There should be a T-shirt that says, “I conversed with people who liked Margaret Thatcher and came out alive!”

They were nice, perfectly amiable people. They still had the fatally flawed opinion that working hard is an issue of good morals, and not of overwhelming necessity for most people. The nihilism of “I could pull off all the extra shifts in the world, and still my family and I would still live in shit” was a foreign concept to them.

The world is changing, and may God help them when that change is complete.

“Hi, I know you’ve probably heard all about it for weeks now, but this is the final chance to sign up for the Annual Weslyn Prepatory charity run this weekend. We could still do with a few more sponsors and a few more runners.” Kasey grins widely waving her clipboard and pen in the face of the person in front of her, “Come on, you know you want to! We partnered up with UNICEF this year, so it’s for a good cause!”

OKAY BUT GUYS. Here I am, a new Junior at a prestigious christian prepatory academy, and I HAVE THEM ALREADY EATING OUT OF MY HANDS?? I have all my teachers contacting me and wanting to
Meet me officially because some
Of them haven’t met me yet and they’ve wanted to because the other teachers were impressed with me. The band teacher has apparently told them that my focus is band and not to distract me too much from that?? And then there’s my Brit Lit teacher who heard that I write stories and we started emailing and she wants to read them as much as possible. The councilor has signed me up for an online language class so that way I can still do band and keep all my other classes haha. I don’t know if they’re all being just super nice or if I’ve pulled the right strings.