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8 | Save Me


word count: 3,601 not as long as i thought it’d be ngl

warnings: violence, gore probably smut at some point I mean it’s me we’re talking about, dead bodies, non-con etc. very mature themes.  this chapter has mentions of bruises and gunshots. this chapter has mentions of nightmares, gunshots and death

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Three gun shots. Three bodies. Three lives.

Dressed in all black with your hair pinned back into a smooth and sophisticated bun you climbed out of the car, the driver handed you your large metal crutches as the painful reminder of why you were there began to prick at your eyes. It had been two weeks since they were killed, you drank in your heartbreaking surroundings and prepared yourself for what was about to take place. The funeral.
Hobbling up the stairs outside the church you were greeted with three familiar faces, each of them puffy from crying but simultaneously somewhat happy to see you there.

“Y/N, hey.. Thanks for coming.” Jimin pulled you into a warm embrace, being careful not to touch your still very painful leg,

“I wanted to be here.” You breathed shakily as you forced a smile, trying to keep the threatening tears at bay,

“I still can’t believe it…” Serena mumbled as she hugged your frame, her voice no louder than a whisper,

“Me neither.. I, uh-” You coughed out, the underlying guilt of what happened still raw in your mind.
Luckily your discomfort didn’t go unnoticed and a low voice interrupted the harrowing conversation, “Are we all ready to go inside?” Hoseok asked, resting his large hand on your shoulder blade,

“Mhm.” You forcefully pulled your lips into the faintest smile as he helped you inside the building and to your seat.

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The One: 1542

Characters: Alexander x Reader (for like two words), Aaron x Reader

Length: 1300+ words

TW: Breakup 

A/N: What’s this?? A Hamilfic??? /shook. This was such a good request, and I hope I did it some justice! It’ll have 3 parts (a shorter series, I know), but I preferred this pacing. 

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Day 1542.

You stood frozen in front of his table in his office. All you wanted to do was surprise your workaholic boyfriend, seeing as he has spent most of his time in the office lately. The blood in your veins stopped in your heart making your hands cold. Your throat had gone dry, but your face was flushed with embarrassment as all your insecurities flooded your head like a trainwreck.

“Wh-What?” you managed to stutter out, swallowing the whimper threatening to sound.

Alexander sighed exasperatedly. “I said, we should end this.”

“Fo-Four years. We’ve been together for four years.”

“Yes, I can count.”

“May I ask why? I thought we were good.”

“Honestly, this just isn’t working. I need to focus on my career, and your want for a family is holding me back.”

“You know I would wait for you.”

“I just don’t see you in my future, Y/N.”

You took deep shaky breaths, trying to calm your erratic heartbeat. When did your Alexander get so cold? “Okay. Goodbye, Alex.”

“I’ll have someone pick up my stuff tomorrow morning,” he said, not bothering to look at you.


Once the door closed, your heart broke, and a sob escaped your lips. You cried all the way back to your shared apartment with him. You cried yourself to sleep that night. Nothing could have prepared you for the heartbreak you faced. Your insecurities got the best of you as you wondered if Alexander even loved you at all in the times that you were together. There were so many things running through your head, none of them were good. Despite the exhaustion you felt in your body, you couldn’t sleep. You took in a few shaky breaths, trying to dry the tears.

Four years gone like that, really does damage to someone, despite that the fact you stopped crying at the mention of his name. All of your insecurities came back to you like a freight train. You questioned your decisions, and yourself. It wasn’t the fact that Alexander broke up with you, it was the fact that he made your relationship seem worthless, and meaningless.

Four years.

Gone. Done. No more.

It made you question whether it was something you did. Were you not good enough? Did you do something? Were you too clingy? Why weren’t you enough?

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