Draco x Reader Smut- Break (part 1)

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Writer’s Note:
(well obviously, you’re here to read this stuff) SWEARING

- (y/n)= your name  ////  (y/h)= your house

- I listened to Punk Goes Pop  while writing the sex scene so you might want to do the same to slightly stimulate you more. I was mainly listening to  We Came As Romans “I Knew You Were Trouble” and  ISSUES - “Boyfriend”.


-Word Count= 2,608

                             .          .          .          .          .          .          .

It was December and the whole of Hogwarts was preparing for Christmas. It was one of the most anticipated events in the year- Christmas break. Students were packing their cases in their cosy dormitories. All fires were emitting an enjoyable warmth that made everyone feel less like an iceberg.

You were in your (y/h) dormitory, sitting cross-legged on your four poster bed watching everyone get packed. You were staying at Hogwarts for the holidays as your parents went for a ‘winter break’. Quite a lot of sixth years were staying. One of those was Draco Malfoy, the guy that everyone despised. He was kind of attractive in his own continuously-angry way. He always kept watch on the trio- Harry, Ron and Hermione. They were also staying. Draco was left alone without his own gang, Crabbe and Goyle. Looks like Draco is a solo artist in his stalking mission this Christmas. He had a ‘slight’ obsession with the three Gryffindors; he always tried to get them caught. Whenever something suspicious was occurring, Draco was up and sprinting to Snape’s office. It was as if he was a robot mechanised to report to Snape all the time. 

As soon as every student that was packed and ready for the train left, you went to the library where the trio was hanging out. You walked over to their table to say hi and ask how they were since you had to socialise with someone during this rather boring Christmas.

“Oh…erm, hey (y/n)! Staying for Christmas are you?” Ron stuttered whilst trying to close up the book he was so passionately reading. 

“Yeah, I am. How did you guess?” You couldn’t help being sarcastic when Ron asked such a pointless question. Ron blushed and turned back to looking at the cover of his book while Harry and Hermione laughed at your remark. You felt bad for making fun out of Ron so you quickly apologised and left them to their thing. You were walking through the aisles of books when all of a sudden you felt a determined tug on your shoulder. The force of the tug made you bump into a bookshelf behind you. To your surprise, Draco was standing there, impatiently looking at you and the mess you just caused. 

“What the f-” you were cut off by Draco dragging you out of the library discretely but confidently so that Harry, Hermione and Ron didn’t notice anything. You tried to question him but Draco just squeezed your wrist even more to indicate for you to keep quiet. He guided you all the way outside to the Forbidden Forest. It was freezing cold and  you weren’t wearing appropriate clothing. You were wearing just a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt while Draco wore pretty much the same as you but he was wearing a black shirt and coat with his black jeans. His pale skin and platinum blond hair faded in with the glistening snow. His blue eyes looked colder than ever before. He looked like he meant business. He turned to face you as soon as you two were deep in the forest. Draco looked around to make sure no one was there watching you. 

He looked straight into your eyes with a serious expression. He licked his lips and parted his lips to speak. 

“What book was Weasley reading?” 

“What? You brought me all the way out here to ask me such a pointless question? You’re fucking ridiculous!” 

“What was the book called?” He was stern with you. He looked like he really wanted answers but you just weren’t in the mood to tell him anything. 

“Go find out for yourself, I’m not your little messenger Malfoy.” You began to stomp back towards the school when drastically you felt yourself being pushed forward. You turned around to see Draco punching the rock-hard tree. His knuckles began to bleed as he punched the tree even more. 

“For fuck’s sake (y/n)! Can you not just tell me the name of the goddamn book?!” He was enraged. He was practically losing all of his sanity. The blood from his knuckles trickled down onto the delicate snow. Your eyes widened when you realised that he was storming in your direction. He looked like a mad man- his knuckles were bleeding, leaving a trail of dark red blood on the snow, his eyes were focused on you and his body was as stiff as anything.

“Draco, I didn’t mean to-” 

“Shut up! You’re fucking useless! Get out of my sight or I will kill you with my bare fucking hands!” He was panting heavily, clearly from his anger. He walked towards the school with great speed. You were cemented to the spot you were left in. Your heart was racing and your mind was a mess. You thought he was really going to hit you or even kill you. Anyway, after 3 minutes of just standing there pointlessly, you made your way to the school.

~30 minutes later~

You were just walking through the dungeons for no apparent reason. You were indeed going to spend some time alone here so you might as well explore the castle. 

You noticed a black figure racing towards you, clearly set on it’s target. You tried to ignore the person by looking down at the floor as you continued to make your way through the dungeons. Draco grabbed your forearm and, once again, guided you to some place. 

“Will you ever leave me alone?” You shouted at Draco provocatively. Why couldn’t he just leave you alone for the day? What did he want now? 

He didn’t reply to your question. Shortly, you realised that he was taking you to the Slytherin common room. He stranded you in the dark common room as he shut the door. No other Slytherin stayed at Hogwarts for Christmas, it was only Draco. He walked confidently towards you keeping his head low but his eyes were on you the whole journey. He stood frozen in front of you, not doing anything. After some time you decided to question him but you were straight away cut off by Malfoy. 

He grabbed your face and abruptly crashed his lips to yours. His movements felt rushed and hungry for some attention. His vein-covered hands held your face in place forcefully so that you wouldn’t even nudge. Chaotically, your hands found his chest and attempted to push him away. He kept his hands stubbornly on your face, keeping your lips locked to his. To be honest, touching his chest was a blissful experience. His torso definitely was nicely shaped and muscled. His kissing skills weren’t bad either although your lips didn’t even work with his. 

You had to think quickly- you couldn’t show Draco that you wanted him to do this to you. Your hand fell to Draco’s cock. Misleadingly, you were rubbing him through his jeans, making him smirk into the one-way make out. This was an indicator to grab and squeeze the hell out of his dick. He pulled away rapidly as if he was just burnt by boiling wax. He scowled and glared at you. Before he could process what you did, you ran for the door. As soon as you reached for the doorknob your back hit the cold stone wall. Draco pressed his body against yours, placing his hands on either side of your head. You were trapped. 

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, little Miss (y/h)?”

“I-” You stammered but were quickly muted by a furious Draco.

“Now I’ll have to teach you a lesson, won’t I? You need to learn to respect people.”

He pushed his leg in between your thighs, positioning himself forcefully near your vagina. His face was just inches away from yours. His minty breath was hitting your face slowly. You kept your face still while Draco was eyeing you up and down and biting his lip sensually. He was irresistible. He moved his lips near your ear.

“You’ve been rude to me today and I don’t like that (y/n). You have really angered me and now you have to pay the price for what you have done.” He murmured into your ear just above a whisper. His hands wandered to your waist and trailed up and down your figure. Your breath began to pick up speed as Draco’s eyes explored your whole body. He licked his lips in appreciation of his sight and the slightest moan escaped his lips as his hands cupped your breasts. Although you were greatly enjoying this intimate moment with Draco, you couldn’t lose the fight. You tried so hard to concentrate on something else other than Draco’s thigh rubbing forcefully against your skinny jeans. A tingly feeling grew in the pit of your stomach. You wanted Draco, or anyone for that matter, to make you cum. In these sort of situations, you usually break and end up sleeping with the person luring you into their pants. You had to admit, Draco looked pretty fucking hot against your body with his eyes fixated on your face, waiting patiently for a reaction. After a minute or so of having Draco touching your whole body and rubbing his thigh against your jeans, you gave up. 

Your lips parted and let out an exasperated moan of pleasure, also causing your hips to grind in unison with Draco’s leg. You caught him by surprise which just made him smirk right at you. 

“You like that, huh? Couldn’t resist me any longer?” 

All you could do right now was kiss Draco passionately.His lips felt magical- they were smooth and definitely knew how to kiss.  Your hands flew up to his hair, tugging on large strands of hair violently. He groaned into your lips, sending a wave of excitement to your sex. Your hips rocked into his leg even more, wanting him desperately inside of you. Draco’s lips were viciously biting,sucking and licking all over your neck and jaw. It was obvious that he was turned on. You tilt your head back so that Draco can get better access to your neck. He was leaving hickeys all over you, letting everyone know that you were in there with him. Good thing that there was barely anyone in the castle during the holidays and you could wear a scarf to cover yourself up. With every hickey he printed on you, you moaned in appreciation of his doing. This made him smirk more than he already does on a daily basis. He detached himself from your neck and looked straight into your eyes with a hot, flushed face and his hair sort of messy. He licked his top teeth imitating a vampire. 

“Its getting kind of hot here, isn’t it? Want me to take this all off?” All you could respond with was a soft moan. Draco’s breath became heavy all of a sudden. He had you right under his control and you were ready to oblige to his commands. This turned him on more than anything. He liked being dominant. 

“If you want me naked then you’ll have to strip it all off yourself.” Your eyes opened up and Draco could instantly see the sparkle in them. Hastily, you shook his coal-black coat, followed by unbuttoning his inky shirt. His torso was completely bare now. His skin was a beautiful pale colour and his muscles were sharply defined. You ran your hands down his torso in a figure eight. Your cold hands made Draco shiver and breath in deeply. You leaned against his torso and began to suck under his collar bones and right under his jaw. It was evident that these were his soft spots as his jeans bulged even more than before. When your hands reached the top of his jeans, your hands gently dropped down to his zipper. Your fingers were fiddling with his zip, teasing the weakened boy. 

“Jesus fucking Christ, just unzip it (y/n).” Draco was growing impatient with your teasing. You obliged to his command and unzipped his jeans, dragging them down with his boxers instantly. His member sprung out of its cover. It was already covered in pre-cum. Draco let out a blaring moan which echoed across the common room. He finally opened his eyes and drastically threw your top across the floor followed by your jeans, bra and panties. Both of your bodies were fully exposed to each other. 

“Fuck (y/n), you’re so-” You cut Draco off with your lips before he could even finish his sentence. You two were a complete mess- your make out was wet and chaotic. Your hands tangled in Draco’s hair, messing his usually-perfectly-gelled hair. His hands darted to your thighs and slightly pushed you up while squeezing. Straight away you knew that he wanted to fuck you against the wall. You jumped up and let your legs dangle on either side of Draco’s lean body. Draco was keeping you in place by forcing you against the wall and holding the back of your thighs. Due to him having to hold your whole body up, his arms were covered in veins. He looked so mesmerizing. You were both steaming hot and in need of each other. Draco didn’t wait any longer and he slammed into you, his full length filling you up. Your screams bounced off every single wall in the common room as Draco’s thrusts grew in speed and force. His head was down on your breasts, leaving hickeys all over you again. His lips escalated to your jaw, where he left a trail of hot kisses down to your collarbones. Your breathing turned into panting. You felt yourself getting closer and closer to your climax. 

“I’m close..” You managed to blurt out in between your heavy panting. Automatically, Draco put more force into his thrusts, hitting your g-spot repeatedly. 

A few seconds later, you let yourself go and you cummed all over Draco’s member. This must have stimulated him as you noticed his eyes closing and his lips parting slightly. His hips decreased in movement but became more intimate. You rocked yourself on his cock slowly to ease you both down from your high. Soon enough, Draco pulled out of you and placed your feet back on the ground which resulted in you dropping to your knees from the previous event. You felt really weak but really great at the same time. Both of you were trying to catch your breaths. Draco looked down at you and lightly laughed.

“You okay there? Want to go to my bed?” You nodded in approval. Draco threw his black shirt to you and he put on his own boxers to cover himself up a bit. You obligingly threw his shirt over yourself. It smelled of him; his specific scent. He always smelled like a crisp-cold morning in the woods. It was pleasant. You practically drowned in the shirt but it was a good thing as it covered your butt. He looked you up and down and smirked again. 

“You should wear my stuff more often.” Confidently, he walked to where you were sitting down. He picked you up bridal style and carried you up to his dorm room where he laid you on his bed. As soon as you were safely on his bed, he walked over to the other side and joined you. He took the duvet and covered both of your still-steaming bodies. He cuddled up to you with one hand resting on your waist, pressing you close to him. You both instantly fell asleep as soon as both of you relaxed and made yourself comfortable. 

How did everything lead to this?

                           .          .          .          .          .          .          .

Thank you to everyone who read this! This is my first Harry Potter related story. I decided to write a Draco smut with no other parts to it but I felt like there has to be more to the story. This is going to be a story with parts to it so that its not a super long read all at once! 

Any comments/critique is welcome and appreciated!

I am open to taking any requests- oneshots, imagines, stories, ships, sortings, etc. :)

Being Emotionally Distant from Everyone (feat. the xNTJ thing)

“You xNTJs are like robots, that`s amazing.”

Like nope. Here is the thing - I feel enormous responsibility towards some people. I would do anything for them. They can call at 3AM and I am there. I enjoy their company. I enjoy our times together and shared experiences. But at the same time, if they just disappeared from my life, I feel like I could cope without many problems. 

My little sister told me so many times this weekend how much she loves me, misses me and enjoys time with me. I am not surprised. She can talk to me about anything, I create things with her, I entrust her with details about my life and she entrusts me with hers in return. In every way, it would seem like a completely loving relationship. 

Only I don`t miss her when she is not around. I am more emotionally hit by writing this than when I don`t see her for a month.

I can cope with literally anyone not being around for any period of time. 

Meanwhile, I physically care for people - I am on time, I do stuff they like, I say things they love hearing for support, I can be brutally honest and entj-like when they need help, and they can depend on me. When my mom was sick during the weekend, I treated her like a queen and prepared for Christmas like a maniac so she didn`t have to (although I have the finals week ahead). I also like having a certain number of close friends and invest in relationships with them a lot of time and energy. 

I am only scared I am not able of deeply loving anyone. I used to once. And the physical pain of not being around the person was really annoying to me in the long run, especially when the relationship ended. On the other hand, I do not think this is desirable, I don`t think this is a great xNTJ thing and I sometimes have the feeling we are very emotional. That we are much more than “those feelers” because they are strong enough to let people hurt them. 

Nobody can hurt me, and that fact alone is starting to hurt me.

The Yule Ball (Gryffindor!Calum)

heaViLY requested

pairing: reader&Calum

warnings: a bit of heated action at the very end  ;)

word count: 6,190

Summary: second part to the triwizard tournament imagine I posted with gryffindor!calum a while ago, this time taking place at the Yule Ball. 

i suggest you read the first part before you dive into this one 

It’s been two weeks since you last saw Calum. Two weeks of little to no sleep, constant worrying and loss of points for your house because you just couldn’t focus in class. The only thing that is keeping you somehow sane are the letters you sometimes receive. It would be late at night when an owl would come, scratching at your window and delivering a messily scribbled tissue or a piece of paper ripped out of a textbook. It’s little messages, such as “Please come see me” or “My shoulder still hurts, but not as much as missing you does.” Sometimes they would be longer, if he had enough space to write, but he would mostly keep them short.

They weren’t daily letters, they came once every two or three days, but you still cherished them with all your heart. Although you hadn’t sent one back, simply because you had no idea what to say. What could you possibly say? That you’re worried? That you can’t sleep at night? That you try to keep yourself busy with books on top of books but those only make you more distracted? There are no words to describe what you truly feel. You have no idea what to say to him, sometimes you’re not even sure if you want him to come back from the hospital wing because that would mean explaining the reason you never went to visit him and the answer to that is: you simply couldn’t.

It’s weird, the whole situation, it’s just weird. What do an awkward Ravenclaw book nerd and a popular Gryffindor prefect have in common? Not much, most people would say. But the most important reason is, you don’t want to get too attached. That would mean that if he gets hurt, which he has already and most likely will again, you don’t want to suffer along with him. The pain of hurting yourself is pretty bad, but the one of seeing someone you care about hurting is a million times worse. You just wish you would have kept your distance, you would rather have the rude and cocky remarks back, than the emotional attachment.

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Imagine Lyra being raised at Hogwarts instead of Jordan College tho
  • The professors having to deal with a toddler Lyra, wandering about the castle’s corridors, discovering the room of requirement at the age of six 
  • McGonagall teaching her little magic tricks and then regretting her life choices when the little girl uses them to cause riot 
  • being friends with all the ghosts in the castle, having tea parties with them, but having nightmares about the Bloody Baron and running away every time she sees him 
  • aligning herself with Peeves only to cause hell
    being tricked by him and getting revenge, destroying one classroom or two in the process
  • Being Undesirable Number One in Filch’s list at the age of eight. 
  • Having owls for friends and always visiting them in the owlery tower, always having Pan as a little owl in those occasions. 
  • Having afternoon tea every day with Hagrid in his hut
  • Hagrid being the father figure she never had and loving him to bits and fighting first years that dare make fun of him (this starting at the age of 6, of course) 
  • playing with Pan on the roofs of the castle (no one really knowing how the heck she gets up there, but it probably has something to do with the owls, those smart birds)
  • at the age of nine, starts going alone to hogsmeade and playing with the kids there, organizing wars and games and being a wild leader among them, causing riot in the streets, stealing candies from Honeydukes. 
  • spending entire summer afternoons by the lake with the giant squid 
  • getting lost in the woods, only to be rescued by hagrid and spend months having nightmares about it. 
  • pretending a lovers portrait on the wall is actually a portrait of her parents, and the two lovers going along with it, always talking to her when she talks to them.
  • being not allowed to enter the library bc she keeps going to the forbidden section and opening books that should not be opened. 
  • being the one helping professor flitwick to prepare the Christmas tree and absolutely loving it

Feel free to add more!

[Remus x Reader] The Lupins.

Originally posted by harrypottersources

Anon:  Hey I was wondering if you would write something about Remus x reader where they have a daughter (maybe 10 yrs old) and Remus is like a total over protective dad and makes up crazy rules like “no dating until you’re 42 three months twelve days and 14 hours” and maybe throw in Sirius (he can be her god father idk) and he’s like “don’t worry, I’ll take you to the strip club when you’re 18” lol idk I thought it’d be funny

A/N: Okay, so this one went a bit wild. Thanks for the request anon! It was a funny and refreshing idea. I hope you will like it! Requests are open, and here is my Masterlist if you are interested in it :)


You were bustling around the kitchen, a delicious smell lingering in the air, as you prepared the food, for tonight’s Christmas party. Everyone was coming, so there was a lot of things that had to be done. Lily and Marlene were going to come a bit earlier to help you out, so that left your children and your husband in charge of cleaning the house up. For now, everything was going just as you planned.
“Mmmm what smells so good?” Remus exclaimed cheerfully, as he walked into the kitchen.
“Shouldn’t you be cleaning the living room, love?” you smirked, not turning your gaze from the pot in which you were melting some chocolate. He chuckled and hugged you from behind.
“Already done. Don’t you think I deserve a reward?” he whispered in your ear, making you giggle.
“Fine” you sighed “I will leave you some of it” he grinned and kissed your cheek.
“You are an angel, do I say that often enough?”
“Only if it includes chocolate related things, you cheeky little thing” you said as you turned the gas off.
“That’s not true!” he argued and spun you around, the grin still spread across his face.
When he stopped, he pulled you closer to himself.
“How did I get so lucky?” he looked at you, and once again you felt like a teenager standing at the top of the Astronomy Tower, getting lost in his green eyes.
“You tell me” you smiled, as he leaned in and pressed his lips onto yours. It was only in his arms, that you felt loved, treasured and safe. It was the place that always felt like home.
“Ugh, please not in the kitchen” you pulled away, as you saw your kids standing in the entrance, a look of terror spread across their faces. You both chuckled, but chose to ignore their request.
“Have you finished cleaning?” you asked trying to change the subject.
“Yes, Mommy” said the two at the same time, as they seated themselves at the kitchen table, cleaning brushed still in their hands.
“Well done” you smiled, and kissed their foreheads.
You and Remus had two children. Eleanor, which was already thirteen and a nine-year-old Tommy. You both loved them endlessly, knowing, you would do anything for them.
As you proceeded to pour the melted chocolate over your cake, with Tommy eagerly wanting to participate in the procedure, you heard a loud screech coming from the nearby window.
Knowing it would be an owl, you asked Remus to get the letters.
Once he did, he put the stack on the kitchen counter and started to flip trough it. Suddenly he pulled one out, a frown quickly appearing on his face.
“Elle, there is a letter for you” he said, already turning in order to give it to her.
“Really?” she smiled, eagerly taking the white piece of parchment.
As soon as she opened it, she nibbled on her lower lip, a blush slowly covering her cheeks.
“Well, who is it from?” you asked, clearly intrigued by the situation.
“It’s from Steven” she mumbled quietly, her gaze still fixated on the letter.
“What Steven?” Remus asked, already hovering over her head, in order to read some of its content.
“What does he want from you?” he asked, as she shoved the piece of paper in her pocket.
You could feel the sense of protectiveness radiating from him. He often acted this way, especially if he was jealous, or when someone wanted to interfere in your family’s matters, without his approval.
He easily over exaggerated, so it was your job to bring him back to his senses.
“It’s probably nothing, love “ you said trying to calm him down “Right, Elle?”
“He only asked me to accompany him to Hogsmeade next week” she stated, regaining her courage.
“He did what?!” he shouted in disbelief.
“Remus, it’s only a date” you frowned and folded your arms across your chest.
“She is only 13!”
“That’s when we started dating too” you sighed and rolled your eyes at him.
“But that is not the point!”
“Calm down you two, he is not my boyfriend. For now, he is just a friend” Elle said, trying to somehow end the discussion.
“Eleanor, there is no such thing as female-male friendship” Remus said firmly, as he looked her in the eyes.
“Excuse me?” you raised your eyebrow in surprise “ So what were we?”
“Yes, we were friends, and you know very well what we did Y/N”
“What did you do?” Tommy said with an innocent voice, not really understanding what was going on.
“Nothing!” you blushed and glared at Remus “ So what, are James and Sirius my enemies?”
“Someone called me?” Sirius exclaimed as he and Marlene walked into the kitchen, carrying two containers filled with food.
“Sirius, thank Merlin! Can you help me with this one” you pointed at your husband, which all at once raised his hands up as if he had done nothing wrong.
“Moony why are you endangering your relationship?” he asked with amusement, and chuckled, as Remus gave him a betrayed look.
“He wants to put me in a celibate” Elle shouted, trying to get advantage of the current situation.
“You really are a small copy of your mother”
“She is not allowed to go out with anyone until I say so” Remus stated firmly
“Oh really, and when will be that?” Sirius teased.
“Never if I can help it. I’m going to owl Minerva. And you young lady don’t even think about going out with anyone” he stormed out of the kitchen, pretending not to hear the objections and groans, that left his daughters mouth.
“I will take care of it” you padded her arm and followed your husband, eventually ending up in the library. Of course, he would choose the library.
“Remus, what is going on?” you said as you closed the door behind you “It’s starting to be ridiculous, don’t you think?”
“It’s just…“ he started, as he collapsed on his favorite armchair "I don’t want her to get hurt. You know how it goes ”
“Listen, love” you came closer and started to rub his shoulders “You can’t help it. It’s a step in her life that she has to experience by herself, in order to learn from her mistakes, that she eventually will make”
“I know, but the thought of her, having her heart broken, is so terrifying.”
“Don’t worry. Everything is going to be fine. Just let her live her life” You smiled, and kissed his cheek, sensing that you finally convinced him, to let it go.
"And do not even dare to write about such things to McGonagall” you said as you offered him your hand, in order to make him stand up.
“Yeah, I don’t really know what I was thinking” he laughed nervously and brushed a hand trough his gray hair.
Just as the two of you were about to enter back into the kitchen, you heard Sirius’s voice, coming from the inside.
“Don’t worry little one, when you will turn eighteen I will take you to a male strip club”
This time you and Remus were on the same side.


Well, this is going to be a reeeeally long post… so, be prepared.
I’ve always loved Christmas: I love buying presents for my friends, love the shiny lights down the streets, the atmosphere, the ritual of decorating the Christmas tree and making the nativity scene (I used to  do that with my sister when we were living at my parent’s house), the fact that I can stay with all my family (and my doggy of course) and just enjoy the time together and have long conversation with my cousins or my grandma.

I’ve had a beautiful childhood and I decided to put some of my memories in this drawing.
It’s a little present for all of you, for your tireless support, for your kind words in chat or asks. I’m grateful for this full year, even if it has been a bit difficult and, sometimes, I was really scared.
I want to thank all the tumblr community and wish you all the happiness in the world.

If you are interested there’s an “explanation” of the drawing under the “read more” line, useful for those who aren’t Italian and want to know more about some of our Christmas food and traditions.

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Allo everyone! My friends Aki-chi and Ashley translated the new Code: Realize fan disc scans for us. They’re VERY rough translations and are just the important bits taken out of the scan, not the entire article. So you won’t be getting everything but you’ll be getting the important stuff!

My friend started to have trouble translating the small text so for the rest of the men she only decided to do the big text, so there isn’t too much for the summary in the end. If anyone wants to help add to these translations you’re more then free to <3

So as of now we have… One original game, one fan disc, an anime coming out, and now this new fan disc coming too :) 


Title of the new fan disc: Code: Realize ~Shirogane no Kiseki~ which translates to Code: Realize ~Silver Miracles~

Platform: PS4 & Vita


So the cover picture basically says The first “Holy Night” filled with smiles and warmth. “The latest work of the long-awaited fan series is released simultaneously with PSVita and PS4!”


Impey: The title of his route is The meaning of love

Summary: Impey’s vocal on his affection towards Cardia, he tells her that he loves her all the time. So, the scenario is that they’re looking for the meaning of love. But as the scan says… “Well, It’s Impey so~!”

~ A Special Menu just for you ~

It appears that Finis is also there with Cardia and Impey. Impey’s also heard that Cardia is coming over for Christmas so he’s super excited. Not sure what Finis’ role is in Impey’s route though.

Text on the Impey CG: I came up with a special menu once I got up this morning!


Saint Germain: The title of his route is A Date Once More

Summary: Omnibus has ordered that Idea take a vacation, so it seems like Idea is preparing for Christmas. Seems like everyone got together with Saint to hold a party. I’m also fairly certain it’ll be at Saint Germain’s mansion. So anyway Omnibus has ordered Idea to take a vacation, Saint was uneasy about Lupin and everyone else that was away from the mansion.

Text on the Saint Germain CG: It’s almost finished. Let’s finish this all at once.


Lupin: The title of his route is What I Lost

Text on Lupin’s CG: …No, this is wrong! This looks more like a notice…!

Extra Text: “I cannot say "I want to see you”–“

It seems as if Lupin is writing a letter and it’s a high chance it’s to Cardia. But what I find cute about it is that he’s struggling doing it, because he’s saying it sounds more like a notice then a letter, haha!


Van: The title of his route is Her Home Visit

Text on Van’s CG: "What are those guys doing these days?”

Extra Text: It reminds me of that day.

Van is traveling, if you notice he’s on a train. It seems like he’s missing everyone, especially Cardia. It says HER home visit for the title of his route so I’m assuming she visits someone. I can’t say for sure though so we’ll see. Not sure if Van is with the crew in the beginning, is it them who would be doing the house visit? Maybe they’re taking her home. But to me it feels like he’s away from them all, so maybe someone can clear it up.


Victor: The title of his route is Greetings to Parents!?

Text on Victor’s CG: “I’m saying this out of courage. So, listen very carefully.”

Extra Text: The much awaited confession and the unexpected (?)……!?

I’m almost certain Cardia is going to meet Victor’s parents, hahaha. Too cute! Or someone is going to meet someone’s parents at least xD I know that for certain!

“Adrien prepares to spend the first Christmas without his mother. “

“When his father, Gabriel discovers that Adrien is not in his room, he becomes worried, afraid that he could be in danger and anything can happen. Hearing the news, Marinette immediately transforms into Ladybug, determined to find her Adrien.” 

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Christmas Jealousy

Summary: Snippet of what Christmas day with Barry and his family is like.

Warnings: Jealousy and a few swear words

“C'mon, y/n,” Barry pleaded, persistently poking you in the side to wake you up. “It’s Christmas and you plan on sleeping the day away.” He pouted.

It was a cold and snowy Christmas morning and normally you would’ve jumped out of bed on Christmas morning but, for the first time in his life, Barry was up before 8 am and raring to go.

“S'cold,” you muttered, burying your face into the pillow in hopes that Barry would take a hint and leave you alone for an hour. “You’re like a five year old. You shouldn’t be so excited for this any.”

“Hush. I knew you’d be grump so in preparation I made you a Christmas breakfast consisting of eggs and bacon but your cute little butt need to get out of bed if you want any before I eat it all.”

You opened an eye to glare at him. “You wouldn’t dare.”

Barry smirked evilly and you knew he wasn’t messing around. That boy knew bacon was one surefire way to get you out of bed. “C'mon, button, we both know I could be there in .5 seconds and all your beloved bacon will be gone.”

“I hatechu…” you muttered as you stretched in order to wake up a bit more.

“Present Time.” Barry gripped your hand and instantly bounded to the living room to plop you both down in front of the tree.

There weren’t too many gifts under the tree (seeing as being a forensic scientist didn’t pay much and a superhero paid even less) but that just made each of you more determined to make each gift that much more sentimental.

You got him a new watch (maybe now he won’t have an excuse for being late), some science book he hinted at wanting, a cookbook since he insisted he wanted to learn how, and finally a scrapbook that you threw together of all your special moments.

As he flipped through the scrapbook you noticed the faint blush that covered his cheeks and your heart swelled. Barry’s had a lot of hardships in his life and he’s also made mistakes along the way but his intentions have always been good. If anyone deserves happiness it would be Barry Allen and you were blessed to have been the one to grant that to him in that moment.

In return, he gave you a locket with a photo of you two in one side and a selfie of him posing with you dog in the other side, a Victoria’s Secret gift card (though it seemed like that gift would end up being more for him than for you), and the final gift left you shellshocked. It was a shiny gold ring, similar to a simple wedding band.

“It’s not what you think.” He said instantly at your frozen reaction. “Think of it more as a promise ring. A promise that no matter what you’re the only one I love and maybe even a promise that one day a wedding will come about.” He reached over and gently removed the ring from the box. “It’s even engraved inside.”


Your silence worried Barry. He knew you’d always been weary to think about the future when everything was so unsure in his life, but he wanted this. He wanted a promise that you’d stick with him no matter how many times he would fuck up in the future.

Please say something. Barry silently begged but received no such response. Instead, you gently held out your left hand to him and he smiled, gently slipping it onto your ring finger.

“Just to clarify this is not a engagement ring… Right?” Barry laughed at your nerves, knowing that marriage was not one of your goals anytime soon. In the future, yes. But not when his hero work is in full swing and your career is just blossoming.

“No. Don’t worry.” He shakes his head, a dopey grin on his face as he intertwines his fingers with yours. “That won’t come until later.”

“Come in. Come in! It’s cold out there.” Joe smiled, ushering you both inside the festive West Household. “Snacks are on the table. Help yourself before Wally eats them all.”

A playfully hurt, “Hey” resounded from the kitchen from the new speedster himself at being the brunt of his father’s joke.

“C'mon in guys.” He chuckled once again, leading you both in towards where the rest of the family was gathered. Joe instantly took his place beside Cecile who quickly handed him back his own cup of eggnog so she could happily sip on hers. Cisco and Caitlin were bantering with a slightly tipsy H.R. over who knows what. Iris was beside Wally with a somewhat sour look on her face but neither you nor Barry paid any mind to it as you set the bag of presents under the tree before heading over to the hors d'oeuvres.

“Want some ‘nog?” Barry smiled suggestively, knowing fully well how strong it was and how much he loved the drunk version of you. Before you even had a chance to answer he was already handing you a mug of it.

“Why thank you, sir.” You giggled at your awful attempt at a british accent and just as Barry prepared to tease you for it, Joe raised his voice to gather the family.

“Present time!”

Nearly every seat was taken when you two entered the living room, leaving only the chair in the corner free.

Barry quickly plopped down on the chair and opened his arms.

It was clear he wanted you to sit on his lap but neither of you were quite fond of PDA and with the recent tensions building between you two and Iris, you were weary to act all cuddly with her only feet away.

Iris had recently come to terms with her feelings towards Barry but by that time it was too late. He had chosen you and she wasn’t happy about it.

But Barry didn’t seem to take this into consideration as he gripped your hips and pulled you down onto his lap. He was quick to nuzzle into your neck while his arms wrapped around your waist to keep you close to him.

Things must have been going too smoothly up until that point because fate apparently wanted to change that seeing as Cisco then caught sight of the golden ring glinting on your finger.

“Are you two engaged?!” He blurted out, not even bothering to hold his questions in. “Did you finally get the nerve to ask her, Barry? Cough it up, Caitlin. I told you I had a feeling he was planning something big.”

Caitlin sighed but reached for her purse to pull a twenty dollar bill out of her wallet. Had those two really placed a bet on your love life?

“We are not engaged, Cisco.” You deadpanned. Ignoring the blush all this attention caused, you elbowed Barry to explain this before things got out of hand.

“It’s a promise ring.” Barry muttered, embarrassed that his love life was now the center of attention. “Not a wedding ring. We are not engaged.”

“Ha! Told you, give me my money back.” Cait taunted, stealing the bill back from Cisco. Cisco pouted in return but gave it up.

While the two continued to bicker, you noticed Iris glaring at the two of you.

At this realization, you slightly leaned back so you were able to whisper in Barry’s ear.

“Iris is glaring at me again. She hates me.” You sighed. You and Iris used to be extremely close. Hell, she was even the one who introduced you to Barry, insisting that you two were perfect for each other but she never expected her own feelings for Barry to surface. And even further she never expected him to choose you over her.

“She doesn’t hate you.” Barry defended. He hated this tension but he also didn’t know how to fix it. He had told her time and time again that it was you and only you. His feelings for her changed and he didn’t feel that way anymore. “Don’t let her ruin our Christmas, babe. She’ll be fine later on.”

You sighed and leaned back into him. “I know but I hate the fact that she hates me know just because you’re with me…”

“Iris,” You said while Barry left to get your coats. It was only you two left in the kitchen now and she was still blatantly glaring. “What happened to us. Why are we suddenly like this when we used to be attached at the hip.”

Iris sighed but decided that she was willing to throw you a bone. “It’s not your fault necessarily. It’s just that you have everything I want and I can’t control my jealousy when I see you two acting all cutesy.”

“You’ll find someone, Iris. But being hung up over Barry is just prolonging this and just lengthening your pain. I think you need to put this mess behind you and look forwards.” Silence filled the air before you spoke up again. “Truce?” You asked, holding your hand out to shake hers.


“Thank you for an amazing Christmas, Bare.” You hummed, pulling on a pair of sweatpants and one of Barry’s shirts. He was already cuddled into bed, playing some game on his phone but he kindly stopped when you assumed your spot on the bed. You cuddled into his side, attempting to absorb his body heat while he hummed some Michael Bublé song in your ear.

“Thank you for everything.” He murmured. “Especially for accepting that ring. You have no idea how nervous I was.”

“You’re always nervous when it comes to taking steps in our relationship. Remember when I asked you to move in with me?”

He chuckled at the awkward memory the he so desperately wished he could forget.

When you asked him to move in, he simply said no then made the excuse that he had to meet Cisco at the lab where he explained the situation and came to the realization that he did indeed want to live with you. It took him nearly three months after the day you asked him that to finally bring the offer up again.

“I honestly can’t remember being this happy before.” You giggled as he placed kisses on your neck and jaw to elicit some laughs. “I feel like I’m gonna wake up from this dream any time now.”

“Well,” He smiled, pressing his forehead against yours while he pulled the blankets up to cover you both. “I hate to break it to you but you’re stuck with me now.” He tapped your promise ring to solidify his argument and you quickly took the opportunity to press your lips to his.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, Barry Allen.”

Tri-Wizard Heart

I love your Hogwarts imagines! Can you do a Slytherin!Kihyun x Hufflepuff!Reader please! I want something fluffy and cute (of course with some sassy Kihyun)!

Note: I’m sorry, everything about this drabble sucks. I hope you liked it, I tried to be funny and fluffy but idk. 

I don’t own the gifs/images used

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The tri-wizarding tournament is a tradition that occurs every four years, and only those over the age of seventeen are allowed to participate. The first task had already been undertaken in the previous week, and the Hogwarts representative had scored highly. For the next few weeks, no such challenge would be played out until Christmas is over.

Christmas is hard enough at the best of times; you must think of gifts to buy friends and family members, prepare for aftermath of Christmas and somehow fit in all the studying and homework. But this year is being pushed to the limits. With every tri-wizard tournament comes a Yule Ball; and with every Yule ball comes with dancing, gowns and dates.

You’ve been trying to forget about it all, hence why you were one of the only ones studying in the library. The other fool trying to drown out it all? Your Slytherin friend, Yoo Kihyun.

A lot of people think a Slytherin and Hufflepuff friendship is unlikely, but in actual fact you get along better with the Slytherins than any other house. The Gryffindors have a tendency to look down at you for being ‘weak’ and the Ravenclaws think they’re on a higher intellectual level than anyone else. The Slytherins are more chilled out, only coming out with their ‘cruel’ side when someone’s pissed them off. Kihyun can be cruel, but only when he’s pushed. Usually, he’s sarcastic and funny, caring and kind on the down low. He’s the best person you’d met in Hogwarts to date, honestly.


You suddenly snap from your train of thought, your small bubble popping as you come back to reality. At first, you glance at Kihyun, but he wasn’t the source of the voice. You turn your head to see the Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team smirking down at you.

Here we go, you thought bitterly. If there was picture that defined ‘fuck boy’ in the dictionary, then it would be the man that stood before you, Shin Hoseok.

“Hi Hoseok.” You responded, smiling at him. Being a Hufflepuff, you had the initial reaction to be nice to everyone that approaches you, but no one should be fooled, because you’re more than capable of fighting your own battles.

“Here.” He says, extending his arm to offer you a single red rose. How unoriginal.

“I suppose you’ve got a fair few more collected in that rucksack.” You respond in the sweetest tone you could muster, not so subtly ignoring his attempt to put it in your hand.

“No, just for you.” He winked, “I only have eyes for you.”

“And the five other girls you’ve probably already planned to court.” You look bittersweet, and you can see Kihyun smirking in the corner of your eye.

Hoseok put the rose down on the desk and tilted his head to the side. “Always so dismissive of me {y/n}, do you really think I have no shame?”

“Yes.” You reply, and he actually laughs this time.

“Funny, really. Now, since this clearly isn’t going anywhere, I think I should cut to the chase already. There’s a lot of girls that want me to take them to the Yule Ball. but since I only have eyes and a rose for you, I’d like you to do the honour of being my date.”

You sigh, but you do let the smallest smile tug at your lips. You, {y/n} going to the Yule Ball with Shin Hoseok? It’s laughable. For one, he is nothing like you, meaning it would probably become awkward, and two, imagine the hoards of girls that would try and hex you if they saw you with him.

“No thanks.” You reply, “Good luck with the next girl, champ.”

Hoseok turns more serious this time. “I’m being serious, {y/n}. Please?”

You were about to respond, but another voice beat you to it.

“She rejected you kindly, I don’t think it’s negotiable from here.” Kihyun stated. He’d been smirking earlier, but now he looked pissed off. His eyes were dark behind his glasses, and his expression was hard, he looked even more vexed from the way his arms crossed over his chest.

“I want a justified reason why you won’t come with me.” Hoseok spoke to you, making Kihyun glare at the way he had been to bluntly ignored.

Kihyun stood up, “Probably because you’re an unattractive, cocky seventh year, who hides the fact he has no brains by throwing quaffles and passing around love potions.”

You would have laughed if you hadn’t been so quick to bite the inside of your lip. Hoseok looked enraged.

“You’re a joke.” Hoseok snapped, “And I’m more attractive than you could ever comprehend.”

“I don’t think so. I don’t look like the ministry found an unregistered animagus.” Kihyun rose an eyebrow confidently, outwitting Hoseok as his cheeks blushed with crimson like the red of his robes.

“Oh yeah? If you’re so dreamy then why isn’t {y/n} going with you?” Hoseok snapped.

“She is.” Kihyun stated simply, “Right?”

They both turned to look at you, and you glanced between them awkwardly before nodding. “I mean, yeah?”

Hoseok sighed, then without another word, turned and walked off.

You looked down at your book as Kihyun returned to his seat. It was quiet for a moment until Kihyun spoke again.

“You don’t have to go with me, I’m sorry I put you on the spot like that it’s just-”

“Kihyun.” You interupted him, “There is no one more I would like to spend time with at this horrible idea of an event with than you.”

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Ahhh I love the MC proposing hc, but it is missing one important thing! Saeran! (And V if you'd like ,,,) Love your blog A++ content ✌✌

yaaaaaaaay i finally got this done!! -Green


-you think you’re finally ready. and you think that saeran is too

-you two never really mentioned the idea of marriage, but… you want it. You want it bad.

-all in all, you think that the idea of marriage is ridiculous, and you know Saeran does too. you don’t need to be married to be bonded together forever.

-but just thinking of it… the two of you at the alter, hand in hand… it feels too good to be true for someone like Saeran, but you want to at least try. And try not to get your hopes too high.

-you want to make it somewhat of an event, because what if he says yes? you want to have some kind of a proposal story to brag about. that’s half the reason to get married anyway

-but also oh god what if he says YES

-god dammit now you have your hopes up look at what you did to yourself

-but when you actually finally get the courage to propose guess what happens

-you propose to saeyoung instead because he wanted to fuck around with u but woops now you’re proposing to me what do i do

-the only reason you know it’s saeyoung is because he drops to the floor and starts sobbing

-you kick him


-now you’ll never propose because not only did you propose to the wrong twin but now he’s telling you how lame it is and you couldn’t be more mad

-though you don’t get too mad because saeyoung is pretty helpful with figuring out a nice proposal for saeran and is very supportive 

-you take saeran out for a drive in one of his brothers babies, you don’t really tell him where you’re going 

-the two of you end up in his old hometown, just outside of it parked on the side of the road. he’s hesitent to get out but since you brought him here… okay.. 

-you’re parked right at the bridge and there’s a small lake, and you go down there 

-it’s very very quiet. there’s a huge tension being held right above your heads and honestly saeran is panicking a little 

-all the sudden you just tell him how much you love him and want to be with him and?? he doesn’t know what to do with all of that all of the sudden A aA a a???

- “i know that you’re not really hand in hand (haha) with the idea of marriage… and neither was I. but… I want to try it with you. You’re the only one I want to do this with. So will you let me, saeran??” 

-you take out the ring, and mentally pat your back for being so smooth

-now you have to deal with him being basically frozen in place and crying

- “bABE?!????? oh my gosh are you okay???” 


- “why did you bring me here of all places to propose, you dork?” he’s still sobbing but manages to call you a dork

-you are h u r t 

- “i don’t know?? i know this place sucks for you and you don’t really have any good memories here so… i wanted to make this place good. so when you remember it, you don’t think of… everything. you think of us.

-just because of that he’s hugging you and telling you to put the dumb ring on his finger already

-you two stargaze there that night and while saeran thinks it’s really fuckin cheesy

-he loves it


-man oh ma N

-the cutest

-you decide to control date night and you tell him this and he’s pretty excited

-you won’t tell him what’s planned so he’s hurrying you out the door because he’s so excited to see the idea you have for date night

-you two walk for awhile and it’s dark at night with a nice familiar chill in the air; you spend the time getting there flirting and talking about everything

-once you get close he can hear the rush of water

- “Where are we? Did you take me to the water bridge?

- “not quite. There is a stream though.”

-you took him to a quiet little garden park; flowers are everywhere and different exotic trees.

-you sit him down at a cute little table with two chairs and a prepared dinner, little white Christmas lights around your sitting area so you can see

-you are seated right next to the river and can see the city lights

-needless to say he’s very flustered! you were so thoughtful, and this is so cute of you… you even got his favorite dinner?? and he can practically see everything in his head with all of the different, wonderful smells.

-he says thank you 300 times

-when he’s finishing up his meal that’s when you grab his hands and smile at him, saying you have a gift for him and he almost cries because you’ve been so thoughtful and he didn’t get you anything???!!

-you walk around the table and get on both of your knees, telling him how much you love him and how proud you are of how far the both of you have come in your relationship

- “i know… that there’s still a lot we have to cover. that old wounds take time to heal. but i want to do it together. I want to be with you as long as I can, Jihyun. And if you would let me, I’d be honored if I could do it with you as my husband.”

-the boy can’t see much so you put the ring in his hand and curl it into a fist before kissing the back of it

- “you don’t have to answer right away, it’s a big step. I just want you to know I’m ready for it. I’m ready for you.”

- “I’m ready for you too.”

- “what?”

-v is smiling so beautifully under the wind and flowers, the lights shining down on him that you really think he is a fallen angel. he’s so beautiful. “I want to be yours.”

-your so happy that you almost make him fall over the chair when you try to hug and kiss him

-you just laugh it off, because it’s a beautiful night, and who cares about awkward moments when you just got engaged?

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GOM gift for their S/O ??

I did one last year, but I wanted to do this one again because fun stuff! 

Akashi: Akashi is a big fan of showering his significant other with love, so he goes to great lengths to plan displays and have flower arrangements until they assure him that it’s not really necessary for the holidays. Instead, he gets them a fancy red dress/suit in preparation for the Christmas date he will take his significant other on. It consists of a candlelit dinner at the top of a very well-decorated building and later on, he has tickets to a holiday musical for them to enjoy. 

Aomine: Momoi helps this poor child in getting a gift, and she chooses a really cute backpack for his significant other. Aomine doesn’t notice a lot of things, usually, but your backpack is just really old and is kind of tearing apart and it always catches his eye when you guys hang out. He also wants to get you a scarf, and Momoi picks out a cute one (with Aomine’s input of course). 

Kise: He gets his significant other matching ugly Christmas sweaters because Kise LOVES the holidays. Also he showers them with a ton of different candles because he was so indecisive, he couldn’t choose which one would go best with them, so he basically went to a candle shop and grabbed a bag full of scents that reminded him of his significant other. 

Kuroko: He prefers thoughtful gifts, instead of anything overly expensive. He knits his significant other some mittens, and gets them a cute phone case. Basically, he thinks of little “stocking stuffer” ideas and he makes them a personalized stocking to hang in front of the fireplace. He gets them candles (Kise offered him some extra), a beanie, mittens, and phone case. 

Murasakibara: He’s a food type of guy, but he also made an effort to get his significant other something substantial for the holidays. He makes them a tray full of holiday goodies, but he gets them a donut shaped pillow to remind them of him. With Himuro’s help he also finds them a cute necklace trinket. 

Midorima: Midorima is extremely thoughtful with his gifts, and he’s kind of like Kuroko in amassing a variety of different gifts for his significant other. The first one, obviously, has to be related to their horoscope sign: either a perpetual lucky object or a bracelet with their horoscope sign on it. Midorima also gets them one of his favorite books, and a pair of olive fluffy socks.