Alexa’s announcement livestream
  • new dance complex in south scottsdale
  • inspired to do this from her tours 
  • non competitive (rip her team) 
  • drop-in based?? taking classes from a lot of different people (kind of like the edge or MDC) 
  • all ages
  • all levels 
  • committing her life to helping us? 
  • b/c it’s non-competitive means there’s no comp team out of her studio (rly) but she can still be booked for choreography and come to the space to rehearse 
  • she’s not hosting a specific company out of the studio
  • alexa is an interior designer lol she’s not showing us inside the studio but the catch is u need to visit if u want to see it??
  • june 2nd = preplex, pre-danceplex, chill and take pics, Addy will be there?
  • special phrase “can i have some sugar/do u have sugar” you will get a special something from alexa at the opening 
  • june 3 and 4 - huge first workshop with all sorts of really awesome choreographers 
  • sign up on show clicks through danceplex 
  • alexa is already booking solos contact thru website
  • discusses how she’s not in as good shape as she was when she was 17/18, she’s going to be hosting classes for people like her (older ppl wanting to get back into dance i think) 
  • all styles 
  • she’s been on a rant for the past few minutes about how overworked she was in high school and how she wishes she had a mentor? idk
  • has yet to address MBA or her current team (if they are even still there)
  • has brought up the special chair at least 4 times ?? ? ? 


Cameron Dallas Love Imagine:

It was 3:30 in the afternoon, and i was bored to tears. I open my laptop and decide to laugh at some funny posts on Tumblr. About ten minuets later, i get a text from my wonderful boyfriend, Cameron Dallas. Cameron and I have been dating for quite a while (4 years to be exact), and he had just finished up the Magcon Tour with all of his best friends. I unlock my phone to read the text.

“Hey, babe. I’ll be there in an hour. There’s a box infront of your front door. I hope you’re ready for a huge surprise. I love you, Princess.”

I smiled to myself, feeling like the most blessed girl ever. I open the door, and sure enough, there’s a box wrapped with a red and white bow. There was a note on the box too

“BABE! Make sure you wear this dress for tonight.

-Your’s Forever, Cam.Xx”

I took the box inside, and opened it up. Inside was a beautiful satin red dress. I gasp in amazement as i’ve never had a dress in my life as beautiful as this one.

As i’m putting on the finishing touches to my makeup, i hear a honk at my driveway. Sure enough, it was my adorable little goof, Cameron.

“Hurry up, Princess! We’re gonna be late” he shouts from outside his car.

“I’ll be right there, babe.” i say as i grab my purse laying on my bed.

As i sit down in the car, i’m curious as to where Cam is taking me. I mean, surely. it has to be fancy if he took the time to buy such an amazing outfit.

“Hey, Cam” i say glancing over to him “where are we even going?”

“Just be patient, babe.” he says “you’re gonna love it. Trust me.”

We arrive at a really fancy restaurant, where almost everyone is dressed as sophisticated as they possibly could. As Cam and i get out of the car, he puts out his hand. I blush, and take his hand. 

“Hi, i had reservations for two? My name is Cameron Dallas?” as we get to the reservation table

“Right this way sir” says a beautiful waitress, winking at Cameron

“What was that all about?” i whisper to Cam

“Oh, nothing. Nothing at all.” Cameron says smiling to himself

As we get situated, Cameron motions his hands, and out of nowhere 4 violin players come out playing a lovely tune. I was completely shocked, and confused as to what in the world is going on.

“Cameron. Once again, what is going on?” i say with a preplexed look on my face

Cameron smiles.

“I guess i can’t leave you in suspense any longer, can i?” he says as he gets down on one knee.

I knew where this was going to go, and i was already shedding tears.

“You’re my princess. My everything. No matter where i was, and how far i was, you stood by me through thick and thin. You’re my better half, and you make me feel like no one ever has before. I wanna dance around with you and our kids. Even if i’m going through tough times, i don’t care who’s with me, but all i need is you by my side. I said it a million times, and i’ll say it even more. I love you. Will you please do me an honor, and be the queen to my king?” Cameron proposes

Everyone at the restaurant looks at me, anxious for an answer.

I was crying so hard, that all i could make out was a “Yes.”

As soon as i say the words, everyone in the restaurant gets up and starts clapping.

Cameron gets up, and i jump into his arms.

“You’ll always be my princess” he says before i give him a kiss

Author’s Note: BRUH THIS MADE ME EMOTIONAL WHILE WRITING IT x] But, ummm, yeah. Just another imagine :) I hope the anon that asked for it likes it!

If you want to send me an imagine, send me one here , and be sure to include the scenario you want and the person you want an imagine of. You could also include your name if you’d like.Xx Thank You, and Stay Lovely.Xx

This has been on my mind for a minute. Why r the Olakers and Mellitz ppl mad. Like Jake told Olivia he loved her twice both times Liv was crickets and Fitz has never ever mention his love for Mellie yet ppl mad cause the two ppl who actually love each other is abt to get a chance at that love. I would think Millie and Jake supporters would want more for their favs than to b with two ppl who don’t love them. It preplex me to see ppl want ppl suck n misery.


This video consists of shots from 2013 our team #Preplex had the pleasure of creating. Enjoy!


Larry Paz - Soldado (Teaser)