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Evidence that Caryl may already (sort of?) be a couple in/by 8.01

This is of course just a theory I love to think about. And by “couple” I mean that perhaps they kissed/almost kissed/had an important moment in 8.01 (that took place before the shots from the trailer that I’m referencing), i.e. maybe they had a talk about Daryl’s lie and feelings were made known in some way and now it’s different between them. Maybe it’s just me and my shipper delusions, but I got a different vibe from the shots of them in the trailer (I know they’re two second shots but still), like something has shifted between them.

Exhibit A:

I feel like they are really highlighting how worried Carol is about Daryl in these shots. They share a longing, lingering look, and why? Why emphasize this, in the trailer no less? Why are we being shown that Carol is worried about Daryl specifically? Much like why were we shown Daryl giving someone who wanted to hurt Carol such an OTT threat if Carol isn’t the most important person to Daryl? It doesn’t really make sense if they’re just supposed to be platonic friends.

Exhibit B:

The drawing clearly resembles a Cherokee rose, to me at least. Now this one may be a stretch but if we’re supposed to be under the impression that Carol’s thinking about Lizzie, the drawing could have easily been different since Lizzie’s yellow flowers looked nothing like Cherokee roses. 

Again, this is another thing that makes me believe Daryl’s on Carol’s mind. It seems that she is very concerned, very worried about him. And sitting right beside Carol we have someone who is canonically Daryl’s platonic friend, and Tara does not appear to be nearly as contemplative and worried as Carol looks. So clearly Daryl’s platonic friend’s concern for him isn’t focused on very much. Yet Carol’s is. Hmm  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Exhibit C:

(gif by @theotherfangirlblr)

Carol is walking to Daryl and Daryl is angling his body at her. Looks like Morgan’s just returning from some kind of mission and is about to say something. And Carol is stepping toward Daryl. To stand beside him. The shot is cut off while Carol is still walking, so it looks like she’s planning on standing very close to Daryl. Why? #justnewlywedthings


Chapter 5: Episode 12

           I hadn’t slept at all. Sleep had never come easily to me, but it came even less as I battled with the idea of someone else in my bed. Not only that, but a stranger, and a particularly small one. Children certainly weren’t my strong suit. I wondered why I brought her here. I wondered a lot of things as the hours of night were devoured by daylight, and the morning brought with it her consciousness.

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campfire smoke (the hinges creak)

Fluff Friday: July 28 — Rusted/Summer

hahahahaha. um… fluff. right. thaaaaaat stuff. yeah… there’s not a lot of that here.

smol!kakashi installment (masterpost). sakura remembers and kakashi doesn’t and— sakura doesn’t remember what it is to have her dreams become true.


It shouldn’t be a surprise when she notices that he’s walking at her side, his arm not quite brushing her shoulder.

It’s— It’s not that she didn’t sense him the moment he came within her limited range, it’s not that she didn’t hear the familiar rhythm of his step and his breath and his pulse, it’s not that she didn’t almost lean into the heat of him, shocking along her side, it’s just—

She hasn’t seen him in a while is all.

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