Wow. What kind of sick person would co-opt a perfectly nice coffee shop employee into doing something like this?

Ladies and gentleman. I’m sitting with an American tourist. LazyTown has raised his interest in Iceland and he made a trip to visit our country. He wants to collect all kinds of merchandise related to LazyTown. PREPP cannot send this man home empty handed. Therefore, we are looking for your help, dear friends. Do you have CDs, books, posters, cassettes or anything else that you want to give up? Send us a message or comment!- and yes, absolutely serious :)

Prepping for final test- RWBY
  • *after training*
  • Qrow: You guys have definitely come a long way from when i started training you guys.
  • Oscar: *panting* tha-thanks Qrow
  • Jaune: *panting* yeah thanks
  • Qrow: don't thank me just yet, you still have a finale test.
  • Jaune/ Oscar: *gulps*
  • Qrow: *grins* i think you guys will have fun...maybe..
  • Jaune: does it involve crossdressing..again?
  • Qrow: maybe...
  • Oscar: does it involve me losing my towel again?
  • Qrow: hey I'm not gonna spoil it!... But I'll give you two hints. Oscar!
  • Oscar: yes!
  • Qrow: your test will involve my NIECE Ruby!
  • Oscar: *blushes* what??!
  • Ozpin: (keep it together...please!)
  • Qrow: and jaune your hint involves me!
  • Jaune: what!!! Why does Oscar get Ruby and i get you!!?
  • Qrow: you'll find out later! Be here at 0 hundred, be ready! *leaves* oh and good luck!
  • Jaune: why?? Why in Ozpins name!!! Why??!
  • Oscar: *twiddling his thumbs* ruby is my hint...
  • Ozpin: (and you've lost already..)