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Top ten Saiyuki episodes?

Top 10 Saiyuki Episodes

I’m choosing from Gensomaden/Reload/Gunlock. I’m omitting the OVAs and movie because they would dominate the list. Most of these are Goku-Centric. So be prepared.

Honorable mention: Saiyuki Reload Gunlock -7 - Cursed Board Game - Oh my god. This episode was so stupid. But it also had some really cute moments, like Goku only being able to speak in woofs and the kitten that was a two headed tiger. And wow. Sanzo turned into a tree. What the frick. This episode would have been higher on the list, but there was so really bad animation in portions of this one. Plus, really? Demon slaying bad asses getting whomped on by a board game. Again. What the frick.

Oh dear lord, I’m putting this behind a read more because I didn’t realize how long this was. Yeesh.

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what happens on omega...

“Did I ever tell you about my run in with the vorcha mafia? 5000 credits and a bottle of whiskey… you know… never mind.”

There were a few things that Shepard had expected when she woke up that morning. The first was that Garrus would complain about another trip to Omega, and she was right about that. The second was that there might be another plague ravaging the station like the first time she came. That prediction was yet to be determined, as they were still minutes away from docking and being invasively scanned by one of Aria’s Batarian guards. Hopefully not the one that Shepard had threatened to shove his scanner up his ass, though…

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Came home from my last exam ever. It was better than the last time I took it. Hoping to score really well so it could help bring up my average. I hope none of the three exams will have a below 65 grade although I have a really bad feeling about yesterday's exams.

For today, I plan to rest and spend time with God in prayer. Please continue praying for me guys. Thank you for all your comforting messages btw. I’m on my last part of agony. First was the preparation for the boards, second was the actual examination and now the waiting for the results. I would be totally devastated if I don’t see my name on the list of passers. This is my last chance. I did my best despite the many obstacles. I know I’m not perfect but I know God’s grace is beyond what I think I deserve. I still believe in miracles. I know He will hear our prayers.

Guess who's back?

Yeah, hell yeah. methicalunicorn! :)

HERE I AM. I won’t be here always but I’ll be here checking in and what not. I will have someone else running this while I’m at work. :) They are lovely, promise. Now that the “distractions” from certain people are “deactivated,” I can work on getting things back to good! Who’s with me? Don’t forget to join my new group, #guardiansofdatweak
Just download the app OKHELLO, sign up, and send me methicalunicorn your usernames. Don’t send them here. And I will get Ya on board! Prepare for launch!

Simple Tips for Safe Boating

Cabin Cruiser to Canoe, These Guides Apply

If you go out on a boat anytime soon, you won’t be alone. Memorial Day weekend kicked off the recreational boating season, and craft of every type will be out on the waterways this summer. Whether yours is a sailboat, a motorboat, a kayak or jet ski on a lake, river, bay or ocean, these few steps will help keep you safe:

  • Wear your life jacket
    • If you fall overboard, or your boat sinks quickly, having one on board is not good enough.
  • Prepare a float plan.—the who, what, when, and where of your outing. 
    • Leave a copy of your plan with a friend or family member to alert authorities if you don’t return as planned.
  • Don’t drink and boat
    • It’s as dangerous as drinking and driving. Even if you’re not operating the boat, it can impair your ability to escape safely if your boat capsizes or you fall overboard.

detectivetmc replied to your post: Here’s my final project from my storyb…

That was awesome. Please keep making this stuff I live off of it Also I actually recently got interested in filmmaking. I’m not really into animating, like its cool but its not an area I’m interested in specifically. Got any tips? Rising Junior in HS

Thanks so much!! I’m no expert but Brian McDonald’s Invisible Ink is a really good read on storytelling/cinematic structure! Though you’re not into animation, perhaps somebody might also get some use out of Nancy Beiman’s comprehensive Prepare to Board! I haven’t read many books strictly about flimmaking, so that’s all I’ve really got!

As far as tips are concerned: Work hard! Start projects! Finish projects! Listen to feedback/criticism and grow from it! Be humble, but stay confident! Be nice to everyone, including people who aren’t nice to you!