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Centaur (AD&D)

Yet another creature cribbed from Greek myth, where they were all rapacious drunken wild men who would rampage through the countrysides in whirlwind orgies of sex and violence, except for Chiron, who was pretty much the only decent centaur. So, you’d think centaurs would be perfect for yet another “they’re evil bandits, kill them, kill them all” sort of entry in the Monstrous Manual, right?
WRONG! See, they look more human than orcs or hobgoblins or kobolds (at least, from the waist up), and beings so human-like could not possibly be evil, right?
Though having said that, they might still be just a little evil, in a manner the writers of this book probably didn’t intend…

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tygermama  asked:

How do Obi Wan and Edie react the first time Edie is mistaken for Obi Wan's daughter?

On the inside, they’re both thrilled. Edie could die she’s so happy. Obi-Wan could cry because he already considers her his daughter and he loves her so much.

On the outside, they both do that “Oh, uh, well, but, you see” thing and explain that she’s his padawan and blah blah blah.

But the idea never really leaves them and they both go back to it, thinking about what life would be like if they weren’t Jedi and just father and daughter. Of course both of them love the idea. Obi-Wan wants so badly to be out of the war and the stress that it’s put on the Jedi. He wants to just teach Edie and take her on non-life-threatening missions and help her grow. He doesn’t want to be dodging death every other day. Edie thinks it would be amazing to have Obi-Wan all to herself every single day, learning from him and playing and exploring and being together without the strains of the Jedi. She likes being a Jedi, but it’s hard and sometimes she doubts whether she’ll ever become a knight at all, so a calm life without those worries appeals to her greatly.

Maybe after the war ends, and the Jedi are still alive, Obi-Wan takes Edie on an extended mission to one of the lesser-used Temples. It’s still kept up and in good condition, but it’s quiet and secluded and they can be as close to each other and as silly as they want because there’s no one watching over them and critiquing their every move. Edie is free to feel all her emotions without fear of scolding from the masters, and Obi-Wan is free to do the same, but he is also free to encourage Edie’s creative side instead of just her fighting techniques. There’s not a lot of time in war for crafts. Now there is.