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[004] Hanyu, Y.

“Skating is something that heavily depends on how you’re feeling and there’ll definitely be times when you feel like you absolutely hate it. When you do it well, it’s the greatest feeling in the world and when you don’t, it’s the single most frustrating thing ever and you start to think that maybe you don’t like it as much anymore. But you’ll always have the people who’d stand by you no matter what. When things don’t go your way, these are the people, people like your parents, or others around you like your coach, who’d tell you exactly what you need to hear (even if it’s not necessarily what you want to hear) and they’d be doing it because they know you can do better, so it’d be wise to listen. 

And as you grow older, you may find yourself going through rebellious phases and getting angry quite a lot, and you’d maybe think that all these people around you should just mind their own business and leave you alone, and that’s natural. But it’d be awesome if you could grow up to become someone who is able to understand where they’re coming from and cherish all the support that’s selflessly being given to you.”  

-Yuzuru HANYU, at the ISU World Championship 2014 Small Medal Ceremony, answering an 8 year-old skater’s question about what they (the skaters on stage) feel is most important to them when it comes to skating 

Source: Taken from 04:18~04:26 of [this video] for the little girl’s question and 00:00~01:32 of [this video] for the big boy’s answer.

(Note: He answered it after Tatsuki and Javi cos he wasn’t prepared to give one only to find out that he’d basically skipped his turn. I think they somehow let him say his piece later, though, cos he was looking really sulky and isn’t it a good thing that they did?)

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headcanon for KBTBB what each bidder does on a day off with mc

this is rlly cute!!


  • Both of them rarely ever have free schedules, so Eisuke wants to make the most out of their free time!
  • Eisuke would go all-out for sure, this Extra Boi™
  • Like, the moment MC wakes up, there’s already breakfast in bed and MC’s like ???!!!
  • “of course mc if you wanna skip breakfast and continue where we left off last night, that’s perfectly fine with me ;)”
  • MC chucks a pillow at his face
  • The first thing on his list is to go all the best boutiques and buy MC a fuckton of clothes
  • “eisuke don’t you think this is too much” “you look good in everything, so i’ll buy everything what’s wrong with that”
  • MC wants to watch a movie, so Eisuke ends up renting out the entire cinema because he’s that Extra™
  • Plus he can get Nasty without other people knowing
  • They have dinner at a really fancy place and Eisuke’s secretly gushing at how MC seems to love the food. He even takes a stealthy pic of her eating tiramisu lmao
  • When they get home, Eisuke gets Extra Nasty until dawn and poor MC can’t walk straight


  • He pleasantly wakes up to the smell of MC’s omelettes
  • So Soryu sneaks up on her and hugs her from behind
  • “Delicious.”
  • “The omelettes?”
  • “Those, too.” ;))))))
  • They end up driving to the beach and walking along the shore
  • Of course, Soryu turns his phone off so no one can disturb them lmao
  • MC starts going around to collect seashells and Soryu silently thanks every living deity for giving him such an adorable girlfriend
  • They end up swimming for a bit and MC has to marvel at how ripped her boyfriend is
  • Turns out Soryu had dinner by the beach prepared beforehand this cutie
  • He’s blushing as he pulls out the chair for her
  • They both end up having such a blissfully good time that day, so much so that the Ice Dragons can’t figure out why their boss keeps smiling like he won the lottery

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WELP I’m certainly not gonna be the first to say it but THIS TOOK TOO LONG.

I’m so sorry you guys but it is getting to be finals week at my school and that has taken up most of my time and I had a falling out with one of my friends which put me on absolutely no mood to write.

Thank you guys so much for sending me all of the lovely comments and I am sad to say that this series is coming to an end.

Scenario- the batfamily is hot on your trail maybe it’s good maybe it’s bad

Warning-cursing, slight violence.

You loved midway city. It wasn’t like Gotham with all of the caped crusaders and evil villains. It wasn’t like metropolis with all of the people full of hope and the man of steel. It wasn’t like central city with the man faster than time. It wasn’t Star city with the man who could shoot better than Apollo and Artemis.

It was midway city home to the ordinary people and no one in a cape, mask, cowl, or hood for miles around.

You had found a nice job at a pet shop. You had always loved animals especially when you were a kid. They weren’t good or bad, they didn’t have to worry about saving the world, their biggest concern was who is gonna feed them next?

You also worked on gaining back your muscles and started training again. Incase he ever came back you need to be prepared to go down with a fight.

You hadn’t forgot your old life. The scars wouldn’t ever let you. The scars from missions gone wrong, scars from injury on the job, and the scars from the torture that riddles your entire back.

The countless electric shock had torn up your back leaving big nasty angry sores and rips on your back.

You of course thought of pleasant memories of your past life. The love, the laughter, the friendships and the family.

You felt love when you saw Jason smile, the way his eyes would crinkle, his laugh lines appeared, and all of his worries were gone for just one second. He wasn’t the failed soldier. He wasn’t the mercenary that came back to life. He wasn’t the red hood who everyone feared. He was Jason Todd, your Robin, your favorite Robin. He was the moon in your stars, the one who made everything all right, even if the whole world was crashing down.

You knew the laughter that haunted your mind. The countless nights of patrolling with Dick and his stupid jokes, when Damian and Tim would bicker for hours on end and come up with the dumbest of insults. When Bruce would be so sleep deprived he would fall asleep in the most random places of the manor, the time he fell asleep in the back of the limo was your favorite. The time Barbara and Stephanie did a entire commentary on the boys bickering, which had you rolling on the floor.

You remember the family and friendships you would never be able to feel again. The time you saw Damian watching a old movie that had been a favorite of yours so you sat down quietly in the entertainment room and watched it with him, soon Dick and Barbara followed, then Tim came in with Stephanie and lastly Jason who made sure to sit next to you. Titus was on the floor with Alfred the cat when you noticed Bruce had crept in and was sitting at the back of the entertainment room behind Dick and Barbara.

You remember waking up hours later with your head on Jason’s chest and his arms wrapped around your shoulders with his faces snuggled into the top of your head. You looked up and saw Tim and Stephanie asleep on the other end of the couch with Barbara and Dick on the couch right behind them. Bruce had fallen asleep with his arms crossed and leaning backwards on the seat, somehow even sleeping, he looked scary.

Damian apparently had gotten tired of Dick laying against him and moved to the floor with Alfred the cat and Titus as a pillow. Alfred (the man) must have come in last night because you all had blankets draped over you. You layed you head back down on Jason’s warm chest, you felt safe and secure, something you longed for now, and went back to sleep. That was family. That was your friendship.

You were currently at your new job, the local pet store and talking to your new found friend, (y/f/n).

“That’s what I said.” You friend laughed as you both walked around the play pins filled with puppies. You knew if Damian was here he would try to buy them all.

“I can’t believe he would do something like that.” You said completely astonished by your friends story.

“See, now you understand my world.” Your friend said and threw her hands up in exasperation as you chuckled. In ways she reminded you a lot of dick.

You were about to tell her of a similar experience you had when she stopped and looked at the tv screen that was in the corner of the room.

“Damn, I remember I use to have a huge crush on him when I was a teenager.” She said in the most lovey dovey voice she could manage. You rolled your eyes and looked at the tv.

“Tragic robbery gone wrong, only serious injury is son of Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson.” The big news anchor said in a musky voice.

You could hear him drone on and on about what happened but you could only hear the blood in your ears rushing and your heart beat going in and out. You gripped so tight onto the counter top you felt like your fingers were going to break. You kneeled on the floor and closed your eyes.

“(Y/n) are you ok, what’s going on?” Your friend questioned and crouched next to you and put her hands on your shoulders.

“Where is he being treated, what hospital?” You grounded out as you felt your heart crack and countless memories of Dick flood in.

“Wayne memorial, oh my god, (y/n), do you know him?” She said concerned and put her hand over her heart in astonishment.

“I won’t be in tomorrow.” You said as you stood up and balanced yourself on the countertop.

Before she could get a word in you were already gone. You ran down the sidewalk to your apartment that was just a block away from your job.

You ran up to your room after saying a very quick hello to your elderly neighbor. You quickly grabbed your over night bag which had your eskrima sticks and a change of clothes with 500 dollars in it.

You never knew what would happen if you went back to Gotham, but you made sure you were well prepared for any possible situation.

You quickly put on a pair of black combat boots and kept on your blue jeans from work. You put on your black leather jacket and pulled your hair into a pony tail adding a black baseball cap. You grabbed the keys to your bike and ran out the door with your overnight bag.

You weren’t thinking when you got on your bike, took off your cap, pulled on your helmet and took off in the direction of Gotham. You’re entire body was on autopilot, you only had one goal, get to Gotham and see if Dick was ok.

The only time the news reported on any of the bat kids was when they were in the hospital. Except when it said that they were in a car crash, it really means that, Two face, hit one of them with his car.

When they were in a “robbery” it means they were shot so bad Alfred couldn’t fix them and they needed professional hospital help.

You probably broke all of the speed limits getting to Gotham. When you finally pulled into the hospital car park, it was pitch black outside. You pulled your bag tightly over your shoulder and pulled on your baseball cap after you pulled off your helmet.

You sped walked to the hospital stairs and jogged up to the lobby. You looked around the corner before going into the main section, no batfam or joker minions in sight, so you’re all good for now.

You quickly walked to the front desk and pulled on your game face. You fell forward over the desk and put your hands over your face and let out tiny sobs.

“Umm honey can I help you?” A small older lady nurse asked from behind the counter who put her hand on your forearm in a gesture of comfort.

“I-it’s my brother Richard, h-he was shot this morning and I-i just got into town and oh my god is -is he alright.” You whimpered as tears streaked down your face.

“Ok honey, let’s just see what room he is in and you can go see for yourself, what’s his last name?” She asked very soflty and started to type on the key board.

“G-grayson.” You said with a loud sob at the end causing people to look at you in pity.

“Ok honey, here he’s in room 908 on the 5th floor, the elevators are right there.” She said and pointed to the back of the room where two silver elevators stood.

“Oh thank you so much dear, bless you, bless you.” You said and turned around to go to the elevator.

You wiped the tears off your cheeks and smirked, you still had it. She never would have told you what room he was in, unless you were family and now you were.

You pushed the 5th floor button and fixed the rest of your face while the elevator brought you up. You were going to be in and out of his room, them back to Midway city, to live your life. You walked down the hallway that only had a few other nurses walking up and down to check on other patients.

You stopped in front of room 908 and let out a deep breath praying that Dick was passed out. You quietly opened the door and noticed the lights weren’t on at all. You quickly slipped in and shut the door not wanting the nurse to see you. You went to flip one of the light switches, when someone grabbed your wrist.

You gasped and latched onto there hand pulling them into you and sliding your hand up there shoulders ramming there stomach into your knee. You kicked them backwards as two people grabbed both of your elbows.

“Not to-motherfucking-day.” You said and bent both of your arms outwards and grabbed onto both of the attackers hair and brought there skulls smashing forward against each other with a sickening crack. They crumpled on the floor below you as you could feel someones presence behind you.

You turned around and kicked your left leg around the assailants neck and put you hands on his head and pulled your other leg around his neck so both of you legs were locked behind his neck and pulled forward on his hair causing him to go tumbling forward and you put your foot on his chest and kicked him off of you so he landed on the opposite wall with a loud groan. You quickly got off of the ground and stood in the middle of the room.

You weren’t sure how many attackers there were, so you had to stay alert.

“Yeah you piece of clown scumbag, I’m a bit stronger than last time.” You said and roundhouse kicked the other figure that was approaching on your left and kicked them in the chest so they flew to the other side of the room.

You took a few steps back and rested your hand on a metal bar that wrapped around the room so injured patients could walk around. You took a deep breath as you felt a panic attack coming on, you went to open the door and leave Gotham behind forever. You felt a cold metal wrap around your wrist and a clicking sound. You pulled your wrist as fast as you could but couldn’t seeing as how they were probably attached to the metal pole, you were stuck.

“Oh you fucking coward, if you’re going to drag me down to hell, at least let me defend myself.” You growled out as you kept on high apart with both fists clenched.

“Looks like you don’t need any help defending yourself.” You heard a familiar rough gravely voice say before the lights flicked on.

“What, what why? Why would you handcuff me?” You questioned in complete shock then you remembered, you’re the jokers daughter of course they’re going to handcuff you.

“We weren’t sure if you would try to run.” The same voice said, which belonged to Bruce Wayne.

Bruce stood in front of you with Barbara who was holding a small silver key, presumably to the handcuff that had confined you to the metal bar.

Tim and Dick were on the floor holding there heads while Stephanie checked on both of them.

Damian was half way on the other side of the room where you kicked him and Jason was sitting up against the wall with his helmet on the floor, rubbing his chest and looking at the ceiling.

You felt your eyes go wide as the entire batfamily assembled in front of you holding there injuries. You looked at Jason was had a poker face on and looked back at you dead in the eyes.

“You know I’ll escape before you have the chance to take me to arkham, so why don’t you just knock me out now and it will be easier for both of us.” You said turning away from Jason and looking Bruce in the eye.

“What are you talking about?” Damian questioned in annoyance while rubbed his head.

“Oh come on, you just found the jokers daughter who has been under your nose for years, I suppose this is where you take me to Arkham to live out the rest of my days in a padded cell.” You said in a stiff tone and looked at everyone, who all just stared back at you.

“(Y/n) you’re family, we would never do that to you, we know you did what you did for good reasons.” Dick said and stepped forward to get a better look at you.

You laughed a little bit and covered your mouth with your wrist.

“You do realize that you’re all standing in a hospital in full costume just to drag me to arkham, I feel so honored.” You said in a dark tone and leaned against the wall with a bored expression, while your heart broke.

“For the last time (y/n) we aren’t taking you to arkham, the only reason we are mad is because you didn’t come back, we thought you were dead.” Stephanie said in a harsh tone. You looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

“Why didn’t you come back (y/n), we’re family, we’re there for each other through everything.” Tim said in a heart wrenching tone.

“I couldn’t face you guys, I couldn’t look you guys in the eyes knowing I lied to you guys for years and put innocent people in danger, I knew you wouldn’t look at me the way you did before, it wouldn’t be the same.” You said as you finally broke and a tear ran down your face. You looked to the floor, as they all looked at you, you didn’t want to see the hatred in there eyes.

“Leave.” You heard the most familiar voice say from the back of the room. The voice that sounded like home.

“What?” Dick said confused.

“Let us talk, Babs give me the key and leave.” He said and held his gloved hand out to her.

Barbara looked to Bruce. He nodded slowly and walked over to open the window where the bat-jet was waiting. Barbara handed over the key and looked at you one last time before she followed the rest of the batkids out of the window. You shut your eyes as the window closed and you absolutely dreaded this moment. You were alone with Jason, for the first time since he found out you were related to the guy who killed him.

“You’re right, we wouldn’t have seen you the same way ever again.” He said and looked at you with the same poker face he had all night. You cast your eyes to the floor as your heart fell into your stomach.

“We would have seen you so much better. You somehow have become the best most amazingly fantastic person, I have ever met and this only makes you more extraordinary. You have come from and been though so much shit in your life, yet you never fail to be kind and put others before yourself countless upon dozens of times.” He said as he got closer to you and cupped your face in his hands making you look up into his bright green eyes, he had a small smile on his face which made your heart inflate.

“You have made me fall utterly, blissfully, and truly in love with you, regardless if you’re the jokers daughter or not because to me you will always be (y/n) (y/l/n) the girl I have been madly in love with and the one I will always be in love with.” He said as he un-cuffed you and pulled you into a bear hug that lifted you off the ground.

“Oh Jason,I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I should have come back.” You said and sobbed into the crook of his neck. You held on tight to him, like he was the only thing keeping you on this earth.

“I though you died and I just, I didn’t know what to do (y/n), what could I have done?” He said as his voice cracked and you moved your head out of the crook of his neck and he put you back on the ground.

You reached up and wiped the tears out from under his eyes and gave him a small smile through your tears.

“Well I’m here now, so don’t think about, I’m here and I’m not going away for a long time. I love too much to leave again.” You said and caressed his face as he leaned down and kissed you so passionately, you thought you were going to fall down.

You could feel the emotions of the past 7 years flowing out in the kiss, all of the pain, the happiness and the laughter was all there. All of the built up compassion was released in that one blissfully perfect moment.

You leaned back down because sadly humans need to breath and leaned your head against Jason’s chest.

“Hey Jason.” You said timidly into his chest as you wrapped your arms around him his torso.

“Yeah babydoll?“ He asked softly and kissed the top of your head, as he wrapped his arms around your shoulders.

“I think I found my family.” You said softly and looked up at him with a smile as a sly grin spread over his face.

“You sure did baby, you sure did.” He said with a chuckle and leaned down to kiss you again.

Unbeknownst to you one roof top over the entire batfamily was cheering and clapping. You see, Jason had left his microphone on so they heard everything and Dick had won a bet against Tim and Damian.

The girls squealed as they saw you and Jason kissed while Damian just snarled at the scene but everyone knew he was happy.

Lastly Bruce smiles down at the two of you knowing he made one good thing happen in yours and Jason’s life.

More on solarpunk education:

So I made a big post about cooperative, age-appropriate games as a solarpunk education method, but in my ideal solarpunk world that would only be one aspect of education. Here are some other education ideas bouncing around in my head. Like cooperative games, they all require a lot of time, knowledgeable teachers, and community investment, but I think they would lead to healthier, enthusiastic people, fully prepared to live well and be lifelong learners.

Food Science Education: Starting at a young age with simple gardening and cooking, stuff that young kids can get really excited about. As kids age, folding in the complete science of where food comes from, its relationship with the ecosystem, how to preserve it, and how to prepare it.The idea being that by the time you’re an adult you should have the tools to competently feed yourself even if you end up focusing on other things.  

Relationship Education: An improvement on sex ed. Much of the same content, but expanded with more information for all genders and sexualities, and good, non-scare tactic science on the human body, reproduction, contraceptives, stds, and common communicable illnesses. Also, workshops on healthy relationship communication, self-care, meditation/introspection/self-knowledge, basic first aid, how to help friends in the midst of crisis or mental illness, how to recognize predatory/manipulative/abusive behaviors (in sexual situations and otherwise oh my god it’s so important, why aren’t we taught this early and often?), some basic childhood development stuff. 

Artistic Expression & Upcycling: Art classes which would cover art theory and allow for a lot of self-expression, but would also teach young adults to make and repair their own clothing, use basic woodworking tools, work with ceramics, safely fiddle with metals and basic electronics, and other practical “specialty” skills necessary for a world with less waste. 

Rotating Apprenticeships: Starting out as small group field trips for younger kids, and evolving into longer choice-based apprenticeships in areas of interest, maybe taking up one day per week for high school aged kids. The community members involved in this experience wouldn’t necessarily give lessons on their livelihood – for example a farmer with a deep knowledge of medieval history and geology could focus on one of those subjects if they chose. This would give adults in the community a chance to delve deeper into subjects they loved, and kids a chance to learn a subject from someone truly enthusiastic.

Questing/Journeyman years/other travel: I know there are plenty of posts on solarpunk travel, but in an educational context I imagine it as a continuation of rotating apprenticeships. This would be a time for young adults to visit people and places related to their areas of interest. It could be very specific (like meeting and working with 5 scientists on 5 continents while studying food sustainability) or a more general exploration (visiting some great museums, WOOFing, contributing to public art, and journaling about the experience while trying to decide what to do next). 

Independent Project Salons: This would be a way to tie together celebration, community, and education. Informal salon settings would be a great place for young adults doing independent study or in the midst of travel to meet and talk about their experiences and ideas, and maybe show off their work. Possibly hosted by retired folks who could organize food and drink, introduce topics and guests, and add the benefit of their own experiences.

What other kinds of solarpunk educational programs do you love the idea of?

An Excerpt From River Cuomo’s Harvard Application Essay

Fans ask me all the time what it is like to be a rock star. I can tell they are dreaming, as I dreamed, when I was a kid, of someday ruling the world with a rock band. I tell them the same thing I would tell any young rock-star-to-be. Be prepared for a lot of Taco Bell. Be prepared for a lot of Subway. Mylanta figures big in your future. Buy a walkmen to block out the nonsensical ramblings of your brain-dead band-mates and advise them to do the same. Get used to writing letters from the road because only the biggest stars can afford all the calls you make when you get lonely. And you will get lonely. You will meet two-hundred people every night, but each conversation will generally last approximately thirty seconds, and consist of you trying to convince them that no, you don’t want their underwear. Then you will be alone again, in your motel room. Or you will be on your bus, in your little space, trying to kill the nine hours it takes to get to the next city, whichever city it is. This is the life of a rock star.

5 times tony forgot peter was just a kid and 1 time he didn’t


Tony had thought Peter would have learned his lesson by now. Don’t take on villains that can obviously crush you like a toothpick.

But no, Peter loved to stick up for the “little guy and stay close to the ground”. If Tony knew how many times his own advice would come back to bite him in the ass, he’d never have said it.

He’d been doing a great job of keeping common criminals off the streets and helping out the NYPD here or there.

Tony hadn’t been seeing him a lot lately, as he was caught upstate as the Avengers attempted to try and reunite and fix the Accords.

He wasn’t going to even come to Queens until FRIDAY had alerted him that Peter was fighting and not doing so well. That was the Tattletale setting on the suit. It came in handy when the suit was being worn by a teenage boy hell bent on fighting every single villain that walks with earth. Without calling in any backup.

So he hopped in a suit and hauled ass to where he saw Peter’s location on the GPS. The entire flight, he prayed to see Peter in one piece.

When he finally arrived on the scene, he saw that Peter was holding his own, but with this douchebag in an armor that looked like a Transformer, he was starting to struggle with fatigue and all the hits he was taking.

Tony swooped in alongside Peter and started to shoot his repulsors at the man. Peter stopped briefly to look over at him and Tony could hear the smile in his voice as he said, “Mr. Stark! Thanks for coming. What should I do to help?”

Tony shot the man in his robotic arm. “Just keep doing what you’re doing, kid.”

Peter nodded once and then swung on his web to attack this 8-foot monster from another side. He seemed to be fighting even harder than he was before.

Tony started to shoot his repulsors, hoping that the painful shots of energy caught its attention more than little webs.

After almost twenty minutes of fighting and out trash talking one another, Tony thought they were golden. Peter was webbing up his feet and Tony was shooting him repeatedly. Once they had him down, Tony could finish him off.

But, just as Peter was starting to slow down on all the webbing because it was thick and how could anything tear through that, things went to hell.

The man shouted and with one kick of his giant leg, not only did the webs rip off, but Peter went flying into a wall. He hit the bricks with a loud crunch that would kill any normal 15-year-old and fell to the ground in a heap.

Tony felt his heart stop when Peter didn’t get back up. 

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Can you pleeease continue the Juno and Peter meeting as children fic??? I'd really like to see Juno meeting Mag!

Oh jeez. What situation isn’t improved by adding the love of my life Knife Dad?

I’ve gotta say, I adore writing Peter when he’s channeling Robin Hood.

You can find part one of this story line here.

And if you want references to hold in your head, here’s some official art of tiny Juno and twiggy Peter (and Mag).

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These are my favorite requests to do honestly

Requested by @abionastarfighter

Originally posted by inccption

Your nerves where going nuts as you wait for your husband to get home

You had not been feeling very good that morning and after a quick trip to see Dr.Ziegler you got the shocking info of your pregnancy

You and Gabe had talked about plans for kids but it was a fear from the start that it may be impossible what with his super soldier work done.

Not only that but the world you were living in was not exactly the safest.

You frowned a little preparing his favorite food and wearing an his favorite outfit on you. Maybe it’ll put him in a extra good mood

“Mi Amour!? What is that amazing smell?” he asked walking in the door and hanging his beanie on the coat rack

He walked into the kitchen with a big goofy grin on his face as he sees you. Wrapping his big arms around you “Carino you spoil me” He smiles making you giggle “Whats the occasion? I know i didn’t miss our anniversary” 

“Well Gabe. There is something i have to tell you” You blush a little nervously

“Hm? Sweetie you look nervous. Is everything okay?” He asks rocking with you in his arms a little

“Gabe. I love you so so much. You know that. And I know you love me. So when i tell you this i have the upmost faith you’ll be happy…But i found out this morning im pregnant with your baby”

Gabe looks at you almost in shock. His hands moving off of your sides and up to your cheeks “Pregnant. As in my…our little baby inside here?” He asks. his hand moving down to your stomach. His hand was shaking a little

You nod and put your hands on his cheeks as he tears up.

You gasp as you get lifted off the floor and spun around by a smiling Gabe

“Mi amour! This is wonderful!” He says showering your face with kisses “Me and you will be our own little family. There is gonna be another little pair of feet running around HQ” he smiles putting you down “And helll. Think about how jealous jack might be” he jokes

“Oh Gabe. I love you so much” 


Imagine Visiting The First Jurassic Park With Your Uncle, Alan Grant.


You sighed in irritation, listening to Tim chatter on about dinosaurs, but you had heard the information many times before, considering you learned from a young age from your uncle, Alan Grant. He sat between you and his sister, Lex, messing with a set of unusual binoculars that were probably quite expensive. You seemed to be the only one to notice the large tremor, which echoed loudly like thunder in the rain.

“You feel that?” Tim questioned, glancing over at you with a frightened expression painted on his little face. You nodded your head slowly, trying to ignore the creeping suspicion that lay heavy in your stomach that something bad was about to happen. You turned to the front of the front seat where the obnoxious lawyer sat, but your gaze soon rested on two cups of water that lay untouched in the cup holders. It was then you noticed that every few seconds the water would ripple. At that moment, you realized it was not thunder nor was it trees falling, this was a dinosaur and a big one at that.

“Must be the electricity.” Regis suggested wearily, looking as if he was trying to reassure himself than the three kids in the back seat, but unlike the two younger children you knew better. The crashing grows louder and louder until it faded out to silence. However, the silence did not last long before another shake. You ripped the binoculars straight out of Tim’s hands, placing them carefully over your head. You then looked over at the at the electrical fence, but nothing in this world could prepare you for what you saw then again a rocket launcher or two may be a little comforting. There standing in all his glory was the king of the Jurassic world himself, the Tyranasouras Rex. The Rex’s thick, curled claws gripped on one of the many wires. Once the dino was sure the electrical wires could do him no harm, he pushed his body against the wires until they snapped.

“The fences are not electrified,” You gasped in horror, running a hand through your (h/c) hair with a grunt. The most horrifying part was the two younger children who trembled viciously with an unknown fear had decided that clinging to you was their only option to survive.
The Lawyer or Regis began to tremble uncontrollably but before you could say anything to prevent him from doing something incredibly stupid he opens the door and sprints out. “The best thing to do is stay calm…” You mutter to the two children, stroking Tim’s hair in an attempt to calm him.

“He just left us. He just left us all alone. Timmy, (Y/N) how could he just do that? We’re all alone! We’re all alone!” Lex wailed against your shoulder and you attempted to quiet her, worrying that the Rex may hear her, which you knew he would.

“It’s going to be okay. I promise.”

46 years ago, Sesame Street​ aired for the first time and has been one of the most important staples in television culture. Created to educate inner city children with the idea of “Kids are always watching TV, why not make something that’s good for them?” Co-productions around the world were soon to follow and several has been going since the 70’s, and after 46 years they’ve tackled more than basic preschool preparation and helped children become better people. And it also gave Jim Henson a big boost in popularity and became one of the most important things he ever worked on before his passing.

anonymous asked:

follow up to that kid ask how would they be as daddies? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Edd: He’d be the kind of dad that would be a part of every stage in his kid’s life.  He’d go to every sports game/rehearsal/etc., he’d wake up super early so he could be the one to prepare his kid’s lunchbox for school (letting his s/o sleep in if they don’t have to work).  He’s that dad that, even if he barely had the funds for it, would drive his family to Disney World for a whole week (Matt probably stows away in the trunk cause like HELL he’s missing out on meeting Goofy).  He would also love to sit down and relax with his kid, pop open a few colas and play some multiplayer video games together with his s/o either sitting and watching or joining in for an epic three-way battle. Also SUPER big about dad jokes.

Tom:  Super grumpy.  He’s the dad that you think is sound asleep on the sofa, but when you try changing the channel just wakes right the fuck up and gives you a stink eye.  He’s his kid’s bodyguard, chauffeur…he’s always there when his child needs him and sometimes even when they don’t.  Probably slapped a Capri  Sun out of some kid’s hands when they tried offering it to his child with the excuse “little bastard probably spiked it”.  If someone broke his child’s heart, he’s be right at the douchebag’s doorstep with a baseball bat.  Hate’s bringing his kid around his friends because he’s afraid Edd’s dad jokes may rub off on them.

Matt: He’s all about dressing his kid up just as “fashionably” as him, putting bows in their hair and teaching them the ins and outs of makeup.  If anyone picks on his male son for wearing bows, dresses, makeup, etc. he’ll go Donkey Kong on them.  Nothing wrong with a little well applied foundation and concealer, dammit (he’ll even go out with them in a full face of makeup and short dress if it gets to that point).  Unfortunately, helping with school work is out of the question. He still wonders how HE graduated high school. So, he’s mostly rely on his s/o for the kinda thing and will call on them all sheepishly when their kid asks for assistance on something even as simple as “x=3+8″.

Tord: His s/o is going to need a helluva lot of patience to raise a kid with his man.  He doesn’t know shit about raising a kid and relies mostly on the assistance of his army men to do even the littlest things like burping the baby because Tord’s afraid he’s going to get puked on or something.  His s/o may one day force Tord to spend some time with their kid, and that day will pretty much just be Tord showing his child around the ammunition, obstacle course…y’know. A bunch of things that would be considered death traps by normal parents.  That kid is gonna grow up knowing everything about weaponry and military strategy, so if someone tries to bully them in school either the kid is gonna kick their ass or big papa Tord is gonna come into class with a fucking tank.

2p FACE- Matt

Matt/2p Canada

Is the moose king
hates big cities
Has the voice of Gavin McInnis
He is straight but has a low sex drive
He still goes to Montreal for hot bitches
hates toranto the most
Loves Ottawa for ribfest
Eats meat in front of Allen to piss him off
Thinks his 1p is ok
soft spot for cute things
Is the only other person with responseablity
has most likely commited the least crimes
Thinks he’s going to die early
is always prepared for the end of the world
Hasn’t slept well in years
Sprayed water at allen to make him behave as kids
only takes orders from england
Don’t remind him he only became a real nation in the 1980s
He loves papa to much to let him go
Please help him
He and Oliver make beacon pancakes on his birthday He can’t cook It’s his biggest secret
Cried about a sandwich once
It was so pathetic

Weekly Recap May 21-May 27

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We’ve taken submissions for all content, but we’ve also gone through AO3 to see what fics were written/created this week. Once again, we want to encourage EVERYONE in the community to submit their work! Fanfic, fanart, moodboards, chats, meta discussions, playlists, cosplay, events - you name it, we want to share it!

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MBTI at a theme park

Requested by Anon

*16 types walk into a theme park*

ESTP: We are riding everything! Who’s with me!?

ISTP: I’m game- the faster the better.

ISFJ: I’d rather just go sit on one of the benches and watch….

INFJ: Come on ISFJ- it could be fun!

ESFP: Ya just look at that one! *points to the tallest ride*

INFJ takes a step back: I may sit with you….

ESFJ: Oooo! Gift shop!

ENFP: I’ll join you after I ride some rides.

ESTJ walks up: I grabbed the map.

ISFP: Why you gotta put so many restrictions on us? Can’t we just walk around and ride what we feel like riding?

ISTJ: Of course not!

ISFP: We don’t need a map for that

ESTJ: How else will we know where to go, how to get there, and how long it will take?

ISTJ: Exactly- maps equal efficiency.

ISFP: They equal stress!

ENFJ: Hey now, let’s just all simmer down… The map isn’t such a bad idea- at least that way we can see which rides there are, right ISFP?

ISFP: I suppose…

INTP: Is that an arcade?!

ENTP: Arcade! Yes!

INTP: ENTJ do you want to come?

ENTJ: Do they have an electronic Risk?

ENTP: The one where you try to take over the world? I would think so

ENTJ: I’m in. INTJ?

INTJ: I’ll play you.

ENTJ: *smiles deviously* Prepare to be defeated.

INTJ: *rolls eyes* Oh please- flash and show aren’t everything, let’s go.

*All the NT’s run off to the arcade*

ISFJ: I’m not surprised- oh INFJ what about that bench! Then we can see the kids play on the merry-go-round!

ISTP: Nah, INFJ wants to go ride some rides- don’t you INFJ.

INFJ looks back and forth between the ISFJ and the ISTP- then INFJ sees the big rides: …I think I’ll pass this time ISTP, these rides are a little too much for me…

ESTP: Come on INFJ, you’ve ridden all of them before.

INFJ: I know but…I don’t want too…

ISFJ: *smiles and grabs INFJ’s hand* Right choice INFJ, let’s go watch the merry-go-round!

INFJ allows self to be pulled along: I think you just emotionally manipulated me with the thought of watching children laugh.

ISFJ: *laughs* Yep.

ESFJ: Who wants to go to the gift shop? ESFP, ISFP?

ESFP: And food court?

ESFJ: If that’s what makes you happy.

ESFP: Then I’m so in!

ISFP: I’ll come along also. ENFJ?

ENFJ: I’m going to ride some rides now with ENFP, can I join you later?

ISFP: Sure.

ENFP: Rides! Oooo let’s ride that one first! Or that one! Or maybe that one! Oh look a butterfly!

ENFJ: INFP do you want to come?

INFP: *zones back in* Wait where are we again- Oh ya sure whatever.


Here is the full fic from this post and for this au 

“So, Derek,” Sheriff Stilinski started as he took his seat at the kitchen table. “What did you say your last name was again?”

Stiles froze half way into his chair, and Derek didn’t look like he was fairing any better. Stiles knew that as soon as his father had a last name to go with a first to the mysterious boyfriend his son had neglected to introduce him to for two months, he was going to look in every database he had access to, just to be sure Stiles wasn’t dating a criminal. Because a criminal was the worst thing Stiles could date. Right.

Derek said something, but even sitting right next to him, Stiles didn’t hear what he’d responded with.

His father was apparently more perceptive and asked, “Did you say ‘Hell’?”

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acepanromcloudstrife  asked:

[for the send me a ship thing] yuffentine, if you sail that ship

((Oh god I don’t think you understand. Yuffentine is aggressively one of my favorite ships and one of the VERY few people that I would basically ship her with at any time? //sits and sips tea we’re gonna be here for a while.))

  • Who was the one to propose: 

    Vincent is perfectly aware of Yuffie’s aversion to marriage. He doesn’t pressure her over it, and she doesn’t mention it. While most of the party already assumes they’ve established near married levels of comfort to their relationship, they’re not expecting wedding bells any time soon. 

  • Who stressed more over wedding planning:

    Yuffie. Despite the fact there is no actual wedding plans to be made, she’s rather concerned that one day her father or people will pressure her into a marriage, but she has a near phobia of it. 

  • Who decorated the house:

    It’s a sort of awkward mixture there. Yuffie aggressively has her own store room for weapons and materia based mess, dubiously called her ‘workroom’. The rest of the house has small personal touches shared between the two of them, but they largely travel together quite a bit so it doesn’t have any official decorations supplied by either of them beyond what was already pre-furnished because of the time they spend away from it.

  • Who does the cooking:

    Vincent. Hands down, Yuffie should never, ever be trusted beyond making tea and sandwiches which she does surprisingly well. Anything beyond that, however, is handled exclusively by Vincent out a mixture of the danger Yuffie presents to those around her and herself in the kitchen. 

  • Who is more organized:

    Vincent, by far. Even from his days as a Turk, Vincent has a knack for keeping things fairly meticulously clean in comparison to Yuffie, who has a tendency to throw dirty clothes in random corners, and track mud in after herself. She does, however, try a little harder to be neater when they’re staying together so Vincent doesn’t have to outdo himself working to clean up after her. She realizes she’s an adult and while she’s sloppy on her own, she takes responsibility for her own household messes. 

  • Who suggested kids first: 

    Neither. Both are active with their roles in the WRO and realize that bringing a child into the world isn’t something either of them would be prepared to do yet.

  • Who’s the cuddler: 

    Yuffie. Definitely, hands down, it’s Yuffie. She’s highly affectionate and isn’t hesitant to show it, though she does enjoy quietly cuddling up, particularly under his ridiculously roomy red cloak. 

  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:.
    Vincent’s subtly protective nature makes him enjoy the 'big spoon’ position so he tends to prefer it, but every once in a while Yuffie will convince him to let her coddle him.

  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity:

    Ironically enough they do like training with one another. Despite the fact it makes him uncomfortable, Yuffie insists that he use her as long range target practice on the simple fact she enjoys using the bullets to train her agility and focus on deflection and dodging. He never aims to the best of his ability, despite her complaints.

  • Who cooks: 

    There was already a question for this up there ^

  • Who comes home drunk at 3am:

    Neither. Yuffie dislikes drinking because of the alcoholic hazy cloud that follows it and the hangover afterwards. Vincent does not get drunk, despite how much he drinks.

  • Who kills the spiders: 

    Vincent, while Yuffie shrieks in the background over eight legged freaks of nature. 

  • Who falls asleep first: 

    Vincent, due to Yuffie's insistence that he needs sleep more than she does, though in secret it’s due to her wanting to make sure he actually does sleep and peacefully. Not long after he does, she tends to doze off with him, though. He’s given up on arguing with her over it, as she’s very stubborn on the matter.

  • A head canon: 

    Yuffie doesn’t ask about Vincent’s past, just as Vincent doesn’t ask about hers. Between the two of them, they share only their goals for the present and future, though they have both seen large parts of each other’s past and acknowledge the fact that if one of them wish to talk about it, then they will. If not, it’s generally a comfortable nature to leave their pasts behind themselves.

  • Their relationship summed up in a gif: 

  • Do they have any “rituals”?

    Vincent is a rather heavy sleeper compared to Yuffie, who will wake up if someone even walks on a pebble outside. As such though, she’s usually the first one up in the morning (much to Vincent’s dismay whenever he tries to wake up to surprise her for anything), and makes coffee for Vincent, usually greeting him with a cup in bed while she waits for him to wake up.

  • Who has the most patience?

    Do you really even have to ask this? Because Yuffie would probably lose her mind if she had to wait for more than five minutes in a line for the bathroom or something.
Booty Game

Prompt: Waht pRoMpT?

Rating: T+

A/N: I have not written a single thing for months…and this is the garbage that happened when I try to get back in the groove.



There wasn’t much in the world that could set Natsu Dragneel off balance. Sure there were trains, cars, Erza, planes, boats, Gray’s ugly mug, carnival rides, Erza’s wrath, bad meat, earthquakes, Erza- okay, maybe there were a decent collection of things that could make him uncomfortably squirm.

Well, he could add one more thing to that pretty hefty list today and it wasn’t something he ever expected to see in his life.

The Fantasia parade made the streets one big party, the hint of freshly baked pastries and other food in the warm air. Chalk covered the streets in fine, colorful dust, the kids getting particularly more talented with the purple and green striped dragons each year. The decorations were colorful, the people were excited, and the guild was busy trying to make the parade preparations.

Which was why he and a few other guys sneaked away to chow down at the 8-Island cafe while Erza was known to be on the other side of Magnolia. Everything was right with the world.

Then, Gray choked on his BLT and Natsu could feel the spiritual uplift in his chest until the gaping eyes of Gajeel called him to turn his head towards whatever discourse awaited.

Oh, what discourse looked like that.

Natsu instantly learned one more thing that could knock him off balance, his body tilting dangerously in the chair to get a good long look, eyes scanning the group of very familiar women walking up the street in their cheer practice attire.

There was Levy, Juvia, and Cana, casually walking and talking like normal…only with the tight crop tops and boy shorts. That explained why Gray and the others stilled, half chewed food dripping from their maws.

But Natsu had a whole other ball game going on, his attention fixated on the head of golden hair between Juvia and Cana. That hair was styled up in a messy bun, displaying her pink crop top and quite a lot of bare back before her own matching pair of boy shorts.

Lucy was a briefs kinda gal, it seemed. Holy Mavis did it make him feel funny all over just watching her walk, watching her hips sway with a glimmer of her keys always at her side.

Bootylicious?” Gray squawked hoarsely, fingers clenched in the tablecloth and freezing the fabric solid as he stared at Juvia’s backside, “Wha…H-How-?”

All This And Brains Too?” Gajeel mumbled in interest, a small smirk gracing his lips, “It even has a bow, how about that?”

But Natsu was fixated on Lucy’s ass-and the words printed on her shorts. ‘Hot Stuff’ in silver glitter and bold font, shaping against her like a second skin. It glittered as she took each step, her head turning to address the group with a bright smile that rivaled the sun itself.

‘Hot Stuff’ indeed, he was burning up from head to toe, fingers digging into the wood of his chair and singeing it. He leaned over a little farther, mouth ajar as the women wandered farther away, ignorant to the trail of gawking men.

“I have seen the afterlife-” Gray whispered, “-just a glimpse.”

“I didn’t think bows would work for the shrimp” Gajeel added. “But damn.”

Natsu didn’t speak, still staring even when the girls were almost out of sight. Staring, until Lucy turned her head back, locking her gaze on him specifically. His heart stalled when she bit her lip and then slyly sent a wink.

In the blink of an eye, she turned away to skip away, paying no mind to the chaos she ignited in his core. Perhaps it was a blessing though, because his fingers slipped and he toppled out of his chair.

At least face first into the floor saved his eyes the shame of the others laughing at him, allowing him to cool down and try not to remember Lucy’s curves.

“Bunny girl’s booty game must be hella strong-” Gajeel teased, “-to make Salamander konk out like that.”

“I…never…want to speak of this again-” Gray breathed, glaring down his sandwich as if it had caused him a great personal offense.

Gray may never want to speak of it…but Natsu never wanted to forget.




“Cana, what shorts did you pick?” Levy asked, quickly shoving the scandalous attire in her bag like it was something illegal.

Cana chuckled proudly, pulling out her red shorts to swing around her index finger. “Oh, just something casual. It says, ‘Are you nasty?’”



Chanyeol - A Lively Happy Virus

Top Korean boy band EXO recently toured in Shanghai, filling the concert with cool singing and dancing performance. As the visual Park Chanyeol’s career development is on the rise, with his debut movie <Salut D’Amour> airing as a nominee at the Shanghai International Film Festival right after wrapping up the Shanghai leg of EXO concerts, fans in Shanghai are in luck! Born in 1992, “volcano baby” Chanyeol and EXO’s rapper has a bright, cute personality and is dedicated. This causes all women, regardless of age, to view him as the prince in their young lady’s hearts, the “lively happy virus”.

A Visual With A Bright Smile and “Big White Teeth”

When the world becomes ruled by visuals, EXO is a group deeply embedded into the minds of young girls. As a visual, Park Chanyeol possesses a charismatically handsome face and great musicality, his deep voice dubbed “deep voice cannon” by fans. Chanyeol is also an avid mood maker within the group. During free time, he’d write raps with Kai, and practice guitar with Baekhyun and D.O.. Aside from these, he’s also begun composing melodies and lyrics with utmost dedication to music; looks like Chanyeol is unwilling to simply be the “quiet, pretty virus”, determined to spread as the skilful “virus” - a perfection that cannot be stopped.

Chanyeol is the type of young man where the more you look at him, the more you would think “this kid is not bad” (tn: impressed tone), apart from appearance and true skill, his kind and caring nature is also one of the reasons for his rapidly growing fanbase. “Know how to appreciate the past, and not neglect the present” is a saying he often quotes. Just like how he can totally “eat with his face” (tn: This is a direct translation. It means to say he can live by within this industry well simply through his face/visual alone) but continuously revises and edits lyrics. He holds the wish to conquer the fans. This handsome and ambitious man’s dream: “We still have to conquer the world.”

“A Walking Hormone” That Keeps the Nose Bleeding

(tn: I don’t know what a walking hormone is lol… something like walking sex?)

Speaking of Chanyeol’s personality, it is not simply cute and extroverted. The Chanyeol on shows always carry a smile, no matter who says what, whether he understood or not, he would iconically slap his thigh twice, loudly laughing. There were many times fans were worried if he’d cause internal injury to his own thigh, and the “big white teeth” that can never be covered up. And so everyone gave him the endearing nickname “Reaction King”.

God just seems to be really unfair, just as the top of the world begins to lean towards “visuals” (tn: when visuals are favoured around the world), Park Chanyeol is the kid adored by God, not only possessing a super good personality, but also superior visuals. Simply walking by would cause countless female fans to squeal, even those desensitised to pretty boys with a steel heart, would melt upon Chanyeol’s superior visuals, refusing to harden up again. But this is not all. Superior visuals and bright personality aside, a proud height is also necessary - this (combined) is the new standard for the new era of male gods. Clearly Chanyeol-ssi’s 180+cm height doesn’t lose to the figure of a model, and is totally a treasure sought after by advertisers. Countless girls wipe their nosebleeds with tissues over looking at each batch of his airport pictures, all while experiencing the charisma of “the walking hormone”. Just like the lyrics of EXO’s comeback song from their second album “My heart grows big-big for you”!

A ‘Boy Next Door’ Movie Debut

The boys of EXO each have their charms, removing the title of idol singers, members have begun to place their sights on the acting world, challenging the big screen. This includes the movie <Salut D’Amour> participating in the Shanghai International Film Festival in which Chanyeol stars in.

<Salut D’Amour> entails a special love story more raw than a first love, more exciting than a first confession, more nervous than a first date. Sung-chil, a 70 year-old newbie in love and the flower shop owner Geum-nim that makes his heart flutter, and the people who cheer for their life’s last love appear in the same scene, full of warm atmosphere. Chanyeol plays alongside Moon Gayoung as the onscreen teenage couple Minsung and Ahyoung.

Park Chanyeol in the film plays the innocent high-schooler Minsung. Completing his character with a refreshing charm, Chanyeol does not appear lacklustre amongst top acting seniors. When director Kim Taekyu mentions his casting decision he says: “I didn’t know he was an EXO member, it was decided through viewing photos, he was the most similar to my image of Minsung among the list of candidates; the Minsung in my mind is tall, and has an innocence and cheerfulness different to kids of these days. Chanyeol’s eyes are very bright, you would unknowing smile upon seeing him, especially the ‘happy virus’ on set, as long as he appears, the atmosphere would become good. Of course since it’s his first time acting it seemed he had a big burden and worry, but he fully completed his character.” Big senior Park Geunhyung when being interviewed mentioned that although Chanyeol is a newbie, he did a very good job, and said: “There was a scene where Chanyeol comes clean on his relationship with Moon Gayoung to him. Chanyeol even edited parts of his lines, isn’t this for the sake of the film?” Looks like Chanyeol is also deeply loved by his seniors!

Within the movie poster, Chanyeol and Moon Gayoung as love supporters wear uniforms and hold teddy bears, showing sweet, cute smiles, an incredibly sweet couple atmosphere. The poster also carries the quote “Answer your girlfriend’s demands without question”, showcasing the pureness and bravery of teenage love. Chanyeol mentions: “It made me nervous filming a movie for the first time, it was a bit confusing, but as the seniors really took care of me, I was able to slowly fall into character. When eating with the seniors, Han Jimin sunbae suddenly sat beside me, so I became really nervous.” During the movie premiere in Korea, Chanyeol mentioned: “EXO member D.O. was the first to start acting, as we’ve lived together as roommates at the dorm for the longest time, when I received the script I was really worried, D.O. just said ‘just be who you usually are’, making me more relaxed. D.O. would also practice the script with me, I’m really thankful. Aside from D.O., other members also gave me a lot of help.”

As Chanyeol’s big screen debut, even if he’s not the lead character he was still able to attract many fans entering the theatre to show their support, the cute boy in the film still making the unable to resist licking the screen and squealing: ‘So cute!’. Just like the ideal boyfriend, the height, the visual, all satisfies the criteria with a complimentary ’warm male’ (tn: warm personality) the only possible reaction you can say being “Let go of that man! Let me handle this”! The only thing fans couldn’t take was that our supporting male character god had very little screentime, causing one to stir at the lack of his appearance, many fans lamenting: “I missed out on oppa’s scenes just going to the bathroom.”

Although since Park Chanyeol participated in a sunbae’s drama MV (note: K-Will’s ‘You Don’t Know Love’) this technically isn’t his first time touching on acting, but as a newbie in the movie world Chanyeol can’t help but be nervous. Through this acting experience, Chanyeol is also especially satisfied. As a kid who doesn’t hold too big of an ambition in the acting world, he is fortunate that the director would choose his acting. However the director reiterates that he initially chose Chanyeol because he liked his bright eyes and handsome appearance. (tn: as in he gave the director his ideal image of the character)

The Chaos Over Concert Tickets To Make Him Smile

EXO conducted concerts in Shanghai over two days on May 30th-31st. Way before of the opening of ticket sales, fans were preparing for the battle in obtaining tickets to the concert. As soon as tickets were available, a mass purchase of tickets was made. Aside from purchasing from the official site, there are also fans spending endless efforts in order to make a memorable Shanghai tour for Chanyeol, calling all group tickets to set up a support area, items, lighting boards, and even waiting at the concert location early in the morning. Fans who weren’t able to snatch a ticket were willing to pay double the price from others, all to make him smile. Seeing the hard work in these actions, Chanyeol will surely feel touched on stage.

On the night of the concert, the arena was already filled with no empty seats. Fans screams were heard the moment EXO appeared on stage, full of the aura with the capability to flip over the arena’s ceiling. Songs were followed by more familiar songs, the fans also singing along to the melodies with support. There were also fans in tears in lack of words to express their excitement. The search for tickets were difficult, but the success in making Chanyeol smile made the hardships worth it.

A Few Things That Became A Hot Topic Because of EXO Chanyeol

Chanyeol often appears in Twitter trend rankings, whether it’s because of a show appearance, things he said, or even a selca, all can generate buzz. Netizens gather up a few points of Chanyeol’s influence which induced the “Chanyeol Effect”:

  1. Chanyeol is ranked 3rd (tn: now 2nd!) in number of Instagram followers amongst K-Pop artists, closely following Big Bang’s G-Dragon and SNSD’s Taeyeon.
  2. The coat Chanyeol wore at the airport caused the designer to tweet: “My phone keeps ringing because of Chanyeol!”
  3. The Kakaotalk theme Chanyeol uses is continuously downloaded, even if it is a paid purchase. Netizens comment saying “I like it because Chanyeol is using it”,”I use what Chanyeol uses!”, “Finally found it~ Chanyeol’s theme~” etc.
  4. As Chanyeol is too cute, famed trot singer Tae Jinah has expressed desire for collaboration many times, and wishes to have Chanyeol as his godson.
  5. Also an “airport fashion”, the ‘bear mask’ worn by Chanyeol is a hot seller online, regularly out of stock.
  6. Songs recommendations by Chanyeol via Instagram would immediately become a hot search item on search engines.
  7. Showcasing his acting many times in MVs and shows, he’s dubbed by journalists as “one of the most anticipated actors”.
  8. Chanyeol gets the most votes during street votings (tn: voting taking place on the streets). This means that not only does Chanyeol have a wide fanbase, even passer-bys can’t resist Chanyeol’s charms!
  9. Chanyeol’s influence in the market is truly alarming, whether his juniors Red Velvet within the same company, or ZPZG which consists of Chanyeol’s high school friend, all of them charts immediately after Chanyeol’s recommendation.

Bonus: Side Captions

Chanyeol Manual: How-to-Use Guide (lol)

From the first moment you see him you would think he’s a “handsome boy”; after knowing him better you would think “young but very mature”, if you didn’t notice yet, then what you will get afterwards is a “kind young man who likes pulling pranks”. He would “become louder” when excited; he would volunteer at nursing homes when he has time, through these activities he would put his life into perspective; and within a tender appearance lies a strong heart, who believes he is manliest when rapping. He inherited his mum’s energy, dad’s sensibility, and is a cautious consumer. If he were to confess one day, he would choose a time with a good atmosphere, play a self-composed song, and present a bouquet of roses. The thing that surprises himself the most is that he doesn’t require an alarm to wake up on time.

He admits to liking “brave girls”. If a girl were to say “I like this music too” to him, he would become defenseless. In this era of “Top stars marrying fans”, if you persevere and work hard maybe you’ll be able to get your oppa.

Translations by: Chel

Creepypasta #453: Mr. Leaves

“Mr Leaves was here” – those were the first words out of my daughter’s mouth that morning. I dismissed the chatter as normal for a seven year old girl. It didn’t seem strange to me that she would develop a new imaginary friend, especially under the circumstances; change can do that to a kid, forcing them to create something to hold on to, making the world seem more secure.

We had decided to move away from the city, to find somewhere a little less hectic, somewhere we could call home. As a doctor, I had to wait until an opportunity arose and was delighted when an opening appeared in the sleepy town of Windarm. It was a quiet place filled with pristine cottages, sun-baked streets, and lush hedge rows; not too big, not too small – perfect for the three of us.

My wife, Erin, and I had named our daughter Karen, after an Aunt, but we always called her “Kip” instead. It was an old English word my Grandfather used when he was going to sleep – Karen loved to sleep more than most, and so “Kip” seemed to suit her just fine.

Our new home on the outskirts of Windarm town was older than we were used to; a converted farmhouse dating back 150 years or so. With a little bit of land thrown into the deal for good measure, we fell in love with the place immediately. When we first pulled up outside, Kip rushed up the rickety white stairs, through the wide double doors and disappeared into the embrace of her new home. She was ecstatic, roaming around the confines of the spaces inside. It was an adventure for her. Even at such a fragile age, she understood the importance of the stories old places could tell. She didn’t mind the dust, the shaky banisters, or the creaking floorboards – within ten minutes, each of the three floors had been explored by her little seven year old feet. Of course, there were sure to be nooks and crannies not yet seen in the attic and cellar, but Kip was not interested in those places for now, she was only interested in where she could sleep and play. I had naively told her she could choose any of the bedrooms as her own, and of course she did – the best one in the house.

Erin and I smiled at each other, watching happily as Kip darted around her new room excitedly. She loved the high ceiling because it felt grand and imposing like being a princess in a castle. She found the groans and squeaks that the floorboards made under her feet hilarious, pressing up and down on the loudest ones while giggling. Most of all she loved the window. It was wide and sprawling, looking out to the farmland which bobbed and weaved over flats and small hills below. An old oak tree towered alongside a vacant barn nearby, and the summer sky bleached the world in blues, whites and yellows; and yet, it was something much closer which fascinated my daughter. A thick web of ivy roots had thrust out of the soil decades earlier, climbing a carefully constructed wooden frame attached to the house, which rose as high as the roof. The ivy had clawed and fingered its way across the wooden slats of the farmhouse, almost entirely covering that side of the building.

The surrounding land was in full bloom, everything vibrant and green. The fields were swathed in tall crops which poked out of the soil like a million city dwellers standing still in the sun. Everything was alive and vivid, that was, except for the climbing ivy. Its vines were spindly, yet clung to the wooden frame of the house with deceptive strength. A vast sea of leaves brown and withered reached up across the wooden wall, encircling Kip’s window. There was something troubling about those vines, clashing against, almost strangling the possibilities of summer. Kip didn’t mind, in fact she was enamoured by them, having me open the window so she could caress the “golden” leaves which touched the sill.

The first night in the house was like any spent in a new place – unfamiliar creaks and sounds echoing out through the darkness. I am often a deep sleeper, but the uncertainty of the old building left me checking every bump and movement I heard throughout the night. I switched the lights on, checked the doors, and then looked in on Kip. She slept soundly, but I noticed that the window was still open, letting in the night’s cool breeze. I tried to shut it, but it felt jammed or stuck, the old flaking paint and grime freezing it into position after years of little use. I told myself I’d fix it in the morning, after all Kip was two floors up and we were a quarter of an hour by car from any other house. I felt she’d be quite safe with the window open.

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