Before my Death: Meeting in the Library | Carter

Tate walked into the school library, invisible to the world, and high like he was every day. The librarian didn’t even nod at him when he put the books down on the counter for return as he passed by. That stupid bitch and her jock boyfriend were here to…assholes. 

He walked passed them and started drifting through the aisles. Looking half heartedly at books. He turned round one aisle and saw a pretty blonde girl sitting on the couches reading. He had seen her here before, and he recognized the book that she was reading because he had checked out not two weeks ago. Tate didn’t find a lot of people at this school who liked the random shit that he did. 

“I like birds too,” he said as he approached her from the book aisle. 

Lets watch a movie||Tate

Violet picked through her packet, rolling a small cigarette between her index and thumb, slowly rolling it around before she lit it. She plopped it into her mouth, her regular routine, igniting the lighter, listening to the crackle of the tobacco, watching it as it turned red, the cherry. She inhaled the smoke, looking over to Tate. She turned her body away from him before she let him see her smirk. She loosely pulling him with her, their laced fingers woven together, like they belonged there together. She made her way up the stairs, she looked back at him and kissed his cheek. “So, I was thinking we watched something like horribly not scary, or some stupid romance thing.” Violet shrugged, continuing to walk. She stopped in front of a t.v.

Violet let go of his hand and knelt down to where the movies are. “There are tons of shitty movies here, come on, pick one with me.” She finally looked up at him and smiled warmly at him. “Theres a few slashers, a bunch of girly shit, theres even some super hero ones, like tights, capes. All that shit. Theres even gay porn, I bet you could get into that, yeah?” She smirked and stuck her pink tongue out, looking at him. She giggled, picking one of the films up. “Mmm, fist fabulosity, and niptuck dick," 

Breaking and entering

“Are you sure about this?” Ava asked, looking over her shoulder at Alec.

“Come on Ava, don’t be such a chicken. I’ll be right behind you.”  

Ava’s eyes roamed the exterior of the house, She had to admit, there was something about the house that called to her, but that didn’t mean she wanted to break in. “What if someone lives here?” her voice betrayed the nervousness she was feeling.  If she got caught she’d no doubt be sent straight back to Saint Mary’s.

“If you’re that afraid, I’ll go check the rest of the house out. Meet me in the basement, alright?”  

Without even waiting for her reply Alec disappeared. Letting out a sigh, Ava pried open the basement window, coughing as dust filled her lungs.  Shimmying through the small opening, Ava cursed Alec under her breath.  “Of all the idiotic things he’s made me do, this has got to be the worst.” Turning her head this way and that, Ava surveyed the basement. It was basically empty, save for a few knickknacks here and there; dust covered every available surface. Ava wasn’t surprised to find that Alec wasn’t waiting down here like he said he would. He probably found something interesting upstairs and had forgotten all about her. “Alec!?” She called, wincing at how loud her voice sounded. She waited for an answer, but none came.  “Yeah. No problem. Just leave me in the creepy house alone.” She whispered.  

What if Violet never took me back? | Lauren

After a new family moved into the house, Tate saw Violet around less and less. He had avoided her, given her her space, but it had been years since she told him to go away, and he was well…bored. Bored with not being able to go anywhere, bored with nothing to do, bored with no one other than these fucking ghosts to talk to.

Being able to wander through the house more freely was liberating and the new girl that had moved in was hot to say the least. Tate found himself watching her more and more often, she was just…interesting. 

He wanted to talk to her, besides there sure as hell wasn’t much better to do and Haydn was driving him insane. So one day, when her mother was busy with some clients downstairs and her dad was at work, Tate let himself wander the hallways until they….bumped into each other. 

Sorry if i’ve missed anyone. Merry Christmas!

- Lauren