Alright kids, story time!

So this year the light of my life Jared, my main reason to go to JIB, was at JIB too, and after @clairvoyantsam​ and me already ran into him on Thursday before the con we kinda knew this was gonna be a much better con for us than last year.

On Saturday I had my three ops with Jared, which I split over his two sessions to meet him and also hug him one more time. So… the first two.

I was basically nearly dying the entire time while queueing, I was so so nervous. I mean, I had briefly met him on Thursday but it was such a surprise and went so quick it wasn’t a prepartion for this moment at all. When I finally went up to Jared my legs nearly gave out and I literally just fell into his arms? And when I let go again I thanked him for taking pictures with us on Thursday and he smiled and said “You’re welcome!” and then he pulled me into the tightest hug ever. I don’t think I’ve ever been hugged like that before?? And when we let go again I told him that for the second photo I wanted to hug him, but with my head behind his. And Jared looked at me a bit surprised and said “But why don’t you wanna see your head in it?” And then he put his hands on my cheeks and looked right into my eyes and said “We could do it like that!” ANd I nearly DIED but I really don’t like my profile and I knew I would hate how I would look in that, and I kinda panicked because he was just too much like that and I told him “no, I hate my profile” and Jared replied “You have a great profile!” (bye friends) but then he went in for the hug and held me close and I could feel his hand holding my head RIP. While we hugged like that and I had my head next to his I took the chance and said “I love you so much, you’re so important to me” and when we let go I also said how glad I am that he’s here and he squeezed my hand and smiled and said “I’m proud of you.” And then I left the room and I basically just fell down against a wall.
And I am so so happy how these photos turned out, I literally couldn’t be happier. :) 

The next ops I had were my Jensen op and the J2M, and then in the afternoon it was time for Jared’s second photo op session and my third op. I had to start queuing basically right after the J2M. So, I finally went up to him again and I was super nervous and I said “hi, it’s me again" and Jared smiled and took both my hands in his and said „I love it!“ and I think I had a minor heart attack. Since we already held hands (thanks to Jared!) he made the next step kinda easy though. I told him I wanted to hold hands, standing next to each other, and asked the photographer if you would be able to see it and he said yes. Because I actually wanted to have our hand, like, hanging down between us. And then I felt how Jared entwined our fingers and that was the moment I felt like screaming because !! That was perfect. Also I felt kinda sorry because my hands were super cold and super sweaty because I was so nervous, it must have been really gross. And then I didn’t even notice that Jared lifted our hands, because, man, he was suddenly leaning down and basically smashed his head against mine and his big warm hand holding mine was really overwhelming too. I love how the photo turned out, although what I had in mind was more like the photo I did with Tahmoh. After they took the photo I hugged him again (because why not) and I think after that he said something like „thank you, darling“. I only remember the „darling“ though, the rest is kind of a blur. And !! He still held on to my hand the entire time, even while we hugged. And when I left he still kinda held on to it and looked at me. ♥

→ Jensen + J2M ops

→ Tahmoh op

Litha: The Summer Solstice

Here in the Northern Hemisphere we will be celebrating Litha, or the Summer Solstice, on June 20th. This means garden’s are blooming, and summer is in full swing.

Depending on your individual path, you can celebrate Litha any number of ways, which I will do a separate post on. But, the focus, in general, is usually on celebrating the power of the sun. It is summer after all.

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June is also the traditional time for WEDDINGS. Or in our case, HANDFASTING. I have a post already done for handfasting, but I’ve been debating on updating it. Let me know what you guys would want to know for handfasting when I rewrite the original post.

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Their are TONS of different decortations that can be done in prepartion to Litha. Their is an Elemental Garden, Handfasting Basket, Litha Blessing Besom, and so much more. 

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Let’s not forget about the food. It is summer, so fire up those grils. 

For our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, you will actually be practicing Yule on June 20th. 

Blessed Litha

Blessed Yule


Es la escuela en la que aprendemos de qué se trata ser una pareja.
Cuando algo es realmente importante para ti, te preparas lo mejor que puedes para eso. Sea para un partido de fútbol, para un examen final, para una charla que tienes que dar en público, para un viaje o para una salida. Ya que ese evento es muy importante, inviertes tiempo y esfuerzo en preparte adecuadamente ¡lo cierto es que a veces nos preparamos más para un partido de fútbol o para una fiesta que para el matrimonio! ¡Es hora de hacer un cambio!

Jesús dijo: “ El que me sigue ya no andará en tinieblas” (Juan 8:12) Las tinieblas representan ignorancia. En otras palabras Jesús está diciendo “Si me siguen y aplican mis enseñanzas, no van a sufrir por ignorancia”. Él quiere que lleguen bien preparados a una de las cosas más hermosas de la vida: El matrimonio. (El noviazgo es esa etapa de preparación y es una etapa maravillosa si la viven de la mano de Jesús ¡no improvisen! Él está a su lado para guiarlos.

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Barça continued with prepartions for Saturday’s UEFA Champions League Final in Berlin, Germany. The squad trained this Wednesday morning on Camp Tito Vilanova at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper. Sergi Roberto, who missed Tuesday’s workout with gastroenteritis, rejoined the group. Andrés Iniesta, meanwhile, continued doing individual work. Munir El Haddadi and Sandro Ramírez, from Barça B, also took part.

UEFA Antidoping control

As occured last week, the UEFA administered an antidoping control to ten Barça players. This time the randomly selected players were: Xavi, ter Stegen, Piqué, Rakitic, Messi, Neymar, Rafinha, Jordi Alba, Sergi Roberto and Adriano.

(fanaccounts) 160212-14 shinee japan arena tour in kobe

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160212 — jat kobe day one backstage tour

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The eagle has landed in Toronto. Rob will be participating in wardrobe tests and other prepartions for filming Idol’s Eye, later this month. Rob plays an expert safecracker and all-round cunning crook opposite Robert DeNiro’s mob boss.