prepares for soul crushing]]



Their shipname is Blaley.

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I am seriously starting to worry (and anticipate) about reading that moment when victor and Yakov walks in on yuuri taking his anxiety meds thinking he was doping, from victors point of view. I am fully preparing myself to have my soul crushed. Like seriously, I'm going to try not to drown myself in tears when that scene comes, but at the same time I seriously want to read and feel victors heart and soul being severely damaged...

The time period between that moment and chapter 14 is certainly going to be…interesting 

So lemme tell you about my thoughts on Scott/Mason and how it’s a ship made of sunshine. 

It starts for Mason toward the end of senior year, after he and Corey amicably split. He’s texted Scott to ask him some questions about the nemeton – he’s trying to research its effects in order to neutralize it – and Scott says he was planning on visiting his mom that weekend anyway, so they should catch up.

They do, and it’s… it’s the kind of sweet and warm and settled that Mason never realized he needed. College-Scott has longer hair than he remembers and wears a tank top and baggy shorts. He’s gotten another tattoo, a crescent moon peeking out under his collar, on his right pec; Mason can’t stop glancing at it. They speak for hours, covering topics as far ranging as the reason why Mason contacted Scott in the first place, and possible life on other planets. Scott admits he’s happy to be back home, talking with a friend, with pack, and Mason thinks oh. Oh I know what this feeling is. This is a mistake.

The problem is, Mason realizes he’s essentially the best friend of Scott’s kid brother. If not the best friend of his son. Scott’s never going to see him the way he wants him to. 

It starts for Scott toward the middle of sophomore year college. 

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I just ordered Twilight Princess (wii), and was wondering if there was anything I should be know beforehand. Thanks!

Heya! You’re about to play the best game, in my opinion at least, haha

  • Firstly prepare to give your heart and soul for it, this game might crush your heart
  • Secondly, if you like Link, there’s a fanservice scene /winkwonk 
  • Redeads have swords in this game, be careful
  • You’re probably gonna hate City in the Sky
  • Link is hot
  • Zelda is hot
  • Midna is hot
  • Everyone is hot 
  • Pressing A won’t make him run faster, as it does in Skyward Sword
  • At some point you’re gonna press A, trust me
  • Link does a cool sword thingy after he beats harder enemies, keep your eyes out for that (+10 sexiness points)
  • The Hero’s Shade
  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^this is extremely important
  • The Malo Mart music
  • Also keep your eyes out to places you can dig and bombable walls, you can usually find poes, heart pieces and money in them
  • The “but it won’t it your wallet, let’s put it back” feature is more useul than the fandom makes it seem, be thankul for it
  • Remember to adjust your TV settings before playing as it says when you turn on the game. If you can’t see the four or five rectangles, you’re gonna have a hard time to see where you’re going in darker places

I think that’s all uvu I could say more but I don’t wanna ruin the experience with spoilers.

Have fun and keep me updated!!