Sense and Sensibility. 

A preppy once showed his boy of fancy this book, which the latter dismissed as sappy. He disliked reading literature. To him this genre is a waste of his time. Now he finds himself through looking at trends, shopping, traveling (for its coolness sake), and dating another guy of the same hollow superficial style. 

It took a while for preppy boy to realize the importance of discernment on similar things. For liking and fancying someone comes easily, and being in a relationship with someone needs a lot of work. Romance comes and goes just like a trend, but the palpable goodness of understanding and commitment is a classic.


Top: Moschino velvet blazer
2nd Row: Ralph Lauren Purple Label Bengal stripe aston shirt, Marni heavy corduroy pants, Gaziano & Girling Rothschild wingtip shoes
3rd Row:  Ralph Lauren pre-aged leather satchel, Paul Smith contrast spotted socks, Drake’s paisley print silk pocket square
Bottom: Cutler and Gross tortoiseshell acetate sunglasses, Rainer Marie Rilke’s Letters to A Young Poet, Luis Morais string and white gold bracelet 


Nothing beats the “couldn’t care less” attitude of preppy boys. And yes, they show with an air of laid-back confidence. And what makes these guys part of your iCovet app? The layers make it all fun.

Top: Missoni for Target men’s knitted cardigan, Jack Spade SS 2012 striped cotton long-sleeve tee and salmon smart shorts
Middle: Grenson two-toned brogues, Burberry Prorsum leather tote
Bottom: Brooks Brothers two-fold umbrella, Junghans x Bench & Loom Chrono watch, ThinkSound wood earphones 


Missing Shadowhunters & Malec like crayy-zzzyy, so’ve been binge-watching Shadowhunters S1 on Netflix, & have gotten into a loop of Episodes 6-13, bcoz REASONS y'all, the MALEC build-up & Angst & Heartache 😭😭😭, & CLACE Romance then Incest 😰, & JALEC paraba-fallout + paraba-fight & IZZY + SIMON being Badasses™, & ALPHA LUKE, & Interim Head Vampire Leader RAPHAEL & hints of SAPHAEL, & EPISODE 10 *squee SQUEE* with MELIORN being all magical & SIZZY!! & Soft! Magnus + Prepboy! Alec = AU! MALEC!!! y'all, & the Trial™ in Ep. 11 & Lawyer! Magnus (mmhmm - Iconic Look right there 😘) & the Bow-&-Quiver Scene™ 😢😭, & RAGNOR FELL gone too soon RIP, & Alec’s Wedding™ + Lydia being an absolute babe + MALEC KISS!!! 🙌🙌🙌😍😍😍, & JACE leaving on his own accord to save his family 😢😢, Camille stealing a kiss from Magnus in front of Alec, + then Malec having Mature conversation abt it with Alec foot-tapping while slumping down to look Magnus in the eye 😚😳 aaahhh… I LUV TV!Shadowhunters y'all, if it’s not already blatantly obvious. 😘


Business meeting at the marina.

Top: Beams Plus double-breasted cotton-twill blazer
2nd Row: Sandro class contrast-collar cotton shirt, Hartford washed cotton-twill shorts
3rd Row: Church’s Shanghai fringed leather and linen loafers, Bottega Veneta Intrecciato leather briefcase
Bottom: Illesteva Milan acetate and metal round-frame sunglasses, Drake’s dancing steps printed cotton and silk-blend pocket square 


Little things that count.

I remember my mom always telling me when I was still a kid to look closer. I guess that’s where I got to be very meticulous with the smallest details. As a matter of fact, when I get to meet someone, I always remember the fabrics of his or her clothes , the material of his or her shoes, and the movement of his or her hair (or not at all) with the city breeze. And with that, I have honed this skill of analyzing people. 

After a long day at work, I get really fixated with my colleagues’ (and even my boss’) desks. Let’s start…..

Top: Smythson ‘Blondes, Brunettes, and Redheads’ Address Book, Selima Optique round-framed tortoiseshell optical glasses
Middle: Brooks Brothers alligator leather key fob, Brooks Brothers herringbone patterned cap pen
Bottom: Bottega Veneta flat square brass cufflinks, Lanvin gold-plated embossed tie clip 

Shoe of the Week: Good Friday Prep Style

Nothing can be holier (ehem) than these Baroque-inspired slippers. These remind me of Hellenistic carpets from Istanbul… or even the vestments of the Pope.  

Look spiffy with a pair of dark jeans or white pants or pastel Bermuda shorts. Top it off with a trilby hat and tortoiseshell wayfarers. 

Photo: Stubbs and Wooton Slippers