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Monster, jack-o-lantern and a moving related one - Haunted House :D

  • Monster: What is your favorite scary movie to watch in the dark?



It’s a trick question cause I like, constantly watch horror movies, and if they’re not only just on for bg noise I’m always watching them in the dark. 

Some candidates: The Changeling, Pet Sematary, The Woman in Black, American Werewolf in London. 

  • Jack-o’-lantern: Do you have any scars? If so, how many?

I have a ton of small ones because I have dermatophagia and dermatillomania (don’t open those links the pictures are gross LMAO!). Bigger ones are like, one over my eyebrow from when I hit my head on the wooden arm of a couch when I was 5 and needed stitches, and there’s one on my scalp from when I got assaulted in middle school and had my head bashed open on a locker and needed staples. That one you can’t see very often cause it’s under my hair, but occasionally my hair parts over it and you can see, and when I had a mohawk for a couple years I could see it!

  • Haunted House: If you could be roommates with anyone of your choice, who would you pick?


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Any chance we could get some Gasters proposing? (LOVE THE BLOG BTW accidentally on purpose just read the whole thing)


- He plans the entire thing out months ahead of time
- Writes freaking notecards and everything
- He wants it to be sweet, romantic, and absolutely perfect
- One evening, he takes you to your special spot at the local park: a partially hidden alcove that only you two seem to know about
- It seems like a regular picnic date
- But this time he’s brought expensive wine, and is that cologne you smell?
- Maybe he just felt like being fancy
- You don’t give it much thought until he quietly takes your hand and reaches inside his coat
- He’s ready to give the speech he’d prepared, but now that the moment is here…
- His mind’s gone blank
- He spends a minute or two sweating and struggling for words, and he looks like he’s about to give up
- Until you squeeze his hand and ask what’s wrong
- He abandons his original plan and pulls out the ring box
- It’s the most stuttery, tearful proposal you’ve ever seen
- And it’s perfect


- He’s unusually blunt about it
- One day, while you’re both drinking your morning coffee, he suddenly asks your opinion on marriage
- In the Underground, it hadn’t much of a purpose beyond politics or alliances
- So the idea of a union out of actual love sounds…nice
- But he doesn’t tell you that part
- Gaster? Admitting he has feelings? Prepostrous
- He seems satisfied when you react positively to the question
- Right then and there he says that he’d like to get married
- You inform him that, while it’s not necessary, it’s customary to propose with a ring and a bit more than “let’s get married”
- It’s meant as a joke, and you happily accept
- The very next day he comes home late from work with a ringbox
- He says he’d like to try the proposal again, even though you’ve already said yes
- This time he admits that being with you has changed him for the better
- He wouldn’t be nearly as happy without the support you’ve given him
- And he’s greatly looking forward to spending the rest of his life in your company


- He succeeds where UT fails
- It’s like something straight out of a romance novel
- A trail of rose petals lead you to the river by his cave
- There are candles floating on the water, and a full bouquet where the petal trail ends
- He’s somewhere nearby, though you can’t pick him out from the shadows
- Must be nervous
- You pick up the flowers, noting that they’re your favorites, and wait
- At last, you feel a presence behind you
- You turn to see he’s already gotten down on one knee
- His hood is back, and is face is deceptively calm
- But you notice how the ringbox rattles in his shaky hands
- His words are heartfelt, beautiful, and a tad cheesy
- It’s so him
- Who could refuse?
- This isn’t his first marriage, but it’s the first in many centuries
- He knows it’ll only hurt more in the long run
- So he’ll cherish every year you have together, no matter how short


- You’re attending yet another royal ball of some sort
- Gaster’s in his gaudiest suit, and you’re dressed up in some expensive outfit he’d bought you just for tonight
- You two spend hours dancing, talking, and having a great time
- Around midnight, he leads you to the gardens outside
- It’s nice to get away from the crowd and be out under the stars
- It comes as no surprise when he stares wistfully at the sky, and you join him
- But as you look closer, you see that the stars seem to have moved
- They’ve spelled out your name
- Reasonably shocked, you look down at Gaster to see him grinning, blushing, and holding a ring
- The diamond on it is huge
- No expenses were spared, as per usual
- He points back up at the sky
- The stars have shifted again
- ‘Marry me?’
- He can’t help but squeal like a schoolgirl when you say yes


- His kind doesn’t have marriages, but they can bind to each other by becoming soulmates
- He’s hurt when you don’t seem excited about his ‘proposal’
- But it’s not long before he realizes you just don’t know what he’s talking about
- He explains that each of you breaks off a piece of your soul and puts in in the other’s
- It’s not as painful as it sounds
- It would give him a greater telepathic connection with your mind in particular, meaning you could communicate from up to a mile away
- Each of you would always know if the other was in pain or depressed
- There may even be other cool effects
- He has no idea; to his knowledge no monster has ever been soul bonded with a human
- The process only takes a minute, but you still give vows and such beforehand
- Which ends with kissing the bride mer-monster
- Taking a piece from your soul doesn’t hurt, but it does feel pretty weird
- Like jumping into icy water
- But once a fragment of Gaster’s soul replaces the one you lost, everything feels warm