prepare yourself for spam

there are two types of mama

the proud mama,

and the worried mama.

anyway it’s been so looong since I last posted anything related to dna act ii. currently I’m doing some catch up starting from ch 54, so prepare yourself cuz I probably gonna spam some more depend on my mood xDDD


K18 “Kakkoi/He’s SO cool..” Pt 2 ♥_________♥!!!!

(Sorry, not sorry for the spam. You Lovelies better prepare yourself because come tomorrow i will be uploading a bunch of BADASS Krillin screenshots when I get off work!)

Prepare yourself for Hubble spam because today is his GOTCHA DAY! And I made a photo challenge because I was going to do it in honor of the nubbin, a whole year of the glorious nubbin, but forgot to freaking post it, so here it is, today is easy, posting a photo of puppyhood :)

SO SORRY if anyone wants to participate please do :) don’t care what kind of pet, whose pet, if you post late, early, or on time :)

Tag with MarchPhotoPets so I can see!!