an uggo. I’m feeling super generous and charity, like everything else, looks good on a Goddess.

I wore my Springtrap costume to work today because they were having a costume contest (though I was really the only one who dressed up at all from what I saw), and during my dinner break I ended up doodling the entire break… Resulting in Springtrap-the intern.


did someone say high school au??? ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

“You’re my wife? Holy shit!” (Sam x Reader, fluff, requested drabble)

Inspired by this gifset! Just a quick and fun lil fluff piece. Enjoy!! xx

Word Count: 1,067


It seemed even treasure hunters were not impervious to the effects of appendicitis nor the strength of a good dose of painkillers. When Sam had started complaining about pain in his lower abdomen the day before, you both had dismissed it as nothing more than some sort of bug. When the pain started worsening, you’d turned to Google to look up the symptoms of appendicitis. You’d thought it was unlikely, but you’d insisted on at least reading a couple websites.

When you had to change your search to ‘symptoms in over 40s’ to get a more accurate list of symptoms, Sam had gasped in mock horror, and then real horror when he saw results that read “older adults” and even the dreaded: “elderly”. The symptoms had mostly lined up with a few differing here and there, but what made the two of you get in the car and immediately drive to the hospital was the fact that it was far more deadly in adults than it was in children. Sam, as per usual, hadn’t been at all worried. He’d teased you for that stop sign you blew through in your race to get to the hospital and had been in a light-hearted mood all the way up to when the doctor informed him he had to undergo surgery.

His face fell immediately and his gaze went to you, “I’ve never had surgery,” he told you, “I mean, not real surgery.” You’d never seen him look afraid like this. Most people were afraid of spiders. It turned out Sam Drake was afraid of surgery (also spiders).  

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i’m spiraling into a dark literati place and there are so many thoughts and emotions running through my head because I keep thinking about all the love and hope I had for them and how we’ve been in this state of not knowing for 10 years and then finally when a chance comes along for us to get some closure on their relationship–even if it meant them not ending up together–it’s snatched away from us with one longing stare and we’re right back where we were 10 years ago not knowing except this time it’s 10 years later and there’s a potential baby in the way and there’s a very real chance that if we get more and if we get a lit endgame that they’ll still have missed their middle and I just can’t handle that it hurts too much 


January 2016 vs December 2016

this year:

  • I got to study abroad in Nagoya, Japan🇯🇵 (I’ll be here until May👌)
  • I beat out a bunch of people for a state department internship in Taipei, Taiwan 🇹🇼
  • I lost 35 pounds in a healthy way 💪🏻
  • I started growing my hair out to prep for graduating college 👩🏻‍🎓
  • I made a bunch of great friends both off and online all over the world 👯
  • I hit 11k+ followers on tumblr and almost 2k on twitter 😳
  • I grew as a person and an artist 🎨
  • I traveled to some amazing places: jiu fen, osaka, kyoto, and tokyo (aside from living in taipei and nagoya) 🗺
  • I consumed a lot of excellent media 🎬
  • I received so many kind and touching messages, tags, tweets, etc from my amazing followers even during my artistic dry spells. I cherish every single one of you ❤️