The New Sexecutioner Hood made in classic spandex. It’s weightless, super comfy, travels in your front pocket easily, fantastic for cat burglary or sex crimes! Semi anonymous hook ups and cam sex are the future, so be prepared, get on board, and reap the rewards! Made in NYC, shipped globally #slickitup Photo by @marco_ovando

as the eve of the blood of olympus release approaches us, i’d just like to say, for the final time:


thank you for inspiring us all and reminding us that anyone can be a hero, no matter who you are. 


Mark Summers Creates Beautiful Art One Small Mark At a Time

Scratchboard artist Mark Summers makes remarkable art by removing material. With delicate use of small tools he removes a small layer at a time off a prepared scratch board, revealing these fantastic images.  The detail that goes into the animals of his animal series is amazing!  Mark Summers also creates editorial illustrations and pieces for magazines and newspapers.

There are more wonderful artists at our Facebook Page.  Posted by Lisa.

Teen Wolf has got some real Noah’s Ark shit going down in their casting room except instead of collecting two of every animal they’re collecting two of every hot guy. Two Tylers, two Ians, two Dylans. 

Solar System Cutting Board

Let your inner astronomer shine through in the kitchen when you prepare your meals with the solar system cutting board. This bamboo cutting board comes engraved with all of our solar system planets and provides ample space for prepping ingredients.


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Literally Every Episode of Merlin I Have Watched Thus Far


Merlin: What if I try to fix it with magic!… Oh, wait, no, magic just made things worse.

Uther: I am a plot device to shut down discussion/encourage lack of communication/physically separate the characters from each other. 

Arthur: But, Daaaad…

Gaius: That other guy may LOOK like Giles, but I am ACTUALLY Giles. 

Dragon: Merlin, you and Arthur are destined to fuck. …Wait, is that not what DTF stands for? 

Merlin: Let’s try some DIFFERENT magic! Status quo RESTORED! …I can’t believe no one ever notices me doing that. Except Lancelot. 

Gwen: *shines with the light of the angels*

Prepare For Boarding  (lyrics!)  –spg-

Prepare {PREPARE!}
for boarding;
this heist {HA!}
will be rewarding.

You can’t stop us,
grind us down, or top us.

Ready {AIM} 
Now {FIRE}
Water is
our desire

Steam {BOTS}
A call to arms,
We fight

Thunder through the stars
Steam World’s torn apart

*~humming intermezzo~*

Thunder through the stars..
Steam World’s torn apart..