Gonna watch Pinocchio now... (P1)

This is gonna be interesting now. again, haven’t watched this in like 5+ years, probably around like 9 or so.

Also, Mar has ruined everything related to this fairytale for me and this is gonna be super weird because of him.

I kinda wished my rp buddies were watching this with me, because of REASONS.

Breakfast in French Quarter

Once you reach Decatur, New Orleans is everything Disneyland prepared me for. We spent last night in what I’m going to call the “bar crawl” district.

Snow White live-blogging -last-

Annnnd done.

Cute, groundbreaking, still holds up well. You could cut somethings out, but eh, this film as a whole is like the one of the most successful experimental film of all time in a way almost.

Probably gonna move onto Pinocchio next tomorrow if I have the time, then the rest of the 1st five.

Anyway, night guys. Sleep well.

Annnnd end (P...7? 8?)

Well, I liked Pinocchio that a whole lot more than Snow White.
Like, a whole lot more.
IDK, it feels like they understood how to pace/structure a full length filn more with this one, and the animation just improved immensely… I think that old comment back in my 30 day disney challenge about “just cutesy shit happening” applies pretty well to Snow White… though watch Fantasia tonight, plus maybe Dumbo and Bambi tomorrow if I can.

Also, not relying on weird rotoscopeish people outside of one character was a good idea. IF anything, they just look… off… next to the more cartoony looking people.

But yeah, was surprisingly not as awkward to watch as I thought it would be, lol. Or as dark as I thought it was? Cute as shit though.