My patient is 99, severely demented, malnourished, and bed bound, but their child/caregiver insists that we place a pacemaker for their SSS because they still have “a good quality of life”...

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Break ups and make ups - Jughead x Reader

Request: Hiya, wondering if you could write a Jug x Reader where you go through a hard breakup and Jug makes you feel better? Angst would be nice, as well!

Warnings: Angst, fights, swears, the usual for my stories to be honest

Word count: 

A/N: I loved writing this. AND Italics mean either thoughts or flashbacks x

Jughead was walking down Archie’s street, he had just spent hours at Pop’s writing his novel and now he was headed home (Archies), he knew Archie would have left the back door open so he didn’t have to wake anyone up.

He passed your house, as usual there was no car in the drive as your parents always left for ‘Vacations’ or ‘business trips’ he frowned as he remembered why he and the Y/C/H girl didn’t talk anymore you guys went from the best of friends to no contact whatsoever.

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♡Its taken a bit of mental preping but you are so nice, I feel like it'd be fine to not hide on anonymous now- so I am revealing myself! I normally go by Bif on Anonymous. (The letters all of wich come from my url. [B]rinky[I]nky[F]ae) I hope everything is going wonderfully for you, and that a dream of yours soon comes true! Oh, and I brought cookies for Shortsen! Have a wonderful Day or night dear!♡

Hello! Aww thanks for introducing yourself Bif. Your messages always cheer me up, I cannot thank you enough for that. And also for giving Shortsen so many nice things, I can’t tire of drawing him :’) Have a wonderful day as well!

Xiumin Scenario - After Accidents

Scenario Masterlist

eguevara44 said:

Im not sure if your still taking requests, but if its possible, can you make an exo xiumin angst/ fluff scenario, where they are in the car while having an argument and they get into a pretty bad accident where the car flips and the S/O is trapped, while in the hospital the S/O is blind but they dont know its temporary, xiumin never leaves the S/O side and they get closer than ever in the relationship because of that and she finally gets her sight back in the end… please!! Thank you!!😁😁  “I can’t believe you’re being like this.” You sighed, turning away from Minsoek and looking out the window. Rain pelted the glass while he scoffed.

“I can’t believe you’re being like this.” You sighed, turning away from Minsoek and looking out the window. Rain pelted the glass while he scoffed.
“Oh? This is all me now? If I remember correctly, you were ignoring me to talk to your coworker.” He said haughtily, his knuckles white on the steering wheel.
“He’s not just a coworker, he’s my boss and he’s considering me for a promotion so I have to kiss his ass. I told you that before we left.”
“Well I wouldn’t have come if I’d known that would happen!” He said, his voice raised.
Ahead of you, the light of the next intersection turned yellow but he didn’t slow down.
“Minsoek!” You cried but it was too late for him to hit the brakes.
The crunch of metal and plastic and screech of tires filled the air as someone hit the back corner of the car. Spinning. You closed your eyes, willing for it to stop but it didn’t. You careened out of the intersection, right over the embackment the highway cross and into a ditch. Glass shattered and liquid hit your face. You didn’t dare open your eyes to see if it was rain or blood. You still had stopped. The car tipped, flipping over before it mercifully came to a stop.
You couldn’t move. You couldn’t see. You couldn’t even hear. Rain splattered your face, pain ripped through your body and then it went black.

Help me get her out! God she’s covered in blood.
Sir please, go to the ambulance.
Get her out!

Emergency Surgery, get the OR preped. We’ll need the neurosurgeon on call. 

Exo’s Xiumin is taking a break from promotions after being in a horrific accident.

Why won’t she wake up?
She lost a lot of blood and she had a blood clot in her occipital lobe.
It’s been a day.
She’s also medicated.
Is she going to be ok?
We won’t know until she wakes up.
Right, thank you.

You opened your eyes. You know you opened them. You felt it and it’d been painful. You’re eyes were puffy. You could feel it. But the world was black. Plastic wrapped around your face to your nose. To your right, a machine was beeping. Warmth spread through your skin, sunlight. A weight was in your left hand, warm and smooth, a hand. Breathing.
“What happened?” You whispered but your voice felt foreign, your throat burning with the effort.
“We had an accident, oh god, Y/N, I’m so sorry.” The hand squeezed yours desperately. The bed sagged under new weight.
“Baby, why won’t you look at me?” He asked, another hand cupping your cheek.
“…I don’t think I can see.” You whispered, your throat once again burning.
A doctor was called. A light was flashed in your face, you could feel it’s warmth, but you couldn’t see it. His hand never left yours.
“Unfortunately, we can’t whether this blindness is temporary or permanent.” The doctor explained.
“A third of my brian is used for vision, what are you saying?” You said, desperately holding Minsoek’s hand.
“The blindness could be a result of brain damage incured after you had a clot in your occipital lobe or it could be the result of strained vessels due to your stress levels and medications.”
“When can I go off the medications?”
“It’s going to be a few days.” He said solomnly. You cursed and Minsoek thanked the doctor. 
“I could be permanently blind.” You whispered, wishing you had never woken up.
“It’s going to be ok.” He replied, joining you on the hospital bed.
“Did I do anything else to myself?” You asked.
“Your right leg is broken and you required stiches in several places where glass broke your skin.” 
“Oh. Is that all?”
“I’m so sorry.”
“I know.”
He moved closer to you on the bed, letting you tuck against him while his fingers moved through your hair.
“The fight was stupid.” You whispered, memories trickling in your murky mind.
“I’d wanted to make you jealous.”
“You did?” 
“Sure I did. You’d been so caught up with promotions, I wanted all your attention on me. My genius idea was get you jealous to do it.”
“You did, and now you have all my attention.”
“I only had to go blind, silly me.” 
“I’ve suspended my promotions.”
“I’m sorry.”
“It’s ok, they can get on without me.”
“Thank you.”

He barely left you for the next week. Only when he slipped away to shower or go to the bathroom. He had the other members come by to bring him a change of clothes, and they usually stopped to check in on you, leaving treats behind. He told you that Lu and Lay had pitched in to send a giant stuffed bear and bouquet while they were in China. You could smell the flowers. 
He read to you and always spoke to the doctor and held your hand through all the tests. When his voice started to go after he read to you too much, you switched to listening to audiobooks together.
After three days you were familiar enough with the hospital room to teeter around on your own, with Minsoek’s supervision.
You tried to picture the space but you spent the most time to keeping your mental image of Minsoek in tact. You traced his face with your fingers, mapping it with them. Steadily you mapped more and more of him.
Slowly, they weaned you off the medications. Each day the doctor checked for signs your vision was improving but to no avail.

“Let’s get married.” Minsoek said when you finished your third audiobook of the week.
“…I won’t be able to see it.” You whispered while he shifted on the bed. Tears welled in your eyes. You wouldn’t know what your wedding dress would look like, the flowers, your children.
“You will.” He said filmly as a cool metallic circle was dropped into your hand. Your thumb ran over the edges of the diamonds as tears dropped.
“When did you get this?” You whispered holding it up toward where he’d spoken.
“A month ago.”
“When were you planning to propose?”
“The night when we had the accident. I’d gotten the guys to do up the place with romantic decorations. I should’ve been more careful. I shouldn’t have gotten mad.”
“I shouldn’t have tried to make you jealous.”
“That too,”
“You still want to marry me?” You whispered, still holding the ring.
“You’re insane.”
“You know that.”
“What if I can’t see the faces of our children?”
“You will.”
“What if I won’t be able to see you age?”
“You will.”
“How can you be sure?”
“I am.”
“So will you marry me?” 
“Will you be my eyes?”
“Then yes.”

The next morning you woke up slowly, not bothering to open your eyes until you’d been awake for several minutes. Then you slowly opened them, oriented to where you could hear Minsoek snoring.
“You’re wearing a red shirt.” You heard yourself saying, knowing it was true.
Everything was much blurrier, more abstract, than you’d remember them being. But you could clearly see the color red in front of you. He jolted awake.
“What did you say?” He said, his body lengthening as he stood.
“Your shirt is red.” You repeated.
He paused for a moment before he jumped onto the bed with you.
“You can see!” He cheered kissing you before he called the doctor in.
Relief spread through your body. Maybe you would be able to see your wedding after all.

Headconon that Fred Weasley is a Really Fantastic cook!!! This is so important, okay?

- For years he watched Molly cook dinner by herself, even on days when someone else should do it, like Mothers Day and her Birthday. 

- One Mothers Day he decides that she shouldn’t cook dinner, so fifteen minutes before Molly usually starts cooking, Fred sneaks into the kitchen and begins preping the meal Molly always makes on Mothers Day, Beef Stroganoff. 

- Molly walks in as he is slicing the beef into little pieces, meticulously, making sure each piece is exactly the same size. He has her old cook book sitting next to him and everything he will need for the dish already out. 

- Molly is surprised that he can even read the recipe, because she has had that book since her mother gave it to her years ago, and the pages are very faded and caked in spilled food. She could barely read it herself, but she didn’t need to having memorized most of the recipes anyway.

- Coming out of her thoughts Molly asks her trouble making son what he’s doing.

- “It’s Mum’s Day. You shouldn’t have to cook Mum. Go sit down or tell little Ronnie to clean his room or whatever Mums do for fun.” Molly smiled at her son and turned around to leave the kitchen. She expects she will have to whip something up later when Fred messed something up or burned it, as he had never cooked before.

- Fred is in the kitchen for a few hours, going slow and making sure everything is perfect. He may like to pull pranks, but he also knew his mum put up with a lot and he wanted to do something nice for her and he did nothing halfway. 

- The stroganoff is ready when Arthur walks through the door. The kitchen smells wonderful, as it always does when Molly cooks, but when he turns to see Fred stirring dinner he is shocked. Fred turns around and just smiles at him.

- Fred tells his mother that dinner is ready and she calls the rest of the children, they all sit down together and begin eating after each child has said Happy Mothers Day to Molly.

- The entire family gets silent as they dig in, it was absolutely wonderful, everyone makes a content noise as their tummies are filled with yummy food. 

- Ron looks over to his mum and says “It’s really really good mum, one of the best batches ever!”

- Molly smiles across the table at Fred, “Ronnie, I would love to take credit, but I didn’t make this. Fred did.”

- All jaws around the table drop. No one could believe Fred had made this. Except Arthur and Molly, the just beamed at their son. 

- For a moment all the Weasley children are nervous to eat anymore, for fear of a prank, but then they realized Fred would never do that to their mother, no one messed with mum. She was scary when she wanted to be. So they continued stuffing their faces after telling Fred how good it was.

- From then on, Fred made dinner once a week. 

- After a few weeks of this, Ginny started watching Fred when he cooked, as he was her favorite brother, though don’t tell that to anyone else, especially George. 

- One day Fred asked Ginny if she wanted to help him, and she agreed excitedly and they cooked together. 

- The day Fred got to cook quickly became Ginny’s favorite day of the week because she got to help her older brother cook and was finally able to spend quality time with someone she looked up to. Cooking also meant you didn’t have to do dishes, so that was a great perk too, both Fred and Ginny HATED dishes.

- Fred’s cooking skills later came in handy when developing the trick candies for their shop, Ginny also helped with the development, while George came up with more candy ideas. 


Them kids needs therapy

Jason x afro Latina Reader

Angsty fluff. Jason and the reader have to deal with their worst enemy. Family interactions. There will be cookouts and misunderstandings(tw.Drug use,underage drinking, cursing, bullying, fighting, dirty dozens,mental illness being trivialized, family issues that aren’t all jay for a change. ) Wip

Jason isn’t really a unforgiving man. He says sorry first when strangers bump him, he almost never swears at little kids when they annoy him, and he pretty much swallows his pettiness and bites his tounge to bleeding when an old person tries to boss him around. That being said, there are things in his life that stroked the flames of his wrath even more than a bratty kid or a nosy old lady ever could. This was one of them.

It was 3’ o clock in the morning when every phone he owned started buzzing, he had ignored every text, call, carrier pidgon, and smoke signal from each and every member of the Wayne Clan (or the Jason Todd annoyance squad) since last week and even bothering to run to the oldest most out of the way safe house he had couldn’t stop what was coming. He swallowed his pride, rolled his eyes, and picked up the burner phone closest to him. “Well, good’ mornin’ to you too.” he croaked out immediately regretting not preping himself first, this battle was not for a weary warrior. “Good Morning Master Jason, I’ve trust you’ve been well?” Alfred said teasingly, he knew how hard Jason had been avoiding what was coming and he savored being the one to drag him back kicking and screaming. “As ‘ell as can be ‘xpected Alfie.” Jason said as he tried to slither out of bed and let (y/n) keep her rest and head to the bathroom. But seemed (y/n)’s heavy ass head had other plans, as it pinned down Jason’s arm firmly against the stiff, under used mattress. “Well as long as you’re in such good spirits, shall I pass along a message?” before he could even answer a loud low groan of stress sounded from the rusty hinges of his front door that he’d yet to take some wd40 to. Damn, he though he’d at least get a head start with how extra his re vamped security system was. He swore he heard Babs snicker in the shadows of the stale air of his one room shack. Steeling his nerves and coming to terms with the indisputable fact that there was no way of escape and he was trapped. With a tiresome sigh Jason slid the phone back to his ear and answered. “Sure?” With that, the poor front door came down with such vigor and weight it made him fear for a split second that Jon had agreed to play battering Ram for Damian again. His last place didn’t even survive that team up and the last thing he needed was to be on the run from another landlord. But no. The sight in front of him was far more spine tinglingly horrifying.

“Happy Birthday, Master Jason. Will you do me the favor of coming quietly or will I have to show a little force?”


Productivity Challenge 13/52

I’m racing time to write this blogpost before midnight strikes.

Today was the peak of my active self. I had to tutor a student in the morning, she was late so I took advantage of the time by writing up some lesson plans. I then had a quick lunch then preped for teaching math at the institute. This time I was ready for the challenges facing me; unlike last week. Once I was done I had to get ready to go to my friend’s house for a catchup.

I just decided to chill now, and the tiredness feels satisfying a bit.

I’m excited to relax tomorrow morning before my next group of students at 4.

Also, my watch’s battery died so I switched to this new watch that my friend gave me (knowing that I study math). I’m really loving the watch even though the size of the circle is bigger than what I’m used to.

K x

My life & face masks!!

This is the first time I’m talking about my life in this blog. My mum has a serious “boyfriend” for the first time since her divorce with my dad. It’s actually her boss which turns out has MUCH more money than I thought. He’s a nice gentleman and they seem so happy and in love it’s a win-win situation honestly! My mum is no sugar baby guys and has no idea about my aspirations 😂. We just got genuinely lucky! Anyways I’ve been on vacation since August 1st and have spent most of my time at the new house “they” rent (he pays for everything lol) at a Greek island (we live in Greece anyways so not that big of a deal) and he also bought land here and planning to build a huge house with pool, private beach and all the amenities. He is recently divorced and has two kids though their relationship seem really serious (marriage serious) and judging from the way he seems to genuinely care for both me and my brother (and of course mother) I’m confident that I will soon be able to benefit financially on bigger scale from him (we recently “officially” met him.)

Im waiting to get back home so I can find a man for myself. Personally I’m not really interested in a sugar daddy, I’m more of a spoiled girlfriend kind of girl and I’ll explain why on a future post (comment on this post if you’d like that so I know!) I think I’ll go browse men at luxury stores 😂 (isn’t Louis Vuitton the best place to find a wealthy man?) or maybe for a drink at a roof garden with the view of acropolis.

Anyways, I’m in bed now (the first time I stayed home in a while!) smoking hookah (not the healthiest habit but I’m on vacation!) and wearing a face mask on and I thought why not? So let’s talk a bit about face masks!

Honestly, I had really bad skin until about 6 months ago and natural skincare helped me so much!

I like using ingredients from my kitchen as they are super cheap and super efficient!!!

The mask I’m using right now:

Milk, oats & honey: oats sooth and calm the skin, honey is a humectant and attracts moisture and milk mildly exfoliates and gives a glow and suppleness to the skin. Perfect for after a long day at the beach (ALWAYS WEAR spf50+ SUNSCREEN!!!!)

Other masks I enjoy:

-Greek yogurt, honey & oil: i love hemp and grapeseed oil (my skin is very prone to blackheads/acne/congestion and these oils have saved my life!) though feel free to use whatever works for you! I love this mask for skin preping! It’s so hydrating and create the perfect base for flawless makeup application.

-Bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar & water: this is the perfect mask to combat acne and blackheads. Many like to use straight vinegar but I advise against it as it’s too harsh on your skin. I like to dilute it with water at a 1:3 ratio and combine it with the clay until it forms a thick but pliable paste.

-Greek yogurt, milk & turmeric: this is my holy grail lightening treatment. Want to lighten dark spots? Even out your skin tone? Remove a tan? This is your saver! Just mix the yogurt with as much milk as you can so it’s still thick and not too runny, add some turmeric (I like to wait for the mixture to turn a bit more yellow) and apply liberally. BE AWARE IT STAINS! Do it at night time and use a toner afterwards to remove any yellow residue.

-Honey, cinnamon & nutmeg: this is another great mask for acne. Just mix the honey with the spices (go easy on the cinnamon, it can irritate the skin) wet your skin and apply.

I’ll be back soon with more posts and updates, follow @diamondbabes to keep updated! Sending good vibes to whoever is reading this!! 😊❤️

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Omg... I never even thought about that Mueller guy talking... do you think he /knows/ ? He would probably try to steer shit up if things don't go his way but how much can he really know? But yeah, even if he doesn't provide any proof, word will be out and the media will go bananas. Dammit, I'm nervous now. But surely Team Swift are prepared for the worst? 😥


Of course he knows…it is not the best kept secret in the music industry, trust us, a lot of people know…especially considering she’s in a long time, steady relationship.

if he didn’t know already when the incident occured back then, i’m sure he’s found out by now, especially because he’s the plaintive in the trial..

he could try to use it to explain why she may have “overreacted” to his hand “slighty touching her”, and why he was pissed to see her flirting with his fiancée at the time (tall blonde, pretty woman: rather her type, don’t you think ?)

we hope her team has preped her for this possibility, because the risk for him to expose her is quite high, the guy has nothing to loose….and it’d create such a huge mediatic buzz, he would benefit from all the publicity during the trial.


replied to your post

“lmao i feel like raquel cassidy is having the time of her life playing…”

aaaahh yes this! you explained it, there’s something about her on the everyday side that makes those small moments of genuine vulnerability feel so much stronger. Another one that gets me is when she’s trying to pull Ada out of the portrait, just before the alarm goes off


(okay, I wrote this and I immidietely knew I was lying, my favourite spell-casting moment is obv all the girls chanting to break agatha’s spell because I’m a sucker for theatrics, what a surprise)

but I LOVE this moment. mostly because raquel cassidy’s voice, undoing me on the best of days, is especially soothingly attractive in this scene

but also??? the scene before that??? when mildred tries to cast the same spell and hecate tells her to go and hide and be save and omg this is a. good. moment. 

I think - I haven’t thought much about it, so it’s a first-thought idea - it might be due to the fact she’s actually not that mean/viscious to the girls on everyday basis? she’s just (”just”) hella hardcore? I mean, I’ve seen people comparing her to snape and UGH THIS IS THE WORST COMPARISON EVER becayse as much as I love the concept of severus snape as a character, he’s a straight up abusive teacher??? which makes me so angry as someone who works at school and with children all the time? and sure, hecate’s super demanding and loves order and having this whole Persona air about her which simply makes it impossible to fuck around at her classes. but? she’s not a bully. and she CARES about the students and you can TELL. idk, I’m still stressing out the fact I can only base this on this reboot, but I think it’s also quite visible in the way girls - really YOUNG girls - react to her and behave around her? I’ve had a teacher exactly like her at school once and boy, was I afraid to piss her off by making mistakes (due to not preping enough) but in the same time I knew, always knew, she was a good teacher and I could learn so much from her? 

idk, I guess what I’m slopily trying to say is that even though she’s so Extra sometimes, her portrayal as a whole makes so much sense? even in those dramatic, exaggerated moments there’s an undertone of Good Teacher, Cares About Children, Super Repressed, which makes the most vulnerable moments land as well as they do.

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Think about that time after they started dating (and Tony being touch starved as well) - he would be so self-concious and scared to inniciate any touch with Rhodey, he would be preping himself for taking Rhodey's hand for couple of minutes while they are on their first date - he would be scared to do it, because what if..? Same goes for showing any affection while the team is around. He doesn't want to make Rhodey uncomfortable, but he really REALLY wants to be close to him.

They’ve probably reached a point in their friendship where Tony’s finally comfortable with reaching out towards Rhodey for comfort or affection (which he does all the time) when Rhodey asks him out on a date. And it’s Rhodey who asks because sure, Tony’s thought about it before (it’s hard not to do, when you spend your Friday night cuddled up on the couch together, bodies entangled so that it’s impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins, when Tony can’t remember the last time he looked at someone that wasn’t Rhodey, always Rhodey), but he’d never dared to hint at something more. Not when it might cost him the friendship of the kindest, sweetest, safest person Tony’s ever known. And besides Tony’s happy with what they have right now, happy that Rhodey’s his to hug and tease and laugh with. That’s more than he’d ever expected to have, it’s more than enough.

Except of course that Tony’s always been a greedy person, always takes and takes and takes what’s being offered and when Rhodey asks (stressing the ‘romantic date’ part three times because he obviously knows Tony far too well), Tony knows, knows he should say ‘No’, that it would be the right thing to do, that it’ll hurt so much more later on, and he’s powerless to whisper anything other than “Yes!”. Rhodey smiles, beautiful, brilliant, alight, squeezes Tony’s hand reassuringly and Tony almost believes that maybe it’ll be alright.

It’s not alright.

It’s not alright because two days later, they’re on a date. A real, romantic date. They eat dinner at Tony’s favourite Diner and watch a movie he’s been talking about for weeks. It’s what they’ve done a thousand times before and if Tony closes his eyes and pretends not to know that Rhodey’s dressed in the tight-fitted shirt he always wears on first dates because he knows he looks great in it and that’s just not fair, damn it, it’s almost like all the other times they’ve done this. Only not.

It’s a date and Tony is all too aware of the fact that he sucks at this whole dating thing. He always says the wrong thing, comes across as too brash or too awkward and he’s spaced out for the second time now and Rhodey’s starting to look worried- And he’s already messed this up, hasn’t he?

The evening goes on like this, stilted and uncomfortable, and Tony is getting quieter by the minute, doesn’t even talk thorough the movie like he usually would. All he really wants to do is reach out and take Rhodey’s hand but it’s different now, isn’t it? It’d mean something and Tony isn’t sure what he wants to convey and what if Rhodey takes it the wrong way? Tony doesn’t want to come across as clingy or needy or weird. So he tries, he really tries to behave but the frown lines on Rhodey’s forehead just keep getting deeper, make Tony want to reach out and smooth them over, except what if he isn’t allowed-

And suddenly the movie’s over and they’re standing in front of Tony’s dorm and Rhodey takes a gentle hold of Tony’s hands and asks simply, seriously, “What’s wrong, Tones?”

Tony doesn’t remember what he says in response exactly, all he knows is what comes out is a mess of words, too fast and meshed together to be the calm ‘Nothing’ it was supposed to be. His hands feel cold and clammy and it’s gross, he really should let go now but his body apparently hasn’t gotten the memo, clings to Rhodey instead because that’s what Tony does- used to do before everything changed and-

“Tony,” Rhodey says in that way that makes sure he listens but also lets Tony know that he’s not in too much trouble, “You didn’t mess up, Tony. I had a lovely time-”

And that, that’s a lie, Tony knows it is, he knows-

Rhodey reaches out and cups the side of Tony’s face, thumb gently stroking across his cheek and that’s- Tony can’t be expected to think like this.

“Tony,” and there’s the exasperation Tony’s been expecting but there’s so much fondness too and it sort of steals Tony’s breath, the way Rhodey smiles at him, slow and sincere, “You won’t mess up either.”

And Tony shakes his head because he can’t, Rhodey can’t know that, but he doesn’t deny it because it’s Rhodey and if there’s anyone Tony believes in it’s him.

“Because making a relationship requires two people and so does destroying one. And, Tony,” Rhodey leans in just that slightest bit closer, eyes dark and so, so warm, “I don’t wanna lose you. So I’ll do my damnest to make this work and so will you, cause that’s the person you are. And that’s gonna be enough.”

Tony isn’t stupid, of course he knows it’s not gonna be that easy, people, and he in particular, always mess up eventually but when Rhodey looks at him like that, the picture of conviction, Tony can’t do anything but believe him. “You sure?” he asks anyways and Rhodey huffs a little laugh.

“More than enough,” he says and places a light kiss on Tony’s forehead. “Now will you let go of my hands so that I can unlock the door?”


Our Solar cooking Fresnel lens.

We started on Craigslist’s “Free stuff” and searched for people giving away these Rear-projection televisions. There were plenty and there are still many to be had.  We picked it up and opened it up to get the large Fresnel lens out of it.  Once out we built a simple wood frame and stand for it.  Since then we have been experimenting with the enormous amount of  heat these lenses can generate.  We can boil a full kettle of water in about 7 min, we have brought a stack of pennies and a piece of glass to their melting points. We can defuse this beam by angling the lens and do some cooking with it.  We have made scrambled eggs, grilled cheeses, fried meatballs, and some sautéed spinach. But, this is leading us to believe that this lens has far more potential than just a solar breakfast maker. There are inherent Off the grid uses for this. Maybe it could make a great solar water distiller or it could charge a thermal tank for radiant heating in a cabin.  We just got this together and are totally enjoying experimenting with it.

Just keyword “Fresnel lens” on Youtube.  You will find many videos of creative individuals sharing their experiences, experiments, and step by step instructions on how to acquire and make your own.  

It’s out there… waiting on you. Go for it!

NOTE: if you go through with this project please be careful. We are sewing up a cover for our Solar lens stand because it could be dangerous if left unattended and uncovered.  If one were to forget it on their back porch one evening, they could wake up to a burning house when the morning sun hits it.  Be mindful please.