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A Lesson in Love (The End)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,898

A/N: This is it, y’all. We’ve finally reached the final part of the series and, because I’m a sentimental son of a gun, I’ll post a proper goodbye post to this story sometime in the next day or two.

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

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You wake up early the next morning, eyes blinking wearily as you struggle to free yourself from the last remaining tendrils of slumber. It’s not a simple task, mostly because you’re still exhausted and all you want to do is fall go back to sleep.

But you can’t. Something woke you up and you need to figure out what it was.

As you begin to come to, so do your senses. A quick sweep around your surroundings lets you know that you’re not in your apartment and the feeling of someone wrapped around you is the only clue you need to figure out that you’re not alone. You turn your head slightly, nose catching the scent of antibacterial soap - a smell that your brain immediately connects to doctors and hospitals.


The last bit of confusion about your current location fades away as your brain catches up with your senses. You’re with Bucky.

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Sleeping Beauty (Avengers Cast x Reader Drabble)

You didn’t know that the Avengers cast can also be called sneaky paparazzis. Also you love sleeping. Who doesn’t, right?

Word count: 779

Author: @chrixa

“Hi, uh, I’m Sarah and I want to ask is it true that Y/N can sleep everywhere?” A chorus of laughter followed her question. 

“That is indeed true,” you smile at her as you nodded. 

“Oh she can sleep literally any time as well,” Chris adds as another wave of laughter filled the convention hall. 

“The Russos would just call like a 5 minute break and when you look at her she’s already asleep in someone’s lap or shoulder,” Sebastian said.

“Are we really talking about this?” You shake your head at the cast’s excitement. 

“Her favorite spot is Sexy Seabass’ lap,” Anthony smirked at your direction as the crowd cheered. 

“Hey there’s no denying that those thighs are the comfiest pillows out there,” you challenged Mackie with your smirk as well. 

“Really, Y/N? You chose Sebastian over me?” Evans asked you with a fake pout. Sebastian was just shaking his head in his chair. He faced this bickering between the three of you everyday when you were on set. Even sometimes he’d join in, when you guys weren’t bickering over him. 

“Stop whining you big baby,” Scarlett lightly slapped his bicep. 

“There’s one thing she doesn’t know though,” Sebastian said and giving you his famous one-sided smirk. You know something’s ‘bout to go down. 

“Sorry, Y/N, I really did try to stop them,” Mark apologized to you from the other end of the table. 

“What?” You ask, dumbfounded while mentally preparing yourself of what’s gonna happen in approximately three seconds. 

“We all have a picture of you sleeping, sweetheart,” Robert answered while sipping a drink from his glass. Of course they do. 

“You do not." 

"Yes we do,” Evans smiled wickedly. “We even made it into like some sort of competition of who gets the most pictures of you sleeping.” 

“You guys are evil.”

“As if you didn’t know,” Robert’s voice made everyone laugh again. 

“I have one of you sleeping on Evans’ shoulder while he plays with his phone,” Lizzie said. 

“I have a selfie with you sleeping. Look your mouth’s open,” Mackie showed the crowd the picture. 

“Can we go to the next question please?” You cover your face with your hands. They are always either a) embarrassing you or b) babysit you, there’s no in between. 

“But this is the winning number,” Evans said while showing the crowd a picture of you sleeping, obviously, on a couch, on a sleeping Sebastian Stan, still in full make up and costume. Your head was on his lap with your mouth slightly open and his ‘metal’ hand was on your stomach. Evans slides the picture to the right and there you were still in the same position while the rest of the cast was behind you and Sebastian making silly faces. Lizzie even put up a heart sign with her hands. 

You looked over at Sebastian and as you correctly predicted, his face was as red as a tomato. He was shaking his head while his shoulders shake with laughter and covering his face with his hands. “Okay next question please guys,” he said while still laughing. 

“How many pictures of Y/N sleeping do you guys have?” The moderator asked. He’s getting into it too? Seriously? 

You glanced at the table and saw that they were all scrolling through their gallery. “Seriously guys?” 

“Are you guys done counting?” The moderator, Josh, you think, asked and the audience cheered, eager to find out who won the ‘competition’. “Okay hold up your hands on 3. 1, 2, 3!” 

You saw that Robert held up a 3, Mark held up 1 (bless him), Evans held up 7 (seven?!), Sebastian held up 4, Mackie had 5 of them, Lizzie had 2 and finally Scarlett had 4. 

“Yes!” Chris pumped his fist in the air while the audience cheered another wave of excitement. 

“Chris, dear, if you want to take a picture with me all you have to do is ask. No need to be my biggest paparazzi.” 

“You know what, Y/N? I’m gonna post these pictures on Twitter.” 

“And you’ll have to buy me coffee everyday on our next movie.”


“And ice cream.”


“And donuts.”

“Do you want a whole restaurant as well?” 

“Okay next question!” Josh finally said. What took him so long?

Zodiac Checklist: Cancer
  • Zodiac Checklist: Cancer
  • ☑: You have to prepare yourself before outings, you have to pretend the emotions aren't happening
  • ☑: Dairy, ice cream, chocolate, is a source of comfort
  • ☑: You were born into the wrong generation
  • ☑: Your emotions are unstable
  • ☑: You take out your rage on the people you love the most, which ends up hurting you even more
“Carnations” (Part 2)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (College AU)

Summary: A carnation fundraiser, an iota of possibility, and a longtime secret crush on your hot best friend - what could go wrong?

thank you to the spectacular @buckyywiththegoodhair for beta-reading! you are a national treasure that must be protected til’ the end of time!

“Carnations” (Masterlist)

It takes you a moment to process what’s happening. By the time realization kicks in, the Student Gov member delivering the carnations is visibly annoyed. She sighs, “I have about twenty more dorm rooms to visit. Could you please just take the flowers?”

You stare intently at the carnations. “This isn’t a joke, right?”

“Oh, this is actually for a YouTube prank channel that we’re launching, and – no, of course this isn’t a joke!” the girl snaps. She thrusts the flowers into your hands and stalks off into the hallway, a large box of carnations propped against her hip.

You mechanically fill up an empty jar with and stick the bouquet in the makeshift vase. Your mind rewinds back to Steve explaining that white carnations would symbolize secret admiration. If only there was a card –

A gasp escapes your lips as you notice a small card tied around the stem of a carnation. You quickly untie the gently knotted twine and hold up the card to your eyes.




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I don't know if you're doing song prompts, but if you are, could you do Bellarke to She is the Sunlight? 😊

A/N: Because I hate myself and everything about the emotional turmoil these fools put me through ever week #IfIHaveToSufferWeAllHaveToSuffer

And if loving her

Is heartache for me

If holding her means

I have to bleed

It’s chaos. Complete and utter madness. The shrieking of alarms letting them know the Death Wave is looming, crashing down any second. The way their feet pound as they run, their frantic intake of sharp breath and quiet hisses. The rocket is packed, necessities and people alike. Through their suits, sweat dampens their brow and slides down their backs. 

And yet…. She stands there in the middle of it all, helmet off, a serene look on her face.

“What the hell are you doing?” Bellamy demands.  Why is she just standing there? A totally blank stare mares her face as she looks right at him. Like she sees right into him. It makes him shift uncomfortably.

“Trying to remember,” Clarke replies, absently. 

This is no time for nostalgia. 

“We’ll remember later. Right now we have to live, Princess.”

He grabs her hand to tug her along behind him as he climbs up into the rocket, but her fingers slip deftly out of his, pulling him back around and towards her. She stands on her tip-toes, barely even reaching his shoulder, and presses her nose against his collarbone. Breathes in deeply. Once… Twice. 

“Clarke…” His voice is hoarse. 

As much as he’d love to just freeze time and hold her, breathe her in like she’s doing to him, kiss her… He shakes his head. 

He can’t. They can’t. 

They don’t have the time. 

“I’m right behind you,” Clarke whispers, releasing him. 

He believes her, foolishly, until the second the rocket door slides up behind him. He shouldn’t be surprised, this is Clarke after all, but he’s in shock. So shocked that when he looks through the tiny window and out at her, his brain can’t process what he’s seeing. He looks around at his equally horrified friends faces as if to ask that they are seeing the same thing he is. 

I’m sorry, she mouths.


Her hand comes down around the button that will fire the rocket up and into space. 

She can’t be doing this. 

To herself.

To him.

To them.

“Clarke!” Bellamy screams. His fists come pounding down on the rocket door, willing it to slide back open. 

She has the Nightblood, but she’d been sick just hours before. Coughing up blood, her skin practically sizzling with radiation burns. She’s staying behind for whatever reason, some Clarke must-atone-for-her-sins logic, but there’s no guarantee at all that she’ll be able to make it. 

If anything, she’s practically good as dead.

May we meet again.

And then her hand is slamming down on the button and everything is moving even as he continues to scream and beg and plea. It’s violent and brutal and deafening. Everyone is screaming around him, desperately clawing for something to hold onto. A life-line.

He numbly looks at his hands. Even through the material of the suit he can feel they are slick with blood. 

He just left his life-line down on Earth.


Then I am a martyr

Love is to blame

She hurries through the trees, the fresh bark pulling at her fingertips. A warm colored yellow sun catches the gold of her hair. Her breath quickens as she pushes herself.

Faster, faster, faster.

The ever-present countdown in the back of her mind is slowly winding down. Closer and closer it calls, nearly here.

She grips the walkie tightly in her hand, bursting into the clearing where she left the rest of her gear earlier. She can’t hear them yet, but maybe soon. Hopefully soon. 

Clarke crouches down, begins fiddling with all the little dials and switches. God, she hopes today is the day. 

It has to be. 

There’s only the sharp whine of static coming from the radio in her hand, but there’s always static. Every single month, every single year. Eventually it has to go away. Eventually she has to hear something. 

“Hello,” she says, hesitant. 

She’s so sick of her voice being the only thing she hears. 

“Hello, this is Clarke Griffin. I repeat, Clarke Griffin. I’m alive. I’m still here.”

She waits.

And waits.

And hopes and prays. 

And waits and waits and hopes and prays and she does it every single week. Hope is exhausting and she doesn’t think she can take it anymore. Hot tears slide down her cheeks leaving a burning trail behind them. She let’s out a frustrated grunt and brings the walkie to her forehead. 

She should just end this torture. Throw the damn thing away and never come back for it. 

But the what ifs are too strong even on her most bleak days and she can’t help but wonder if they made it. If they survived and are ever going to be able to come back to her. 

“Please,” she cries. “Please, I can’t do this alone anymore.”

Her chest heaves as she struggles to inhale, to breathe. Panic is settling in. 

And then, remarkably, the static stops. 

“This is Bellamy Blake,” a voice breaks out, strong and clear. 

His voice. 

“I repeat, this is Bellamy Blake. I’m coming to get you, Princess.” 

Chapter 12 of Passing Ships is Up

Pairing: Dean/Cas

Tags: Slow Burn, Pining, Anti-Soulmate AU, Cupid Cas, Angst w/ Happy Ending

Sneak Peek:

“I thought you were dead!” Dean bursts out. He immediately regrets it when he sees the naked shock and pain on Cas’ face.

Cas begins to rise from the chair, halfway aborting the motion, sitting down again and placing a hand on the table. “Dean, I was fine the last time I was gone for an extended period of time. You had no reason to worry.”

“Of course I did, Cas, you idiot!” Dean stands to pace around the kitchen anxiously, tripping over the leg of his chair. “You know, for an angel you’re pretty goddamn thick. Did you think I wouldn’t worry if you decided that this job of yours was complete and you’d just simply fucked back to Heaven without saying goodbye? Did you think I wouldn’t worry about if you’d piss off someone up there and you were dead on the side of a road somewhere?” He stops his pacing to stand in front of Cas, arm outstretched. “You say we’re friends, Cas, but making a friend worried sick by not communicating is not what friends do to each other!”

Cas sets his shoulders square and indignant, firmly standing on his feet. “I needed space, Dean,” he says in a calm and lowered voice. The bastard doesn’t even sound fazed, Dean thinks. “I’m sorry I left you to worry, but I needed time to think. And I couldn’t do that here.”

Dean knows he’s being stupid, knows that he’s overreacting. But the anger is boiling over and he can’t stop himself from getting into Cas’ space, and growling, “Why the hell couldn’t you do that here?” He can feel Cas’ breath on his cheek.

“Because you’re a distracting presence and you get upset easily and yell when you don’t understand things!” Cas yells back, the anger that he was holding back glimpsing through the cracks of his calm facade.

“God, Cas, do you even care about my feelings?”

“Of course I do!”

“Then stop disappearing on me, okay? I can’t fucking lose you too!”

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BabyDaddy!Cal Pt.1

A/N: AHHHHHHHH, I told y'all I’d be back for a sequel. I’m hoping this sequel gets just as much attention as the first series did, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. If you’ve read the first series, then you already know that I’m all about drama and that’s exactly what this series is gonna be. Anyway, this is the first chapter and you all should look forward for many to come. If you’ve read the first series you know that I need 100 notes and feedback for the next chapter. Enjoy my lil nuggets💕

Oh and most of this chapter is in italics because they’re flashbacks.

**WARNING**: Nothing besides profanity, but I’m sure you knew that

**Previous Series: SugarDaddy!Cal **(Read this first)

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty{END}

The moment you found out you were pregnant you knew that shit was about to hit the fan.You weren’t just the average twenty year old, barely financially stable college student. No. You were also the girlfriend of a famous rockstar who is in a world famous band. Plus, you also happened to sleep with his best friend and bandmate before finding out you were pregnant, therefore have no clue who’s baby it is. On top of that you were being watched, loved, and even hated by millions of people daily. Oh, and how could you forget that you were helping your best friends plan their wedding as well? Life couldn’t be any better right?

So, here you are in your living room trying to ignore your overwhelming emotions by catching up on Supernatural and eating for two while your boyfriend is out somewhere angrily driving around on the streets. Oh, and what led him to doing that was catastrophic.

Let’s start from the very beginning, shall we? Only three weeks after you first found out about the new life growing inside of you.

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once you got to and inside the studio, you could hear faint sounds. it sounded like someone was adding background vocals to their song. as you listened and got closer, you realized that it was hyuk’s vocals.

“hyuk…” you sung lowly as you entered the recording room.

he turned his head and then his whole body towards you when he realized that it was you. like always, a hug smile stretched across his face. his eye smile was adorable to you.

he pulled you into a hug and kissed your forehead. “hey mocha.”

“hey. is the song finished? i heard you doing something..” you sat down in his ‘work chair’ and swirled around a few times.

“oh yeah..” he paused and went over to the soundboard. he clicked on a few things and then a song started to play.

“here it is.”

you closed your eyes and let the music take over you. something about the bass of the song gave you chills and a sexual type vibe. you bobbed your head slightly, letting hyuk know that you were feeling it.

just as you thought, his voice went perfectly with the beat. everything about the song was smooth ; from the beat, to the voice, to the production of it all. hyuk DID something and it was THAT.

there was a part in the song where hyuk had said some freaky shit that had you ready to drop it like it was hot right then and there.

once the song was over, you turned to hyuk and clapped your hands together. “okay baby i see you, making panty dropping and baby making music!”

he chuckled and pulled you up out of his chair, sat in it and pulled you back down onto his lap. “you like it huh?”

“yeah..are you trying to get me pregnant or something?” you giggled and wrapped your arm around his neck.

he leaned his head on your chest and played with the zipper of your pants.

“i mean, yeah.” he said which had you shook but not surprised.

“you know when i wrote this song, i was horny and i was thinking about you..” he laughed at the memory.

“no wonder the lyrics are so explicit. you’re a freak hyuk.” you ran your fingers through his hair.

“only for you mocha…” he turned you around to face him. you let a soft moan slip from your lips as you felt his grip around your hips. he pushed you against him, making you moan once again.

“you ready?” he asked you.

“yeah..” unhesitatingly, you straddled him and mentally/physically prepared yourself for what was about to happen.

you were about to get pregnant ㅋ.


Ivar x Reader

im so thirsty for new ivar fics


Originally posted by thefacesofdeath

You laid across the bed with your lover’s head on your shoulder. “So you’re serious about going and invading the North-eastern part of England?” You asked softly, staring up at the ceiling of your small house while you played with Ivar’s hair.

It was late in the night, and Kattegat had already gown quiet. You hadn’t been able fall asleep

“Yes.” His voice lacked any emotion.

“Ok.” You breathed out, feeling anxiety pool in the bottom of your stomach. You took in a few more breaths, trying to settle your nerves.
“You know I’m coming with you right?”

Ivar immediately jerked forward, sitting up and twisting around to be able to see your face. Knowing that this was going to happen, you had prepared yourself and quickly placed your hand against his lips, muffling any sounds that wanted to come out of his mouth.

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Drink Up

gif is not mine

Title: Drink Up

Pairing: Benny x Reader

Word Count: 1,385

Warnings: fluff, there’s a bit of fang kink thing going on.

A/N: I may have had this idea and so I wrote it and I was super impatient and wanted to push it to today, which is Monday where I am! So I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

There weren’t many instances where Benny came on hunts with you.  He usually didn’t get involved when you had a hunt to go on.  Yet he insisted that he go on this one with you.  You had to admit, you liked having Benny by your side.  According to Dean you and Benny were a “power couple”.

You promised Benny you would stay in the truck before he gave the all clear.  You expected Benny to be done with the vampire’s nest already.  He was great when it came to protecting you.  However, you were done waiting for Benny to come back.  You were worried that something had happened to him.

You hopped out of Benny’s truck, pulling out your machete.  You were ready to hurt anyone who would dare stop you from getting to your beloved vampire.  “Benny,” you called out.

“[Y/N],” you heard a faint voice say.

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10 Signs an Introvert Likes you (1/10)

Summary: Bucky wasn’t the type of guy to show his feelings and neither were you the one to notice subtle things, until you come across this video. A guidance that may help you discover rather The Winter Soldier likes you or not. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 982

Chapter: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Warnings: None, just cursing and FLUFF. 

A/N: So, I found this video here and the idea crossed my mind, it (ALMOST) will be a drabble series, because sometimes I was write too much, sorry not sorry. It won’t have any angst or something like that. Just fluff and comedy. Hope you enjoy! <3 

Masterlist of the Series

Originally posted by seabasschino

“Oh, please, Natasha. Cut it, already!”

“Y/N, I’m going to punch you in the face, why can’t you just accept that Barnes is totally in love with you?” Hushing her with your hand, you felt your cheeks getting hotter as she cocked her brows at you.

“He’s not, fuckin hell!” Rolling her eyes and continuing to follow you to your room, she hissed, already getting tired of trying to convince you

“You’re so oblivious that it hurts me.”

“He hasn’t shown any signs, Nat.”

“It’s Barnes; he can’t even start a conversation with all of us in the room. What do you expect, huh? That he raise a fucking signpost at dinner, with neon-shining letters saying ‘I’m totally in love with you’?”

“Well, maybe not with neon-shining letters, but–”

“I’m serious, Y/N.”

“So am I, Natasha. Just because I told you that I have a little crush on him, that doesn’t mean you have to join us together, okay? Now, good night.” Closing the door behind you and leaning on it, you couldn’t help but to think ‘what if?’

Yeah, he hadn’t shown anything that indicated that he liked you, but it could happen, right?

Sighing, you prepared yourself to sleep. Slipping in your pajamas, you kept thinking about Bucky and his actions. They weren’t flirty or even a little bit malicious, he wasn’t the kind of person that would normally let people in, and that kept you awake for half an hour.

Huffing in annoyance, you grabbed your laptop and entered Youtube, maybe watching some videos would make you sleepy again.

As if the destiny – and the internet – were laughing at your face, the first video on your recommended had the title: 10 Signs an Introvert Likes you.

Looking around the room to make sure no one saw you clicking the video, you plugged your earphones while mumbling that it was something stupid to do

“Well, it won’t kill anyone…” Inhaling sharply, you pressed play just to hear a sweet voice starting to talk.

The four types of introverts can be – vaguely - described by the traits: “Social”, “thinking”, “anxious” and “restrained”.

Social Introverts: The belief that a social introvert dislikes socialization, is false. Rather, they prefer to socialize in small groups of people they feel compatible with and comfortable around, such as close friends or their family circles. Thus, they are not exactly shy or reserved.

Thinking Introverts: These are people that remain introverts in their thinking process, causing them to be more thoughtful and self-reflective.

Anxious Introverts: Anxious Introverts prefer to be alone because they feel uncomfortable or unsuitable during social gatherings, as they are not confident about their social skills, consequently, they are likely to choose solitude, but sometimes even solitude may not reduce their anxiety.

Restrained Introverts: These are people who take time into everything they do, rather is socializing or springing up an action. They may seem slow, since they think more carefully before they speak or act and are more passive nature, than the active types.”

The video was already able to catch your attention and you couldn’t help but to place Bucky into the Social and Restrained introverts. Remembering all those times he seemed to be with the gears of his brain working to start a generic conversation with anyone outside his small circles of friends – You, Steve and him, basically –. You still couldn’t believe that he let you enter the duet.

So how do you know rather an introvert likes you or not?”

“You use your telepathic powers?” Giggling at your own joke, you listened to what the woman was saying.

One: Making the first move – Generally, introverts don’t make the first move in social contexts. But, if you find that an introvert is actively making an effort to talk to you, or making a gesture to grab your attention, you can bet he/she likes you.

“Sure.” The sarcastic mumble got out as you tried to remember any time Bucky had done that, and for your surprise, he did.

It was your third week in the tower, you weren’t the quiet type of person. You liked to talk, laugh, hug and kiss, however, you would always respect others boundaries and always knew who wanted to talk or not.

Bucky was on the ‘not’ sector, so you would respect his wishes and wouldn’t start a conversation when he didn’t seem to be in his best mood, that was basically, every day; Until one breakfast.

You yawned as you sat on his flesh arm side, pulling a bowl and grabbing your cereal. Obviously, you didn’t expect for him to start a conversation with you, since he never did.

“Good morning, Y/N.” Snapping your eyes at him in surprise, you saw he had a shy smile on his lips and that his cheeks were a little pink. 

“Morning, Bucky.” 

“Huh… Is sunny today, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, you know, I love sunny days. However, I also like cloudy days, because I can be crawled under my cushions, watching a silly movie while drinking something hot.” His smile widen with you bubbling, he liked that about you, especially at the start, since he wasn’t one to talk, yet. “Do you like sunny days?”

“Huhum, it’s a perfect day to read a book outside.” He moved his hand and shrugged his shoulders, subconsciously grabbing your attention

“Hmm, would you like to read something in the garden, with me?” The moment you finished your sentence and saw him backing down his eyes at the bowl, you regretted, thinking you may had pushed him too much. “I’m sorry, you must have something else to do-”

“I’d love to.” Surprised and satisfied with his answer, the smile popped out of you as you turned your face at your breakfast again.


“He just made a comment and I was the one to babble… Yeah, just a coincidence, that’s all.” 

Or wasn’t?

Do you guys ever read a fic and there’s that moment in the middle where your OTP is SO happy and it makes you so happy and then you realize there’s like more than 6 chapters left and you just KNOW another heartbreaking conflict is coming and you try to prepare yourself for the angst then you keep reading and the thing happens and you’re just SCREAMING “I WASNT READY”

BTS reaction to you imagining him while kissing for a movie.

A/N: Lol. I hope you will like it ^^


“Oh really?”

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Jin wouldn’t know how to take that information at first but eventually he would still be mad that you had to make out with someone else. However, he would be channeling his anger and saying to you, “Let me show you something you couldn’t imagine.”

Originally posted by bwiseoks


*wouldn’t believe it after having been so jealous*

Originally posted by harunyany


*From jealous to smug in like .2 seconds*

Originally posted by hohbi


Jimin would be smug about it but his jealousy would over power that for sure and you better prepare yourself for the whirlwind that’s about to happen. *wink wink*

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Taehyung found this the funniest thing ever but the first thing he did when you told him was to grab your face and kiss you like crazy.

Originally posted by bwipsul


“Did you also tell him how much of a better kisser I am than him? Because from the looks of it he sucked.”

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Capable (Chapter 3)

                                   Chapter 1               Chapter 2

Originally posted by natpekis

Bucky Barnes x mutant!Reader

Summary: You were kidnapped by Hydra 10 years ago but now you’re free. You find yourself at the Avengers Tower while you recover and readjust to real life.

Warnings: language (moderate), angst, PTSD

A/N: If you can or have time, feedback is always wonderful. If you don’t want to be tagged in future fics please just let me know, promise I won’t be offended. Or if you do want be tagged and you’re not you can tell me that too! Hope everyone enjoys the new chapter! ALSO, I have officially opened requests!

“What. The. Fuck. Steve.” Bucky said in time with his fists as they expertly hit the punching bag in front of him. 

“She’s not ready, Steve. I want her to stay and be a part of this too but she’s just not fucking ready. I don’t understand why Tony doesn’t see that.” He had stopped hitting the punching bag and sat down on the bench in the gym. He was rubbing his face in exasperation hoping his friend would feel the same way he did about the situation. He had felt a connection from you since the beginning and he knew you felt it too but he also knew that you didn’t know why there was a connection. He wanted to tell you about his experiences with Hydra. He wanted to talk to you about it more than anything because finally he had met someone who would truly understand his situation that no one else could. He worried about doing so though because you seemed to be adjusting so well to every day life, he wasn’t sure if it was because you didn’t remember what happened or if you just weren’t being honest with yourself but he didn’t want upset you either way.

Steve sat down next to him and patted him on the back. “Maybe she’s more ready thank you think Buck. Maybe this is what she needs to get back on her feet.” He understood Bucky’s hesitation about you jumping head first into training and the Avengers. I mean after all, they still didn’t know exactly what you had been through while Hydra had you in their custody, you had been rather tight lipped on the matter, which Steve couldn’t be too upset about since he still didn’t know exactly everything Bucky had done either. Somethings were just better left not talked about but he felt they should really get at least an idea of what Hydra had made you do but he was hoping that he would get to know what you were capable of once you started your training.

The last few weeks of your recovery had gone by in the blink of an eye. You were so excited to finally be moved into a real room with a real bed and bathroom, to see the common rooms and most of all to get back into the gym. Natasha was going to take you shopping at some point so you could get some more clothes. Tony had asked her and Pepper to go purchase you some clothes to get you started but they were mostly basics like underwear, workout clothes, jeans and t-shirts. Right now you were getting ready to go start your first day of training with Natasha. Natasha was going to work with you on combat training and eventually you would work with Wanda on training and enhancing your powers. Once you had finally picked out a pair of shorts and a sports bra you headed over to the gym.

“Hey hot stuff,” Natasha sauntered over towards you from the locker rooms of the gym with a cocky grin plastered on her face.

“Shut up Nat, I know you’re the one who bought these fucking shorts. Seriously, do they not make clothes for adults anymore or something, these things are so tiny.” You tugged at the hem of the shorts trying to somehow magically make them longer. She laughed and dragged you by the arm over the treadmill. 

The two of you jogged for about 30 minutes then did weights and other basic workouts, just to get warmed up. The real test of your training was about to start as you stepped on to the sparring mat. Steve and Bucky had entered the gym not long after you and Nat. They noticed you guys getting ready to spar and slowed down their work out in order to direct some of their attention to the two of you as you got into your stances to start sparring. You and Nat started fighting, throwing punches and kicks in time with each other but what happened next, even you weren’t expecting.

In one swift move, Natasha’s legs were around your neck as she pulled you to the ground and pinned you. You gasped as your vision went black and suddenly you weren’t in the gym anymore. You were on a hot roof and the fighting was very real and the punches hurt. You were fighting a man who you had been following for sometime now at the order of Hydra. You had been ordered to kill him and you had just been waiting for the right opportunity but you had been made by the target. You had gotten distracted by some nearby warfare and your powers glitched making you visible and he spotted you then chased you onto the roof where you were now fighting for your life.

Bucky had heard you gasp and saw you collapse despite Nat’s loose grip on your neck and ran over to rip Natasha off you. He picked you up by your shoulders and was gently shaking you trying to get you back to reality as your body went limp and your eyes rolled half way into the back of your skull. You started to scream and grab at the air in front of you, just trying to get ahold of anything so you could feel more grounded, you ended up with handfuls of Bucky’s shirt as you started to cling to him, desperate to end this horrible nightmare that seemed to keep you chained inside your mind.

After a few more moments of horror, you finally came to. Tears streaming down your face, you looked around Nat looked terrified, probably worried that she had hurt you, Steve had run to get you water for when you came to and Bucky had really concerned look on his face. You wanted to tell them you were okay but when you went to open your mouth you started to gag, you shot up and ran to the trash can in the corner of the room as you proceed to throw up what felt like everything you had eaten in the past week. Bucky walked over to you and started to rub your back in an effort to console you. 

“I’m so sorry guys, I don’t know what happened.” You wiped your mouth with the back of your hand, looking at Nat. The look on her face had gone from scared to relieved once you stopped puking your brains out.

“You don’t have to apologize Y/N, it seems like you had a PTSD flashback. It’s not surprising after everything you’ve been through.” Steve held out a water bottle for you and put a cold towel around your neck.

“I used to get them a lot when I first came back. To be honest with you, they don’t really get easier but eventually you’ll at least you’ll be able to tell when they are going to happen and prepare yourself.” Bucky pulled you into a hug, while still rubbing your back. You had really scared him, but he was glad he and Steve had been there when it happened so that they could help you understand and get through it. After all the sleepless nights and scary out of body experiences he had gone through with the help of Steve, they were basically experts at dealing with it now.

“Came back from where?” You glanced up at him quizzically.

“No where, we’ll talk about it later.” Bucky released you from his embrace. “Right now though we should get you to Bruce so he can make sure you didn’t get hurt when you fell.” He grabbed your hand and pulled you out of the gym towards Bruce’s office in the hospital wing.

“Wait Bucky, please no. I don’t want to go back in there, it’s so depressing and I just got out of there, I can’t go back. Please, I feel fine.” You pulled back and planted your feet firmly in the middle of the hallway.

“Y/N please, I want to make sure you’re not injured” He pleaded with you hoping to change your mind.

“No Bucky, I’m fine. Can we please just go some where and talk about whatever the hell it was that you brought up back in the gym?” You gently pulled on his hand again, giving him a puppy dog look. He sighed and gave up on getting you into the hospital wing.

“Ok fine, we can talk but just know it might not be a conversation you want to have.” He started guiding you back towards the rooms where he brought you into his and sat you down.

“I’m a big girl Bucky, I can handle whatever it is.” You huffed at him, just wanting a straight forward answer for once.

He explained to you that he had been the Winter Soldier. He told you all about his experience with Hydra, how they had kept him frozen for years, tortured him, erased his memories and tried to get him to kill his best friend. By the time he was done, you couldn’t even hear him talking because the sound of your heart trying to beat it’s way out of your chest was overwhelming. Everything he said, everything he had experienced, the electroshock treatments, they memory erasing, the forced killings, all of it was exactly what Hydra had done with you but you never thought in a million years that there could possibly be someone out there who shared your experience. You sat next to him hyperventilating as you let everything he told you sink in. You felt him put his arms around you again and pull you into another embrace, that was all it took to break you. You started sobbing into his chest as you clung to him. 

“Did they do the same things to you Y/N?” Bucky tried to ask gently, hoping that even though you were sobbing you would at least answer yes or no questions. You nodded your head, squeezing your eyes shut. 

“Y/N, did you kill people?” He pulled you away and looked you in the eye. You nodded furiously, still sobbing violently. He gave you an empathetic sigh and nod and pulled you back in for another hug. “I’m not going to ask your for details now but I need you to promise me that eventually you’ll tell me everything.” You nodded again as you gave him a small squeeze.

“I promise.” This time you were the one to pull away. You gave him a small smile, trying to be reassuring which he returned. You now had an explanation as to why you had felt close to him from the moment you met and it changed everything. Your time at Hydra was something you never thought you would be able to be fully honest about but now here he was, just as exposed and broken as you and it was such a relief. You’ve never felt so close to anyone in your life.


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Dance with Me? : Carl Grimes x Reader

Originally posted by deathbytwd

Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader

“Dude, this house is awesome!” You shout. Alexandria was a place you just started to call home and you and Carl were exploring some houses.

“It is pretty cool,” Carl admits, walking through the place.

You run upstairs and throw open some doors. One door leads to a beautiful bedroom that obviously belonged to a teenage girl. You run your hand across one of the wooden dressers, taking off a layer of dust as you do so. On top of the dresser is an old turntable with a record sitting on it. You take the record off the player and read the label. It’s an original version of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley. You put it back down and drop the needle down after turning it on.

“Hey, (Y/N), are you alright?” Carl says from the other side of the door. It slowly creaks open and he sees you slow dancing around the small room with an invisible partner. He just laughs at you and shakes his head. “Dance with me?”

He holds out his hand as an offer to dance and when you take it, he tugs you closer before placing his hand on your hips. You lightly wrap your arms around his neck, quietly singing along. You two sway side to side as the music keeps playing. You can see Carl starting to get closer and closer to you until your foreheads touch. Closing your eyes and taking a deep breath, you mentally prepare yourself for what could potentially happen. 

Carl had practically rescued you a couple years before, finding you alone in the forest and bringing you back to his camp. Ever since then, the both of you had been really close but neither of you had ever acted upon any feelings. 

You know exactly what Carl is attempting to do and as soon as you feel him move closer, the record starts to skip, the both of you hearing the same line over and over.

“Killed the mood,” you chuckle, looking Carl in the eye. He closes his eye and leans in, kissing you tenderly. You kiss back hungrily before pulling away and putting your foreheads together again. You take a deep breath and smile widely.

“Took you long enough,” you say with a smirk.

“Hey, I’m pretty sure it was a two person thing,” Carl retorts, grinning.

Princess: Minho Smut

Originally posted by minsam2

Based off this request

Pairing: Minho x Reader

Word Count: 2.6k

Content: Minho finally has some time off, insert the rough sex and soft after care +light spanking, choking, cum denial, pet names(he calls you baby/princess and you call him sir) 

Written By: Bambi

Authors Note: I’m the worst when it comes to getting request so I’m sorry but I hope everyone likes this including the original requester! If you do(or don’t) like it please send feedback, it’s what keeps me alive and motivated. 

“Turn over,” Minho’s voice was stern and cold as he commanded you. He stood a few feet away from the bed where you laid, fully clothed but working on undoing his belt.

You, on the other hand, laid on the bed in only your bra and panties. A lacey red pair he had bought you months ago when SHINee was on tour in some European country. Although they had been in your closet for months they were only just making their bedroom debut. You wondered if he noticed them. He hadn’t mentioned them when he saw you.

“I said turn over,” Minho repeated himself, his voice a bit louder this time.

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Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #21

Rules: You can find past rec lists here. This is stuff I like, and I have a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff, in that order. Gen unless otherwise noted. Please comment on the fics if you read and enjoy them!

Days of Gladiator Love by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 3,589
Author’s Summary: Turns out, there was a fair bit of merchandising involved with the Gladiator battles, especially with their more famous fighters.Apparently, this includes romance novels.
My Comments: Warning for an explicit description of…something. This fic is hilarious, and I could see it playing out in my head all too clearly. It could be an episode, except for the aforementioned…something.

Remember Me For Centuries by 0bviousLeigh
Words: 38,045
Author’s Summary: Every legend starts with someone who has no idea what they’re about to get into.
My Comments: This is a Pokemon AU, and it an ABSOLUTE DELIGHT. I was so very, very pleasantly surprised! I barely know Pokemon at all, so I was hesitant at first, but this fic is one hundred percent worth taking a risk on, I guarantee it. Especially if you love Lance. The worldbuilding is so careful and delicately balanced that you really don’t need to know Pokemon much, though I’m sure it helps. I had to keep googling ones I’d never heard of so I could properly imagine the story, haha. But yeah. This fic is incredible. And it just finished. Parts of it made me tear up, I am not kidding. Everyone is absolutely fantastic and SO worth the effort, ahhh, I love this fic.

Let It Haunt You by Emerald_Ashes
Words: 2,785
Author’s Summary: Keith is a little worse for wear upon his return from the Blade of Marmora’s base. Both mentally and physically.
My Comments: Another really lovely missing scene. WHY DIDN’T WE GET SOMETHING LIKE THIS IN CANON WHY. Ah, but all the interpretations from fandom have been lovely, so I really shouldn’t complain. Lance is a good kid in this one, too.

Loyal to the Bone by Shenzuul
Words: 1,392
Author’s Summary: Shiro has been recaptured by the Galra. As he fights off paralyzing terror, Lance’s voice in his ear is a thin lifeline against sinking into despair.
My Comments: Can be read as romantic or platonic. I’m a big fan of these two together, as my own fic testifies, and this is a very sharp and vivid portrayal of them. Love Lance doing everything he can to help Shiro hold on. It’s too short, though.

Tricky Shopping by earthstar
Words: 5,293
Author’s Summary: Ever since Keith was reunited with Shiro, he finds he likes having him around and Keith is determined to prove he can take care of himself.
My Comments: Sequel to an earlier recced fic where Keith is slightly younger, slightly more abandoned, and subsequently slightly more adopted by both the red lion and Shiro. I adore this series so much. I hope there will be much more.

Silver Lining by HeIsSoBlue
Words: 7,664 (WIP 4/?)
Author’s Summary: Being captured by the Galra was probably one of the worst things Lance could imagine. Yet, even the worst situations can come with a silver lining.
My Comments: Another one of those fics where Lance is captured by the Galra, but this one has a twist I don’t want to spoil. It also feels a little more on the realistic side than some others I’ve read. Anyway, I know I have followers who like these fics, so here ya go. Subscribe! Kudos! Comment!

Where The Lions Roam by Mytay
Words: 6,980
Author’s Summary: “ … tell me why Blue is making the moves on Keith.”Pidge stared at him, a touch incredulous. “You really haven’t figured it out?” “Pidge. I am very intelligent, but I am not a genius,” Lance said patiently. “Spell it out for me.” “Well, you just sort of answered your own question,” Pidge said, snorting. “Your Lion is making the moves on Keith — and by ‘moves’ I mean responding to your abject terror whenever Keith is in danger.”
My Comments: Oh, look, it’s the Klance hurt/comfort for this week. This one is super good. Post Season Two and all about that insecurity, yo. The part at the end made me so hurty, and Shiro and the others just going NO made my heart sing.

cough syrup by EmmaLuLuChu
Words: 4,493 (WIP 3/?)
Author’s Summary: Just another morning at the Galaxy Garrison, save for one tiny problem Shiro realizes. *MAJOR SPOILERS FOR SEASON 2*
My Comments: You know that theory that maybe Shiro got zapped to an alternate universe? WELL PREPARE YOURSELF FOR PAIN. I really want to know what happened here and how things went so wrong for everyone, gah, it’s tearing me up to see them like this. But Shiro is determined to fix it, and, you know. I believe Shiro can save the world.

Varadero Beach is 1976 Years Old by DizzyBunnies
Words: 2,217
Author’s Summary: When invited to a party to celebrate their alliance with the Arusians, the team decide to get a little…intoxicated–well, specifically Hunk and Lance. Or: Hunk and Lance get drunk for the first time together and won’t shut up about random shit.
My Comments: Huuuunnnk. Laaannnccee. Oh, my sweet boys. It’s nice to see them hanging out. This is funny and a little bittersweet, as serves them well.

Flower For Your Thoughts by BrOwNiEfOx
Words: 3,070
Author’s Summary: Soulmate AU: when you get hurt your soulmates blooms flowers. The Paladins are meant to be together and their connection is deeper than just friendship.
My Comments: Short, sweet platonic soulmate AU with just the right amount of pain to make it all come together.

Bad Diagnosis by ElfGrove
Words: 11,483
Author’s Summary: Pidge has been having bad headaches for nearly a week straight, so she decides to see if the infirmary has some sort of Altean Advil. The actual news is not so great.
My Comments: I avoided this fic for awhile, because the tags are scary, but it’s definitely worth it. Everyone tries so hard, and it’s incredibly painful, but also good. Pidge’s family loves her to death.

His Red-Stained Footsteps by CoranCoranTheGorgeousMan
Words: 4,620
Author’s Summary: Standing facing their newly constructed teludav, crucial to their newest, most desperate measure yet, Coran tells her softly, “Your father would be proud of the leader that you’ve become.” She thinks about that, and isn’t sure.
My Comments: Really gorgeous background for Allura and Coran. Painful, but it all came together really well. Feels like canon all the way through.

Momentary Meltdown by Nandireya
Words: 4,384
Author’s Summary: In the wake of Shiro’s disappearance the team have to come to terms with their loss and what it means to their future. One in particular is not handling it well…
My Comments: I really enjoyed this look at Keith and Allura and the way their relationship is having to evolve after the events of Season Two. Keith deserves a meltdown, honestly.

The Arms of Voltron by squireofgeekdom for rimahadley
Words: 2,001
Author’s Summary: The developing friendship of Pidge and Keith over the first and second seasons, and afterward. The arms of Voltron will hold them all together.
My Comments: I love stories about these two developing a friendship. They have so many similarities and so many differences, it’s always fun to watch.

Giggle at a Funeral by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 2,375
Author’s Summary: Stranded and wounded on a planet, Shiro is bleeding out. Luckily, he can still contact his team. Unluckily, he’s well enough to talk at them.
My Comments: Shiro’s sense of humor is the WORST. It’s BossToaster, of course this fic is amazing and you should read it.

Previously Recced Fics That Updated:

Where No One Goes by earthstar 
A Couple of Ticks by easternCriminal
Just What You Want by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions) (now complete)
Love and Other Questions by squirenonny (this last chapter made me cry so hard, oh Lance you beautiful child let me hug you)
Here Stands a Man by awkwardCerberus
Aid by Haurvatat
One Week to Say Goodbye by squirenonny
Bromances in Space by ptw30
Mini Lions by earthstar
Hunk and Lance’s Excellent Adventures by kiaella_v
Worth of A Paladin by Rururinchan
Someplace Like Home by squirenonny

Hiraeth | Pt.3

pt.1 | pt.2 | pt.3 | pt.4 | pt.5 | pt.6 | pt.7 | pt.8 | pt.9 |

Words: 5,392.

Genre: Zombie apocalypse au, angst.

Summary: A world full of dwindling hope and lost loves and yet you and Jungkook are all the other needs to feel at home.

A/N: Inspired by The Last of Us.

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