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What Goes Up...

The group I DM for, mostly levels 4 and 5, had been asking if they could do a quest that involved sailing. So I dusted off Stormwrack and settled of The Sable Drake. They had tracked the ship to the pirates hideout and were engaging in a sea battle offshore. The crew were all still alive but Captain Naki had all but crippled the ship and were preparing to board.

Cleric casts Wind Wall

Cleric: “That will keep them from shooting us but they can just walk through it.”

Ranger: “Yeah but the captain’s a wererat. If she gets on board she could bite us. I don’t want to get bit!”

Bard OOC: hey *DM* is the catapult still loaded?

DM: Yes, but the Sable Drake is too close to use it.

Bard OOC: Can I tie my rope to the rock.

DM: Yes? It takes 5 feet to wrap the rock. May I ask why?

Bard: I tie the rope and tell the crew member to prepare to fire. Hey, *Ranger* can I borrow your rope?“

Ranger: “Uh, sure.”

Bard: I tie her rope onto mine and say “Get ready.”

Captain Naki proceeds to board the ship after the party surrendered.

“So nice to have an easy capture. Just hand over the valuables and I’ll make your deaths quick.”

Bard: “Now *Ranger*!”

Ranger throws the rope at Naki and the bard casts Animate Rope on it to ranger her. Naki fails her save and is tangled.

The DM suddenly realizes what the rope is for.

Bard: “Fire the Catapult!”

The catapult is fired and Naki goes sailing towards the beach. The DM didn’t even bother to roll for fall damage.

“Good job. You’ve Tom and Jerry’d yet another boss fight.”

Entire table is losing their shit.

The party then proceeds to capture the Sable Drake and for themselves renamed it The Flying Goblin.

Humans are Space Orcs

So I really like this idea, and though I am definitely not a born writer, I thought I would try my hand it. Everything I have seen has talked about how durable and tough we can be, but no one has really mentioned that most of us are actually big crybabies if we are even slightly uncomfortable. Like if it is to hot in my apartment, I am very cranky until it cools back down. So here’s my tiny excerpt of an alien encountering some “crybaby” humans.

The Paadilans have been preparing for human boarding, but there had been absolutely nothing in the “Preparing for Humans” pamphlet about a human’s pickiness.

Things were already off to a bad start when the group of 4 humans arrived on time and the first thing out of Human-Tiffany’s mouth is “No one warned me it would be this COLD!”

Paadilan 426 looked at his monitor to view the on-board temperature. It was only 20 F, about 2 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. He knew that human could withstand much cooler temperatures and did not understand Human-Tiffany’s complaint.

“Hello Human-Tiffany, Human-Bethany, Human-Trey, and Human-Joshua. Welcome to Ship 1952-46!” Paadilan 426 greeted the supposedly “terrifying” homo-sapiens. Mumbled greeting passed as they snuggled deeper into their snow gear.

Paadilan 426 turn to Paadilan 247 and asks, “Why do they seem so unhappy?”

It seems that Human-Tiffany heard his question because she yelled, “We are unhappy because it’s FREEZING IN HERE.”

“Is your species not compatible with this temperature?” Paadilan 247 asks patiently.

“We are ‘compatible’ with lots of temperatures 247, that doesn’t mean we like them,” Human-Joshua chimed in between clashing teeth.

“I think it feels great!” says Human-Trey. He is greeted with what are referred to as “sighs” and “eye rolls”. The phrase “damned Russian” can be heard from the rest of the humans.

247 turns to 426 quizzically. They had heard that humans were tough, they could handle anything, yet here they were, shaking and complaining like anyone not from the Paadilan home planet. Quick arrangements were made to correct the temperature in the living quarters of the humans, but nothing could be done about the temperature of the ship as a whole. Anything above 32 F would kill a Paadilanian. The skin would fall off of their bones, and no one wanted to be in charge of that clean up.

Alright, but who wants to talk about Melvin Sneedly?

In the book series, he was always kind of my favorite villain to start with (I have a thing for adorable sassy child villains- look at how many posts I’ve liked with tags like “Gideon Gleeful” “Diamond Tiara” or “Barry Bling” if you don’t believe me)-I mean, he was cute, stuck-up, and kind of a fun character to laugh at. Personally, I think he’s best just a villain of the children, waging battle against the children, but then again, he had quite a few different forms throughout the series, including Octo-Melvin, the Bionic Booger Boy, and Mr. Melvin-so yes, a fun character on his own.

Look at that. Look at that picture of Melvin showing off PATSY 2000 with that adorable smug face and tell me he isn’t the best. 

And then came the movie.

Generally, I’m not too huge of a fan of books being made into movies, as they can’t show all the detail, gloss over a fair amount, and have to do some creative work to get it from one character’s perspective. (And, according to Mac’s principal, must cost under $500 to produce and have an underlying message of friendship!) But, although I ramble a lot about Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, I must say, Dreamworks did it beautifully. (Complete with Flip-o-ramas, misspellings, and whoopee cushions!) And everything they did to Melvin’s character just adds to how Melvin-y he really is, starting from the slightly  cliche first-appearance-reading-a-dictionary, to finding out he has no biological sense of humor. At all. 

Oh, and the extra-credit roll definitely marks him up to the Cinnamon Roll Hall of Fame. ((Shout-out to that moment when Mr. Krupp pretends to throw Melvin the extra credit and Melvin catches it…! And tucks it in his pocket..! Aaaa, my goodness, I could watch that all day.)) 

So yes. In essence, Melvin Sneedly is amazing. That is all. 



Friend: *forcibly drags me away from computer*

A Quick Farewell

This is a super quick drabble i thought of in regards to tonight’s episode (so there are spoilers, obviously). Jon says goodbye to Dany before she leaves to burn the Lannisters’ convoy. 

“You don’t approve?”

“I didn’t say anything, your Grace.”

She sits on the chaise in front of her mirror, while she finishes braiding her hair down her back. He tries not to think about the fact that he’s practically standing in her bedchamber; she’s the one who invited him here, after all. 

The Queen wears a black ‘battle’ dress. That’s the easiest thing he can think to call it at least; the cut is simple and severe, but designed not to inhibit freedom of movement. He can honestly say he’s never seen anything like it; then again, most of the women he knows wouldn’t go rushing into battle in dresses or otherwise. Especially on dragonback. 

She doesn’t even seem nervous. Though he supposes that she shouldn’t be. She’ll be riding a dragon. Who can harm her? 

“You’ve been sulking for most of the day. Although you seem to do that most of the time anyway.”

“I’m not sulking. And I think you made the right choice by not destroying the Red Keep.”

She sighs. “I don’t have another choice. I need to even the odds, or I might as well surrender myself to the Kingslayer tonight and make it easier for everyone.”

“A pity I can’t come along. I’d like to see your dragons in battle.”

“One dragon. I’m just bringing Drogon.” She slides another pin into her hair and examines herself critically. “It’s a small convoy. And…if I fight in the North, I expect you’ll be able to see him in action yourself.” 

He notices that word. If. If he bends the knee. If he does what he told Mance Raydar to do so long ago. “Well, I wish you good luck on the battlefield.”

She stands and turns to face him for the first time. As always, he’s slightly taken aback by her height (or lack therof); she has the kind of personality that makes her seem much taller. But her eyes soften when they meet his. “Thank you, Lord Snow.” 

He has to force himself to look away, to not get lost in those eyes. “We should be nearly finished mining the dragonglass by the time you return.”

“That’s lovely to hear.” She takes half a step closer, and her hand brushes his own. She looks at it, almost taken aback-and then pulls her hand away, quickly, hiding it in the folds of her dress. “I imagine you must be pleased.”

There’s another pause, a moment of awkward silence, and then she turns on her heel and leaves the room. She’s almost halfway down the hall by the time he calls her back. “Your Grace?”

She looks back, curiously, and inclines her head just slightly. “Yes?”

“…Stay safe.”

Her smile is quick but light, like sunshine glancing off a crust of ice. It completely transforms her demeanor, and for a moment he’s not quite sure what to make of it. Of her. “Thank you.” 

He follows her back downstairs and watches her fly off on Drogon’s back, until she’s just a tiny dot in the fading sunlight. Dothraki hordes swarm the docks, arranging themselves into small units, preparing to board the waiting ships; he and Davos will remain to oversee what’s left of the dragonglass, and he knows that the castle will seem empty without so many. 

Davos is looking at him strangely when they go back into the castle. “Don’t start.”

“I wasn’t going to say anything.”

“I’m not in love with her.”

His tone is somehow matter-of-fact and suggestive at the same time. “Of course not. That would be ridiculous.”

Absolutely ridiculous, Jon thinks. 

I write Jonerys fanfics! Take a look at the prompts here or send me whatever you’d like to see written :) 


Baby Sparrow

Summary: The reader is on the run from the police because she is the daughter of a pirate.  What happens when she hides on the Black Pearl.

Warnings: Mention of character death, and maybe some blood, and kidnapping, that’s it…..I think

A/n: AT the begging of the story you are 15 or 16 years old. Might make this into a series  

Word Count: 3,608 words



Redcoats were chasing after you for a very good reason.  You were the daughter of a pirate.  Your mother had a one night stand with some drunk at a bar, nine months later in the middle of the ocean you were born.  Recently your mother was caught and hung and you were crying internally, but you had to run to escape the same fate. 

You ran past coaches and climbed ladders but you couldn’t shake them.  Now salty air began to fill your nose.  ‘The Docks!’  Developing a plan to hide in a ship could either go amazing or get you in worse trouble.  It was that or swim out to see.  Ships it was.

As you ran on the wooden planks, your eyes scanned the area.  Mostly trade ships and military boats.  That's when a massive ship falls into your line of sight.  It was black as the night sky and no one was on deck. “BINGO!" 

Urging your legs to carry you faster caused you to bump into sailors, one of them caught your attention.  His black hair was in dreads, a red cloth tied above his forehead, at his side was a sword and a pistol, to top it of a hat of a captain.  'Pirate’ ran through your head as you realized why he dressed like that.  As you rushed past him, you kicked a table of spices over which sent powder into the air making a colorful cloud of exotic smells and colors.

The threat falling behind only edged you on.  As you approached the ship you leaped over objects and skipped onto the plank of wood that let you on.  Once on board, you hid in a bushel of barrels which smelled of rum.  Now you needed to wait.

An hour had passed before you dozed off.  You dreamt of adventures you had gone on with your mother.  Looting from trade ships, pillaging small towns, and one time robbing a governor.  Each left a smile on your face. Until you were awoken.  

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Fic Recs Mega Post

More fic recs for you fabulous fannibals, this time round there’s rare pairs a-plenty, actual devil Will Graham, and a fabulous Pacific Rim crossover AU

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: Volume 1 by @fragile-teacup (fragile-teacup (Mrs_Gene_Hunt)): So what are the chances that Will and Hannibal emerge from the Atlantic with all their issues resolved, finally a stable unit, murder husbands for life? Pretty much none, right? Certainly, in this beautifully-written post-TWotL fic, there is still a massive amount of that typical Hannigram miscommunication, obfuscation and downright stubbornness that keeps our boys from their happy ending. None of which is made better by Hannibal keeping Will sedated while he recovers from his injuries, or by sequestering them in the house of the one person guaranteed to drive Will out of his mind with jealousy… Centred on that dinner hinted at by the post-credits scene in TWotL, this winds the tension between Will and Hannibal (and Bedelia) to a fever pitch, in an absolute riot of bitchiness, resentment and pining. And then busts everything wide open when Will just can’t keep his emotions under wraps any longer…

Tomorrow, More Sun by @shiphitsthefan: Beardogs (Nigel/Lee) is a new pairing for me but it took precisely five paragraphs of this fantastic fic to make me fall in love. For those who aren’t aware, Lee is the Hugh from the infamous “I like bears” gif, and more specifically is an adorable ball of sass and joy who loves wine and is suffering from terminal cancer (but don’t worry, this is very much not an angsty story). Anyway, our tale begins when Lee is suffering from the worst post-chemo effects of his life and, desperate for relief, begs his dealer – a certain formerly very bad man from Bucharest – to drive out in the snow and provide him with a hit. Now, I mentioned the part where Lee likes bears, right? And there’s no-one more bearlike than Nigel – even “New Nigel,” who’s had to reform his ways (a little) as a result of the bullet in his brain landing him in a wheelchair – and Lee is, unsurprisingly, infatuated. There follows a charming and romantic tale of getting high, telling wicked jokes, and maybe, just maybe, falling in love (but definitely getting the best shag of either man’s life).

To Fuel Your Radiance by @fancybedelia (GoldenUsagi): Mischa Lecter should have died. Should have… and did, except that her brother made a deal with the devil. Hannibal’s soul in exchange for Mischa’s life. Some forty years later, the devil pays Hannibal a visit (disguised as a rather handsome, blue-eyed man named Will) in order to see what he’s done with his life. And, as is the Hannigram way, a mutual interest quickly turns to something much more twisted and obsessive. The brilliant thing about this AU is that, despite being a devilishly sexy (literally), self-assured, phenomenally powerful version of himself, Will is still Will. He’s not some malevolent, flamboyant devourer of souls, he’s still conflicted and weighed down by the nature of what he is. Which leaves Hannibal to take up the role of tempter (yes, even to the Devil himself), drawing Will into killing with him (which, admittedly, takes much less effort with this version!) and falling helplessly in love with the beast that emerges.

Ugly by @slashyrogue (nightliferogue): We as a fandom should be immensely grateful to count slashy as one of our number. She turns out a frankly staggering number of AUs and rare pair fics (in addition to her wonderful Hannigram works) and they are all, without exception, imaginative and beautifully written. Recently she’s been writing a lot of Basic Chickens and this, her most recent (at the time of writing) might be the best yet. When Elias finds a strange, black egg in amongst the chickens, his superstitious brothers order him to smash it, fearing it contains a demon. Elias (of course, this is Elias) refuses, and tends to the egg until it hatches, revealing a small, black, winged monster, which Elias decides to keep,  christening it “Ugly.” Which is all well and good until it turns out that Ugly also sometimes takes the form of a man (quickly renamed Adam) whose determined seduction of Elias has worrying, potentially dangerous side-effects. This is Basic Chickens with a brilliant supernatural twist and the story is sexy, sweet, constantly surprising and very, very much worth your time.

Stricken by @crossroadscastiel (peacefrog): So say, instead of landing on the rocks at the bottom of that cliff, Will and Hannibal instead land in a completely different universe, one where everything seems to be the same, except that they’re not dead from their horrifying injuries. Seems like a win, right? Oh, except there’s the little issue of Hannibal suddenly producing slick and the pair of them needing to shag like bunnies every five minutes or they’ll explode. Yep, the boys are not in Baltimore anymore, they’re in an omegaverse, Hannibal’s in heat, and if they can stop knotting each other’s brains out for long enough, they’re going to need to have a serious talk about feelings. Wanna bet how well that turns out? This is such a fun exploration of the omegaverse concept, with our intrepid murder husbands utterly baffled by what’s happening to them and how they can deal with it. It’s also sexy and sweet as hell – if you’re not into a/b/o, give this a shot, I’d be surprised if it doesn’t change your mind.

Ananta by @unicornmagic (canis_m): A what-if fic, with the what-if in question being ‘how might things have gone, had Hannibal not rubber-stamped Will back into the field but instead recommended he receive further treatment. Oh, and asked him on a date while he’s at it.’ Well, in this ‘verse, it means Will stays away from murder scenes while Hannibal takes his place, that Will starts therapy with a certain blonde ice-queen, and Will has to navigate the beginnings of a relationship with Hannibal while contemplating when he should reveal that he’s asexual. This is a beautifully-paced, patiently crafted exploration of the complex relationship between these two characters and the ways in which they fit together with each other unlike with anyone else. Will’s asexuality is written with grace and sensitivity, as the writer explores the other, less obvious intimacies that he and Hannibal share. If you need something lovely in your life, read this.

The Best of All Possible Worlds by @desperatelyseekingcannibals (TigerPrawn): Mortimer (from Hysteria) is one of my favourite Hugh roles, so I’m always delighted when the adorable, slightly bumbly doctor turns up in a fic. And this one is so much fun, pairing Mortimer with Galen from Rogue One (via some timey-wimey shenanigans that land Galen back in ye olde England) and developing a very sweet romance between the two, even as they try to figure out how to get Galen home. These are two of the most decent characters in the madancy back catalogue and they work really wonderfully together, Mortimer’s eager earnestness nicely grounded by Galen’s steadiness. Plus I was very pleasantly surprised by how much chemistry the characters have together – not to put to fine a point on it, but they’re wicked hot XD. The rare pairs phenomenon is truly the gift that keeps on giving and this is one of my favourite ships to come out of it, please do hop on board and prepare to be totally charmed.

A Way to Live by @sugarmaus (Sugarmouse): Hannibal Lecter is in the market for a new slave. He goes through them quickly, always on the lookout for some elusive something that even Hannibal doesn’t seem able to define. When he spots Will Graham in the dealer’s catalogue, he thinks there’s a chance he may have found it, and when he sees the man in the flesh he is almost certain of it. But Hannibal soon learns an important lesson: Never Underestimate Will Graham. And so begins a complex, high-stakes game of shifting identities and hidden desires between master and slave, with Hannibal’s rigid control slipping further and further as he loses himself to his fascination with getting inside Will’s mind. Essentially an AU in which Hannibal can buy and dispose of murder interns instead of influencing them via therapy this is a sharp and intense character study of our darling cannibal. Hannibal’s ennui and loneliness are front and centre here as he both strives to gain control over Will and hopes that he will not be able to. It’s fascinating, compelling, intelligent stuff, with more than a few surprises up its sleeves.

Fais Do-Do by @moku-youbi: Will is on the run. He has lost control and shot a man, and now he’s tasted blood for the first time and Jack Crawford is on his tail. Which is how he winds up staying at The Little Bear Inn, owned by Mischa Lecter and currently being run by her brother while she is unwell. Of course, this is an establishment run by the Lecters, so nothing is quite as it seems and it may not turn out to be the safe haven Will is looking for. Even if Hannibal is unexpectedly easy to talk to (and not too hard on the eyes, either). Then again, Will’s got some secrets of his own, and we all know what happens to people who underestimate Will Graham… This is a really fun trip through some classic horror tropes, stylishly fusing a Hitchcockian vibe with supernatural elements as Will’s paranoia grows in the face of the Lecters’ strange behaviour and the threat of Jack hunting him down. It’s atmospheric, sexy, and thrilling – old-fashioned horror at its very best.

An American Empath in London by @legohanniballecter (MaddyHughes): In this (very slight) Sherlock crossover AU, Jack loans out Will to Scotland Yard in order to aid them in investigating a series of horrific murders involving Tory politicians (seeing as their normal consulting detective recently jumped off a roof…). Except here, Will hasn’t met Hannibal Lecter, not until he sits next to him on the plane to London, that is, though it doesn’t take long for the pair to become intimately acquainted. Yeah, ain’t no slow burn around here, and Will finds himself in a strange city, attempting to deal with a case that frustrates him, a police force that doesn’t understand him, and an intense, overwhelming attraction to a man he barely knows. Not to mention that Hannibal’s up to his usual tricks: murder, manipulation, and winding Will Graham up to see how he goes. Two years in the making, this densely-plotted, highly intelligent case fic also features some seriously intense Hannigram, with its trademark mix of sexual tension, blood and mind games turned up to the nth degree. I highly recommend giving it a shot – once I started, I found it nigh-on impossible to put down!

And Do Abominable Things With Grace by @thedancingwalrus-blog (The_Dancing_Walrus): I love and adore Pacific Rim, let’s get that out of the way. That said, it’s not exactly the subtlest movie ever made and I always kind of wished they’d done more to explore the concept of drifting. Well, wish granted and with Hannigram into the bargain in this fascinating crossover AU. Set sometime in s2, after Will’s mistrial but before his release, things diverge sharply from canon when Beverly and the FBI arrest Hannibal for his crimes. And then leave canon in the fucking dust when the first Kaiju arrives and Will and Hannibal are kidnapped by the government to be used as guinea pigs in the development of drift technology. Of course, it turns out that fusing the consciousnesses of two people like Will and Hannibal – who are pretty much inextricably bonded from their first glance anyway – has some interesting, and not altogether pleasant, side-effects. This is a genuinely stunning piece of work, playing with POVs and levels of consciousness to portray the invasive intimacy of being forcibly mind-melded with another person and written with a lyrical, experimental style that is both effective and highly memorable. It also has one of the most interesting, insightful depictions of the relationship between Hannibal and Will I’ve had the fortune to read – by turns sad, hopeful and endearing, and never less than utterly beautiful.

Caging the Beast by Vulcanmi: How many have us have begged pleaded wondered how things might have gone if Will had called off his Mizumono dinner plans with Jack and Hannibal? In this AU the stupid idiot our intrepid empath does just that, and, having realised that he doesn’t want to live in a world where Hannibal is behind bars, sets about constructing one in which he can tame the beast and put it in a cage of his own. His decision sets everybody on an unfamiliar path but while some things change (no Florentine jaunt for Bedelia this time), others just can’t be avoided (Mason still needs to be someone’s bacon, and Will and Hannibal still dance around each other like a pair of nervous teenagers). Or put off forever, as Will’s growing awareness of the nature of his feelings for Hannibal shows. Many Mizumono fix-its focus on the murder fam running off together and trying to avoid capture. This takes the opposite approach, keeping everybody in Baltimore with the inherent dangers and tensions that involves, extending the game between Will, Hannibal and Jack, even as the former two inch their way towards true Murder Husband status. It’s a fascinating reframing of canon, retaining many elements from s3 but with Will and Hannibal acting as a team and a family. I lost count of the number of times I sighed “If only…” while I was reading this – if you still dream of what could have been that rainy night in Baltimore, this is definitely the fic for you.

Yet Another Hannigram S1 AU (series) by @coloredink: Fans of intense, complex, drawn-out conversations between Will and Hannibal (which is… all of us, right?) will be in heaven with this two-part series set sometime post-Tobias Budge in s1. Both instalments see the boys thrust into close living quarters and exploring the powerful but confusing nature of their relationship. In and built a little house that we could live in, Will takes Hannibal up on the offer of using his vacation house for a week, on one condition: Hannibal comes with him. There follow seven days in which two solitary men begin to realise they might not want to be solitary anymore, and tentatively negotiate how that might work. By contrast, there’s nothing tentative in follow-up a tower to broadcast all our dreams, in which Will and Hannibal have to pretend to live together as a couple in order to draw out a serial killer. The pretence soon gives way to something else, but when you’re the Chesapeake Ripper, deciding you want a boyfriend comes with extra complications… This series is a beautiful riff on some favourite tropes, the second instalment in particular playing on the “fake date” with brilliant results. It also lets us see a charmingly domestic version of Hannigram, investing time and care in building up the relationship without sacrificing the dark and twisted aspects of their story. And really, does it get any better than domestic fluff with a bit of murder on the side? Nah, didn’t think so…

As ever, if there are bad links, or I’ve misattributed anything, let me know and I’ll fix it lickety-split. Happy reading, lovely fannibals!

Unstoppable (2)

Genre: Romance, angst, (future smut).

Length: 1,9k

Characters: Kim Jongin, (future appearance of Oh Sehun), OC.

Part: 2/?

Summary: “You decide to confront him thinking it wouldnt hurt more, but there actually was one thing that did hurt the most. The truth.”

You couldn’t sleep much at night since your head was full of questions of the call you received last night, you already felt that he was acting strange before and with this now it just all made sense. 

Why did he decided to do this? How long has this been going on? Who is she? 

You felt so humiliated and hurt you never expected this from Jongin, everyone thought of him as a nice guy that always did what was right, you could say that even your parents also thought he was the one for you, the guy that you would spend the rest of your life with, but oh surprise, guess not.

 You got up from bed and checked your phone it was already 10 a.m. and had no phone calls or messages from Jongin, you just had a text message from Jiwon of 3 hours ago so you opened it. 

 Ji Won: “Where are you? Class already started!”

 You were going to answer but decided against it since you were still going to your last classes and it would most likely be that you would see her, so instead you just grabbed a towel and headed to your bathroom to shower and do your morning routine. 


 You arrived to your next class at 12pm, you were heading to your seat when you saw Ji Won walking towards you.

 “Why did just got here at this hour?! You’re never late!” She said while taking a seat next to you. 

  “I just didn’t feel in the mood to come early” you shrugged and stared at the white board like it was the most interesting thing in the world, you didn’t feel in the mood to deal with her or tell her but you knew she would keep insisting anyways. 

 “Okay y/n did something wrong happen? Aren’t you supposed to be all happy and excited from yesterday?” She looked at you with concern in her eyes.

Happy and excited? That was sure the least you were feeling right now. 

“At first I thought you didn’t come early because I thought you were with Jongin but then he came in asking for you and…” she was about to finish when you interrupted “What did he ask?” You turned to look at her and that’s when she clearly saw the bags under your eyes and knew that there was something definitely wrong. “Well he just asked were you where and that’s all”, “Did he looked worried when he asked you or say something else?” you asked. “Well i saw him pretty normal, and no he just asked that” she answered with a look of confusion in her face while you just stared at her blankly, you nodded your head silently and turned to look at the white board again preparing yourself internally to say the news.

 “He’s cheating on me” 

 You broke down, you didn’t even cry last night but now by just saying it was enough to make you. She suddenly grabbed your hand and took you out of the classroom to another place where you could have more privacy. 

 She decided to take you to the girls locker room since it was the first place that got to her mind, when you got there you sat down at one of the benches and explained her everything about last night and she just heard without saying anything, her expression hardening at each word you said.

When you finished she stood up and started walking “I’m going to kick his ass” She said getting out of the locker room, you panicked and hurriedly went to follow her “No, wait, you can’t!” She stopped at her tracks and looked at you in surprise “Are you serious? He was a total asshole and he’s just acting as nothing happened! I’m so going to kick his ass and when i find out who that girl is i’m going to kick her ass too!” She was already shouting and that gained attention of the people that were around so you just made a sign with your hand so she could lower her voice but instead she looked towards the people that were staring and shouted “Mind your own business!” With that said they immediately turned around and went away. 

You grabbed her hand to help her relax and said “I know, i’m mad too, more disappointed at him than mad but i also want to hear him out”

 "Hear him out? She asked in a humorously way. Are you seriously thinking of giving him a chance?“ 

 "I just want to hear him out, just answers” 


 Your classes had already finished and you were now heading towards the dance practice room where Jongin was usually at this hour, Ji Won had insisted on going with you but knowing her the minute the boy decided to open his mouth to say something she was going to lash out at him, so it was better if you went alone. 

You where now outside of the practice room just staring at the door, you had a mix of feelings, you were nervous, angry, sad and even scared. You just took a big breath to gain some courage and finally opened the door to go inside.

Luckily there was only Jongin inside the practice room. The music was blasting so loud and he was so concentrated in his dance so he didn’t notice you got inside. 

You took a minute to stare him, he looked so graceful and breathtaking, every single step he made was just perfect… how could someone so beautiful wreck someone so badly and act like nothing?

You turned the music down so he could notice he wasn’t alone, that’s when he looked towards your direction noticing you and smiled. It hurt you the way he smiled at you so easily, like was he so cynical to even smile at you knowing what he had done? 

“Baby searched all day for you, i’m really sorry for not going yesterday, i couldn’t go because i had to rush to the hospital because my sister suddenly started to feel bad so you know… it was an emergency, and i forgot my phone at home so i couldn’t call you but i swear i’ll make it up” He reached to grab your hand but you stepped back, he looked at you with worry. 

“I know you're mad but i promise i’ll make it up, it was just my sister and you know that she’s sick so……” 

“Jongin, who is she?” You asked before he could finish, you wanted to get to the point already, no more lame excuses. His eyes widened a bit in surprise but recovered fast acting as if nothing.  “You already know my sister y/n” he said rubbing the back his neck with his right hand, you huffed at his answer and this time directly looked at him and asked again. 

“Who is she Jongin?” You’re voice almost broke a bit asking this but you couldn’t look weak in front of him, not now. 

“How… how did you find out? He sighed in defeat finally giving in and looked at you almost sorry, not sorry for what he did but sorry that you found out. 

 "I got a call last night from her, are you also going to play dumb about that or what?“ You turned your gaze away looking at the big mirror at your side to stare at your reflection but to your eyes you just looked weak. 

He stared at you with shock, he was surprised and confused “I- i didn’t know i really didn’t know about that, what did she tell you? Maybe she took my phone while i was distracted… but look i’m sorry y/n i swear i didn’t plan to do this… it just happened” 

 You really didn’t want to tell him what she said to you since you already felt humiliated enough so you just ignored his question and crossed your arms over your chest and decided to ask again “Who is she?”.

He was hesitant to answer you since he was stuttering not knowing what to say but he finally just answered “I can’t tell you… i’m sorry” You knew he wouldn’t tell you but still deep down there was that stupid persistent part that hoped that he would. 

 “How long have you been doing this?” 

“Almost 5 months”

Your eyes started to get full of tears, you couldn’t bare it anymore the person that you loved the most was the one that hurtthe most, something you didn’t expect you just couldn’t believe that he would be capable of doing that. 

“Were you just waiting for me to find out? Are you that selfish to just care about yourself knowing you will hurt someone else?!”

“I swear i was going to end it! But you just can’t control feelings y/n… i fell in love with her!” He exclaimed feeling desperate, he didn’t know what to do in this situation “I do love you y/n, but maybe… not like i used too” he shrugged looking at the floor. Each word was breaking you more and more.

 "Wow…” you sniffed wiping a tear that got out, he raised his gaze at you noticing you were now crying he tried to reach for again so he could hold you but stopped when you said. 

 "Don’t you dare touch me…” you looked at him furious, disappointed, just so in disgust that it made him feel hurt. You turned around and headed towards the door before he could even say anything.

You got out of campus and you got the need to get drunk, you always asked yourself Why do people always get drunk in the typical heartbreak scene? but now you finally understood why, to forget all the pain there heart. 

It was 7pm and you didn’t know of a bar close enough from where you where since you were never a drinker, you only drank once in your life and promised to never do it again but promises are made to be broken. Right Jongin?

So you just went to convenience store and bought some bottles of soju. You got out and that’s when you realized Where am i going to drink?

You thought of where you could drink, but going to your house wasn’t an option since your sister was already at home a this hour and going with Ji Won… well it wasn’t a really good idea, so you didnt have anywhere else to go.

“Ah fuck it” You decided to seat at a bench near the lake since there wasn’t people around there, you opened your bottle of suju, raised it and said “Cheers for the broken ones” then took a big swallow out of it.


11:40 p.m. 

It was almost midnight and you were so drunk to the state that you couldn’t even walk properly, you tried various times but had no success so instead you just laid at the bench staring at the stars.

“Kim Jongin, you asshole! I should had let Ji Won kick your pretty round ass!” You shouted at the air, thinking about what she said earlier and yeah thinking about his ass a bit. 

Okay maybe drinking wasn’t a good idea after all, but here you were, speaking to your drunken self since almost an hour ago.

“Aish i should kick his ass personally, right?! He deserves it!” Said that you tried to stand up motivated by the thought of it but you stumbled on your feet, you closed your eyes preparing for the impact but instead you felt a pair of hands on your waist. 

You opened your eyes and the first thing you saw was the orange hair of this unknown guy. 

“Easy there tiger” he chuckled.

Sign of the Times

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Read “Ever Since New York” first

Check my series masterlist for updates

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: Jughead and (Y/N)’s last moments together in the airport.

Warnings: A N G S T

Word count: 2,143

A/N: not gonna lie, I totally cried while writing this. Enjoy!

Just stop your crying
It’s a sign of the times
Welcome to the final show
Hope you’re wearing your best clothes

Jughead awoke with his limbs entangled with (Y/N)’s, and for a moment he forgot everything except for the fact that she loved him.

She fucking loved him.

And then he remembered. He remembered why he had built the courage to tell her his true feelings, and he remembered what today was. He barely noticed (Y/N) shifting in their bed until she turned around to face him.

“Morning,” she groggily yawned, a small smile gracing her face.  

Jughead sadly smiled as he brushed a small piece of hair out of her face.  “Hey you,” he whispered.  He scanned every inch of her face, trying to memorize how delicate she looked in the morning.  This wasn’t the first time he had seen her as soon as she woke up, but it was the first time he saw her like this.  It was the first time he saw her with the knowledge that she loved him as much as he loved her.

“When’s your flight?” (Y/N) inquired, interrupting Jughead’s thoughts.

“It leaves at two,” he sighed, pulling her back into his chest.

“Jug, mine’s at noon,” she muttered into his chest.  They both glanced at the clock sitting on the nightstand, the numbers reading 8:56.

“We should probably get ready then,” Jughead said sadly, beginning to unwrap himself from (Y/N). She sat and watched as he stood up and ripped off his shirt.

“Is this my going away present?” she laughed with a smirk.

Jughead rolled his eyes as he threw his balled up t-shirt at her.  “No, silly, I’m taking a shower.”

“You want me to join?” she asked, sitting up and winking.

“Maybe next time,” Jughead waved off her suggestion with a smile.

(Y/N)’s smirk suddenly faded.  “If there is a next time.”

Jughead sighed and frowned, shaking his head.  “Always the optimist, (Y/N),” he mused.  “Listen, I’m hopping in the shower.  If you want to join me, be my guest.”  He grabbed a fresh set of clothes and trekked into the shower, leaving an undecided (Y/N) behind.

She ultimately chose to let Jughead shower on his own, choosing to sit on the bed and mope.  A few minutes later, the shower turned off, and Jughead, wrapped only in a towel, stepped out of the bathroom.

“You didn’t join me?” he asked with a laugh, attempting to lighten the mood.  “It was your idea.  Whatever, your loss.”

(Y/N) smiled bitterly. “I didn’t join you,” she replied, “in hopes that there will be a next time.”

You can’t bribe the door on your way to the sky
You look pretty good down here
But you ain’t really good

Packing was a struggle. Every time (Y/N) would fold and place an article of clothing in her suitcase, Jughead would immediately toss it out.

“Jug,” she whined, folding the same shirt for the third time, “please, for the love of God, stop.”

“But I don’t want you to leave,” he moaned as he approached her.  When he stood right behind her, he wrapped his arms around her.

“I don’t want to leave either,” she whispered, leaning her head against his chest, “but I’ve gotta. And you’ve gotta go too, so you should start packing.”  She tore herself out of Jughead’s grip and continued to put away her clothes.  “Come on, Jug.”

“If we don’t pack, we have an excuse for not coming home,” Jughead offered, stubbornly crossing his arms.

(Y/N) shook her head. “You and I both know it’s not that simple.”

We never learn, we’ve been here before
Why are we always stuck and running from
The bullets, the bullets?
We never learn, we’ve been here before
Why are we always stuck and running from
Your bullets, the bullets?

“I called a cab,” (Y/N) notified Jughead.  “It’ll be here in fifteen minutes.”

Jughead, who was laying on the bed, sighed.  “I don’t want to go,” he whined.  

(Y/N) pouted as she crawled into bed next to him.  “I know, Jug,” she replied, “but we have to.”

“We don’t have to,” he countered.  “We could just stay here forever.”

“Jughead,” she stopped his planning, “you know we can’t.  The internship stops paying for our rooms today, and I’m sure you’re almost out of money to spend.”

Jughead sighed and pouted, knowing that she was right.

Just stop your crying
It’s a sign of the times
We gotta get away from here
We gotta get away from here
Just stop your crying
It’ll be alright
They told me that the end is near
We gotta get away from here

“Cab’s here.”  (Y/N) looked up from her phone at Jughead, who was still moping on the bed.  “Come on, Jug, grab your suitcases.  It’s time to go.”

Jughead reluctantly stood up and begrudgingly grabbed his suitcase, rolling it behind him as they exited Jughead’s hotel room.  The room where they had their first late-night talk.  There room where they first spent the night together.  The room where he began to realize that he loved her. The room where he told her he loved her. The room where she told him she loved him.  The room where they kissed.

The room where it all went to shit.

“Jughead,” (Y/N) interrupted his thoughts.  “Why are you still standing here?  The cab’s waiting.”

“This room…” Jughead trailed off, not knowing where to start.  There were too many memories in there to abandon.

(Y/N) sighed and grabbed Jughead’s hand, softly tugging him towards the elevator.  “I know, Jug,” she responded.  “I know.”

Just stop your crying
Have the time of your life
Breaking through the atmosphere
And things are pretty good from here
Remember, everything will be alright
We can meet again somewhere
Somewhere far away from here

The cab ride was completely silent; neither Jughead nor (Y/N) could find any words to comfort each other.  They were both stuck in their own whirlwind of memories.

The driver occasionally attempted to make conversation.  He would comment on the weather, or a restaurant that they passed by, or the architecture of buildings.  Each time, he was met with a stiff nod and maybe an “uh-huh.”  Eventually, he realized that these two teenagers would not respond to him, so the rest of the cab ride was dead silent.

Finally, they arrived at the airport.  With a softly spoken thank you, (Y/N) and Jughead paid the driver and exited the cab and entered the airport.

We never learn, we’ve been here before
Why are we always stuck and running from
The bullets, the bullets?
We never learn, we’ve been here before
Why are we always stuck and running from
The bullets, the bullets?

“We’ve gotta say something eventually,” (Y/N) finally spoke up after they checked their luggage and got their boarding passes.  “I mean, unless you want to leave each other without saying anything.”

“Of course I don’t want to do that,” Jughead immediately replied, “I just… I don’t know what to say.”

“Say what’s on your mind.”

“Us,” he told her.  “This, whatever this is, between us.  It’s all here in New York, and once we leave, it-”

“Do you want to break up?” she asked before Jughead could finish.

He frantically shook his head.  “No, of course not.  But we have so many memories in this city, and now it feels like we’re just abandoning it.”

“But Jug, you know we can’t stay.”

“I know,” he sighed.  “I know, you’ve said it a million times.  I’m just reflecting, okay?  That’s why I’ve been quiet.”

“I understand,” (Y/N) whispered.  She subtly laced her fingers with his.  “I’ve been remembering, too.”

Just stop your crying
It’s a sign of the times
We gotta get away from here
We gotta get away from here
Stop your crying
Baby, it’ll be alright
They told me that the end is near
We gotta get away from here

They lapsed back into silence as they approached security.  In sullen quietness they removed their shoes and placed all their carry-ons into the plastic bins, sending them onto the conveyor belt.

“What’s your gate?” (Y/N) asked as they slipped their shoes back on.

Jughead glanced at his boarding pass.  “D26,” he answered.  “What about you?”

(Y/N) dug her pass out of her pocket.  “C16.”

“And you’re boarding in what?  Fifteen minutes?”

“Twenty,” she corrected him, holding his hand as they headed towards her gate.

“Twenty minutes,” Jughead muttered under his breath.  “We only have twenty minutes left together.  Maybe forever.”

“Always the optimist, Jughead,” (Y/N) playfully rolled her eyes.  “Can you stop counting down the minutes and, I don’t know, enjoy the last moments we have together?”

“You’re right, I’m sorry,” he apologized.  “We should savor the last of our time together.”

We never learn, we’ve been here before
Why are we always stuck and running from
The bullets, the bullets?
We never learn, we’ve been here before
Why are we always stuck and running from
Your bullets, the bullets?

“This is my gate,” (Y/N) pointed at the sign that read C16.  She and Jughead stopped walking, and (Y/N) hesitantly glanced at the other passengers waiting to board.

Jughead opened his mouth to say something, but before he could, he was cut off by the overhead speaker.

“We will begin boarding in five minutes.  Please prepare your boarding passes,” the lady announced, causing Jughead to groan.

“So this is basically it,” he said, grabbing both of (Y/N)’s hands.  “And don’t reprimand me on not enjoying our last minutes together, because I can’t knowing that you are about to let go of my hands and board that plane and leave me forever.”

“I’m not leaving you forever, Jug,” (Y/N) protested.  “I don’t know when I’ll see you again, but that doesn’t mean we’ll never see each other.”

“(Y/N), you know I’m a pessimistic person,” he told her.  “An unknown time means never.”

“Do you want to break up, Jughead?” she demanded.

Jughead’s eyes widened. “What?”

“Do you want to break up?”

We don’t talk enough
We should open up
Before it’s all too much
Will we ever learn?
We’ve been here before
It’s just what we know

“I told you, I don’t,” Jughead reminded her.  He glanced over her shoulder as passengers began to form a line to begin boarding.

“Well maybe it’d be easier,” she responded in a strained voice.  “Then it wouldn’t hurt as much.”

“It’d hurt more!”

“It would hurt more now, sure,” she said, “but then after you get over it, it wouldn’t hurt anymore. I would just be your summer fling.”

“I don’t-” Jughead paused, trying to calm himself, “I don’t want you to just be a summer fling.”

“You just said you don’t know when we’ll see each other again,” she practically cried.  “You just told me that to you, an unknown time means never.  If we’ll never see each other again, then this,” she gestured between herself and him, “is a summer fling.”

“(Y/N),” Jughead squeezed her hands, and she realized that she had forgotten that he was still holding them, “you are not a summer fling.  You are so much more than that to me.  Okay?  I do not want you boarding that plane thinking that all you were was just something out of a shitty rom-com.  You are so much more.”

(Y/N) nodded with tears clouding her eyes.

Stop your crying, baby
a sign of the times
We gotta get away
We got to get away
We got to get away
We got to get away
We got to get away
We got to—we got to—away
We got to—we got to—away
We got to—we got to—away

“This is a last minute call for gate C16,” the lady on the overhead speaker announced.  “Last call for passengers to board this flight.”

(Y/N) frantically turned to Jughead.  “Jughead, I-”

“You’ve gotta go, (Y/N),” he said, releasing her hands.

She glanced between the gate and Jughead.  She slowly walked towards the gate.  Right as she was handing her boarding pass to the lady at the desk, Jughead saw her pause and mouth something to the lady.  The lady nodded, and (Y/N) ran towards Jughead.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and crashed her lips against his.  He immediately responded and placed his hands on her waist.

“Go,” he removed his hands from her.

She bit her lip as she scanned his face, trying to memorize every feature.  

“I love you,” she stated with a quivering lip, grabbing his hand.  She wiped away the single tear that spilt out of her eye.

“I love you too,” he whispered.  (Y/N) released Jughead’s hand, and he could feel her fingers, one by one, slipping out of his grasp.

And just like that, he was one ghost, standing alone in the bustling airport.

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Sanvers College AU: Finals Week

This goes out to all of yall going through finals: you are amazing and I promise, you will get through it! Remember that your grades are not a reflection of your self-worth, and you have so much to be proud of. You’re almost there and you can do it!!!! <3 <3 <3 

The only advantage of finals week is that she almost never has to change out of her pajamas.

Maggie says they’re cute.

She only hears Eliza’s voice in her head, laughing softly and asking her why exams prevent her from proper hygiene.

Because of you, Mom, she wants to say, but she only says it in her head.

Because Eliza also texts her every day, wishing her luck while telling her she doesn’t need luck, because she is brilliant, and she is proud of her, and she can do this.

It warms her heart, but it makes her feel the pressure more acutely, somehow all at the same time.

She lets Maggie read the texts over her shoulder.

Maggie never says anything.

There’s been radio silence from her mother for going on five years now.

So they don’t talk about it. Eliza. Because Alex wonders if it’s better to have a mother who showers her with both love and with pressure than to have a mother who doesn’t even know her daughter’s in college, let alone going through finals week.

They don’t talk about it, but Maggie squeezes her thigh and kisses the back of her neck and Alex does the same for her.

It’s just as well.

They have studying to do.

Sometimes Alex needs to down anti-anxiety meds and coffee – it makes her shake terribly, but it keeps her awake and it keeps her from panicking so hard she can’t breathe – and lock herself in a study room in the library, alone.

Maggie smuggles in food at three am, and she makes sure Alex eats and drinks before she retreats back out of Alex’s frenetic study space.

Sometimes Alex needs to lay on the floor of Maggie’s dorm room, flat on her back, her feet up on Maggie’s couch, in Maggie’s lap, while Maggie and Lena quiz her, rapid fire – the only way she likes it, under pressure – on quantum entanglement and polyatomic anions and seventeenth century French politics.

Lena has to help them both with that last bit: boarding school prepared her for those history tests better than anything Maggie or Alex had experienced. 

Alex still nearly fails.

Maggie has to hold her all night to remind her that she is not her test grades.

That her worth is far greater, always, than the sum of her scores.

Maggie doesn’t talk much about her own stress.

About the way she studies long after even Alex falls asleep.

Because Lena’s mother is paying for everything, and Alex’s mother is paying for everything, but Maggie doesn’t even know her mother anymore, and even if she did, paying for college would be a waste because she could just stay on the family farm.

She scoffs to herself.

She could have, if they let her.

But they didn’t, so she’s on scholarship. She’s on scholarship that she worked silently, steadily, desperately to get. 

She’s on scholarship and she cannot lose it.

Because if she loses it, she will have no education, no housing, no job, no income, no Alex. No anything.

If she loses it, she’ll be fourteen again.

So Alex sets her alarm for four am, because they don’t talk about it, but Alex still knows. She sets her alarm and she bundles herself in her biggest hoodie and she stumbles out to the only all night cafeteria across campus, and she comes back to feed Maggie, just like Maggie feeds her. 

She holds her and she tells her she’s incredible and she’s tough and she’s smart and she’s going to kick this exam in the face.

Lena, sleeping on her and Maggie’s couch with an astrophysics book still in her hands, mutters something about blackbody radiation, and Alex and Maggie have to stifle each other’s giggles.

None of them wake up in time for their biology exam.

Lucy Lane has to burst into Maggie and Lena’s dorm, hollering about Alex needing to text when she’s not going to come home, to text when she’s planning to sleep away that perfect grade they all know she’s going to get, and “hey, Sawyer, anyone tell you you look adorable in Danvers’s sweaters?” and “Danvers, I know we have to get going, but damn, do you maybe wanna put on some pants first?”

Her jovial spirit doesn’t fool any of them: they know she’s been up all night, same as them, pacing, panicking, but they know James and Winn kept her sane, kept her safe, kept her stable.

Alex smiles down at the text she gets from Kara, from Eliza, a selfie of the two of them together, holding a sign that Kara clearly made, telling her that her semi-permeable membranes are only letting in the best of luck.

Maggie reminds Alex to eat something to go with her anti-anxiety pill, and Lena takes hers when she thinks no one’s watching. Lucy touches her arm and gives her a small grin.

“The boys are saving us seats,” she tells them all. “I don’t think Schott wanted to risk getting decapitated by any of you if he walked in and you weren’t decent or something.”

“He knows we’re all queer, right?”

“He also knows you’re all dangerous.”

Alex, Lena, and Maggie grin, shrug, and nod. “Fair point.”

They walk in together, and Maggie hugs James, hugs Winn. Lena and Alex sort of grin at them faintly.

Maggie kisses Alex’s hand.

“You’re amazing, Danvers,” she whispers as they settle into their lecture hall seats. “And when we’re done, you can make like DNA helicase and unzip – “

“Oh my god, Sawyer, we’re about to take a final, could you not?”

“Hey, I’m just trying to comfort my girlfriend, you don’t have to get all snappy because you don’t have one.”

She, Lucy, and Alex all stare at each other for a long moment, and then lean into each other, bursting into hysterical laughter.

Maybe this – this friendship, this love, this community – maybe this was more important than the letter they earned, after all.

Alex still nearly throws up when the exam is placed in front of her, and Maggie closes her eyes for a long moment, doing what she always does with exams: wiping her mind completely blank – thank god for yoga – so when she opens her eyes, her knowledge will be fresh, her approach will be fresh, her spirit will be fresh. She focuses on writing her name, clean and neat and confident.

She’ll dive into the rest of the exam with that confidence.

The confidence – the drive – that the burden of her name gives her.

To her other side, Lena is doing the same. 

Alex and Lena are the first to finish and the last to leave.

Maggie, James, Lucy, and Winn all finish at different paces, but they all wait, idly going over their tests, doodling on their scrap paper, breathing, fantasizing, wishing, waiting – until Alex and Lena are done meticulously going over their answers, meticulously making sure that not a mark is out of place.

They don’t leave before their friends do because they know it’ll send them into a panic. That they did something wrong. That they’re stupid for taking too long. That they’re alone, alone, alone.

And they’re not alone. So they wait. 

And they all leave together, Alex with her phone bursting with congratulatory texts from Kara, taking selfies in her high school bathroom with thumbs up and kisses and congratulations on finishing captions.

They all leave together, pushing out the doors of the lecture hall, out of the maze of the science building, and into the dazzling daylight of their campus.

None of them have slept, and none of them have treated their bodies particularly well, beyond what the people who love them forced them to eat, to drink.

But now? Now they get to lay on the quad – James spreading his jacket down for Lena, Maggie pulling Alex into her arms, Lucy adjusting Winn like he’s a pillow – and they get to laugh, and they get to sleep, and they get to dare to dream that they’re worth it, that they did it, that are, indeed, more than the sum of their scores.

Finding Home - Epilogue



When two worlds collide and life is turned upside down, you’re faced with the reality that you may not be able to make it back home again to the one you love. But then a familiar face shows you that love can span more than just one universe, it can cross them all.

Pairing: Castiel x Reader, AU Cas x Reader

Warning: There will be ANGST, but this is a love story told with the ups and downs of what two people have to go through to find each other again, and the love that could be lost along the way. There will also be some strong language and light sexual references. It’s a slow burn this time.

A/N: I just wanted to thank you guys. I’m sorry to see this story end, but it was a fun ride while it lasted. Thank you to everyone who liked, reblogged, sent replies, messages, asks, and played along with the whole Team shenanigans. Little things like that make life so much more fun. So thank you guys. Love you lots!

Word Count: 2,293


Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4   Chapter 5  Chapter 6

Chapter 7   Chapter 8   Chapter 9  Chapter 10  Chapter 11  Epilogue


When Cas stepped outside the school, the silence hit him hard. It was odd to notice such a thing at all because he had spent so much of his time alone. For years he had taken his classes and gone home to study, and the quiet had never bothered him then. Why did it seem like such an ominous presence now?

He carried his briefcase, moving just a little bit slower that evening, as he made his way down the front steps and began his walk home. The sun had set and the sky grown dark, the stars just peeking out from the shroud of nightfall. Though there were a few other people milling about, he didn’t see them. His eyes were cast down, absentmindedly watching the sidewalk a few paces ahead.

It was the sound of your voice that he missed, the music of your laughter that he tried so hard to win. The sound of his footsteps on the pavement was a lonely sound. They stood out against the hum of crickets that sang beneath the shelter of their bushes and the occasional car rolling by. Absent was the comforting sound of your heels clicking alongside his.

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Jaÿ-Z, Kareem “Biggs” Burke and Dame Dash, photographed for his debut album Reasonable Doubt by Jonathan Mannion on April 1, 1996.

When Jonathan Mannion first met Dame Dash he offered to charge the Roc-A-Fella Records team $300 less than their current lowest quote. At the time the album was known as Heir to the Throne, so Mannion prepared a regal-themed board to present to the Roc team. Just hours before the shoot Hov switched the title to Reasonable Doubt, feeling that the original was perhaps too presumptuous for a debut album. The title switch gave the listener the opportunity to decide if he was throne-worthy.

After hearing of the title change Mannion would be the one to convince Jaÿ to move from Scarface-influenced, Versace linen, Miami drug-running visuals to the now-classic New York Mafia crime theme. Mannion encouraged Jaÿ to “keep it Brooklyn” and used John Gotti collections and old police photos and murder-scenes from the 1930s and ‘40s as inspiration points. Hov, Dash, and Kareem “Biggs” Burke went and fitted themselves out in $3,000 suits for the shoot, and brought along large amounts of cash ($150,000) and various handguns to be used as props.

The photo shoot took place on the roof of Mannion’s old apartment building, located under the Westside Highway on 72nd and Riverside in Manhattan: “Back then, it was all busted and beat up, and it fit the vibe. I knew I could get some beautifully composed shots, based on traditional cameras. So I was shooting with Hasselblads and Rolleiflexes, like press photographers did back in the Civil Rights era.”

Parsnips and Papers

The moment Thomas walked into the dorm he could tell something was wrong. There was this weird eerie chill that resonated in every single room. What’s more is that everyone was quiet. Like..really quiet. He noticed Herc and Burr looking into the kitchen. They were close to the wall so whoever was in the room couldn’t see them.

“Whats goin’ on?” Thomas asked.

“It’s Madison. Hes just been chopping things up for the past hour. He wont even talk to us.” Aaron explained quietly.

“He gave us a fucking death glare man.” Herc added, also quiet.

“Well shit..”

Thomas knew that when his Jemmy was angry, upset or stressed he would work on something until he calmed down. That tended to be baking, cooking, homework and papers or cleaning the whole dorm from top to bottom. Looks like this time he chose the cooking route. Thomas could hear the clacking noise of food being prepared on a cutting board. The very sound it made should have been in a horror film. One where the serial killer eats his victims. However this was not a horror film and James was not a serial killer (despite what people say about him). 

“Ill go talk to him.” Thomas said.

“Okay. Its your funeral. Not gonna come when he’s chopping you to bits.” Burr said with a shrug.

“Shut the fuck up Aaron.”

Thomas then did the thing no person should ever do with someone who’s mad and has a knife. He entered the kitchen.

“Hey Jems. Whats up?” he asked, trying to play it cool.

James just stopped chopping a carrot and glanced at Thomas. Thomas immediately felt shivers run down his spine. Even though he’s known James since childhood James’s glares still intimidated him. He leaned against the counter next to James and crossed his arms.

You got this. You got this.’

“You shouldn’t lean on counters like that Thomas.” James said while resuming chopping the poor carrot  into itty bitty pieces.

“Ill get off….eventually. You didn’t answer my question though.”

“I’m fine.”

“You dont seem fine hon.” Thomas said. His voice changed from the usual cocky asshole tone into something softer and more concerned.

James seemed to notice cause he seemed to ease up a bit.

“Its nothing. I guess I’m just being childish.” James said dismissively.

“Its not nothing. I mean something has to have made you upset for you to chop carrots for a straight hour.” Thomas said.

“Not just carrots. There’s onions, parsnips  and potatoes too.”

“That’s not the point hon.”

Now James sighed and put the large knife down.

“You can tell me Jem.” Thomas assured.

“You know that project I was assigned to do with Hamilton and Jay?” James said.

Thomas suddenly felt a small wave of anger pass through him. What did that asshole do to his James this time?

“Yeah I know. Something happen?”

“Yeah. We turned it in and Hamilton once again got all the credit. Heck some of the pages I wrote he took credit for. Whats worse is that Mr. Washington didn’t even acknowledge that I did anything. Just sat there praising Hamilton.”

The pieces of the puzzle began to fit. James had worked extremely hard on that project. Jay had gotten really sick and was put in the hospital, so James and the fucker named  Alex had double the work load on them. James spent many late nights over in Alex’s room working to get that project done. Heck he worked so hard he almost had to join Jay in the hospital.

“That’s not right. Mr. Washington didn’t even say anything to you?” Thomas asked.

“Not a word. No comments on improvements to be made or what I did that was good.”

Thomas got off of the counter and pulled the smaller male into a gentle embrace. He could feel how tired James was and how limp he became against Thomas.

“Im sorry that people are assholes. The world doesn’t deserve such a wonderful person like you James.”

“Thomas..” James complained.

“You’re so smart and amazing and-”

“Thomas please shut up.”

“no one will appreciate you like I do.”

“Thomas I know you’re doing this to embarrass me.”

Thomas grinned and looked down at James. His face was red.

“Did it work?”

James weakly kicked his shin.

“Shut up and hug me.”

Chauffeur’s Daughter Part 08

Summary: Based off the classic Audrey Hepburn film, Sabrina. A chauffeur’s daughter falls for the son of the wealthy Holland family.

Word count: 1.1k

Pairings: Harry Holland x reader, Tom Holland x reader (slow burn)

Warnings: Swearing. A kiss. 

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A/N: This is the final part of the series! Thank you so much for reading. Drop me an ask or a message if you have any feedback or requests :D


Tom returned to his office to find his parents and the Tysons already assembled at the conference table. Tom had been pondering the best way to tell them that not only was the wedding they’d spent months planning no longer happening but that his brother Harry would be flying to Paris at any moment with another woman. He wasn’t sure there was a way to soften that blow.

Well, it was now or never.

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