Dorothy and the Scarecrow


She was an heiress but it wasn’t her occupation, during the day she had her 9 to 5 equilvalent and it was attending the most elite high school in the city of Gotham; Gotham Prepatory School for Girls, she was in her last year at seventeen years, takes ballet on saturday mornings, volunteers at the hospital, but she isnt student body president or in the glee club or anything that particularly outgoing, the ballet the volunteering sje doesnt need a team for that just her own body.

Dorothy Swann does not play well with others, she doesnt have an attitude problem or anything, she is well bred and well behaved was even a debutante at fifteen, she took etiquette lessons at eight, like aforementioned she is a well bred blue blood daughter of hotel heir  Oscar “Oz” Swann of The Victorian, a five star where he and his daughter reside and heir to famous department store The Emerald, both places have been in the family since the late 19th century and that is how long her family has been in Gotham.

Her mother Odette Swann nee Deveraux was a French ballerina who Dorothy (better known as Doe) inherited a number of things from including her wide green eyes and chocolate-chestnut hair. Oz Swann’s dancer of an ex wife left him for a Russian violinist, and with the divorce she got $10,000,000 and the Paris penthouse, their beloved daughter can visit whenever she wishes of course but the primadonna of a mother always kept her distance from her only child, she had a Romanian nanny that raised her until she was twelve.

When Oz and Odille spoke to their daughter about the divorce Oz was concerned that their daughter wasnt upset at all she didnt even shed a tear but she never was one to cry well thatvisnt true animal abuse caused tears, she only cared about animals Oz wasnt even sure if she cared about him or her mother after telling her she asked “is rhat all?” And returned to reading H.P. Lovecraft. It disturbed him to the point he signed her up for therapy with the best psychologist in Gotham, Dr. Jonathan Crane.

She didnt fight her father and claim she didnt need it she showed no emotion she just asked when.

So it was Thursday and school just ended, Doe Swann rolled up the sleeves of her school short and grey cardigan sleeves up to her shoulders before getting in her fathers limo.

Dr. Crane’s office was at Arkham Asylum, the most terrifying asylum in the country but Doe didnt shiver nor tremble she treated it like going to the dentist because whats the difference?

“I’m here for the 3:00 appointment for Dr. Crane.”

If the secretary could describe the hotel heiress’ voice it would be like whispers of tragedy.

She pressed the button to let Dr. Crane know of the arrival of his patient. “Dr. Crane Dorothy Swann is ready for the 3:00.”