Silent Film by Silent James and Esther Westwood
PREPESSIMISM is a cultural art movement created by SILENT JAMES which means:
Artistic expression, in any manner, which seeks to bring everyone back to a state of innocence.
Are you a PREPESSIMIST? I’m having a contest…
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I will post my favorite ones on this blog, and the person who sends me the best one will receive an original watercolor painting by ME! Deadline is August 31st, 2012
Long Live Prepessimism!

Silent James in school. School was a nightmare. I used to wear the same clothes everyday, I never paid attention but my classmates were horrified by my lack of style/cleanliness. One day when I was 8, I got a whole new outfit: a black turtle neck and black and white striped pants. I also got a brand new hair-do reminiscent of Eraserhead, spiked up. When I got to school my teacher exclaimed in front of the class “Lookin’ SHARP, James!” Everyone was paying me compliments, even a particularly stuck up girl said “Finally, something SENSIBLE!” I was so happy to get this attention, I got greedy and wanted more. So, I slept in my clothes and didn’t wash my hair and showed up the next day in the same outfit- expecting the same attentional outpour… it never came. I also had feathers and dust stuck in my hair from sleeping on it.